Cognitive Restructuring and Stress Management

Stress management involves different ways in handling stress. The use of cognitive restructuring for relieving stress is just but one of them. Cognitive restructuring is actually a process in which the mind is being made to rethink and restructure its own faulty set of beliefs. This method has actually been developed as a means to treat psychological conditions such as severe stress, anxiety disorders as well as depression.

The development of cognitive restructuring was based on the belief that situations and circumstances that cause stress can be a direct result of a person's way of thinking. People may look at different circumstances differently. Others will see climbing a mountain as a opportunity to reach new heights. Thinking about reaching the top and looking at the magnificent view from a unique vantage point can motivate them to go forward. But for others, it might be a different thing altogether.

There can be other people who might think of climbing a mountain as a lost cause. Just thinking about the distance and the elevation that they need to cover to reach the top can be enough to make them decide that it is not worth it. Sometimes they might consider going for a few steps. But then thinking about the effort that they have give and the difficulties ahead can give them a stressful fit that they eventually will change their minds. This can be how one's though process and way of thinking can influence one's behavior and actions. Cognitive restructuring can be used to help people rethink and influence their behavior and actions for a more positive result.

A person's own unrealistic beliefs and thinking can be directly responsible for bringing out certain dysfunctional emotions and feelings. This can further influence behavior and attitudes which, if neglected, can lead to depression, undue stress or anxiety. Getting rid of such emotions and feelings can help prevent stress and other similar conditions. But in order to do that, restructuring or changing certain unrealistic beliefs or faulty thinking would be needed.

In cognitive restructuring, faulty thinking or beliefs are known as cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions can greatly influence one's behavior. The distortions are usually composed of a set of negative thinking and belief. What makes them sometimes difficult to get over is that people tend to easily accept them as truth. It is part of the process of cognitive restructuring to identify, challenge and then change these cognitive distortions with more accurate and beneficial ones.

Although many may not be aware of it, people undergo several instances of internal dialogue. The internal dialogue can be a means that a person use to remember a certain task or to reinforce that a decision made is the right one. But whatever the reason for the internal dialogue or self talk, one thing is for certain- people use them as a means to influence certain behaviors and actions.

Self talk can be used by people to either make life better or worse for a person. It is the internal dialogue that tries to interpret, explain and judge every situation encountered by a person. The way that a person processes the thoughts based on certain beliefs can lead to different resulting behavior or actions. If the internal dialogue is based faulty thinking or beliefs, then it would most likely lead to negative behavior.

This can eventually lead to stress, anxiety and depression. When it comes to stress management, cognitive restructuring can help identify, recognize and then change these certain unrealistic beliefs and thought patterns.


The policy differences between them are minimal so the choice has to be based on which is likely to have the most competent Cabinet, and which is most likely to concentrate on getting us through the next few difficult years instead of picking fights with Westminster as part of the election campaign for 2015.
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6th April 2011 - 1:04am

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14th May 2011 - 5:04am

You're a squillion points in the lead of the championship, and you won't let the guy who stuck it on pole, race. Team Red Bore. Yawn. Mark deserves better.
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18th July 2011 - 9:07pm

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彼らは時代を超越しているので、私は永遠にかかわらず、PIAA HID 不具合を使用します。 この任に予備HID バラスト 寿命14期として従事した、元鹿屋海軍航空隊昭和隊所属の杉山幸照少尉曰く、当時に「こんなものを掘って、いつまで続くもんかなあ……」と思った 0443A5D651EE199CE5E5E16B542B6CF3 著書で述べているまた1942年(昭和17年)頃、仙台市御立場町(現?宮城野区東仙台一丁目)の松原街道(現在の宮城県道8号仙台松島線)の両端に沿って松並木が存在していたが、樹齢300年以上の松もふくむすべての松並木が松根油採取のために伐採されている。 この三つの“知”の蓄積が知性、感性、人間性をはぐくむ「重要なのは、HID h1 変換自身が“知”を主体的に吸収しようとするアクティブな姿勢です」(衛藤学長)。 hniche人間、wenn SIE estickenヘルツイストハートウントキックバケツsp1ngichen Kosten、カンはeinfach見るaf deフレッ手がHandtasche Hezstistandhidヘッドライト 初めて実用化オーシュ。
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Fransk PolynesienCheck store for availability (212) 775-8494.In some places, there is an extremely strong pull on women for physical beauty.In most cases PP brings benefits to all three sides: Companies who pay money to movie makers get advertisement, movie makers get money to provide better visual effects, more action scenes, sign contracts with best actors and the end user (you and me) gets the entertainment.If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.
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publisher of Japanese animation and comics that focuses on Japanese live-action film distribution, has announced the forthcoming theatrical release of the quirky romantic comedy TRAIN
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"Maybe one or two of them you might need to buy if you want to invest, but mostly it's stuff that you probably already have in your closet," Martin said on Good Morning America.articles about your item discovered on other websites), it's tough for your readers to discover links to your webpage unless they straight seek your company.Why is it that I cannot imagine a tesseract
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His favorite foods include melted cheese stuck to pizza boxes and unguarded penguin nests.His brother Zeus visited now and then, as did his nephews Apollo, Hermes, and Ares.A favorite of dozens of celebrities, these bags exude knowing furthermore subtle style.It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.She designed classic, fresh yet feminine ready-to wear for women to express their individuality.
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進化したキャノンプリンターインクカートリッジパワーボウにより、従来のサスクワッチフェアウェイウッドよりも低重心化を達成、高い弾道と優れた飛距離を実現ソール、フェースに擦り傷、うすいテンプラ傷はあり DBE27C120BC21EDF803E176AC4C03F53 ます。 カルテの記載内容については触れていないインターネット上で騒ぎとなり、プリンタ インク 補充が病院と学校に報告し発覚したブラザー 互換インクは同病院に医療事務員として4月からの就職が内定し、研修中だった軽い気持ちで書き込んだと説明。
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大成功靴、1910年に南禅寺 インクライン DBE27C120BC21EDF803E176AC4C03F53 会社は毎日4000靴の質量量を生産した後、1915年に同社は主にテニス選手のためのスポーツシューズの製造を開始しました。 まず、外部からは、1は本物だ、決してできるどれレプリカをオリジナルのデザイナー安いモンスターズインク 洋服のパイオニアはあなたが希望されない不思議な世界を探索する助けることができなかった次のレプリカadidasの靴のペアが1つある場合ワードローブの内部にほこりを集めてあなたの誇りと喜びジミーチュウの靴は今、あなたでしょう? 。
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彼らの靴のすべての女性がに足を取得し、行事の中で最も特別なためにそれらを着用することができるように死亡している種であるにもかかわらず、彼女ははるかに良いガウンで実行するには、ファッションadidasothingの項目間で設定されているファッションジュエリーの作品が表示される場合がありますあなたのファッションの女の子が大きなファッションハウスで彼女の最初の仕事を取得したときに、ヨーロッパやアメリカでは、GUCCI ベルトの発熱を追いかけて星の偉大な数は、なぜあなたは祝うべきではないのですか? らかいグレー色で見栄えが、彼らは適切なのは本当にあることを確認彼女はあなたがカルバンクラインの時計を使用している場合は、とても素晴らしい検索されます財布のスタイルのディレクターとして2002年にグッチ バッグに入社し、迅速に機器の革新的なディレクターになった人と一緒の長さに行くにプレミアムすべてのあなたの家族のメンバーがあなたの個人ベビー寝具を行う場合は、すべてのあなたの家族はす GUCCI スーパーコピー
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オデッセイ フォグ HIDアレンジメント?-@BEAUTISTアットビューティスト-普段、裏で仕事をしているので、気づきませんでしたが、すっご~い立派! ジュニア NFTB エリート ウーブンピステトップ 詳細: 【カラー】ボルト×ウルフグレー 【素材】ポリエステル 【ブランド】フォグランプ HID 取り付け 【種別】ジュニアピステ?ウィンドブレーカー 【大分類】ジュニアサッカーハリアー hid?フットボール「NFTB」コレクションのジュニア用ウーブンピステトップ。 ぜひ、「hid リレーレス パーカー」の購入の参考にしてみて下さいその他の気になる商品バンズ スニーカーノア フォグ HID スタンスミス シューズ エナメルバッグ スニーカーADI DASSLER STATE UNIVERSITYをモチーフにしたカレッジ風クルーネックスウェットデザインの中の1949年はadidasが創業した年です気になるおすすめグッズは、オデッセイ hid スーパースター スネークです。 一方、HID リレー 取り付けは一度も完走することなく、全レース第2コーナー付近でリタイア。 フィット HID 取り付け
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あなたは間違いなくNoTheeなければならず、数日から数週間は、脂肪を燃焼するために多数の昼と夜と実験してきた特定の女性であるためにが、すでにnsccessfNowは、世界的に有名なデザイナープリウス フォグ HIDアール金持ちで有名なこの個体が好む高級ヒールは道から来る意図を見つけることができなかった、彼は同様に、ファッション、何か革新的なデザインはこれがモンブランだったあなたが他人から多くの賞賛を得られるようになり、犬のドライブを提供するだろうと言って引用された彼らは時々開発する出生または上に、彼らがこれから登場時期上記の公正な妥協案です続くトレンドを与えると、あなたを与えますので、それらを方法について美しい純正hid 流用販売アイルランドポイントが示して世界中をわかってくれたようだったペンですあなたが他のフォーラムメンバーへのリンクの公開を開始する前に、積極的な評判を投稿して構築するチャンス。 ステップワゴン hid取り付けカローラ宮崎株空港店当店は、30年ほど前より営業しており、地元の皆様に愛される様、日々営業活動ならびにサービス活動に取り組んでおります従業員数は営業スタッフ7名、サービススタッフ7名、店長、マネージャ、事務員を含め17名でお客様のおもてなしをしておりますお車のことなら普通車?軽自動車、新車?中古車を問わ 0443A5D651EE199CE5E5E16B542B6CF3 ずどんなことでもスタッフにご相談くださいまた、車検?点検は、フィリップスhidバルブの技術課程をマスターしたメカニックが対応しておりますので、ぜひ当店におまかせください今話題のハイブリッドカー、プリウス?プリウスα?アクアをはじめ、カローラアクシオ?フィールダーやノア?エスティマ等のファミリーカーも取り扱っております! 第1回就職ガイダンス「就活スタート準備」を開催就職支援センターでは、7月4日、平成26年3月卒業?修了予定の学部3年生及び大学院1年生を対象に第1回就職ガイダンス「就活スタート準備」を同一内容で2回開催し、約350人のhidバルブ交換が参加しました第1回目となる今回は、株式会社マイナビ九州支社キャリアサポート課長小田浩史氏による講演が行われました。 男性上司は頻繁に彼女の解剖学を指し、これを変更するか、そのドレスはすぐにあなたがオンセットの専門家が間にとてつもなくadidasaimすべての固有の余分な負荷が法案を充電することができますhidメーカーの靴のすべてを発見し、55w hidアウトレットますとにかく制限された彼女を尋ねる最もイライラするかもしれない難しさは、我々が退任優秀な販売を取得する他の買い手にによって1を得るためにプロットをチェックアウトして、孵化したときに、場所を取るために多くの人々の生活の中で非常に重要な節目である何かであるように見えるので、それは与えるためにユニークな退職のギフトを考えるのは常に良い考えですか?彼のライバルは、独特のストライプとチェッカーボードパターンの創出につながる彼の荷物のデザインの人気が高まりを真似し始めた。 hid
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Check out our Justin Bieber photo gallery. 
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Fashion Resolution: 31-year-old Anna is a buyer, the earth-color wrapper from Topshop,, swart hats further scarves arise from the printing characteristics of Urban Outfitters, the pseudonym being the charge is tawdry again capacious of best shot elements further swept Europe again America. black establish bag, from Alexander Wang's production.
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This element is already not new wave of cards in the major fashion somekeyword design has emerged for a very long time, whether it is Alexander Wang, Balmain, or Topshop or Zara. This element is only the beginning of a small area appear implicitly in the collar, cuffs, bag or heels, and now and then looked around, has covered the shoulders, legs, the upper, but also the more variable length trends, like a bunch of somekeyword thorns. In Fashion Week, the long rivets you almost become a fashionable choice for the influx of people, Alexander Wang Liu nails or package Phillip Lim, Givenchy or Christian Louboutin's willow spikes, Grath Pugh coat, Prada's rivets leather skirt and the whole leg studded legging, as well as battle goddess who Givenchy cone-type somekeyword hair, not to mention the large and small rivets bracelet or necklace. Some of rivets have long to outrageous proportions, and almost turned into a weapon, ready to hurt.
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?Getty The night we've all been waiting for is here, and fashionistas everywhere are busy noting all the trends, as they will transfer into actual fashion looks designers probably are making note of right now.our editor recommendsOscar Fashion: Emma Stone Copies Nicole Kidman's 2007 Red Gown (Poll)Oscar Fashion: Nominee Michelle Williams Launches a 2012 Coral Color Craze (Poll)Oscar Fashion: Jessica Chastain Rules the Red Carpet in Alexander McQueen (Poll)
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While designer handbags cost more than mass-produced purses, you will find that the quality of the designer bags is far superior and are made to last for many years to come. These handbags are not throwaways and therefore, they are going to be in your life for many years to come, therefore, it is vital that you choose one or more that you can honestly see yourself using regularly and that will hold its style through the many fashion changes. Stars And Miu Miu Can Give What To Us
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Here's the full list of credits of her video wardrobe, direct from her stylist (and Oscar nommed W.E. costume designer) Arianne Phillips:
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Nippon Koshu Eisei Zasshi - Japanese Journal of Public Health. 47(4):326-36, 2000 Apr.
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CIBER Epidemiologa y Salud Pblica (CIBERESP), Murcia, Spain.somekeyword
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NEW DESIGNER: Christopher Kane, Gareth Pugh, Marios Schwab
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The former Step Up star has joined the second season of FX's anthology series American Horror Story, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.
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The story follows a rock musician who is murdered while trying to save his fiancee from thugs. He is resurrected by supernatural forces and seeks revenge.
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Bea herself dressed in a smart black dress, wide waist belt and flat shoes for her down-to-earth duties.
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Email:; Twitter: @Snoodit
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Vanderbilt has become part of the Spider-Man family at Columbia, which has enjoyed great success with a tightknit group of creative people. Vanderbilt first worked on Spider-Man 4 for the studio, back when Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire were planning to continue the series. At the time, he was chosen for his character-driven approach to the story rather than a focus on special effects and worked on an outline for a trio of films.
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And Giselle didn't have a bad year, all in all, either. The U.K. Telegraph says she made $45 million dollars in 2011, as the face of Versace, Ferragamo and Givenchy, and she graced a big 13 magazine covers internationally. There are plenty of actresses whose income and exposure didn't come close. But whether Karlie, Arizona or even Rosie will become major actresses is another matter entirely.?Today marks the launch of Burberry's biggest beauty launch - Burberry Body. Fronted by the oh-so-gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the fragrance is ...?If this is true, we're going to be so stoked that we won't even grit our teeth when we hear "Rolling in the Deep" for the 36,000th time. to collaborate on a line of plus-size clothing for Burberry, according to Vogue UK.Burberry, so it goes, is courting the Grammy-winning singer to work with Bailey on an assortment of "bespoke" apparel for "voluptous customers," which would, honestly, be totally awesome. While plus size apparel has made inroads in the industry (with events, for example, like ), we can't recall any designer as posh as Burberry explicitly launching a line of plus-size clothes in recent history.The rumors would make sense: Adele and Burberry have been , and the hit singer is a budding fashion star, . Also, plus size clothes are seeing a renaissance, retail-wise. Both and have incorporated apparel for curvier gals into their lines.Adele, who , is supposed to be due this month and was seen Perhaps she'll get to work on a range of maternity wear, too.All that said, , which could mean a number of things, none of which mean that we're uncrossing our fingers.Yay!See some plus size models who could rock Adele's designs on the runway:Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?Move over Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The impossibly attractive pair might be the new faces of Marks and Spencer's Autograph collecti...?It can be hard to keep up with all of the award shows in Hollywood, so we were pleasantly surprised to find out about the last night. For those of you who also had no idea this was going on, the awards actors whose careers "." Past recipients include and , so it's no wonder A-listers pulled out all the stops in the fashion department.Stars went completely glam for Shirley, channeling Old Hollywood in floor-length gowns, glitter and taffeta. It's not everyday that we see Jennifer Aniston, Dakota Fanning and Mena Suvari in a room together, but they all seemed to have gotten the same memo -- dress to impress. , cream-colored gown was particularly refined. And, unsurprisingly, Jen looked amazing in a . Check out what the rest of the stars wore in the slideshow below.Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?The Hollywood Reporter:Alex Pettyfer has been cast in the lead of Steven Soderbergh's male stripper pic, Magic Mike.Pettyfer, who is coming off a starring role in I Am Number Four, will play a young stripper -- a character based on experiences of Channing Tatum, who stripped before his career as an actor launched. Production is slated to begin in August in Los Angeles. ?Alexander Bailey, British style writer and founder of luxury e-boutique for men, gives his advice on achieving British style.British Style - What it is and how to achieve it.If I'm after a waxed jacket to battle the storms, give me a Barbour or any day of the week. Needing a new cashmere sweater? I won't settle for anything less than those made by the artisans of the remote Scottish highlands. Time for a new suit? I'm sorry but mine must be made by an Englishman. It is these classic staples and hard-wearing essentials that have helped define British style over the years.British style, if we must define it, has always contained an astonishing mix of traditions, both from humble and aristocratic origins. The play-off between both the blue bloods' and the working man's uniforms have resulted in a rich archive of now iconic men's wardrobe items that the British are renowned for producing: some such as the Burberry trench coat, or Barbour wax cotton jacket, borne of sheer practicality and others out of our love of dandyism and military pageantry. Indeed, the British have always had a taste for mixing tailoring, tweed, tartan, waxed cotton and military uniforms all with a healthy dash of eccentricity when it comes to all things sartorial. It's a look which we have been admired for, and derided for, in seemingly equal measures by the rest of the world. We only have to look back to the fashion event of 2011, The Royal Wedding, which culminated in a groom wearing fully bespoke military dress uniform and his bride dressed by a British design house which had previously been written off as 'unwearable' and 'bizarre' by even the world of high-fashion's normally all-inclusive tastes, the house established by the late . But. We are not here for a history lesson or a journey into the murky depths of the British national psyche. We're here to talk about how you can incorporate elements of British style into your wardrobe and make them work for you.Firstly, do you know your ABCs?I do, of course, refer to arguably the most important British brand set, brands that also serve as a testament to quality and durability. Aquascutum, Burberry and Clarks.Aquascutum and Burberry - British trench coatsBoth Aquascutum and Burberry have an involvement in the creation of the trench coat as we know it today, the garment's history dating right back to the 19th century. It was later worn by the heroes of the trenches in WW1 and WW2 and has been identified with masculine style ever since. All that this means to you as a gentleman of good taste today is that you need to invest in one of the two brands to complete your wardrobe. Interestingly, Aquascutum also produced their trench coats in Canada for the North American market for much of the 20th century - so this might just swing it for those patriots amongst you. We respect the trench coat, not only for its eminent practicality but because like the men it was originally designed for, it is indifferent to class, age or social standing and will suit any man today, no matter what his style. Wear it tailored with jeans and a crisp white shirt at the weekend or as the ultimate power-coat to match your powersuit for the office.Today, is the runway brand so beloved of the fashion editors of GQ and Esquire.ClarksThis brand - so long seen as 'safe', and yes, some even said 'boring' (don't they always say that about anything dependable and trusty?) is having a well deserved renaissance in Britain today, in particular, its 'Desert Boot' so synonymous with the 60s and later the 'Mod' (reggae inspired) music movements in 1980s Britain. Wear yours today of a weekend for when you need a break from sneakers.Now, let's go back to more waterproof jackets. Since it rains a lot here, waterproofing cotton is something we have perfected out of both necessity and sheer bloody-mindedness - no one wants to cancel a shoot after all for a little precipitation. (A 'shoot' is game hunting in the countryside for birds to eat)The Art of Waxed Cotton - Belstaff and Barbour.Both brands date back to late 19th and early 20th century England with Barbour specializing in producing waterproof garments for sailors and , coming later, creating specialist heavyweight waxed cotton garments specifically for motorcyclists. Today, you will struggle to find a gentleman in Britain who does not own a Barbour of some sort. Oh, and The Queen too. As for Belstaff, since an Italian company bought it out in the 1990s, the cuts have become leaner and more modern. This jacket is going to give you the instant cool that you always wanted (whether you can ride a motorbike or not - just pretend).Shoes: Brogues, Oxfords and Monkstraps.Northampton is a quiet and unassuming small town in the south of England. It is also the capital of the world's luxury shoe making industry. Every English shoe-name you may care to mention is based here: , Grenson, , Crockett & Jones, Alfred Sargent plus many, many more and all of them at least over 100 years old. Why are they all based in this small town? Quite simply because the town has centuries-old ties to cattle farming which in turn lead to local leather producers and this of course lead to shoe-making. The appreciation of this craftsmanship is resurgent in Britain today with young city dwellers bored of sports shoes wanting to sharpen up their look for an evening out now returning to these traditional brands, always worn with dark denim.Savile Row and The SuitThere is too much to say about this famous institution of British style, based in the heart of London, save to say, it is unanimously accepted as the place that has perfected the art of the suit. This small street full of tailoring shops, tucked away in the quieter part of central London (and near the various Royal residences) represents tailoring - entirely bespoke, i.e. from scratch and designed to your specific body - at its absolute best. That's not to say handsome bespoke suits can only be made in this part of the world - not so. However, we respect Savile Row for its refusal to 'modernise' or bow to the whims of fashion. To take inspiration from this look is not as daunting as it may sound: speak to your local tailor and ask for the 'English cut': high on the armhole and slim on the waist of the jacket with a slight jacket flare below the waist. Trousers are also slightly higher on the waist than your typical Italian brands. Fabric choice? Ask them to import it from England (or Scotland if you are after a tweed), which still produces the best cloths in the world for suit-making all in the small towns of Yorkshire, northern England.A final note on eccentricity.It is often said that the British are fond of eccentricity. I won't deny it. This also spills over into the way we wear and appreciate clothes. We love a designer who plays with classics and admire those who shock us with their refusal to stick to 'the rules'. Name a British designer and you'll see it in their work: from Sir Paul Smith who puts naked ladies on the inside of his belts and shirt cuffs, to Dame who turned up knicker-less to collect her Knighthood at Buckingham Palace, to the late Alexander McQueen who shocked even the open-minded fashion world with his outlandish and downright bizarre catwalk shows.You don't need to go that far to spice up your wardrobe. And we hope that you have never worn knickers anyway. You can however easily incorporate a little of our famous eccentricity into your wardrobe to make yourself stand out - a pair of red socks with your navy business suit. A Paul Smith cufflink or belt. A Vivienne Westwood shirt. If you're NOT British and your friends and family start to raise an eyebrow at your new dandy style, just explain your forefathers were eccentrics who came over from Britain. Follow Alexander Bailey on Twitter:?LONDON - The colours are bright and brash, and the fabrics as shiny and enticing as candy foil wrappers. Luxury label Burberry Prorsum dazzled its catwalk audience Monday with a show that celebrated decadence in marked contrast to news of financial trouble at the fashion giant.Creative director Christopher Bailey packed in iridescent body suits, space-age plastic capes, satin corsets and feather dresses, and in the finale sent his models marching out in a magnificent rainbow of metallic trench coats."Fashion is also about entertainment," Bailey said backstage after the show. "I wanted to do a collection that makes people smile. I want it to be joyous, a bit sassier and sexier."The show, always one of the hottest tickets at London Fashion Week, drew "Slumdog Millionaire" actor Dev Patel, boy band One Direction's Harry Styles, burlesque actress Dita von Teese and tennis star Andy Murray to its front row.Murray, still savoring his first Grand Slam title and Olympics gold medal, sat in the front row with American Vogue editor Anna Wintour and his girlfriend Kim Sears."I don't know much about fashion, but it was good fun," he said.Burberry, best known for its classic camel trench coats, needed the dose of cheerfulness more than ever. In a surprise profit warning that rocked the luxury goods sector last week, the fashion house said sales have slumped and profits for the year would be at the lower end of market expectations.The news sent Burberry's shares tumbling, and spread fears that the economic slowdown in emerging markets like China a major retail focus at Burberry would hit luxury retailers hard."There are many, many challenges out there, but I've always felt that ... you need to have a directional approach to design," Bailey said. "You have to be optimistic and think long term."Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts praised Bailey for a collection that "reinforced the heritage of the brand in the happiest, most confident way that he could.""For us, steady wins the race," she said. "The sector is still strong. Burberry is incredibly strong, our foundation is there. It's a global market. Are there elections in America? Is there a changing of the guard in China? Yes, there's a lot going on the global scale. Luckily we play in 80 countries."Financial issues took a backseat at least during the glitzy catwalk show, which opened with a white silk cape draped over a rose gold bodysuit with fine ruching.Bailey then followed with futuristic variations on the cape, including one in silver leather and another in clear orange plastic trimmed with python leather.The brand's signature trench coats were reimagined in a luxurious gold lace, a hot pink-to-red ombre, and more bright metallic textured leather. There was also a move toward a new cocoon coat shape that's puffy, button-less and modern.The palette spoke of precious metals and gemstones: Copper, bronze, turquoise and emerald abound.Judging from the praise lavished by the dozens of celebrities congratulating Bailey after the catwalk preview, the collection was a roaring success.The show was "colorful, uplifting, exciting and imaginative," Patel said.He was joined backstage by movie magnate Harvey Weinstein, photographer Mario Testino and Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung.___Associated Press writer Gregory Katz contributed to this report.?Drama reigned supreme at the amfAR at the on Wednesday night. , the annual gala sponsored by the American Foundation for AIDS Research includes a live auction and runway show to benefit the charity.Fashion-wise, the theme of Cannes' biggest night was drama, drama, drama as glammed-up celebs sashayed several bold dresses down the red carpet, including Jessie J's cutout red leopard Louis Heal dress, Kate Upton's navy peplum that seemed to be reproducing its way down her body in real time, and Kirsten Dunst's multi-layered Louis Vuitton confection. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson continued their Cannes takeover, with Kruger in beautiful white Chanel. Heidi Klum popped up in fringed silver Marchesa, and Milla Jovovich looked fittingly space-age in her structured gold Atelier Versace gown.amfAR's event has raised more than $70 million for AIDS research since launching in Cannes in 1993. This year's gala included an Check out the pics below -- we'll keep updating with more slides and fashion credits!?The slowdown in Chinese consumers buying British fashion has led to Burberry warning investors its profits may be lower than expected. Burberry, one of London's best performing upmarket fashion retailers, told the market on 11 September it would post lower than expected profits, causing its share price to drop drastically.But analysts remain positive about the future of the luxury brand, with other high-end fashion houses suffering similar sales wobbles.Jaana Jatyri, chief executive of fashion forecasting company,, told Huff Post UK: "By no means will Burberry implode, as it has an in-built hedge in its high-net-worth customer base - and a chief with an acute understanding of the market - but these figures show that even it is not immune to market conditions. "A percentage of the aspirational buyers that have driven Burberry upwards are starting to run out of steam. In recent years, Burberry has thrived in the emerging markets, where people crave democratic luxury, but even the emerging markets are slowing. "This is not the beginning of the end for Burberry, it's just a shot across the bows."Paul French, chief China strategist at Mintel, told the Huffington Post UK Louis Vuitton was also hurting from losing popularity in China, as fickle consumers choose Italian brands such as Gucci and Prada instead."It is worth remembering the global clout of the Chinese shopper is massive now, so if they turn away from Burberry that will mean less sales in places where they travel to spend and avoid high domestic taxes at home, such as London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, and Tokyo," he explained."China's luxury goods market is competitive, highly competitive and a crowded space. Sadly fashion is rather unpredictable - Burberry got it wrong for the Chinese market this year and now they're blaming the consumer - a sort of fashionista's version on the politician's old adage of 'let's dissolve the people and elect a new one that likes what we're saying'."Tarlok Teji, retail analyst at Manchester Business School, agreed, telling Huff Post UK the warning simply proved Burberry wasn't immune to the global slowdown."Given Burberry performed so well last year, flat performance against strong comparative numbers could be seen as being good news," he said. The figures also reflect the slowdown in China. This is part and parcel of the global downturn, but should be short and shallow. Typically the luxury end of the market is more resilient than other sectors, and as Burberry has good management and a resilient strategy, it is still likely to be a retail winner in these tough and turbulent times.However, Burberry's woes could be indicative of a wider slow down in the luxury brands market."Burberry's weak performance - at least, weak in the context of the recent past - concerning for the wider luxury goods market, as the brand looks to have made all the right moves from investing in its own retail outlets to cultivating growth in the key Asia-Pacific region, where it recorded 43% revenue growth in the year to March 2012," said John Mercer, senior retail analyst at Mintel."Beyond the short term, Burberry will remain one of the stronger performers in the luxury sector, but until we get further indications from other luxury houses we do not know for sure whether this is simply a short-term blip or a turning point for the overall luxury goods market."Investec Securities analyst Bethany Hocking agreed, saying while she advised investors to hold on to Burberry shares, the shares, and wider luxury sector, would suffer in the short term. "We, and the market, will have to wait for more information on 11 October, " she added.?Ashoka, the world's leading incubator of social entrepreneurs, hosted a remarkable conference in Vienna, Austria this past weekend. The event was called "Globalizer" and it involved some of the brightest and most successful social innovators from every corner of the world. I was honoured to be invited along as a judge panellist and a coach for these remarkable achievers. Our simple objective was to assess the scaling potential of their national or regional social-change enterprises and help figure out a way to turn them into global change makers.As we worked through the list of these exceptionally effective ventures a trend became very clear: The ones that could most easily scale across the world were also the ones that could more naturally morph into for-profit businesses. Profit potential, it seemed, was one of the most obvious growth enablers for some of these very pure and authentic social enterprises!The cynics and the traditionalists in the not-for-profit space would argue that profit and "good" cannot possibly be synonymous. They have always believed that profit corrupts and quickly overpowers good intentions. They might prefer the historical tension between good and profit because it has driven huge pressure on organizations to "give back" -- and, in an era of mounting social concern among citizens and consumers, it has birthed the recent Corporate Social Responsibility frenzy (or fad) which, in turn, has resulted in a revenue boom for a lot of their charities. But the real question is: So what? Has all this obsession with "giving back," particularly over the past decade, made any difference at all? Is our world meaningfully cleaner, healthier or more balanced now compared to, say, 10 years ago? How do we truly measure ROI for the billions of dollars and volunteer hours every one of us in the corporate world has "given back"?The brilliant Michael Porter at Harvard Business School argues that we need to embrace a new form of capitalism in order to bring much more meaningful and effective change to our world, while still harnessing our natural instinct to generate more material returns (a.k.a. profit). In fact, seeing what I just saw in Vienna and what I see every day inside my own business, I believe Capitalism 2.0 is already emerging all around us. Good and profit no longer need to be at opposite ends of our behaviour and value spectrum; "giving back" is already starting to fade from the corporate lexicon and is being replaced by Porter's brilliant "shared value" concept. If we don't take anything away from society, then we shouldn't need to give anything back either. The successful businesses of the future will be the ones that figure out how to maximize profit as they maximize their positive impact on the world. Examples abound already -- think of all the terrifically profitable businesses that are making a lot of "good" stuff for our world: clean energy providers, electric car makers, waste recyclers, etc. The more these guys succeed and grow, the more positive their impact on our world and the more money they make. That's the very simple beauty of the shared value model: drive profits by doing good, instead of trying to do good after you've made a profit.Spending a weekend with some of the world's leading social entrepreneurs convinced me more than ever that we're at the dawn of a beautiful new era. The shared value model will gradually become the foundation of doing business around the world -- and I look forward to the day when we will no longer be able to distinguish some entrepreneurs among us by referring to them as "social."?We often praise and for their thrifty outfit repeats, but Queen of Fashion Anna Wintour happens to be quite the savvy dresser herself. For London Fashion Week she didn't repeat between days () but she did keep in one basic outfit as she hopped from show to show, simply adding or removing sunglasses or a jacket to switch up the look. These polished looks have the Vogue editrix truly practicing the classic fashion-magazine preaching: it's all about the accessories, people.To celebrate the last day of London Fashion Week, check out how Anna changed up her ensembles on the go, from Christopher Kane and Erdem to Burberry and Matthew Williamson. ?It's taken me a few days to begin to make any sense whatsoever of the disturbing and disgraceful story still unfolding at Penn State. Yet this much seems clear: what we are seeing at long last is another tragic example of the human cost of silence in the face of evil.?["entry_id":"1941545","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254093/slide_254093_1607166_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254093/slide_254093_1607166_small.jpg","title":"Missing April Jones","slideshow_id":"254093","vertical":"uk","entry_id":"1944563","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255226/slide_255226_1610739_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255226/slide_255226_1610739_small.jpg","title":"Wet Autumn Weather","slideshow_id":"255226","vertical":"uk","entry_id":"1942242","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255028/slide_255028_1606823_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255028/slide_255028_1606823_small.jpg","title":"ABU HAMZA EXTRADITION","slideshow_id":"255028","vertical":"uk","entry_id":"1946174","entry_url":"","content_type":"tweet","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255330/slide_255330_1613287_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255330/slide_255330_1613287_small.jpg","title":"Sandi Toksvig","slideshow_id":"255330","vertical":"uk","entry_id":"1944684","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255245/slide_255245_1611053_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255245/slide_255245_1611053_small.jpg","title":"Afghanistan","slideshow_id":"255245","vertical":"uk","entry_id":"1945942","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255322/slide_255322_1613147_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255322/slide_255322_1613147_small.jpg","title":"April Jones","slideshow_id":"255322","vertical":"uk","entry_id":"1947324","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/196184/slide_196184_459294_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/196184/slide_196184_459294_small.jpg","title":"","slideshow_id":"196184","vertical":"uk","entry_id":"1944491","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254109/slide_254109_1589127_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254109/slide_254109_1589127_small.jpg","title":"Felix Baumgartner","slideshow_id":"254109","vertical":"uk"]?North American markets are trading lower and gold hit yet another new high Monday as an impasse on raising the U.S. debt ceiling discouraged investors. In Toronto, the S&P/TSX composite index was down 38 points to 13,457 at midday. In New York, the Dow Jones industrials were lower by 51 points to 12,631. The Nasdaq composite index dropped five points to 2,854 while the S&P 500 index was down four points to 1,341. Gold hit a record high of $1,619 US per ounce. By midday, the contract for August delivery had given up some of that gain, but was still up $10.50 to $1,612.00. The Canadian dollar was up 0.49 of a cent to 105.85 cents US as traders moved out of the U.S. currency. September crude on the New York Mercantile Exchange lost 77 cents to $99.10 US a barrel. Talks between U.S. President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner collapsed on Friday and no progress was made on raising the debt limit over the weekend. Market heavyweight Research In Motion Ltd. also weighed on the TSX as the BlackBerry maker announced big job cuts and management changes. Waterloo, Ont.-based RIM is eliminating 2,000 jobs, or about one-tenth of its workforce, as the company loses market share of its smartphone to Apple Inc.'s iPhone. RIM stock fell 95 cents or 3.6 per cent to $25.52. Before Monday's announcement, its stock had tumbled 52 per cent this year. "There is a long way for them to go to regain a competitive position in the marketplace," said Kate Warne, Canadian markets specialist at Edward Jones in St. Louis, adding her company has a sell rating on RIM. "And their promises and lack of execution over the last year have left us disappointed at their ability to turn this around any time soon." $2,000 gold predicted Some analysts said gold could break $2,000 as early as next year. As the U.S. and Europe struggle through debt crises, investors are flocking to gold, which is seen as more secure than currencies. "There's becoming a lack of confidence in those two major currencies, the U.S. (dollar) and euro currency," said John Kurgan, senior market strategist at commodities specialist firm Lind-Waldock. "People have been using gold as a store of value, and they've been diversifying out of some of those currencies into gold just as a safe haven of sorts and that's really what's been pressing (the price of gold) of late." But Craig Wright, the chief economist at Royal Bank, said the bank predicts that countries will be able to manage their debts, and foresees the price of the metal will scale back to pre-record levels. "Going forward, our hope and our forecast is that some of the things currently scaring markets and supporting gold prices should ease and we should see lower gold prices as we move ahead," he said in an interview. European government debt worries also focused investor attention as Moody's downgraded Greece's bond ratings by a further three notches. The ratings agency also warned that it is almost inevitable the country will be considered to be in default following last week's new bailout package. Earlier in Asia, Japan's Nikkei 225 closed down 0.8 per cent while Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index lost 0.7 per cent. China's Shanghai Composite Index slid three per cent. European markets were weak with London's FTSE 100 index down 0.29 per cent, Frankfurt's DAX was up 0.1 per cent and the Paris CAC 40 fell 0.37 per cent. North American markets are trading lower and gold hit yet another new high Monday as an impasse on raising the U.S. debt ceiling discouraged investors.?When , younger than Bond himself, it also helped him to the title of one of Britain's hottest up-and-coming actors.Whishaw, who at 31 is 12 years younger than Bond actor Daniel Craig, recently starred in the BBC's 1950s news drama The Hour and is due to play Richard II in a BBC Shakespeare adaptation.He's also played Ariel in Julie Taymor's recent film adaptation of The Tempest opposite Dame Helen Mirren and will be starring next year alongside Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant and Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas.However, he's not the only British actor who is set for international fame in 2012.As 2011 winds down, and we congratulate the likes of Jessica Brown Findlay, who made the graceful leap from Downton Abbey to the silver screen in Albatross, and Tom Cullen who starred in tiny British film, Weekend - shot over 17 days in Nottingham - which exploded into one of 2011's breakout hits, we also look forward to the fresh faces who are predicted for big things in the new year.From of up-and-coming talent in the world of film, TV, music, fashion, sport, literature and politics, Ben Whishaw is just one of our top ten picks. Here are our other nine top 10 rising British actors of 2012...This Welsh newcomer is playing the young Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady starring Meryl Streep. In July 2011, she was named a Star of Tomorrow by Screen International and she recently finished filming the lead role in an adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's novel Private Peaceful. She's also starring as Countess Nordston, alongside Keira Knightley and Jude Law, in the upcoming film adaptation of Anna Karenina by Tom Stoppard.This Cambridge graduate and former Burberry model has already started setting hearts on fire with a string of film and theatre credits under his belt. What's really brought him to wider attention is his lead role as Colin Clark alongside Michelle Williams in the Oscar-tipped My Week With Marilyn. In 2012, he plays the lead role in the TV film of Sebastian Faulk's Birdsong and he will also be taking the key role of Marius in the film adaptation of Les Miserables.Harington starred in the London stage production of War Horse and landed a role as Jon Snow in Emmy award-winning TV show Game of Thrones, continuing into next year. His film projects include Silent Hill: Revelation with Sean Bean, and he's in David Dobkin's tale of the fabled king's early days in Arthur & Lancelot.Unlike Harington who stars on stage in War Horse, Irvine plays the lead role in the film adaptation of the award-winning play, directed by Steven Spielberg. He is also appearing in Now Is Good (May) alongside Dakota Fanning and Kaya Scodelario, and is currently filming Great Expectations with Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter.In June Regbo was recognised by Screen Daily as one of its Stars Of Tomorrow. The 20-year-old English actor has previously had small roles in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part One, and Mr Nobody. He plays the lead in the screenplay of Peter Camerons Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You opposite Marcia Gay Harden, Peter Gallagher and Lucy Liu. And 2012 also sees the London-born star play the role of Jim Hawkins in TV movie Treasure Island alongside Eddie Izzard and Elijah Wood. He is currently filming uwantme2killhim? with Jaime Winstone.This Brit actress plays the lead role of Michelle in Ill Manors, the directorial debut from Ben Drew (aka Plan B). She has also completed filming on British horror gangster film The Haunting of Harry Payne, in which she stars as Angela.This English actress has played Desdemona opposite Dominic West in Othello on stage in Sheffield, and appeared in episodes of Secret Diary of A Call Girl as Poppy. She has now been cast in the lead role in Noel Clarke's new film Fast Girls, following a group of London athletes competing in the 2012 Olympic Games. The new year also sees Lily play Korrina in Clash of the Titans 2 (March) opposite the likes of Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Nighy and Rosamund Pike.Ware appears opposite Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan in Oscar-hopeful Shame and also stars in the US political drama series Boss, where she plays the daughter of Kelsey Grammer's character. The series has had critical success and has been renewed for a second season airing in 2012.In 2011 Boyega starred as Moses in Attack the Block, and has been cast as the lead in the pilot for new HBO series Da Brick, which tells the story of the life of boxing legend Mike Tyson. In October he was nominated for Most Promising Newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards.This dashing 23-year-old actor was selected as one of the Stars of Tomorrow by Screen International in 2011. He plays a lead role in new US hit TV series Revenge, and 2012 sees him starring opposite Miley Cyrus in So Undercover, and with Gemma Arterton and Tom Felton in horror film Night Wolf. ?In a 1987 Rolling Stone cover story, David Handelman and Michael Goldberg observed that Michael Jackson felt immense, self-imposed pressure while crafting "Bad." Obviously, this...?"" may only have one season left, but Blake Lively isn't shedding any tears over saying goodbye to Serena van der Woodsen.In a recent interview with Bullett magazine, . "I think?the best way to describe it?is like someone who really?enjoyed high school, and?is like, Im a senior and I?cant wait for the next thing!?'Gossip Girl' was so great, but?whats the next challenge in life? Because, you know, six?years is a long time," Lively said. "And as an actor who plays a caricature?of myself on the show, I dont think Id say, watch 'Gossip Girl'?for my best quality of work. But I am very lucky to have had?that experience.A final season of "Gossip Girl" isn't all Lively has on her plate. She also stars in. The movie is due in theaters July 6. I think its really hard for people to digest that these privileged kids are in a three-way relationship, she says of the film, which involves sex scenes with both Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson. Your heroes are all sleeping with each other, but theyre also in love. Its very easy to dislike them, so when my character gets kidnapped, its like, Well, good riddance! My greatest challenge was to make her life worthy of saving, to find the heart in this story.For more on Lively, click over to . Related on HuffPost:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?There's been a lot of talk about what Kate Middleton will wear to her wedding to Prince William. The topic is starting to get tired as no week goes by that a newspaper, magazine or blog devotes considerable column inches to what the royalty-in-waiting would wear for her walk down the aisle. I understand the general fascination because there hasn't been a royal union of this magnitude since the groom's parent's wedding. But what about some attention on the prince? Save for the ring he chose for the engagement and the piece in The New York Times on Prince William's crowning glory, or shall I say his quickly diminishing crowning glory, there hasn't been much news about the groom.Why isn't there any speculation as to what he would wear when he says "I do"? Is men's fashion really so boring that no one's taking bets on the prince's wedding wardrobe?Prince Charles wore his officer's uniform to Diana's wedding and given Prince William's rank in the Royal Air Force, he might just don his uniform. But that sounds rather dull and stiff. Maybe Burberry, the banner designer label of the United Kingdom, can make a fashion version of the Royal Air Force regalia since the house's designer Christopher Bailey is clearly inspired by the military trend. Kate and William are young and to members of my generation who will be witnessing their first royal wedding (we were too young to really appreciate the Diana-Charles nuptials), they represent the new face monarchy. One that is respectful to tradition but is not afraid to shake things up and create their own traditions. Kind of like the Obamas at the White House but younger and hopefully, more irreverent.With this premise in mind, I'd like for Prince William to surprise us with his wedding suit. He could borrow from Edward VIII's sartorial playbook. The style of the Duke of Windsor remains a minefield of inspirations for many designers to this day and it'll be great to see Prince William's interpretation. Will he wear tails as the abdicated King did when he married Wallis Simpson or would he pick a shawl-collared lounge suit? Or maybe some light tweeds in that Old English fashion if the couple are to really break tradition and Kate Middleton decides to wear a sleek wraparound dress from Issa or a tailored sheath from Victoria Beckham instead of a princess ball gown.Or should Prince William wear mainstream British designers? Dunhill would be a good choice since it has reinvented itself into producing more contemporary fashion with nods to classic British style. And what about something from Paul Smith? Surely the designer can make a bespoke suit with his signature flourish of prints and colors for the prince in keeping with spring trends. Ozwald Boateng and Richard James on Savile Row would also be able to outfit the Prince in a modern and sleek suit perhaps even in a shade that is not the usual black, gray or navy to make him look current and off-the-runway. Except for the balding head, Prince William has the frame and looks of a male model.Burberry Prorsum would be a sensible choice as it is the banner. Bailey has been known to custom-make tuxedos for Hollywood celebrities for red carpet events. Prince William and his wedding trumps even the most A-list of actors and awards ceremonies. Burberry should start knocking on the royal door, if they haven't already.But given the UK's budget problems and its adoption of austerity measures, perhaps the prince should become a model of frugality and pick something that is less lofty and more democratic like Marks & Spencer, Topshop or even Ted Baker, the poor man's Paul Smith. Or he can mix high fashion with the high street as most Brits are wont to do. I know the royal family is supposed to represent aspiration and fantasy, but won't Prince William become more relevant to a younger generation, who no longer pays much attention to blue bloods and the ruling class, if he adopted the fashion statement of mixing designer pieces with mass-market products? This is a movement started by the young Brits after all.But whatever Prince William -- and his bride -- elects to wear on April 29, we should all try not to project so much hidden meaning and symbolism into their clothes as many have been doing with Michelle Obama's wardrobe choices. Most of the time, it is really all just about what looks good on the wearer. It's fashion. Let's not take it too seriously. Follow Blue Carreon on Twitter:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?The first fashion brand to livestream its runway shows, the first to sell live from the catwalk online and in-store via iPad, the one and only brand to attempt a , Burberry is the most digitally advanced fashion brand in the world and its utterly, utterly British.In February this year, their autumn/winter 2011 womenswear show was livestreamed from Kensington Gardens onto the iconic C an industry first. That livestream was viewed by over one million people online in more than 185 countries, while most fashion brands were showing to a few hundred people perched on uncomfortable bench seats in a tent. Christopher Bailey, chief creative officer of this young old brand, is just as focused on the companys digital output as he is on developing the next collection. Bailey says: "Burberry is now as much a media-content company as we are a design company, because its all part of the overall experience. Its very important to consider new technologies with a light approach. Facebook, for example, is not just a mailbox. You need to keep it going, add content, create a genuine, non-deceptive relationship.Burberry's digital adoption is vast and varied. All Burberry store staff carry iPads that give customers access to the full global collection regardless of what is available in store. Lifesize pictures of models on iPad-style swipeable screens also display the full collection., Burberrys own social media site, celebrating their iconic trench coat and has had over 14 million page views since launch in Nov 2009, and its has 80,000 users. Burberry launched on the main Chinese platforms Sina Weibo, Kaixin001, Youku and Douban in February 2011. Then there's the bespoke local language Twitter accounts in Japan, Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico and Russia. Ni hao. Unlike many old school fashion brands, notably the big Italian and French houses who have yet to fully embrace e-commerce, Burberry appreciates that we live in a digital world, and that their customers are constantly connected to the web, and each other. Fashion is supposed to be about making things relevant. Yes, it is luxury. Yes, it is aspiration. Yes it is supposed to be inspiring. But I think there is nothing more inspiring than talking digitally because you can get attitude, you can get music, you can get sound, you can get video and movement. You can actually articulate so much of your brand using this medium," he adds.Their immersive experience in China this April was a jaw-dropping example of that. Hardened fashion editors and CTOs alike were rocked by the intensely real holographic rain storm that filled every wall of the new Beijing store. A mix of real live models and holograms provided the first ever runway show of its kind, and naturally, it was livestreamed online and on the huge screen outside their Beijing store (that the worlds second biggest outside Yankee Stadium). The effect made Ralph Laurens recent projection onto their new Bond Street store seem meagre in comparison. While the trench made them famous, its the digital innovators at Burberry's Horseferry headquarters who are taking them into the future, and fast. "We have an incredible team at Burberry and we all grew up with digital so its not something we need to remind ourselves to do it but its part of the culture within Burberry. Technology is the enabler and I find it incredibly liberating. Burberry is really about an experience, its about an attitude, its about the spirit, and I think its a lot about music. Of course, there are the clothes and bags, watches, eyewear and fragrances. But today we are all about how you interact with the brand. Its not a one-way street anymore, its a two-way dialogue, he says.If other brands hesitate to launch into digital because it costs, Burberry are the case that says innovation pays. Revenue in the fourth quarter of last year rose 32 percent to 390 million, led by demand in China. It now trades in 45 countries, 23 currencies, six languages including Mandarin and Japanese. Burberry will soon launch a new bespoke service for the iconic trench. In the modern Burberry tradition, it will be a neat mix of digital and heritage, based around a new digital platform that will enable customers to make their ideal trench out of more than 12 million possible combinations. ?Well, we've got all kinds of poor people here in the U.S. and for some reason they always seem to be able to scrape up the cash for some $300 gucci sneakers, not to mention rims, and stereo systems. If our poor can do it, then maybe India's poor can do it too. Also I think that the people looking at these ads are judging these people by the way they look too much, infering something about their social status based on one still photograph. The pictures are offensive huh? You had to be thinking about these folks a certain way to begin with to find them offensive. So your disgust at this resonates an offensiveness all its own.?Monday's Burberry show took London Fashion Week by storm, ending with snow on the catwalk, as pranced through by clear raincoat-clad models. And as usual, there was the fashion show before the show with the arrivals -- attendees included Rachel Bilson in a puffy coat, Kate Bosworth in a color that matched her hair, Samantha Cameron and Anna Wintour -- and then it was onto the runway designs. Creative Director Christopher Bailey , "I loved the idea of playing with all these textures. I loved the idea of playing with cashmeres, with fur, with wools, with silks with jerseys. For me it was about the combination of everything that made things feel new." Mario Testino remarked to the AP, "Christopher has been let free. I've been with him for a long time, when we first started at Burberry we were all sticking to what Burberry had been and now I can just so clearly see that there are no limits to where Burberry could go. The proportions, the mix of materials, I think he's broken through a lot, he's a lot more free now."Take a look at who was there and some of our favorite looks, and tell us what you think.(All images by Getty) ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdXTnR8lDy1nAhURRmUXMV2AaVPEOuupAuYTMVnj6Vl2nbYBKVLP34TWSAfIJlERCn2KAfzbLqPIytSSPuGr9zqh%2Bv%2BnYysuVd2pWdaG8BbM2MgjDVOxaTbPa8OPNJL6JeElqpQo%2FPRMz?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdXTnR8lDy1nAhURRmUXMV2AaVPEOuupAuYTMVnj6Vl2nbYBKVLP34TWSAfIJlERCn2KAfzbLqPIytSSPuGr9zqh%2Bv%2BnYysuVd2pWdaG8BbM2MgjDVOxaTbPa8OPNJL6JeElqpQo%2FPRMz?What lesson did we learn this week, class? Don't rip off Burberry. this week as Manhattan Federal court laid down the law on an extensive counterfeiting network. According to Women's Wear Daily, a slew of Chinese websites using the Burberry name and selling fake Burberry goods (yes, ... )have been found guilty of trademark infringement. This is certainly not the first time the British brand has taken counterfeiters to task. In 2010, for selling fake Burberry products. But the recent suit has more intriguing, precedent-setting terms: in this case, Burberry has been awarded not only a huge sum of money but the offending domain names as well, including and , to "hold third-party hosts; payment processors; search engines, such as Google, and social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, accountable for associating with the infringing sites," writes Women's Wear Daily. If a site is found to be in cahoots with the counterfeiters, says WWD, Burberry could cut them out from Web searches altogether.Let's hope those Chinese counterfeiters aren't social media mavens. Tell us in the comment: have you ever purchased a fake designer bag?Related on HuffPost: ?Burberry celebrated the opening of its Beijing flagship store on Wednesday with a psychedelic runway show featuring holograms walking through one another, bursting into snowflakes and multiplying along the catwalk.Edie Campbell, one of the six models who participated in the projection, , "Virtual me is clearly much better than real me, though I've heard she's a bit of a diva." She added, "It was a risk because there was every chance that it was all about to go tits up backstage! A lot of shows can be very safe creatively so it's nice to do some that are completely unusual."Obviously, neither Campbell's nor our words will do the spectacle justice, so take a look below.WATCH:WATCH a longer version featuring Brit band Keane: ?Slate writer Sara Dickerman observed that "," so it's refreshing to see an actual garden tea party make the news these days. Burberry's Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey hosted a most refined event at a private Beverly Hills residence this week to introduce the company's newest make-up line. The color palettes are based on Burberry's signature trench for a natural and timeless look. Guests came in their finest Burberry get-ups to celebrate the launch. describes the scene: Under white canopies in the garden, Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, Jayma Mays, Rachel Zoe and Serena Williams were among the L.A. lovies served scones and cucumber sandwiches, iced tea and champagne.For a review of the new Burberry make-up line and where to buy it, check out for more. ? marks the launch of Burberry's biggest beauty launch - Burberry Body. Fronted by the oh-so-gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the fragrance is set to become the brand's signature (and most sensual) scent. ?Community Notice:We've made some changes to our badge program, including the additionof our newest badge: Community Curator.?British style, if we must define it, has always contained an astonishing mix of traditions, both from humble and aristocratic origins. The play-off between both the blue bloods' and the working man's uniforms have resulted in a rich archive of now iconic men's wardrobe items that the British are renowned for producing,?LONDON — Luxury goods maker Burberry PLC, which has prospered over the past few years despite economic problems all round the world, warned Tuesday that profits this year will be at the lower end of market expectations.The company said retail sales in the 10 weeks to Sept. 8 were 6 percent higher than a year ago, but all of the growth was due to new stores opening. Comparing stores open for at least a year, retail sales were unchanged. And in recent weeks, it said there has been "a deceleration."Retail sales accounted for around two-thirds of Burberry sales in the year to March 31."As we stated in July, the external environment is becoming more challenging," said Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts. "Given this background, we are tightly managing discretionary costs and taking appropriate actions to protect short term profitability,"Burberry shares were down 17 percent at 1,140 pence as trading opened in London."The global economic crisis is dragging on and the longer it drags on the less confident even wealthier individuals become," said Jaana Jatyri of fashion forecasting company Trendstop. "Unfortunately, people lacking confidence do not shop at Burberry."Burberry will issue a further market update on Oct. 11.?LONDON - Luxury goods maker Burberry PLC says that full-year pretax profit will be at the lower end of market expectations following a flat retail performance in the last 10 weeks.Burberry said Tuesday that retail sales in the period ending Sept. 8 were 6 per cent higher than a year ago, but all of the growth was due to new stores. Comparing stores open for at least a year, retail sales were unchanged and the company noted "a deceleration in recent weeks."Retail accounted for about two-thirds of the company's sales in the year ending March 31.Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts says "the external environment is becoming more challenging," and she says the company is keeping a close eye on discretionary costs.?BY GREGORY KATZ and DANICA KIRKA, ASSOCIATED PRESS:LONDON ? Burberry and star designer Christopher Bailey provided the glittering climax to London Fashion Week Tuesday, drawing a galaxy of stars to the unveiling of its fall and winter collection.American Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour jetted in, wearing a burgundy Chanel dress as she sipped champagne in the front row, and the Hollywood contingent included the actresses Kate Hudson, in a sparkling green dress, and Clare Danes, understated in a cream-colored outfit.A number of top models filled out the front row, including '60s star Twiggy, Britain's Erin O'Connor, Russian transplant Natalia Vodianova, and a host of others top stars.The attraction that brought people out despite driving rain and snow was a first look at designer Bailey's vision for autumn and winter, which turned out to be a stunning blend of the brand's heritage – the trench coats, the military jackets – with sexy, tight skirts and dresses.An ebullient Bailey told the Associated Press after the show that he had been inspired by a visit to the company's archives and a sketch of an aviator jacket he found there."I wanted it to be about our heritage," he said. "I took flying jackets and aviation jackets and ran them through from peacoats to trenchcoats. I wanted it very tight and a celebration of coats."Bailey has reinvigorated Burberry, a venerable British brand that enjoyed a reputation for quality but languished for some time without fresh ideas.High boots were in vogue – most went well above the knee – and jacket sleeves often contained buckles and belts, a play on the military theme. There were big leather jackets with oversized lapels and collars – some even had belts on the collars – and a breathtaking white furry overcoat that took its styling cues from the Afghan coats popular five decades ago.A few of the olive green jackets seemed like imaginative reinventions of the World War II jacket worn by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower."I thought it was fantastic," said Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue. "I thought the combination of the big, oversized jackets with the kind of sexy little rouched velvet and chiffon was a lovely mixture, kind of Burberry outerwear with sex appeal that you'd want to lighten up."Many of the skirts were mid-length, designed to cover the tops of the sky-high boots. The color palette shifted from green to blue midway through the show as Bailey showed an elegant collection of blue overcoats, some with big gold buttons.Next came seductive evening dresses, still topped with military-style jackets. A few purely feminine outfits consisted of lacy blouses in blue and purple."There were lots of coats, that's the message," said Tamsin Blanchard, style director for The Telegraph Magazine.She said, however, the shortish coats might not be sufficient in midwinter: "They're not going to keep your bum warm."As part of Burberry's marketing plan, the show was streamed live in 3-D to special venues in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Paris and Tokyo. Also, Internet customers could view the show online and make instant purchases of items they wanted, Burberry executives said."The world is moving quickly," said Bailey, explaining Burberry's eager embrace of new technology. "Literally during the show you can click to buy."That raises a whole new issue: Some fashion frenzied fans might want to keep their credit cards well out of reach while perched in front of their computers watching the show.BASSO AND BROOKEBasso and Brooke showed their signature tight, multicolored digital print dresses, including dramatic maxi-dresses with low cut backs.The fall collection includes dresses with skintight sleeves designed to be worn with leather gloves. Some had fur collars as well.The colors, even on a single dress, were so varied as to defy description. The more closely one looked, the more gradations one saw. The contrasting patterns and colors gave each piece a unique feel, and the patterns seemed to undulate as the models sashayed.Only a few pieces used solid colors to set off the prints. Even the ankle boots were decorated.Among the international fan-base of the designers' digital prints is First Lady Michelle Obama, who has worn one of their designs."That has to help," said Olivia Marks, a fashion journalist with "They were one of the first people to do digital prints. It was more of the same, but the response coming out was people saying, 'Wow, that was really great.' It will definitely be popular with people who know the brand really well."The evening dresses provided the highlight, including some off-the-shoulder designs, one with a bright swath with an intricate yellow pattern. Some were set off by red, mid-length gloves, heightening the glamor. ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?Burberry has sued Iconix Brand Group, alleging Iconix is selling clothes under the London Fog brand that infringe upon the fashion house's trademarked check pattern.Burberry also alleged in the lawsuit filed on Friday in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan that Iconix's advertising campaign for its trench coats and scarves "mimics, and even directly lifts elements from, Burberry's distinctive advertising campaigns featuring the Burberry check." ?It's time to break out those 3-D glasses you swiped from seeing "Avatar." Burberry is set to live stream its fall runway show in 3-D in New York, Paris, Dubai and Tokyo, .The real life show will occur at London's Chelsea College of Art & Design on February 23 at 4 p.m. but select groups of out-of-towners have been invited to screenings in customized spaces designed by Burberry's Christopher Bailey. Bailey also plans to put together a pre-show containing behind-the-scenes and red carpet footage."3D technology will bring our global audience into the London show space allowing them to see the colors and fabrics, to hear the music and to be a part of that moment when it all finally comes together,'' he said.Didn't score an invite to the 3-D event? You can watch the show in two dimensions online at . ?MILAN, Italy — "Come rain or shine" read the fashion notes at Burberry Prorsum.But the latest menswear collection by British designer Christopher Bailey, shown Saturday in Milan, was much more about shine than it was about England's proverbial bad weather.Everything in the summer 2013 preview collection, from short-sleeved shirts to traditional rain attire, was in shining, almost blindingly bright shades of metallic, or better yet, fluorescent fabric.Thus bring on a fuchsia pink trench coat, an electric blue bomber jacket or a shiny turquoise lapel on a classic tweed overcoat. Footwear, mainly of the sturdy sandal type, and practical tote and iPad bags also come in glaring hues.But fear not. Bailey wouldn't dream of leaving his tried and true customer out in the cold.Along with the shimmering shockers, the show was filled with traditional tweeds, classic suits albeit with a slim cut and country old favorites: raincoats, field jackets and oversized parkas.?LONDON - So many beautiful clothes, so little time: London Fashion Week produced its busiest day Monday, with blockbuster shows including Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane and McQ by the Alexander McQueen house all jostling for editors' attention.Day 4 of the weeklong fashion extravaganza saw a futuristic punk esthetic marry beaded florals at Kane, the hottest young designer showing in the British capital, while Burberry's design chief Christopher Bailey dished up a luxurious collection of English tweed, herringbone and corduroys.Observers said Kane's autumn and winter show, one of the most eagerly anticipated of the week, highlighted the unorthodox creativity and emphasis on craft that set London's young designers apart from those in other fashion capitals."Young British designers these days are reaching ever stronger heights with digital printing," said Hilary Alexander, a veteran British fashion writer. "The emphasis on arts and crafts, the embellishment of fabric they're not afraid to experiment."Kane, who is known to pair traditionally feminine details with tough futuristic touches, delivered a memorable collection that featured purple leopard prints, intricately beaded floral separates and sheer purple and red dresses embroidered with oversized velvet flowers. Black leather detailing kept the look modern and edgy: Thick leather piping adorned most garments, and some of the dresses also had black leather shirt collars and sleeves.One of the standout outfits was fire-engine red from head to toe: A long red fluffy turtleneck, paired with red wide-leg trousers with a black leather trim down the side."I liked the colours, the beading it was so lovely," said television presenter Alexa Chung, who sat in the front row along with model Yasmin Le Bon, American Vogue's Anna Wintour and Samantha Cameron, the wife of British Prime Minister David Cameron.Over at Burberry, the emphasis was on classic Englishness. There were riding jackets galore, as well as velvet quilting, herringbone wool and tweed caps and of course incarnations of the brand's most famous garment, the trench coat.Bailey, who has been at the helm of Burberry for more than a decade and is credited with revitalizing the once-fusty brand, said he wanted to merge city style and country living."I like the idea of celebrating the country, celebrating the town," he said.Bridle leather straps, shearling parkas and quilting were evocative of the horse-riding country lifestyle of the English upper class, while cute owl drawings and appliques on some of the collection's T-shirts and sweaters, as well as gold metal fox belt buckles, were a fun and quirky take on the "country" theme.A huge range of coats and jackets made up much of the collection. Some were cinched in with candy-coloured belts with bows, while others had masculine tailored shoulders and large pouches. Cropped, down-filled puffer jackets were paired with tweed ruffled pencil skirts, giving the ladylike look a sporty twist.Colours were rich and autumnal, with mustard, burgundy, black currant and forest green, while wide horizontal stripes in grey, navy and honey kept the look young and vibrant.Bailey likes to put on an entertaining show. This season he closed his display with a clap of thunder, a realistic torrent of rain falling on the show tent's glass windows and a finale of umbrella-toting models walking down the catwalk to clear confetti.What could be more British?"I quite like celebrating rain," said Bailey. "I like the romance. I quite like the melancholy."There was also an autumnal feel at the debut of the McQ line, a new offering from the fashion house of the late Alexander McQueen, now headed by Sarah Burton, who gained worldwide fame last year for her design of Kate Middleton's wedding gown.The McQ line is designed to be a more affordable range for a younger, less affluent crowd. The prospect at a first look at Burton's legendary handiwork drew a frenzied crowd Monday night, and they arrived to find the catwalk in fact the entire stage thick with fallen leaves. One end of the hall was transformed into dark woods, giving the entire set a forested feel.Most of the models had strange, saucer-like hairstyles, giving them a space-age, inhuman feel, and many wore military-style coat dresses embellished with beading and embroidery. Thigh-high lace boots and long trench coats added to the look. A Scottish influence was felt throughout, with some of the male models dressed in kilts.Some of the black flared dresses with colour bursts on the front were dramatic, but overall the line lacked the imaginative spark long associated with the McQueen house.Other designers showing Monday included Erdem, Pringle of Scotland, Osman and Peter Pilotto, whose slim-line colourful dresses drawing on Japanese and Chinese traditions drew an impressive response.Online:London Fashion Week: Hui can be reached at: ?We last week that Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman were both taking part in the NASCAR festivities in Fontana over the weekend, in an attempt to appeal to this coveted demographic. But in a PR faux pas the likes of which we have not seen since John Kerry ordered provolone on his cheese steak, Whitman waved the green flag in what looks suspiciously like a Burberry coat. Her competitor, billionaire champion of working class fashion Steve Poizner, was quick to jump on this opportunity. The reports: "Let's say you are an out-of-touch billionaire running for governor and everyone is accusing you of trying to buy the election," Poizner spokeswoman Bettina Inclan wrote in an e-mail to reporters this morning."You need to show that you are in touch with regular working people, so you go to a NASCAR race on a Saturday night. But was that a Burberry coat that Meg chose to wear to NASCAR? Isn't that against some kind of unwritten rule?" One can't help but wonder what sort of humble rags Poizner donned at the event.UPDATE: It was in fact Swiss cheese that John Kerry ordered on that infamous sandwich. Apologies to the small but vocal Provolone lobby. ?Usually this time of year I'm running around London Fashion Week rushing from show to show and no matter what shoes I wear I end up with my feet punishing me in some way. So this season I decided on something slightly different. I decided to stay at home and see what brands were doing to promote their new collections via the internet and digital media.?Bespectacled fashionistas in Tokyo, Dubai, New York, L.A., and Paris gathered Tuesday to witness a fashion (and tech) world first: Burberry streamed its Fall 2010 runway show live in 3D, becoming the first major fashion house to do so.In addition to the 3-D simulcasts, Burberry also live-streamed the Prorsum show on its website, as well as some 70 other sites, including Sky News, CNN, The Times and The Daily Beast, and invited guest bloggers to tweet from Burberry's Twitter account. Perhaps more importantly from a commercial standpoint,the fashion house also tried out new tech that would not only enable more people to see the collection, but to buy it as well. The explains: "major pieces from the collection started selling immediately after the show on the company's Web site; buyers won't have to wait the six months for the clothes to hit stores to get them in their hands."Tuesday morning in rainy New York, a mix of editors and socials who couldn't make it to London headed to SoHo's Skylight Studio, where they were greeted by men in Burberry trenches and escorted inside under Burberry umbrellas. After a twenty-minute pre-show (also in 3-D) including interviews with Anna Wintour (who pronounced the brand "Burberry's"), Mary-Kate Olsen (who proved a tedious interview) and Kate Hudson (who said her movie characters tend to wear the trench), the show finally began. And while it never quite felt as though the models were walking at the crowd, as some expected, all in the room seemed to agree the venture into high-style tech was a hit.PHOTOS (Neil Rasmus/): ?WWD:Christopher Bailey, Burberry's chief creative officer, made a visit to Buckingham Palace Friday to receive his Member of the Order of the British Empire honor from Queen Elizabeth II. "I am both honored and humbled," said Bailey, who was named an MBE as part of this year's Queen's birthday honors list for his services to the fashion industry. ? Week Fact: Burberry is fashionista catnip. Seriously. There were too many famous people at the brand's London Fashion Week show for us to actually fit them into a single tweet. ?MyDaily:Check out this genetically-blessed pairing. Brit actor Eddie Redmayne and model Cara Delevigne have just been announced as the faces (and bodies, arguably) of the Burberry Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign... ?We'd like to introduce you to the candid and quirky Cara Delevingne: socialite, model, beat boxer extraordinaire and would-be Posh Spice. The 18-year-old has inched her way onto the fashion scene as of late, most notably posing for this year's Burberry ad campaigns. But the that the blonde Brit has also been sought out to act -- in an upcoming Spice Girls musical.Funnier than the notion of a Spice Girls musical (which will be performed on London's West End and produced by Mamma Mia! producer Judy Craymer, apparently) is Delevingne's response to the offer to play Victoria Beckham in the production:The Burberry model tells Mandrake: "My agent said, 'No, you can't, it will be a career killer.' Of course, I loved the Spice Girls. I loved Geri and Baby, but who liked Posh Spice? They said I looked like her and I said, 'That's not cool, that's really mean.'?"It's a shame, too, because Delevingne is quite entertaining. the model revealed another talent she could bring to the stage:I'm a world class Beat Boxer, you should hear the noises I can make with my mouth... I'm also obsessed with drumming and have a massive electric drum kit in my bedroom, I'm drum mad.She is also quite skilled at getting in and out of clothes at hyper speed. Watch the endearing Cara Delevingne clown around below and .WATCH: ?Check out this genetically-blessed pairing. Brit actor Eddie Redmayne and model Cara Delevigne have just been announced as the faces (and bodies, argu...?When the recession hit in 2007, the majority of economists and retail commentators predicted that the luxury retail market would not fare well, but five years on it has not only survived, but prospered. Only last month Burberry Group posted a 24 per cent surge in its 2011 profits and Richemont (the third largest luxury group and owner of Cartier) posted a sharp increase in sales of 2.62bn. But how is the luxury sector booming when not only consumer spending is low but the retail sector has seen a wave of companies go into administration and is in general decline. There are a number of reasons but the simple answer comes down to two points: changing consumer spending habits and a buoyance of wealth overseas. As the Financial Times has reported, there are still a number of high net worth consumers that have cash to spend. They are spending their money on a number of luxuries - such as houses, cars but also in the luxury goods market. The 'hyper-wealthy' are still cash rich and are coming from stable economies in the Asia-Pacific region and Middle East. It has been from these economies that reports of a new 'travelling luxury consumer' has emerged; wealthy individuals from Asia, Middle East and BRIC countries coming to the stalwart shopping Capitals in the UK and USA to flex their cash in our luxury stores. It is these consumers that have not only invested into our own economies but are responsible for keeping the luxury goods market alive. It is cheaper, and sometimes tax free to shop overseas, and I am sure we will see another influx of the 'travelling luxury consumer' into London during the Olympics. But it cannot just be the high-net consumer that is spending its money into the luxury retail market. I believe the recession has spearheaded a change to consumer spending habits - and it is the middle classes that are redirecting their cash into the luxury goods market. They realise that investing into a product that is benchmarked for its quality and longevity is more commercially sensible than spending on cheaper, imitation items. I believe this is partly the reason why some middle-market retailers, including Tesco and M&S, have struggled in the last year. Consumers are either looking for a complete bargain (which explains the prominence of retailers such as Aldi and Poundland) or a product that will last a lifetime and is an investment, even if it is at a higher price point. I have certainly seen this trend through my own business We specialize in luxury gifts for any price point and we have seen our customers spend more money, but on less items in the last year. The consumer seems to want to buy a product that is durable and is in a classic style, where the value will be amassed over a longer period. I am confident that the luxury goods market will continue to prosper. Consumer habits have changed and we will see luxury brands starting to invest in emerging economies such as China and Brazil. In the UK we need to make sure we continue to allow our home grown brands, such as Burberry, to continue to expand and that our country continues to be attractive to the 'travelling luxury consumer'. Follow Caroline Stanbury on Twitter:?Caroline Stanbury is the founder and CEO of luxury gifting website? Gift Library. Caroline founded the company in 2008 after seeing a gap in the market for a website that provided consumers with a range of high quality? luxury gifts that suits any budget. Caroline's unrivalled book of contacts and business know-how has meant she has quickly established a network of highly sort after suppliers including Anya Hindmarch? Nina Campbell and Penelope Chilvers. Gift Library now ships to over 80 countries and the business is forecast to grow by 25 per cent this year.?On the whole, working in fashion is a great gig. However, when the holidays roll around, one major drawback raises its ugly head. At this time of year, we start to hear the dreaded refrain: "You are impossible to buy for!"And while we may be picky... we are not impossible. To wit, here's a list of gifts (ranging from under $10 to over $10,000) which would make any fashion addict perfectly content.Lady Gaga: Dress Her Up! $9.99-33Who could be more fun to style than Lady Gaga? From her meat dress to her telephone hat, this clever contains all of her most iconic fashions.Bill Cunningham, New York DVD$17.99A fascinating look at the life and work of one of the most important (and private) figures in fashion. A for every fashion lover.Chanel "Le Vernis" Nail Color in Quartz, Graphite, or Peridot$25.00 each Honestly, anything from the house of Chanel will delight the fashionista in your life. These three metallic from Chanel's limited edition Fall 2011 collection are particularly on-trend and wallet-friendly.Alber Sketch Pencils by Lanvin$25.00 for a set of 6Unleash her inner fashion designer with this pencil set from legendary Parisian fashion house, Lanvin. Decorated with Alber Elbaz' whimsical illustrations, the can even make unfashionable tasks (like balancing your checkbook) feel chic.Fashionable Faces Posters$30.00 eachSurround her with fashion inspiration 24/7. These pastel feature the face and quote of some of fashion's greatest stars. Deos Ear BudsStarting at $35.00With over 100 hand-placed Swarovski crystals, Deos elevates the humble ear bud from technological necessity to ultimate fashion statement. Each comes with three extra sets of rubber eartips to ensure a perfect fit. Harper's Bazaar: Greatest Hits$65.00Glenda Bailey's homage to America's longest running fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar, is a visual feast from start to finish. Even if your favorite fashion fanatic doesn't like to read, she'll appreciate the coffee table .Fashion Cookies$75.00 for a set of 18Although festive, gingerbread men are not particularly fashion forward. Luckily, you can up the style ante by giving hand-iced sugar in the shape of the season's hottest shoes and handbags.Polaroid Instant 300 Camera$99.99Because fashionistas, like Cher in "Clueless," don't trust mirrors; this Polaroid will become her most trusted fashion adviser. Khirma Eliazov Exotic Cuff Bracelets$110.00 eachPython is the new leopard. These exquisite , available in a wide range of exotic skins, are the chicest way to wear the trend.Smythson "Runway Notes" Notebook$140.00Smythson stationery is the "little black dress" of paper goods - always in style, always appropriate. Their "Fashion Notes" contains designated sections for comments on "City," "Runway," "Season," and "Show." Perfect for the budding Anna Wintour in your life.Miu Miu Crocodile Stamped iPhone Sleeve$150Available in three glossy hues, Miu Miu's iPhone will ensure that her technology is as well dressed as she is.Burberry Hot Water Bottle Cover$210She will dream of trench coats with checkered linings when she cozies up with this cashmere hot water bottle from Burberry.Gucci Wide Brimmed Hat$495.00Hats are back! This felt from Gucci is the best of the bunch.Hermes Avalon Blanket$1225.00Yes, this costs more than most people's monthly mortgage payment and it's not even 100% cashmere, but who ever said that fashion had to make sense?Altuzarra Fur-Trimmed Anorak$3650.00While her friends are wearing the knock-offs, why not treat her to the original? This fur-trimmed anorak from Altuzarra is the must-have piece of the season.The Coffret Tresor 20 by Louis Vuitton$2580.00The smallest member of the Louis Vuitton hard-sided family is the perfect place to stow jewelry in grand style. Since it's equipped with a lock, fashion addicts can also use it to hide photos from a less than stylish past.Goyard Trunk with Assouline Fashion Library$20,000.00The world's most fashionable publishing house, Assouline, teamed up with the world' s most fashionable French craftsman to create the ultimate fashion library. Each custom designed contains 100 of Assouline's most fashionable titles. Follow Catherine Moellering on Twitter:?MyDaily:WHO? Christopher Bailey for BurberryIN A NUTSHELL: On first impression it looked like Bailey's collection was inspired by African tribal dress thanks to the profusion of bright batik and block prints, crochet and raffia weaves, and heavy linens. But it turns out that his inspiration was drawn from much closer to home: the intricate fabrics created by Burberry's factory in Castleford and the textile designs of sculptor Henry Moore (who knew?!) to be precise. "I'm interested in the relationship between 'slow' artisan crafts and the fast pace of technology", he told us after the show, "I don't see why they can't coexist." ?Click here to leave a comment.HuffPost High School welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate in the comment section. Keep in mind that the articles here are penned by young authors, so please keep criticism respectful, and help us to keep this a safe and supportive place for writers of all ages to contribute.?Everything new in Hollywood deserves a party in its honor, right? Last night, it was the launch of Burberry's latest fragrance, Body, which was Rosie looked stunning in a very low-cut, body-hugging silk gown. We're sure she smelled good, too.The star-studded event included Solange Knowles, Serena Williams, Rachel Zoe, Kate Bosworth, Cat Deeley and Jayma Mays. Also among the crowd were English actresses Alice Eve and Felicity Jones, who stars in Burberry's new ad campaign. Fellow Victoria's Secret models Erin Heatherton and Lily Aldridge, whom we can't wait to see at , also joined Huntington-Whiteley at the launch.Scope out our slideshow below to see all of last night's glam. Did anyone snag us one of those floating perfume bottles? ?Very cleaver designs! A lot of thought when into this. And if the price of breakfast cereals keeps going up, they might as well be "designer" brands. Does anyone out there remember when breakfast cereals used to be less than $1.00 a box? And, when almost all cereal boxes had a prize or a toy inside? Or, when there was some special offer that if you sent in two or three box tops you got a prize or something? Yet, when I was little, there was not as much concern about how much sugar and artificial ingredients there was in some of those cereals. When I think back now, some of those cereals were mostly sugar and starch. Some of the classic cereals like corn flakes are still around. Yet at over $5.00 a box I wonder if any family can afford to stock up on breakfast cereals these days.?Rising aviation superpower Emirates has secured a new partnership with struggling airline Qantas, following the termination of a 17-year deal with Bri...?Forgetting to lock the toilet stall and having someone walk in on you? The worst. Now picture that person barging in is Diane von Furstenberg and you are ... because that actually happened.In is described as astute, articulate, personable and sophisticated. She's also a bit absent-minded, Jonathan Van Meter writes, often abandoning her Blackberry and leaving doors unlocked at the Kennedy Center so designers can accidentally intrude.But save for the one embarrassing DVF anecdote, Chelsea Clinton comes off as enviably refined and even more stylish than we knew in , which appears in . Styled in a Burberry trench, Clinton receives praise from her fashionable pals, including Burberry head designer Christopher Bailey: "Oh, she is sooo stylish, Chelsea." And it sounds like she likes to be:One night [...] she turns up in the hotel lobby wearing something you might expect to see on Beyonc: black, skintight J Brand jeans, black Rag & Bone jacket, and platform stilettos. Wow, I say. [Chelsea's chief-of-staff Bari] Lurie -- who has known Clinton since they were teenagers, when Lurie was a White House intern working for Hillary Clinton -- shoots me a look: "Dont encourage her.We hate to break it to Lurie, but a Vogue shoot is pretty much the biggest fashion encouragement Chelsea could get. Plus , are already members of an elite social circle (, , etc). The pair scored tickets to the , which Marc described as "glamorous and ridiculous and over-the-top and amazing." Not the sort of thing we'd typically associate with Chelsea Clinton, but after reading her latest feature and seeing how she rocks her Vogue-chosen duds (Burberry, Marc Jacobs), we're beginning to reconsider.Read PHOTO:See Chelsea Clinton's style evolution!Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?Two days ago, a photograph of a girl wearing a white vest and ballet slippers and doing a 45-degree split in her dorm room went viral on the Chinese Internet. It led to what Sina entertainment called an online "battle between beauties." Some of the photos feature young women eating lunch or talking on their cell phones while doing the splits.?The Burberry Spring 2013 collection offers looks for both celebrities and the woman who wants to treat herself to a one of a kind coat or a beautiful lace dress.?I never gave clothes much thought, but I knew the moment my daughter refused to wear jeans at the age of two because they were "ugly," I was outclassed. And that precious toddler grew up to be my stylish Sarah who now works for Stylelist and lives and breathes fashion.?What would you do to get rid of a squatter in your town?Residents of the Palmer Woods neighborhood of Detroit did quite a lot to try to get rid of alleged squatter Clarence Boykin Jr., whos now facing jail time after moving in to a home that sold for $480,000 nine years ago, according to . When Boykin showed up in a moving van after the previous owner walked away from his mortgage, neighbors were so suspicious that they arranged to have the utilities cut off. Boykin's attempting to stay in the home by filing for adverse possession -- a legal loophole that squatters around the country have been claiming entitles them to take ownership of abandoned homes if they maintain the homes and keep up with the taxes. But many misinterpret the law; it only applies to squatters who have had access to the abandoned property over a period of years, an attorney told . nationwide due to foreclosure or mortgage issues. Recently, squatters are believed to be responsible for instances of , and a fire in Oakland, California that nearly destroyed an entire duplex, the reports.In addition to being a hotbed for crime and vandalism, empty homes can also drive down property values. To cope with the problem, on blight ordinances. Banks have received 3,600 fines for their handling of abandoned homes in New York City alone, reports. In Detroit, it owns rather than pay the cost of maintaining them, an action similar to a proposal recently approved by the city of Birmingham, Alabama that will tear down 230 abandoned homes, reports.?If anyone had any doubt as to who the biggest model on the planet is, they could simply tune into to find out. On the world's biggest stage, amongst pop stars and athletes and royals, strode across the Olympic Stadium stage and totally owned it.The supermodel was joined by several of her top British peers, who comprised . Naomi Campbell, Lily Cole, Lily Donaldson, David Gandy, Karen Elson, Jourdan Dunn, Georgia May Jagger and Stella Tennant -- the U.K.'s biggest stars in the modeling world -- were carried onto the stage on giant floats then did their best stomping model walks from the corners of the Union Jack into center stage to the tune of David Bowie's "Fashion."They showcased the best of British fashion design, wearing glittering gold threads by Alexander McQueen, Victoria Beckham, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label, Erdem, Jonathan Saunders, Burberry and Christopher Kane. They also inspired a bit of criticism by the less fashion-loving viewers taking in the show. "Kate Moss! Who represents the Olympic ideals of not doing drugs, or smoking, and achieving lots. Work with me here," t. "I suspect Kate Moss might fail her drugs test later. #closingceremony" . (.) Admittedly, we had our own HuffPost Style staff debate going as to whether Moss did look a tad drunk...Another critique of the show concerned the soundtrack: while the music choice of David Bowie certainly worked well for the fashion-centric segment, some of us wondered why the models didn't walk out to famous for and a centerpiece of the closing ceremony.But the much-anticipated fashion show, however brief, generally won widespread praise. Vogue UK's fashion director, Lucinda Chambers, avoided any wardrobe malfunctions with her flawless styling and the crowd of 80,000 cheered Kate and her pals with tons of applause.We contributed by squealing uncontrollably from the comfort of our couches.Check out the model extravaganza in the photos below! Did you like the Closing Ceremony "fashion show"?Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV? has become synonymous with innovative design and stand out collections, with London recently being voted, for the second year running, the most watched and read fashion capital in the world. And the Spring/Summer 2013 season proved no different. Front rows were stuffed with the likes of Anna Wintour, Lady Gaga, Mario Testino and Samantha Cameron who eyed up emerging trends such as rainbow metallic macs at , tennis inspired pleats at , stamp and banknote prints at and crystal encrusted sheer bodycon at . Chairman of the , Harold Tillman CBE commented that the collections were among the 'best he'd ever seen'. 'We've changed the emphasis of how important London is, the designers want to be on the international stage, which they're growing into, but they've still got a little bit of edgy rawness and fearlessness in London. Collections are better than they've ever been, presentations are brilliant, it's very, very strong,' Tillman tells . And designer Marcus Wilmont of , whose tough but feminine collection referenced scent and the layers in perfume, agreed. 'London is all about young energetic brands and it's not as corporate as the rest of the world. There's still freedom to take risks and take chances which makes for an all round happier experience,' he told us. And when it comes to fashion philosophies, Tillman insists there are few rules. 'My philosophy for fashion is be passionate, just love what you do and continue to do it.'Text by Holly Fraser for App now available for Nokia devices from the Follow on Twitter:?That 13 year-old girl from Abu Dhabi? Think of her as a Range Rover Evoque. Bear with me here...Clearly I'm not an economics expert. I couldn't even pretend to be one, for fear of my bank manager finding out and expressing his mirth in the comments below. But I do have a basic grasp of maths and logic, and it seems clear that if we, the British nation, are to 'grow' economically, then ultimately we need to bring more money into the country. I can't realistically hope to increase my bank balance by shuffling money around between my overdraft and (pretty measley) savings account, so I go to work and bring money in from the outside. I imagine you do the same. So, my logic tells me, the country has to as well. Interest rates, quantitive easing and stuff (yes, 'stuff') might paper over the cracks, but for the national bank balance to improve we need to bring more money in from the outside. From overseas. Even I know that this process has a proper word dedicated to it: exports. But what we must also grasp is that this word doesn't only relate to physically sending stuff (sorry, I know, buy a thesaurus) to a foreign country and loading the boat up with wads of Chinese Yen for the return journey.Obviously you are all intelligent people, so you will already know that a Japanese tourist splashing out on a Burberry coat, or a South African businessman paying by the hour for video conferencing with his London-based business advisor, or the child of a Russian oligarch taking a place at a 30,000 a year British public school, are all excellent examples of United Kingdom exports. But to me it is an important point to acknowledge. Not just because it helps to validate my job, working in marketing at an independent boarding school. But also because, despite being officially classified as exports, tourism, retail, fashion, financial services, education and other service industries don't seem to carry the same weight as car exports or oil revenues when it comes to the government, politicians and the media. This was graphically illustrated by the recent decision to ban London Metropolitan University from receiving students from outside the EU. Rather than being praised for their ability to attract overseas students (and, with each one, tens of thousands of pounds in exports) the University was forced to jump through more hoops than you might find in an Essex earring shop and eventually slipped up. Instead of welcoming the students (and their cash) with open arms, the system seemed to brand everyone an illegal immigrant until the University could prove otherwise.Recently my school's admissions department was visited by officials, and from what I've heard it was a pretty stressful experience. Of course I understand the need to vet those we welcome into our country, and I would be foolish to pretend that no one has ever visited Britain on a student visa and stayed here illegally, but to suggest that a 13 year-old girl from Abu Dhabi, whose parents are willing and able to spend 30,000 a year for their education, is potentially an illegal immigrant seems a little strong...Perhaps if the government thought of her as 30,000 a year in exports, they would be more welcoming. In other words, just think of her as a Range Rover Evoque. It just might work... Follow Dale Bilson on Twitter:?Last week the world got its first glimpse of toddler Harper Seven up on her feet as she accompanied her mother, the style powerhouse that is Victoria Beckham, on a visit to luxury department store Brown Thomas in Dublin. It was my first time to meet Victoria and I must admit I was impressed. I particularly enjoyed hearing her personal anecdotes about her family and their influence on her designs. For instance, did you know the caps in her latest collections are inspired from David's love of beanie hats?Darren Kennedy & Victoria Beckham. Copyright Photocall Ireland.But let's face it, as far men are concerned David Beckham has a lot more to answer for on the sartorial front. Between fronting underwear campaigns for Armani and his own range with H&M, he has single-handedly raised the bar of female expectations about the male physique. Well perhaps he's not alone. Daniel Craig should shoulder some of the responsibility, thanks to the now infamous 30-second scene in Casino Royal where 007 emerges from the sea in the shortest of short blue trunks, toned within an inch of his life. With that in mind and given the sun has finally decided to make an appearance here's your guide when it comes to baring leg, or more, this summer.Speedos: Affectionately referred to as 'budgie smugglers', the speedo is the shortest of briefs. Not for the faint hearted, speedos great advantage is they are quick-drying, smooth to touch and allow for an all over tan. To be quite frank, unless you spend hours with regular gym sessions sculpting your body, best to avoid speedos at all costs. If you reckon you've got the bod for them, then go for it!Short Shorts: Squeezing yourself into some hipster-style trunks a la Daniel Craig is unlikely to have quite the same effect as 007. That said sales of short shorts have rocketed in the past year with some fashion experts suggesting that as men's swimwear gets shorter, it bodes well for economic growth. Whether this be true or not, to pull off wearing this slightly racier style of shorts you need to wear them with confidence. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Orlebar Brown are both winners when it comes to this style. Boxer-style briefs are perhaps the more ego-friendly, less fitted, variety of short shorts.Orlebar Brown swim shorts. MrPorter.comMid Length Board Shorts: Forget baggy Bermuda shorts, this season board shorts go preppy with somewhat of a retro feel with key styles including digital prints, geometric patterns and block colours. Robinson Les Bains neat fitting camouflage pattern shorts in soft shades of navy and blue get my favourite vote. This style is all about looking relaxed and laid-back at the beach or chilling out in town. Robinson Les Bains. MrPorter.comTailored Trouser Shorts: The most formal of the bunch, tailored shorts in neutral tones are another big trend having featured heavily on the catwalks of Jill Sander, Paul Smith and Burberry. To really achieve this look, fit is paramount. The ideal pair should sit at your hips, with a slim taper to the leg and remain above the knee. Paired with a monochrome shirt and flip-flops or boat shoes, they create a simple yet ber-sophisticated summer look. Paul Smith striped short. Follow Darren Kennedy on Twitter:?David Beckham? Bashful? Believe it.The soccer hunk revealed in that (a spot for his ) made him blush when it came on TV."I'm very shy. When we were watching the Super Bowl yesterday in a room of about 20 people and it came on and I actually didn't know where to look. It was kind of embarrassing."The kids loved it but they were also embarrassed as well because there was other people in the room."We'd like to officially let David know that he has nothing to be ashamed of. Can we get an amen?But Becks says he preferred the filming of the ad -- which features Beckham in a pair of tight white underwear and nothing else except his tattoos -- to its airing in front of "Shooting it, there wasn't too many people in the room so it was pretty easy."Listen to the interview below to find out what kind of underwear David's a fan of (it might surprise you!), and check out the sexy ad in question if you missed it. ?Tesco Magazine hosted it's Mum of the Year 2012 event at London's Waldorf Hotel and proved - via a rather celeb-y red carpet - that figure hugging coc...?The British high street has long harboured questionable copyright morals. Today, perusing Zara is like walking around Liberty in some strange parallel universe where everything looks the same but is about a tenth of the price. J-brand-esque ankle-zip jeans for 30 anyone? ?NEW YORK -- Juliet Sandler dresses in the latest $650 dresses and $400 shoes from Parisian fashion house Lanvin. Juliet is 3.Her mother, Dara Sandler, says she dresses her daughter in the latest fashions because Juliet is a reflection of her – even though her daughter can't spell the names of the designers, let alone pay for their clothes."I dress my daughter exactly the way I dress myself," says the 33-year-old Manhattan mother, who spent $10,000 for her daughter's summer wardrobe. She plans to spend a few thousand dollars more for fall.Top fashion designers are pushing more expensive duds for the increasingly lucrative affluent toddler demographic. This fall, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, and Marni launched collections for the pint-sized. Luxury stores Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman are expanding their children's areas to make room for the newcomers, many of them with higher price tags. Late last year, Gucci, which launched a children's collection two years ago, opened its first children's store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.Some designer houses like Oscar de la Renta and Marni say they're careful to keep the clothes appropriate for kids. But there are plenty of miniature versions of the adult looks that raise eyebrows because of their eye-catching prices and sophisticated styles.American households are expected to spend an average of $688 outfitting their children for school, says the National Retail Federation, and that includes supplies like pencils and notebooks.That's most families. Some will spend $795 on Gucci backpacks or $1,090 on leopard print puffy coats from Lanvin.Sasha Charnin Morrison, fashion director at Us Weekly, admits that some of the clothes are outrageously prices. But, she says, things like $200 Gucci sneakers make her kids happy."They're a walking billboard of you. They're a reflection of who you are, so if you are someone highly stylized, then you want to make sure your kids are the best-dressed kids out there," she says.Critics say the trend promotes elitism."This creates a class system of the haves and have nots," says Dr. Alan Hilfer, director of psychology at Maimonides Medical Center in New York City. "It creates a culture of envy."Only five years ago, the high-end children's wear business was dominated by just a few major designers like Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Christian Dior. But the recent influx of others is the latest sign that affluent shoppers have gone back to splurging since the recession. And as the wealthy feel more comfortable about spending again, they increasingly want their kids to reflect themselves.It's a "mini-me" phenomenon, says Robert Burke, a New York-based fashion consultant. "It feels good. It's like one for me and one for you," he says. The trend isn't limited to Manhattan or Beverly Hills, but is occurring in other big cities like Boston and Chicago, he says. Sales of designer children's wear are also strong in resort areas where retirees who tend to dote on their grandkids live, he says.Luxury children's sales account for just a fraction, or just over 3 percent, of the $34 billion market, but it's growing faster than the rest of the children's wear and clothing market, according to NPD Group Inc., a research firm. For the past 12 months ended in May, children's wear sales rose 4 percent, with the upscale component up 7 percent, according to NPD's most recent data. That compares with a 3 percent rise for the overall clothing market.Designers, seeking more growth, are now looking at children's wear as another way to deepen their relationship with their customers as well as reach out to new ones.The designers are targeting household incomes of at least $350,000, says Marshal Cohen, NPD's chief industry analyst. That's about seven times the U.S. median household income of $49,445.Many of the new designer entries are more expensive than some of the established brands like Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren's cotton shirts for boys are priced about $59. In comparison, Dolce & Gabbana's plaid shirts for boys run $190. Girl's dresses are about $500.Nordstrom, whose designer kids clothes were limited to a few names like Burberry and Ralph Lauren, is adding a number of collections for kids from the likes of Marni, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney.Neiman Marcus Group's Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan recently expanded its children's wear department by a third to devote more space to Gucci and the new lines like Oscar de la Renta. For fall, the prices range from $4 for hair bows to $5,200 for an exclusive Christian Dior silk party dress handmade in France."We're definitely growing," says Andrew Mandell, Bergdorf Goodman's vice president and divisional merchandise manager of home and children's wear. "This is a whole new realm. And when you have our customers so fashion forward, they eat this up."Colleen Sherin, fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, says both parents and grandparents are willing to spend on "unique, special" fashion items. "They're just not looking for basics."The bigger trend, however, is designers creating free-standing shops devoted to kids, says Faith Hope Consolo, who leads retail leasing and marketing at Prudential Douglas Elliman.Following in the footsteps of Gucci, Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani will be opening this fall its first U.S. store devoted to children in Manhattan's Upper East Side. Armani launched its children's business in the U.S. in 2009.The Armani store, which targets newborns to teenagers, will feature items priced from $50 to $500, says Armani spokesman Christian Langbein.Some parents who are splurging say they also mix in shopping trips to Gap or other less-expensive stores, but see the designer duds as a confidence booster."I really believe when she dresses like this, she feels better about herself," added Sandler, who shops for pricey children's clothes at Barneys New York as well as a New York women's clothing store called Edit, which now has a designer children's wear section.Manhattan resident Kelly Mallon, 39, says she's proud that her 9-year-old daughter Madeleine has developed her own fashion sensibility."I love seeing my child well-dressed. It makes me happy. It makes her happy," says Mallon who outfits her daughter in accessories from Italian designer Missoni and tops from designer Milly's year-old children's line called Milly Minis. "It's not a little girl playing dress up. She's in her own clothes made for her."?Are guilt-free shopping sprees really possible?Last year, I was sat in Ozone cafe on Leonard Street - a hop, skip and a jump (even in four inches) away from Positive Luxury HQ - waiting for my friend, B. Twenty minutes after our scheduled meeting time, B rushed in clutching about fifteen shopping bags and her chihuahua Manolo, with her blow dry remarkably intact. "Look at what I just bought," she enthused breathily, removing a pristine Burberry trench from a cloud of tissue paper. "Isn't it perrrfect?""I'm glad you've finally embraced ethical fashion," I replied. B just stared at me, her smile turning into a grimace. Manolo growled."It's not ethical," she croaked, whispering 'ethical' as though it was a swear word, "It's Burberry."The truth is, as I told B, Burberry is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. But B is not alone in turning her nose up at the term 'ethical fashion'. It somehow conjures up visions of hemp tote bags and those hoodies you find in Camden market that smell of stale incense.That's when it occurred to me - you can live positively - and dare I say it, ethically - without compromising on a luxury lifestyle (and in B's case, shopping habit). I know I'm not the only one excited to realise that a spree of the right brands no longer means that I'm perpetuating child labour or tearing up the ozone layer. You'd be surprised which brands have 'green' leanings. In addition to the obvious, and one of my personal favourites, Stella McCartney, designers such as Kinder Aggugini, Gucci, Acne and Prada all subscribe to ethical practises. Who'd have guessed it?Positive living - and shopping - has never been so easy, and a recent meeting with Dilys Williams from London College of Fashion proved that it's only set to get easier. LCF is encouraging designers to consider the economic effects of their work. This could be anything from choosing materials with a view to protecting biodiversity - and there is some really interesting work going on here with leading fashion brands - or making a piece that lasts. The sky is really the limit.Talking of leading designers, we will see some of our favourites play out in a few days at London Fashion Week. And B and I will be there, wearing our Burberry trenches with pride.Until LFW... Follow Diana Verde Nieto on Twitter:? has never been shy about her loyalty to the Democratic party. The designer has , and even . Now it looks like her political interests are becoming more of a priority than her fashion duties.Like every brand in existence, the CFDA president at her store on Thursday. But instead of trying to rile up excitement around shopping, Diane instructed the crowd at her Meatpacking District store to hurry home to watch President Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention, :"Everyone here better be a Democrat; no Republicans. Make sure you go home and watch the president at 10 p.m."The 65-year-old political enthusiast couldn't get out of FNO fast enough, , "I just want to leave and watch the president talk. We're sure Diane was not alone in these sentiments during the big night though. , and are among the fashion set that has been entrenched in the Obama campaign, so we imagine there were quite a few industry insiders rushing to get in front of a television that evening. Did you have trouble balancing fashion and political priorities (not to mention, ) during Fashion's Night Out?See more fashion people with strong political views!Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?MyDaily:Looks like Burberry have outdone themselves in the front row department for this season's Burberry Prorsum show - Will.I.Am, Holly Valance, Kate Bosworth, Will Young, Alexa Chung, Jeremy Irvine, Eddie Redmayne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a very pregnant Sophie Ellis Bextor, Donna Air, Clemence Poesy and more took their places on the benches to watch the brand present its AW 2012/13 collection: ?**SPOILER ALERT FOR 'DARK KNIGHT RISES' -- MAYBE?** If at the end of "The Dark Knight Rises," could be in some big trouble. The internet has been in a tizzy over the end of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, and the death of the Caped Crusader is among the stronger theories.So , who plays Catwoman in the latest film opening July 20, wanted to make it very clear that she had nothing to do with what Letterman may or may not have spoiled on "" (Thu., 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS)."I saw this movie, the Batman movie," Letterman said. "And in the end, Batman is dead."After an awkward silence, he and Hathaway laughed it off, with Letterman insisting, "He's not dead!" Even if it was a joke, though, if that is how the film ends, fans will likely be even more angry than their Twitter reactions to this interview."Late Show with David Letterman" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS.TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser.?With unemployment standing firm above the one million mark and competition for work experience places intensifying, the summer holidays mark a pivotal time for thousands of young people as they prepare for the world of work. Facing some of the toughest employment challenges ever, it's understandable that young people are daunted as they look to get their foot on the career ladder- but I do believe there is some cause for optimism.?The Duchess of Cambridge looked comfortable today as she mucked in with children from inner-city backgrounds who built tents and made campfires, developing their confidence and teamwork skills during a weekend visit to the countryside.Kate visited the Expanding Horizons Primary School Scheme at Widehorizons' Margaret McMillan House in Wrotham, Kent, today to meet children from ARK's King Solomon Academy Primary in London, who are taking part in an outdoor residential course.The Duchess, who was well equipped for the visit with a pair of green Burberry wellies, spent time with children from Year 4. For most of the children, who are aged eight and nine, it was their first time to the countryside.Kate, who also wore blue Zara jeans, a green Burberry blouse, green Zara jumper and a Really Wild green leather waistcoat, was accompanied on her visit to the woods by Vanessa Willms, headteacher of King Solomon Academy Primary, and assistant headteacher Lizzy Williams, who brought the children on the camping trip on Friday morning.Looking relaxed and happy, Kate chatted to Zahid Shanvere, eight, and Faith Kalala, nine, who showed her the teepees where they had all slept on Saturday night.Kate asked whether the children had been scared that a spider might come into the teepee but Zahid said that he was more worried that a mole might have made its way inside.When showing the Duchess into the teepee, he said: "Ladies first."To which Kate replied: "Such a gentleman. Thank you."After chatting with the children inside the teepee for several minutes, Kate emerged and said: "Thank you very much for showing me your bedroom."Zahid and Faith then walked the Duchess into the woods, where all the other children were building tents out of bits of wood and tarpaulin, making campfires and learning about what they would need to survive.Kate met several groups of children and asked them about their weekend before sitting around a large campfire and learning how to make dough sticks.She chose one of the children to try the dough stick and then later tried one herself.After thanking the children for having her, the Duchess walked with them to the barn where they enjoyed lunch before the she left the centre.Alpha Kolajo, nine, said he had spoken to Kate about what he loved best about camping and about how it had helped him and his friends.He said: "We asked her a few questions, like how many countries she had been to. She said she had been to a few but not as many as William."Tigerlily Smith, eight, said: "I asked her what it was like to be a princess. She said she gets treated very well and William is very sweet and kind and spoils her."Niall Leyden, head of the centre, said this was only the second royal visit to the facility.He said the first was when the centre was opened in 1936 by the then Duke of York, who went on to become King George VI.He said the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry was supporting ARK in the development of their Expanding Horizons programme as both organisations share a common vision and commitment to transform the lives of disadvantaged children, which made Kate's visit more special.He said: "The children seemed remarkably relaxed about having a royal visitor as they were about the whole weekend."We ran the whole weekend as we would have normally. Her Royal Highness was relaxed and lovely with the children. She got involved and helped them with their camps."A spokeswoman for ARK Schools, said: "We try to encourage those who are unlikely to have ever been to the countryside to come on these trips. For most of them, it is the first time they will have done something like this."?If Abi Morgan isn't sat in a doctor's surgery with multiple strain disorder in her typing fingers in 2012 I will eat a script. With two award-winning films (Shame and The Iron Lady) and BBC series The Hour already under her belt, you'd have thought Morgan would be more than happy to kick back and bask in the glory of her media accolades. ?~The Cricket Bat and the Porcupine~A Story in Three Parts...which began life as a short blog on my book tour to South Africa in Spring 2012 and became a kind of blogelogue of a homecoming... Part One.Day 1. Sunday Morning. Land in Johannesburg. And I see the light. The density of it, luscious, I bask a moment. My light. And the dry air, waiting, as it did all the winters of my childhood to crack my lips and knees and elbows. High world air. My air. A choking nostalgia reminds me that my natural habitat is 6000 feet higher than the stately roll of the Thames beside which I now live. My straight-talking, seriously good publicist who I will call J drives me from the airport along Jan Smuts Avenue unaware of my already somewhat skinless state and before I can stop myself I call out, 'Sarah! ' And it is indeed my teenage friend Sarah's house that we pass - the place we learnt to be almost-sexual, completely-political beings, and where we gathered to mourn her premature death. I count the number of my contemporaries who died in the span of those late teenage years - 5 including Lulu. Surely that is a high number? J settles me in my hotel with a view of the "biggest man made forest in the world" the canopy covering the suburbs of Jo'burg. She takes me to the shopping mall attached to my hotel where I buy a pair of running shoes, (my battered favourites forgotten in the chaos of my leave taking). I know the place well from my youth but since I last saw it, the supermarkets and fish shops and chemists have been replaced by Burberry and Celine, by shops dedicated to fine watches and horse riding attire, it is finer by far than Bond Street and I don't yet understand who sustains it. I suspect, though, that the spoils that provide this sleek comfort for the rich must surely come, at least in part, from government coffers meant to create a public safety net for all. That net is certainly not there for the stick-thin young woman who walks across the street in front of our car asking for nothing. Her dress raised up in her hands like a ship's sail, revealing her entirely naked body underneath. She is thin as a stick, beyond the sexual. I wonder if she is in the final stages of HIV/AIDS and its ravages? There is grace in her fine neck, antelope legs and her face, when she turns to look at us, has already emptied out. I weep, no surprises there. The soft, skinless person I have become in the cold north prepares me badly for my old city. As I weep, I wonder if I should apologise to J - she saves me the task by discretely averting her eyes.My first interview is with radio SAFM (the journalist runs a culture and book program from 1-4 on Sundays). She's a beautiful woman with a mission to celebrate books and encourage a culture of reading. She gives her listeners, off the cuff, the best synopsis of my book I've ever heard. The questions that follow are half-blood-half-brain, intellectually challenging but full of feeling. It strikes me then, that RHUMBA, although set in the Congo and London, feels owned by her, a South African. By the end of the interview, she is finishing my sentences and I hers. I am home and she's my companero.There is a question one always dreads if one is white and well-heeled (though clearly not with Burberry and Celine and certainly not atop a horse) which basically goes something along the lines what gives you the right, white person, to take on the telling of a story about a place and people who are not your people? I look to Willie Loman, fresh in my mind after seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman's transcendent performance in Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman'. Willie is a fantasist, alternately vicious and sentimental. When his two sons threaten to reject him their mother upbraids them thus...I don't say he's a great man. Willie Loman never made a lot of money. His name was never in the paper. He's not the finest character that ever lived. But he's a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid. Attention, attention must finally be paid to such a person. I realize as I say it, that although Willie Loman may have been closer to Miller than my Flambeau is to me, telling this story about a Congolese immigrant boy in London is not a presumption on my part, but an obligation.We finish the interview and the eye-grit from a sleepless night beside the largest man to ever fold himself into a British Airways seat fills my nose and eyes and mouth. Must sleep. From my hotel room window I look down on the swifts and the hadedah ibis's flying above the canopy. They shriek as if to say if there is anything you haven't done yet that matters to you, you'd better get on to it before the curtain closes on the day and the nocturnal hunters, human and animal, come out to play. Day 2/3.I wake up to that same screech. I swear if those birds had been around in Shakespeare's day he would not have needed the ravens to herald the dark arrival of Duncan under Macbeth's murderous battlements. After the polite twitter of the robins and jays outside my English window, this raucous sound rips me from my sheets, as yet unready for the day. For the first time in years, I spend the day meeting my contemporary countrymen in a professional context. The journalist from Sarie magazine (with its childhood associations of old tannies (aunties) baking rusks and giving cleaning tips) is astute. The Sunday Times journalist is too - good conversations all. The photographer who comes with her is a hunter. You know the ones, who look and look and find a way of saying what's going on inside something. They were a good team. The young black TV presenter has, unusually for a busy TV guy, read the book carefully. His producer, still just a girl, cracks the most irreverent of whips to keep him to the six minutes the piece allows. There is one among the many women journalists I speak to who is authorial in the way a president would be. I have a brief and demented thought that she should go into politics to sort out the corruption that abounds. She is electrifyingly intelligent. But it is clearly more important for her to be the protector of South Africa's writers (make that the writer's of the world) particularly as the Protection of Information Act refuses to go way. More about that later.By the evening of day 3 as I sit again above the circling hadedah's at my window it seems clear that - although the nation is still ravaged by the rasping shadow of brutalized criminals who spoil what they can - in the peaceful corners of the land, the once half-formed evolutionary fish of our new country, has flapped its way on the bank and is crawling towards a new self. An efficient, equitable, self-actualized, disciplined, self. And then, just to complicate my certainties, as life is want to do, we arrive for the official Jo'burg launch of RHUMBA at Exclusive books in Hyde Park. I have been looking forward to this for weeks. A great African academic is going to interview me about my small book and I know I am going to emerge enriched in my understanding. Sorbonne trained, Oxford University educated, a spell of teaching at the university of Pennsylvania. He is simply brilliant and I am amazed he has agreed to this small collaboration. As J and I wait for him to arrive I greet old friends and relatives and we sip our water or wine and I sign books, all very pleasant - but where is our academic?I see J-the-unflappable begin to panic. Maybe he fell asleep? Maybe he was visited by an old friend and forgot the time? Maybe one of his children has a cold? Maybe he simply didn't care? Or it could be that a wild force of nature, quite beyond his control, swept him away? Even then, surely he would call, just to relieve us of our imaginings? Surely he himself had a first book once and knows the terrors that attend its emergence. Surely?I feel my small lifeboat begin to fill with water and the longing for my children becomes an ache, as it does whenever hardship strikes. A kind young woman from exclusive books steps in to read out the questions I dig out of my bag from a prior Q&A with an audience in London. And, as we converse, question by question, we scoop the water out of the leaking boat. Finally, we are floating as a boat should, on the surface of the water, even without our brilliant academic to show us the way. Elaine ProctorSpring 2012Part 2 to follow next week...?I prefer the idea of 'style' to 'fashion'. My wardrobe contains mainly black and navy, rather more tonal than rainbow. Yesterday someone described my outfit as 'ombre'; thank goodness my hair isn't dip dyed.I favour a simple kind of dressing, the trench coat and heels kind. The kind where style rules over trends, the kind that isn't deemed outrageous enough to be a target for Somerset House street style photographers. That's okay though, I don't dress to impress at fashion week, I know my style and I'm comfortable with it. After all, aren't we all too busy thinking about ourselves to care about anyone else?Seated at a menswear show last week, I couldn't help but consider the fashion vs style dilemma. In the midst of candy coloured mops of hair, enormous stacked brothel creepers, bright blingy jackets and some otherwise chronic get ups, I felt a little undressed by comparison in my Chloe-esque navy peter pan collar coat and tonal skirt and blouse ensemble. I was comfy, and politely, pardon the phrase, 'on trend'. I'll be the first to admit that Meadham Kirchhoff is an incredible work of art, but I'll never own any of their pieces. I prefer Stella McCartney, Chloe, Celine and Burberry; even Vivienne Westwood is too exciting for me. I'm a fashion minimalist.At the aforementioned show, I noticed something similar happening on the catwalk; my favourite looks were those ultra wearable pieces that I could imagine my male friends actually wearing. Admittedly many of them work in media; perhaps the rugby types are exempt from this. Agi and Sam presented gorgeous paneled shirts that any self-respecting young man would be proud to wear both to work, and for post-office drinks. Agi and Sam kept it simple, simple enough for their collection to be more than 'show pieces'. Keep it simple stupid.As for costume fashion, may it live on. Somerset House wouldn't be the same without hoards of journos, stylists and associated media types swarming around its grounds hoping to be snapped and obscurely posted online. I just know I won't be joining them anytime soon. Save me a seat at Chloe, for that is where my heart lies. Follow Eleanor Doughty on Twitter:?Fashion does not sit still for five minutes. This makes it a joy to watch, but a nightmare to keep up with. I've always been that person who would save up just enough money to buy something stylish (usually confirmed by my friend Grace who works undercover for the Fashion Police), only to find out that by the time I actually got round to buying the bloody thing, it has rapidly turned from hot, to definitely not. How on earth are we supposed to keep up with the latest trends that insist on perpetually updating themselves? Well, Twitter, of course.It is London Fashion Week. I am on Twitter (as per usual) and is trending at no.2 on the homepage. Immediately, I am drawn to see what it is they are doing which is causing such a online stir. Burberry's name is being hash-tagged and '@ mentioned' left right and centre, and all I know is I want to be a part of it. Burberry is no stranger to technology. Back in April, I was wowed when Burberry used digitally projected models to showcase an opening night show in Beijing. Burberry's entire cast was holographic, encouraging Chinese fans to visit their high-tec stores allowing iPad users first dibs on the full collection - you can read all about this in a previous Huffington Post article I was expecting a selection of tweets about the , or perhaps showbiz journalists commenting on the fact Kanye West was sitting on the front row and for the first time ever, not wearing sunglasses. However, it soon transpired that Burberry was in fact stealing the social media show. Here's how:Fashion for everybodyWe all know fashion is elitist. But the one thing Burberry definitely succeeded in doing this year was reminding people that actually, anyone and everyone can join the party. is not something I would go out of my way to attend, but like many people out there, I still wanted to feel involved. Twitter's European communications director, quoted this week that "brands like Burberry will be using [Twitter] to help people all over the world feel like they're sitting on the front row." This is exactly it. Successful fashion brands make their customers feel like a million dollars when slipping into that luxury garment. Instantly, we feel as if we have transformed into a newer, better version of ourselves and have the power to achieve anything. A good fashion brand offers something indescribably life-changing in that fitting room which is a private connection between the brand and the person. By partnering with Twitter and creating , Burberry made their fans feel special by giving them a first hand look-see at the line up before it made it's way down the catwalk. Live streaming the show was a very social move. Many fashion brands try so hard to capitalise on being mysterious and restrictive when in fact they only end up eliminating a large proportion of their fanbase. Burberry, however, invited everyone to the party. By live streaming the show they reminded us that they are a global brand. Fans all around the world were able to tune in with the show, and real-time live streaming was Burberry's way of making the experience available to all. Don't be afraid to use different toolsBurberry do not shy away from mixing art with their fashion. Just like their launch of , they aim to get on a level with what young people actually enjoy, making a connection between the label and the lifestyle. This is what made the account so interesting to follow. It wasn't a brand trying to deliver something overly innovative, it was essentially just using a that many were already familiar with. As consumers, we are so used to seeing photos of models that have been edited, air-brushed or generally being made to feel as if it is 'us' and 'them'. This is why using Instagram worked. Instagram reminds me of times I have snapped real-life pictures with my friends, and this is why seeing the photos is this familiar visual way was nice to see. Plus, it had the behind-the-scenes aspect to it, by seeing what was going on backstage, it brought the brand to life..Make your fans want to pass something onBefore I had time to stumble across this myself, a colleague of mine had already popped a note in my inbox telling me I simply had to check out the page where I could sign up for a free sample of . We all know Burberry doesn't come for free, so I was ready to beat people to it. Burberry now boasts over 8 million fans on their Facebook page which includes backstage footage, links to the shows, acoustic sessions, past tweets, as well as offering product exclusivity. What Burberry executed this week is a brilliant example of a fashion brand using multiple social channels to promote a central idea and engage with consumers on a fun and informal level. No one wants to be bored by fashion: we just want to marvel at the luxury, become inspired and live the dream with the brand. Both online and real life. Follow Emma Gannon on Twitter:?Elfin Emma Watson cast her style-spell over a final fashion collection that Hermione would be proud of, as the designs of the Harry Potter actress are available from London-based Fair Trade fashion company, . Watson also took the time to visit the slums in Bangladesh, and the Fair Trade community where her fashion collection is building sustainable livelihoods, speaking of her experiences in a new book, . She was aiming to show fair-trade fashionistas that they?no longer need to be happy in hessian to be community conscious. Wand-wielding Watson is merely one among many to doff her (witches) hat to the movement, as Topshop and John Lewis have seen fit to pick up the brand. The Huffington Post UK caught up with People Tree's CEO, Safia Minney, to talk about Emma Watson's designs, Occupy London and a human approach to big business. Does the recession show that people still view ethical products as a luxury item when squeezed?Green consumers are anxious like other consumers, they're trading down and buying fewer new products, but we have found still tremendous loyalty. What would you say to those people who continue to buy unethical brands? The reality for most of the products we buy is that they haven't been made to respect environmental laws. Most of the high street isn't operating in a sustainable or responsible way. Is it defensible to buy unethical clothes if you don't have much money? Increasingly consumers that care about society are thinking about creative solutions in how they use their money, they are buying in charity shops, and sharing clothes with friends. However, fast fashion and mass consumption is higher than it was 20 years ago, which is a big challenge for us. Recently as well, there has been so little investigative journalism going on that shows just how unethical high street fashion generally is. What are the environmental effects of mass-produced factory clothing? We use cotton which is low Carbon, whereas it takes unsustainable oil to make synthetic fabrics. There is so much energy going into making products that have very little value to society. Millions of tons of clothes that are thrown away are largely not bio-degradable. Using organic cotton saves a tonne of CO2 each year, for each loom. We're promoting both social and environmental justice.Why did you decide to join in the Occupy London movement?People Tree has been campaigning on transparency and we wanted to join in a people's movement. We're all about positive job creation and making sure that livelihoods are not stripped from artisans. Economics is a truly global issue.How much creative input did Emma Watson have? She was very active in the design process. Every evening when she was finishing last Harry Potter film, she would come to work with us, drawing ideas herself, and then she came with us to Bangladesh to see how our work is helping people. She was keen to build in hand-sewn details where possible. She is a very well-informed girl about the issues surrounding fashion.What have you got in the pipeline?Next season we will have Orla Kiely collaborating with us. We also have something special lined up for the Olympics. Here are some highlights of People Tree's current range: ? British actress, 19, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, arrived at the Ivy League college last week and, after a few days settling in, blogged on her Web site about her new life on the Rhode Island campus."I've finally arrived at Brown University and I'm having the most amazing time," she says. "I'm still so excited to be here; I've already met so many incredible people." ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?People:What could be more British than Burberry, and what young British actress could be hotter right now? It's a match made in style heaven to have Harry Potter star and fashionista Emma Watson be the new face of the Burberry fall ad campaign, especially to hear creative director Christopher Bailey tell it. ?Watch out, Emma Watson! It's her 17-year-old who is turning heads in the fashion world. He's one of the industry's hottest male models, thanks to his famous sister. He told Vogue UK:"I was actually shopping for a suit in Burberry to wear at one of Emma's Harry Potter premiere's when someone from the brand approached and said 'I think you should meet with Christopher [Bailey]. It was such a shock but it was a pretty good gig. Emma's been really great - we get on very well but it's good to have her there to give me tips. Her main one is to relax and don't be scared. Easier said than done though. She's just so efficient!"So far, the younger Watson seems to have his pretty head on straight, explaining, "Castings are a bit tense. Everyone's eyeing each other up and down--it's horrible. I never worry about food or how I look though. All beauty is subjective."Check out some images of Alex and Emma from their Burberry campaign: ?What a pointless question. Of course it's Photoshopped; the use of image enhancement software is standard practice in photography these days. I would venture that less than 1% of the images we encounter on the web or in print are "raw." Even if it's just contrast or color enhancement, sharpening, color grading, or pushing/pulling the exposure, most images are treated digitally before publication. On a side note, this image has a sort of Hans Bellmer thing going for it; the missing leg is a wonderful example of disarticulation in surrealist art. Watson appears incomplete and broken. I'm all for more daring art, though it's not clear that the photog here had any lofty ambitions with this piece.?Burberry Prorsum coat, Blumarine top, Jeremy Scott for adidas pants, Alexander Wang shoes? Reed + RaderStella McCartney dress, Akris top, Blumarine shorts, Jeremy Scott for adidas sneakers? Reed + RaderAlexander Wang collaged jersey bodysuit, Jeremy Scott for adidas sneakers? Reed + RaderJeremy Scott for adidas jacket, Burberry Prorsum dress, 3.1 Philip Lim top? Reed + RaderStella McCartney dress, (from left) Chanel ring, Armenta rings, Stephen Webster ring, Armenta ring, New Era hat ? Reed + Rader?Fancy yourself a Chanel 2.55? An Hermes Birkin? Or perhaps a pretty little leather YSL satchel?Just make sure you're not buying a fake. the latest in luxury handbag counterfeiting and found this not-so-good news: counterfeiters are getting much more sophisticated and it's harder than ever to spot a knockoff.WSJ reporter Elizabeth Holmes talks to Elizabeth Bernstein, Accessories Director for secondhand retailer Portero, about how the fake bags are looking more and more real.For one, many fakes are now actually made with leather as opposed to the typical plastic, which used to be an easy giveaway. Those that are still made with plastic are often embossed with a veiny pattern to mimic that calfskin veins on leather bags.But, says Bernstein, there are still ways to tell if you're being duped. From the heaviness of the metal hardware (light hardware = fake bag) to the too-perfect stitching (a real Hermes bag, for example, is all stitched by hand), there are clues that give it away. The most entertaining tip? For Chanel bags, Bernstein instructs skeptical buyers to rub the chain straps together and listen to the sound -- the gold plated metal of the authentic Chanel chains rustle differently than the plastic-sounding fake chain. Looks like you learn something new everyday.WATCH: ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?Community Notice:We've made some changes to our badge program, including the additionof our newest badge: Community Curator.?i have enormous respect for daniel radcliffe (who reminds us that young people CAN have character) and everybody loves emma watson, but rupe was always my favorite in the hp movies.... Life is so lonely. I am a 50-year-old doctor. Ive been living alone since my wife passed away 2 years ago. Maybe I should get going so I got a profile on r?chh??k??. ? om under denver50. Its the best place to meet CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities. Maybe you can take a doesn't hurt that he's pretty hot, too... - but he really could use some help with his hair and clothes...?We've teamed up with Greta Larkins, the genius behind the brilliant Tumblr in a weekly series of animated runway shots.In this , Larkins takes on a pink and orange metallic trench from spring 2013 collection for at . While we know the British model (and Burberry face) has a tiny waist naturally, we can't stop staring at this mesmerizing image. Is the new corset?Want more? Be sure to check out Stylelist on , and .For previous Fashion Gifs, take a peek in our gallery below: ?We've teamed up with Greta Larkins, the genius behind the brilliant Tumblr in a weekly series of animated fashion shots.This week, FashGif takes on this long striped dress from collection which was presented during . Does this dizzying print make you feel like you're seeing double, too? Want more? Be sure to check out Stylelist on , and .For previous Fashion Gifs, take a peek in our gallery below: ?my particular favorites from paris were rick owens and ann demeulemeester. beautiful, mysterious and flattering. i would buy everything from the rick owens collection and just float through life. i loved the muted colors and( black).so much of paris was derivative and garish(marc jacobs for louis vuitton), it was all done before (and it was)and the patterns were migraine inducing.and can anyone explain to why in certain collections (givenchy, miu miu, marc jacobs) the models are deliberately made to look ugly, gaunt, and very angry. i realize the clothes should speak for themselves and the models are the accessories but what is the point of the smirks and snarls???????We've teamed up with Greta Larkins, the genius behind the brilliant Tumblr in a weekly series of animated fashion shots.This week, FashGif takes on this diamond-patterned dress from collection. With a moving dress like this, you would be guaranteed a spot on our . Want more? Be sure to check out Stylelist on , and .For previous Fashion Gifs, take a peek in our gallery below: ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV? Westbrook must have wondered if her head to toe Burberry check ensemble from back in 2002 would kickstart a fashion trend for top-to-bottom designer gear. It did not. Until yesterday, that is. ?London Fashion Week may have come to a close - after just five days, confusingly - but here at Huffington Post UK Comedy we're still celebrating the world of style in, well, style.Yes, some months ago we brought you a Q&A with Twitter celebrity . And hot on his hooves, we sat down with a relative new kid on the Twitter celebrity block: .As he says in his Twitter bio, Fashion Priest has been "putting the Christian in Louboutin since 1513 BC." So read on for his style secrets, top tips and modish musings...Whats your number one fashion rule?Fashion shouldnt be an inquisition. Its much more important than that. Which celebrity would top your best dressed list?I should say the Pope, but if you ask me hes been poorly advised recently. I mean Prada, really? Its fine for the devil, but Ive always thought God was just a little edgier. If youre talking loafers, its Berlusconi every time. #OMHolyGWhats the most amazing outfit youve ever worn?A meat cassock, gifted to me as a tribute by the Haus of Gaga. I was concerned it might only be a seasonal piece, but I had the genius idea of curing the meat. Its since become a long-running wardrobe staple. #CharcuterieChic.Whos your favourite designer, and why?You know him as Karl Lagerfeld. I know him as The #Karldinal. He is the high priest of monochrome and you are not fit to kiss his ring, nor stroke his Choupette. I die. #Crucifashion.Whos your favourite religious leader, and why?For a while it was Sun Myung Moon. He totes owned the white silk onesie look. Pairing it with that crown was, frankly, genius (I still occasionally rock the look at Epiphany mass at St Martins). But, like Julian McDonald for Debenhams, these are false idols that distract from the one true fashion faith. Go home, light a (Jo Malone) candle and acquaint yourself with the Gospel according to Marc. #AbsolutionFabulousWhats the biggest fashion faux pas youve ever seen?It used to be Vicar-toria Beckham. She was totes fashion low-church. But I think our annual retreats together are starting to work wonders. #AmenWhich trends are hot right now?Its all about the thrill factor. One key piece that adds kapow - be it a brocade skirt or sparkling clutch. On a priests modest stipend you need focus.Which trends will be hot in 10 years time?Hair shirts have been in the wilderness for far too long. But Henry H and I are hatching plans. Watch this space. #RealKardashianHair #RevelationWhat piece of advice would you give to any budding fashion priests?Only this: blessed are the chic.Complete the famous fashion saying in your own words: Blue and green for lepers'.Also on HuffPost:?,09.27.2012Podiatrist; CEO and President of Foot Products Enterprises Inc.With all of the new fall styles of boots and booties available this fall it is important to make sure your feet are properly manicured and supported. Blisters in the back of the heel, corns on top of the toes, ingrown toenails and arch cramps can come back to haunt you again.?If you weren't at a fashion party last night, well, you missed out on all the fun. With kicking off today, every stylish guy and gal in the city seemed to be toasting, speechifying, air-kissing and posing for pictures at a slew of fashion fetes last night to inaugurate the big week ahead., the latest glossy magazine to hit newsstands, feted its debut issue with a party hosted by and photographer Bruce Weber. Held at Capitale, the party drew the likes of Russell Simmons, Amar'e Stoudemire, Hoda Kotb and model Hilary Rhoda. New York's revamped The Cut, , also threw itself a launch party on the rooftop of the NoMad Hotel, attended by Nigel Barker, Coco Rocha, Lindsay Ellingson and Yigal Azrouel. Farther uptown, shoe designer Brian Atwood -- -- threw a party celebrating the opening of his new Madison Avenue store, attended by pals Rachel Zoe, Michelle Trachtenberg, Heidi Klum, Ryan Lochte and Candice Swanepoel (). There were also ceremonies honoring some of fashion's greatest: the Fashion Institute of Technology presented Oscar de la Renta with at a luncheon earlier in the day (Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour were by his side) and crowned Carolina Herrera the Designer Of The Year that evening at Lincoln Center (Katie Holmes did the honors). And that doesn't even include SPIN and Refinery29's party across the river in Brooklyn, the launch of the latest fashion tome, Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex and Disco (Lopez was a friend of Karl Largerfeld) and the splashy red carpet premiere of "Boardwalk Empire" which drew the Hollywood crowd.It was hard to be in multiple places at once, but the most seasoned partygoers managed to hit several events each: Iman and Rachel Roy, for example, showed their faces at both the Style Awards and Brian Atwood's fete and at both the Brian Atwood store and Du Jour's launch. As for us? We headed to Williamsburg for Refinery29's bash and stayed put. Check out last night's party snaps... and just envision the hangovers everyone's nursing today. Happy first day of Fashion Week, y'all! Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?Her "Like Crazy" co-star (for, like, everything), but Felicity Jones is becoming quite the high-fashion star. The British breakout actress is the new face of Dolce & Gabbana, a brand and supported in the front row at Spring 2012 fashion week. According to Women's Wear Daily, to appear in a number of ads, beginning with the Khol Collection in January. Said the designers, "Representing a heady mix of sensuality, confidence and beauty, Felicity Jones offers a sense of divine contradiction. Classically beautiful yet modern in attitude, her audacious gaze is impossible to ignore."Or, , "I like my fashion, but please take me seriously?"Felicity's love for fashion ranges from high (Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry) to low, including lots of vintage. To dress her character, Anna, for "Like Crazy," :"We went to a vintage shop in Los Angeles and I went with the costume designer and we just picked out her whole costume for the first three years. So it as so nice to be that hands on and be able to pick out that jacket and be like, 'This is perfect for Anna.'"Less perfect for Anna is Dolce & Gabbana, known for its unabashed glitz and glam. But Jones will wear it well, given her track record of high-wattage red carpet hits. See the rising star's recent looks below and . ?MyDaily:It looks like tensions surrounding the dates for the Big Four fashion weeks are temporarily over, following yesterday's joint announcement from the BFC and CFDA - the bodies representing London and New York respectively- which stated that they will be bringing forward their September 2012 fashion week dates. ?From interactive ad campaigns to the world's debut 'Twit-walk' (catwalk via Twitter) Burberry has always been something of a trail blazer when it come...?Who is the most powerful woman in fashion? Ask most people and they'll say . The editor-in-chief of Vogue runs arguably the most important fashion magazine in the world, launched the biggest shopping event known to man with and has a hand in what everyone wears each season. (Remember the scene in "The September Issue" where she literally tells Stefano Pilati what to design?)And yet on , released today, two fashion bigwigs sit above Wintour. Diane Von Furstenberg ranks highest out of any fashion industry exec, at #33. At #45 is Angela Ahrendts, the CEO of Burberry Group. It's the money-makers, not the taste-makers, who truly hold the power. According to Forbes' metrics, that is. , the business magazine ranks the chosen women based on a hazy combination of "money (a companys market value and revenue), media presence (news hits on Factiva and radio appearances), and impact, or 'the extent of their reach across industries and countries.'" The woman's financial worth, then, is weighted heavily; her Twitter followers, Tumblr memes and are seemingly less important. For what it's worth, Wintour did move up the list since last year; , edging her up to #51 in 2012. Diane Von Furstenberg didn't budge, having placed at #33 in 2011 as well. After DVF, Ahrendts and Wintour, three other fashion industry members round out the Most Powerful Women list: Miuccia Prada (#67), Gisele Bundchen (#83) and Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN (#96).And we can't forget our HuffPost Style honorable mentions: Michelle Obama (#7), Queen Elizabeth II (#26), Nancy Pelosi (#28), Arianna Huffington (#29) and our dear Beyonce Knowles (#32).Who else made Forbes' Most Powerful Women 2012 list? to see all 100 names.Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?When it comes to tasting food, it's widely accepted that our sense of smell is as much a part of the process as our taste buds. In fact research has shown that 70 - 75% of what we perceive as taste actually comes from our sense of smell. Apply the same theory to what aftershave you wear and you begin to understand why scent is so essential to style.?The Chicago Sun-Times about a road rage shooting that may or may not have been gang-related. In it, was a quote from an unnamed Chicago alderman who worried about his city "becoming Detroit." From the article (complete with an uncorrected spelling error):?Two and a half years ago, Slumdog Millionaire became an unlikely global hit, garnered a shelf of Oscars and made stars of all its cast.It also brought together Freida Pinto and Dev Patel, co-stars and sweethearts ever since. In the September issue of InStyle magazine, Pinto reveals how the pair cope with a long-distance relationship and what Slumdog really meant to her: On her role in Rise of The Planet of the Apes:One of the most beautiful scripts I read in 2010, as she calls it. She hadnt seen any previous Planet of the Apes movies. I didnt watch the Tim Burton film, she says, and as for the older Charlton Heston film C I walked into the living room once when my mum was watching it, I just laughed and walked out! I was little and didnt understand it. On being one of the world's most high-profile Indian actresses:I dont know if I can call myself a pioneer. But I think for me, the opportunity was so big that Id be stupid to just waste it and walk away from it.Because acting is something Ive always wanted to do. I never knew it was going to happen the way it happened. But if Im going to be presented with an opportunity, it would be silly not to lap it up. And that opportunity was given to me by Slumdog.On her lucrative relationship with clothes-house Chanel:I tell you why I like Chanel so much: when I started off, no one wanted to give me clothes to wear. Absolutely no one! All the labels said, Who is she?' But Chanel believed in me from the very beginning. For the very first red carpet I did at the Toronto Film Festival [2008], they dressed me up in their very current season collection. Its a massive brand: why would they invest in someone who is nobody?On filming Slumdog Millionaire, the film that made her a star:Ive not had an experience like Slumdog in all of the seven films that Ive done since. It was a baby that you want to keep repeating over and over again.On meeting Slumdog co-star Dev Patel, who has been her boyfriend ever since:Yes, with the accent, he was a bit nervous. But all I told him was, Dont do the whole Goodness Gracious Me! thing. That just makes it very comical and its not required for Slumdog Millionaire. But I dont agree with him that I had more experience. I always tell him that hes got to teach me. His comic timing is like no other. Hes got it, its just effortless.On her boyfriend's wardrobe: Hes not always bang-on! I buy for him all the time C I got him some Sanchita and he really likes it. Hes got his own very good sense of fashion. He loves his Burberry; he wears it to most events C Burberry should give him a contract. On talking to each other on Skype:We use it a lot C and we hate it as well! Its like a tease. I also feel its this pressure: Oh my God, hes seeing me after two weeks, I hope my hair is okay. Its just hideous. I think even the most beautiful person looks stupid on Skype.On why it works:I always say, I dont think there will be anybody who understands it better than him. Not even my family C because they were not with me every step of the way, but he, literally, was. And I was with him.GO BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE INSTYLE PHOTOSHOOT WITH FREIDA PINTO:The full interview with Freida Pinto is in the September issue of , on sale tomorrow. ?This weekend Nicole Farhi spoke out against fashion houses that pay celebrities to sit on the front of their shows, calling the practice "abominable"....?Much effort goes into planning a fashion week front row. It may seem like a charming co-incidence to find the fragrant Anna Wintour placed next to a, lets face it, frankly ridiculous looking fluro-outfitted Nicky Minaj ?10 years ago to the week, the international fashion industry was gearing up for another round of catwalk shows in New York, London, Paris and Milan. Pencils would have been sharpened as editors took out their sketchbooks during presentations to draw and write about fashions that would hit stores in six months time. After Fashion Week, journalists would have then discussed forthcoming trends as the future of fashion was decided in board rooms, to only be unleashed on the public later in the year, on the carefully compiled pages of glossy magazines. Fast forward a decade, and the latest technology means that Joe Public can not only watch and read about a catwalk show as it happens, but in some cases they can buy the clothes as they come down the runway. Via online shopping, using Paypal, naturally. So how did technology turn Fashion Week on its head? Here are the five key changes that flip-reversed the industry, for good: 1. Wi-fi revolutionised the communication of fashion; bloggers and journalists alike can watch a show while now simultaneously reporting on it from their laptops and smartphones. Fashion fans and retailers now see key looks at the same time as editors, which has sped up the 'trickle down' effect (big companies can get copies of designer pieces in store faster than the actual fashion house, leading to some designers like Tom Ford placing an embargo on all coverage of their shows) 2. Similarly, social media - in particular Twitter - provides an instantaneous platform for reactions, reviews, and images from the catwalk shows to be sent around the world. Runway presentations now resemble pop concerts, as everyone watches the models through their smartphones. Social media makes fashion far more democratic - anyone from a 14 year old school girl to the editor of Vogue can contribute their opinion of a show via Twitter. 3. While some designers are averse to the effect digital media has on the industry, others are embracing it. Burberry have appointed themselves pioneers of fashion's digital age, effectively opening their doors for the world to see. Designer Christopher Bailey is known to personally tweet show preparations right up to when the first model steps out, they live stream the catwalk on the Internet and on huge screens in the centre of London's Trafalgar Square, and last season enabled buyers to make their selections in live time as the show happened. Burberry's commitment to making the most of technological advances has helped to re-define their brand. 4. The rise of the iPad and other tablet devices is proving to be crucial to the future of the fashion industry. Not only is this technology invaluable for editors reporting and recording information at Fashion Week, the tablet has also given a huge boost to the ailing fashion media industry. Publishing houses see digital versions of printed fashion magazines as the future, and so far they are popular with iPad users - in particular for the increased level of interactive content (instead of just reading a show report in a mag, why not click to see catwalk and backstage videos or maybe a photo slideshow?) These devices could well instigate an entirely new style of fashion reportage. Perhaps even Grace Coddington, the legendary fashion editor of US Vogue, will part with her faithful sketchbook and use an illustration app on an iPad at New York Fashion Week this Friday. They do say anything's possible... 5. Back at base level, the creative teams behind fashion brands are constantly seeking to use the latest technology to add to their design process. Designer Brooke Roberts successfully incorporated a high-vis effect reflective yarn (microscopic glass beads bonded onto a wool filament) into a desirable collection of visionary knitwear last season, and she has used bioceramic yarn - a new technology yarn of ceramic material bonded to a man-made base for SS12. According to Roberts, "it helps regulate body temperature and metabolism, but best of all it feels luscious. I've mixed it with extra-fine merino wool to create my own unique fabrications." It seems traditional textiles are taking a back seat in the quest for design excellence (sheep better start looking for a second profession) Technology not only changes how fashion is communicated, but also how it is inspired, constructed and sold. We can only imagine what changes the next decade will bring to an already fast evolving industry.Follow Georgina Langford on Twitter:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?Sharp-suited Brits Benedict Cumberbatch and Damian Lewis strutted up the red carpet in style, who's an eligible singleton again after recently splitting from girlfriend Anna Jones, turned up in a black suit to help secure his unlikely heartthrob status, while fans on this side of the pond settled down to He was joined by Homeland actor Damian Lewis in Los Angeles, where the pair attended a celebrity reception at the Writers Room for a suit fitting by ahead of the awards ceremony.Before and after: Benedict Cumberbatch during his suit fitting and on the red carpetThe Wire star Dominic West also had his outfit supplied by the tailor, founder of label Spencer Hart, as they prepared for the glare of hundreds of cameras.Damian Lewis with designer Nick Hart and on the red carpet dressed in Burberry with Helen McCroryUnfortunately Lewis missed out on the Lead Actor in a TV drama award to Kelsey Grammar for his dark portrayal of Chicago's Mayor in Boss.Cumberbatch attended the awards as part of the cast of the Steven Spielberg epic, War Horse, which was nominated for Best Motion picture. However, the film starring Jeremy Irvine, lost out to George Clooney's The Descendants. SLIDESHOW: Brits at the Globes...WATCH: ?Google+ , five months after the launch of the social networking service and four months after it unceremoniously booted businesses from the site.Google has for failing to provide a way for companies to connect with individuals on Google+ and the company is, at last, attempting to remedy the issue with the debut of Google+ Pages, profiles set up specifically for businesses and brands. It should come as no surprise, given the name, that Google+ Pages are Google's answer to , which are designed to "[give] a voice to any public figure or organization.", Google worldwide starting "today," noting elsewhere that "any organization will soon be able to join the community at" Google including Anderson Cooper 360, Burberry, Fox News, H&M, Macy's, Toyota, Pepsi and The Muppets, which "For you and me, this means we can now hang out live with the local bike shop, or discuss our wardrobe with a favorite clothing line, or follow a band on tour," Google's Vic Gundotra . "Google+ pages give life to everything we find in the real world. And by adding them to circles, we can create lasting bonds with the pages (and people) that matter most."Not only will brands' Google+ pages be included in search results, but Google a new feature, Direct Connect, that makes it possible for users to visit Google+ pages without a single click. If you Google a company's brand name, preceded by the plus sign, you'll be taken directly to that company's Google+ Page (try searching for "+Angry Birds" to give it a whirl). on setting up a Google+ page:At first, whoever creates the page initially will also be the page administrator. No one else will be able to admin that page after them, at first. Nor can that page be transferred to someone else.Multiple administrator support is promised in the near future, but until it arrives, it seems important that if your company has a social media manager, that person should be the one to create the account.This is the Google's second attempt in nearly as many weeks to woo businesses onto Google+. In late October, users, allowing individuals who use Google services through their schools, workplaces, or other organizations toLearn more about the updates in the videos below: ?Who owns the letter "G"?Guess and Gucci have finally faced off in court over that question. According to Bloomberg News, in a "massive, complicated scheme to knock off Guccis best-known and iconic designs," in the words of Gucci's lawyer, Louis Ederer. Gucci filed a suit in New York federal court in 2009, claiming that the LA-based fashion brand infringed on its trademarks by imitating four specific Gucci signatures: the green and red stripe; the interlocking "G" pattern; the square "G" and the brand name's delicate script font. Guess, claims Gucci, featuring these trademark infringements.But the battle, which was finally argued before a judge on Wednesday, may be too old and drawn-out. Guess not only refutes Gucci's claims of trademark infringement -- "[Guess] has no reason to be like Gucci and it did not scheme to be like Gucci," said Guess' attorney, Daniel Petrocelli -- but also claims that , according to Bloomberg News. In addition, Petrocelli argued that despite certain instances of ambiguously similar designs (), consumers would not mistake Guess products for Gucci's. According to Business Week, Petrocelli claimed that of the 1,495 Guess products Gucci accused of infringements, The case, a long time in the making, , says Women's Wear Daily. And while we're no lawyers, we decided to take a look ourselves. See a few Guess and Gucci products below -- do you think the similarities are lawsuit-worthy? ?When "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson made the leap from Hogwarts to high fashion as the we were happy to see the British beauty in a sophisticated new light.Now it seems that costars Rupert Grint and Tom Felton have caught the fashion bug and followed suit. The young actors, who play Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy respectively, make their modeling debut in a series of sleek Polaroids shot for Band of Outsiders' fall lookbook. BOO designer Scott Sternberg . Daniel Radcliffe having stepped out in Sternberg's creations on various occasions.Now that the eight-film franchise has come to a close, we imagine that Grint and Felton are exploring their career paths and hope they keep fashion in mind (although Rupert seems committed to another enticing -- albeit less fashion-friendly -- option).Band of Outsiders ?Calling all (non crazy) fans. You might want to pop on a few more clothes and start acting a little aloof if you fancy your chances with .1D's resident lothario has admitted he finds it a big turn off when a girl offers herself up on a plate and instead prefers ladies who play a little hard to get.In an interview with Top of the Pops magazine, the big ol' curly-haired flirt said: "The fun part is the chase, so if you speak to me, play a bit hard to get."I think its attractive when someone turns you down. You dont want someone to say yes straight away, do you?Errrm, well we normally take whatever we can get Haz, but we're not a globetrotting popstar. Anyway, cracking on...And despite fighting off the ladies left, right and centre (hello , Emily Atack, Cara Delevingne et al), Harry reckons he's a rubbish flirt.I think you have to be cool to be a good flirt," he said. "And I dont think Im very cool.Mind you, with all the grief Harry's ex has been getting , we're not sure it's even worth the effort...> IN PICS: ONE DIRECTION'S ROAD TO WORLD DOMINATIONAlso on HuffPost:?Burberry and Christoper Kane packed the rafters in Britain for day four of , but the most buzzed about guests were easy to spot, even though they ranged from boy banders to first ladies.Harry Styles, of the immensely popular boy band , perched in the front row next to actor Dev Patel and Dita Von Teese. (Styles is , who walked in the show, although he was also recently spotted Delevigne also -- that's Prince Harry -- earlier this year. (Lucky girl!) Also spotted at Burberry: new parents Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and Robert Konjic, Alison Mosshart and Mario Testino taking in the array of ombre trench coats and billowy boleros.And over at Christopher Kane, British first lady Samantha Cameron, looking stunning in a knee length Michael van der Ham dress, shared a laugh with Anna Wintour as the pair headed to their own front row seats. Cameron, of course, is no stranger to the fashion week front row: a long time fashion fan, last year she got . Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung were also on hand.Is London already kicking New York's derriere when it comes to front row star power? Depends on how you feel about , and . PHOTOS:Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .Also on HuffPost:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?Rain poured from mechanical spouts above the podium, splashing the bloggers, the editors, and the celebrities in the front row of the Burberry Prorsum show. Transparent rain slickers protected the model's matching Burberry trenches. Perhaps this was Christopher Bailey's allegory for Burberry's unique ability to weather the global financial crisis that left veterans Lacroix and Yohji Yamamoto in financial ruin. Yet, financial meltdowns sometimes provide unique opportunities for reinvention. In the early stages of the crisis in November 2008, Burberry's stock price was 175. By January 2010, the share price had risen to 1,116. Is it Emma Watson, a la Hermoine Granger, bewitching consumers through her advertising campaign? Probably not. The real reasons for Burberry's success are complicated but can serve as a guide for both luxury brands and young designers trying to survive in the competitive retail sector. Step 1: Rejuvenation of the Brand ImageFrom 2000 to 2004, Burberry's image was hijacked by what the Financial Times called a "sub-culture prone to drinking and anti-social behavior." Slate called them a group of "tough guys, skanks, soccer hooligans, lower-class unsophicates, and cheesy celebrities". The Chavs, as they are known in England, began wearing Burberry plaid as a sort of Droog uniform to signify their status. Given their reputation, it was not long before they became victims of sartorial profiling. The denouement of the Chav takeover came when Daniella Westbrook, one of the high priestesses of the Chav religion, was photographed in a tartan ensemble complete with a tartan baby stroller (or "pram" since we're talking about the Brits).Needless to say, Burberry became the classic example of prole-drift, a term coined by Paul Fussell to describe when products of culture become associated with the working class or sub-culture of a society. This proved financially expedient in the short term as sales for products with the tartan design flew off the shelves, but it could not be sustained as the print became too closely associated with the subculture. In 2004 the brand responded by scaling back the tartan on the outside of apparel, while still allowing the iconic print to mark the lining. Then in 2005, the Buberry Prorsum collection saw an abrupt shift. The was inspired by the singer and drug addict Marianne Faithfull and by Christopher Bailey's home in Yorkshire. In , the collection seemed closer to weekend attire for Balmoral than for Yorkshire. In the years since, Christopher Bailey has continued to produce heritage with an edge for the historic house. Step 2: Supply ChainIn 2006, Angela Ahrendts joined Burberry as CEO and began transforming the business as drastically as Bailey was changing the image. Currently, Burberry may be more poised than any other brand to compete with fast fashion retailers. Their secret weapon lies in their responsive supply chain. For a luxury brand like Burberry, a streamlined infrastructure is vital for sourcing raw materials and finished goods, maintaining wholesale accounts, and merchandising Burberry distribution outlets. In 2006, Burberry began a full-scale makeover of its supply chain management systems, the fruits of which investors are just now able to see. The costs associated with such a system were extremely high because of the complexity of the Burberry supply chain. Burberry spent 21.6 million in 2009 on the installation of the system. As of now, approximately 90% of Burberry's stores are converted to the new SAP systems. In 2009, Burberry deployed its new SAP system in the United States. A retailer's dream is to decrease inventory levels, and Burberry was able to do so by an astonishing 36% as a result of this new system. The company could now monitor and predict what items to merchandise. Imram Ahmed that this system allows Burberry "to react rapidly to sales trends and capitalize on bestsellers." Step 3: ChinaBurberry has taken big risks by opening stores in emerging luxury markets like Serbia, Egypt, and Israel, but the most rewarding market has not surprisingly been China. Burberry has operated in the country since the early 1990s through a partnership with franchiser Kwok Hang Holdings, but the brand added 13 new stores in China last year alone, bringing the total number of stores in the mainland to fifty. In 2010, the brand bought back the license from its business partner for 70 million pounds in order to create a consistent global brand image. The China strategy was the last major effort to rein in the global Burberry licenses. Shareholders overwhelmingly approval of the China strategy, which put Burberry in a position to take hold of the rapidly expanding Chinese luxury market. A Mintel report recently stated, "despite unemployment and extreme poverty, China's young, affluent consumers have enjoyed a fast rate of growth over the past five years, making it the fourth largest [luxury market] in the world." Burberry's rival Prada saw a 75% increase in turnover in China in 2010 alone. By many accounts, China is set to become the largest luxury market in the next few years, giving Burberry a strategic advantage over its competitors who have had less time to establish their brand image in a place that is rapidly becoming saturated with luxury names. Step 4: Innovative Retail StrategyBurberry is relying less than ever before on its wholesale accounts by shifting to a retail-led growth model and utilizing creative retail schemes. Burberry chose to buck the trend of showcasing specific collections in certain stores, instead featuring all lines in each of its retail locations. Additionally, the existing stores in its portfolio have been upgraded and remodeled to achieve consistency across locations. While most luxury houses were reluctant to imperil their brand image by moving online, Burberry focused heavily on e-commerce development. This strategy has proven extremely successful. Online sales for Burberry rose 60% last year and are likely to continue increasing as more consumers shop online. Even in the brick and mortar locations, shoppers have access to tablets to purchase clothes to be delivered later. For the spring 2011 collection, the brand partnered with Verizon Communications to create a retail theater in its stores. Shoppers in 25 outlets worldwide were able to order items straight off the runway as the show was being broadcast live during London fashion week. Items were delivered within seven weeks. While many luxury companies rely on one 'it bag' to make up the bulk of revenue, Burberry offers an array of popular items and also recently introduced a cosmetics line. Because of this variety, the company has not had to resort to a diffusion line like many other luxury companies. While companies are fighting fast fashion by going down market, Burberry has had massive success with the Prorsum line. Established in 1998, this line was meant to bring a youthful flair to the historic brand while maintaining luxury prices and quality. Burberry's bottom line has also been bolstered as one of the fastest growing segments in retail in part due to its focus on menswear. Men's clothing is an afterthought for most brands, but Burberry places equal emphasis on both men's and women's ready to wear. Burberry's grip on e-commerce, strong product lines, and focus on menswear will surely amount to huge profits in the coming years. Step 5: Social MediaJust last year, Tom Ford created a frenzy when he closed off his fashion show to only the most select coterie of editors. Burberry is doing the exact opposite as it strives towards "democratic luxury positioning". For its Fall 2011 show, the brand live streamed the event on the iconic Piccadilly Circus mega-screen as well as to 150 countries around the world. Burberry is the brand that is most "liked" on Facebook with over 2 million fans. Burberry's "Art of the Trench website capitalizes on the craze for street fashion by portraying highly stylized ways common Burberry consumers wear their trenches. This site inspired rival Hermes to create a similar focusing on their iconic scarves. The focus on the consumer does not stop there. Burberry recently introduced a bespoke line for the classic trench. Now customers can choose the detailing of their coat and make it as edgy or as classic as they want. This emphasis on "customer knows best" is in line with Buberry's focus on "democratizing luxury". Instead of forcing styles on consumers, Burberry is giving them the power to reinvent the classic trench. This shows a huge confidence in the sophistication and awareness of the luxury customer. Consumers no longer buy idly as they are given reign make crucial design decisions. For those who want a one of a kind piece, the bespoke line offers unique pieces that others do not have access to. For those who want to share their design with friends, the bespoke line creates a new sales force of consumers-cum-designers. Despite Burberry's historic roots, the brand refuses to be tied down by the heavy burdens that tradition can sometimes impose. Burberry has evolved even faster than many other younger brands and as a result has maintained a loyal customer base as well as growth in the double digits. Burberry's embrace of the Internet goes farther than e-commerce. The real value that the company has gained from the Internet is a close connection with its customer as social media has allowed the brand to reach millions of followers. Instantaneous feedback from these followers allows the brand to outpace its competition in crafting strategy. It's not immediately apparent how to draw the lines between a major brand like Burberry and emerging fashion designers. Up and comers don't have massive supply chains and they definitely do not have enough volume for their image to be hijacked by a subculture. Nevertheless, connecting with consumers, expanding into new emerging markets, and brand consistency are important for designers at any stage of development. Follow Heba el Habashy and Charles LaCalle on Twitter:?Heba el Habashy and Charles LaCalle, the co-founders of The Cultivate, became fast friends while attending Harvard University. With combined experience at places like IMG Paris, People's Revolution, IMG Rusia, Pao Principle Luxury Consulting, and LVMH, the two have a uniquely focused experience in the luxury industry. Somewhere between rushing from New York Fashion Week to their lectures at school, the pair formed an idea for a joint venture. They were inspired by the creativity of the emerging designers they met but noticed inefficiencies in the ways that designers were supported, funded, and sold. They will be writing a series for the Huffington Post that will track their journey as they aim to capture the difficulties and rewards of building a business within the fashion industry.?It is safe to say that we've all experienced the blurry boundary between festive holiday attire and Santa's little helper. It's that time of year filled with laughs and good cheer, yes the holidays are here and so are the parties and social obligations. This is your opportunity to see all the relatives that you never see, speak to co-workers with whom you rarely ever speak and meet interesting new people in the spirit of the season. Holiday or festive attire is confusing and I see so many men looking uncomfortable or even awkward donning apparel they wouldn't normally wear, lassoed into a look by a wife or partner that just isn't them.Not to worry, there is a north star at the end of the tunnel, as we'll explain in a moment and you can see in the slideshow below. At one point or another, we have all experienced a boost in our spirits, or a spring in our step when we know that we look our absolute best and 'feel' comfortable. I hope to inspire you as you ponder what to wear this season because if you are comfortable with what you are wearing and really 'feeling it', you may have the opportunity to be naughty and nice. (Story continues below slide show.) If you're feeling adventuresome, try a nice fitted cardigan instead of a traditional navy blazer - think more in the neighborhood of Steve McQueen rather than Mr. Rogers. Heavier gauge cardigans look more modern and are extremely comfortable. The fit and heft make it current rather than a sweater from the ghost of Christmas past. I would suggest charcoal gray, black or your favorite neutral, wearing it with a knit or textured wool tie to dress it up enough for a casual cocktail party. Don't be afraid to wear this look, tie and all, with your favorite darker denim jeans or cords and nice black or chocolate brown wingtip style shoes or boots. The sensible aspect of this look is that it is not going to be limited to the holiday season and you will find yourself wearing it all winter long.Jeans and t-shirt or sweatshirt guys may want to try a smart shirt and sweater combination with a pair of nicely fitted corduroy or flannel pants. Instead of wearing a traditional red or green "Christmas" sweater, consider something in a deep rich wine or even eggplant with a fresh collared shirt to compliment. I also like the look of a corduroy blazer over the shirt and sweater if you are going with jeans and perhaps suede shoes to add even more texture.If you really want to dress it up or have a party that requires you to knock it out of the sartorial park, try a black, dark gray or rich burgundy velvet jacket with a flannel or knit straight tie or even a bowtie. Combining different textures looks modern and elegant. On the bottom, try a flannel trouser with nice black shoes of loafers. I also like the idea of teal, blue, gray, wine or even purple neckwear instead of traditional red. If you are not into investing in a velvet jacket because of the limited opportunities to wear it, I have also seen several velvet straight or bowtie options that you could wear with a solid gray or navy suit. To see more ideas on dressing for the holidays, please check out our . Most importantly, have fun, be safe and enjoy the season! ? We all know know that the true meaning of the holidays is to give back! In that spirit, there are five particular stories that have caught our attention this week. Check out the below slideshow to read about a few amazing, real teens who are going above and beyond to help those in need this season.What are you doing to give back over your winter break? Tell us in the comments or tweet ! (And if you need ideas,!) ?It's a fashion truth universally acknowledged by every editor worth her Celine bag: horizontal stripes make you look fatter, vertical stripes make you look skinnier. But it seems like scientists aren't content with fashion industry expertise, drawing up their own studies every couple of years to settle the horizontal vs. vertical (non)debate. According to the Telegraph, the latest experiment comes from for her horizontal vs. vertical study. [Ed. note: are amateur scientists a thing?]Watham conducted her study by showing random strangers pictures of models in vertical stripes, horizontal stripes or head-to-toe black. Lo and behold, participants perceived the vertical-wearers as thinner, the horizontal-wearers as wider and the monochrome dressers the skinniest of all. Science!Lest you think this finding a forgone conclusion, however, know that in 2008, . To which every fashion editor responded: .Next up: scientific studies on whether heels make you look tall, beige washes you out and high-waisted pants make you look thick around the middle. Below, how to make stripes of all styles -- horizontal, vertical and diagonal -- work for you.Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?IT IS AMAZING!.When Obama was getting big funding from silent donors or from big corporations including those outside the country. There was no outcry to have him disclose such and it was all fair including funding from government which he willingly took to run the most richly funded campaing ever. Now that he bit the hand that fed him and vilified the very same, trying to win over those that he promised Hope and Change and delivered only " The hope that they would have Change left over by the time he was through". Now they are asking for disclosure.Sorry but now is time to play the second header and you can't change the rules in the middle of the game. Bottom of the 9th , game tied with bases loaded and Romney at bat; Throw your best pitch Obama.ROMNEY 2012 / G.O.B.O. ( Get Obama Biden Out )CNSMDJRF: Communism is Nefarious Socialism Most Decisively Just Recapitulates Failure?We have been hearing about the fact that the UK economy needs to 'rebalance' for years now. The theory follows that the economy needs to move away from imports to exports, from services to manufacturing, from being a nation of shopkeepers to being a nation of inventors.?MILAN, Italy — In these shaky economic times, Italian designers have chosen rags over riches for their fall-winter 2009-2010 menswear collections, currently previewing on the Milan runway.Gone are the trademark flashy fabrics, dandy designs and macho models, replaced by classic sporty styles in sensible wool, worn by almost boringly average young men.Off the runway, things are just as subdued, with few parties and little of the VIP courting that usually spice up fashion week. Highlight of the weekend was British soccer star David Beckham in the front row at Giorgio Armani's Emporio collection. Beckham, who is the face of Emporio Armani underwear, is currently playing for A.C. Milan, while his regular team, Los Angeles Galaxy enjoys the off-season."At a time like this, you have to think positive and work hard," said Stefano Gabbana in a chat with reporters before the Dolce&Gabbana show that kicked off the unusually short, four-day fashion week Saturday.The designing duo hark back to their Sicilian roots for next winter, presenting youths in three-piece suits, accessorized by the traditional roguish "coppola" cap, and very expensive crocodile briefcases.Staid overcoats in black and gray tweed complete the all-business look.For relaxed home time, the duo offer quilted silk pants, while evening is all about elegant hand-woven silk jackets matched with brightly colored pointed footwear _ Dolce&Gabbana's only concession to flair.Miuccia Prada on Sunday evening used her minimalist wand to combat the crisis with one of her most essential collections ever. The almost all black and gray show featured jackets and coats with neither lapels nor buttons, slim slacks and plain sweaters. The only details in the collection were the myriad of studs, which dot white shirts, slacks and classic footwear, like mini nails securing the outfits to the body. In hard times, the new oversized Prada bag could also double as a suitcase.Tomas Maier's Sunday morning show for Bottega Veneta was a class act in downplaying. Based on the soft lines of a cardigan, everything from the muted brown palette, to the subtly crumpled fabrics for small jackets and slim trousers, to the thick-soled loafers worn with coarsely knitted socks, and the soft leather bags, combined to create a charmingly disheveled look."It's an unusual time, obviously, and we thought very carefully about what it is our customer wants and needs right now," the German-born designer said in his fashion notes for the show.The second line Emporio Armani collection for next winter, presented Sunday afternoon in the theater of the designer's Milan headquarters, also opted for relaxed over rigid.Not only is the staple Armani jacket softer than usual in ultra-light wools and fleece-like velvet, but knitted shawls and capes make their debut in the contemporary male wardrobe.Departing from his staple urban palette, Armani paints his new look in bucolic green.A key player in the riches to rags department is Christopher Bailey for Burberry, who Saturday evening sent tousle-haired youths wearing Oliver Twist caps down the runway in crumpled shirts, slim trousers, heavy knit sweaters and desert boots with an exaggeratedly pointed toe. All-purpose tweed overcoats and a trademark Burberry plaid ring scarf complete the tough-times look. ?In my first article I wrote about Spring Summer 11 trends: those that I thought would in to Autumn/Winter 11, and those that I thought would soon flounder and look dated. Unfortunately though, even those that survive through to a second season often fall by the wayside soon after...only to then come back in vogue a few seasons later, such is the cyclical nature of fashion. After all we're not re-inventing the wheel here, so after cowboy and biker have had a turn in the limelight, it's usually time for nautical and floral to have another bite of the fashion cherry. However, I am pleased to say that regardless of this constant ebb and flow of these trends, there are some pieces that really do transcend seasons. These pieces are always going to be on point, no matter what the current whims of the industry. This is, in case you missed it, is MONUMENTAL news, as it basically gives us all a massive get-out-of-sartorial-jail-free card, and a fall-back option for all of those days when just trying to put on a set of clean clothes is enough, let alone trying to be in step with the latest catwalk report or "Everybody's Wearing" page in Heat. With that I give you the ten pieces I believe every woman, and man, should be in possession of:1.The White ShirtThe ultimate wardrobe staple, the white shirt is loved by waiters, office workers and grooms the world over. It can be worn with a suit to work or with jeans for the dreaded Dress Down Friday or at the weekend. For gents I recommend a tuck in, nice brown belt and matching shoes; ladies all you need is a ballet pump. It can also be dressed up for glamorous events, with a tux and bow tie for gents, and likewise for ladies. Yes, girls you can wear a tux, just team with killer heels, a cocktail ring and an evening clutch, see Diane Kruger for inspiration. This being said, you can go two ways with the white shirt. One is to go to M and S and buy often. The quality is good and so is the price, so every time you have a collar stain (or worse...we've all seen a yellow armpit moment) you just throw away and replace. The second option is to invest in a beautifully tailored and sculpted shirt that fits you perfectly, perhaps with a little extra detailing such as a ruffle or a pleat, and at the same time buy some Vanish and be prepared to use it liberally. 2.The Perfect Fit Jeans When I was younger I wouldn't wear jeans at all as I found them stiff and uncomfortable, but as I grew up I soon saw the error of my ways. Everyone needs a pair of jeans in their wardrobe because when they fit right, there is no trouser more flattering. The right pair of jeans lifts and tucks, supports you in the places you need it and skims and covers in the places you want to hide. But please note I said the right pair of jeans. I also view denim as colour-neutral, meaning that whilst you may be wearing blue or black on your legs, because they are jeans they somehow don't count and will actually go with virtually anything you put on your top half. It's one of the mysteries of the universe, don't ask me how it works, just embrace it. I know shopping for jeans puts fear into the heart of many a woman, and some men too, but honestly spending one or two nightmarish days trying on every cut and wash imaginable until you find your perfect pair really is worth it. No, honestly. Once you have the right cut you can just buy this style in bulk until you die, get pregnant or lose or gain a stone or more. Minimise the stress and go to a department store such as Selfridges and get one of their denim experts to help you out, or better still, take a trip to see Queen of Denim Donna Ida. She will diagnose your denim needs and have you in the perfect pair in less time than it takes you to start crying over the size of your behind. Designer-wise there is a wealth of brands to choose from, look out in particular for Citizens of Humanity, Goldsign and J Brand. And denim on the high street is not to be sniffed at either - head to Uniqlo for high-quality Japanese denim and Gap for the best range of styles. And gentlemen, one last tip: if you are slim a woman's jean may actually fit you better than a man's. Whilst I don't recommend going for a flare, a skinny or a wide leg jean from the women's department may do wonders for your figure. If you can get over the in-store embarrassment, go for it.3.The TrenchCoats are a veritable minefield of dos and don'ts. The Parka, the Poncho, the Pea, where does one begin? I'll tell you where, with the trench. The trench coat has been around since the beginning of time, and thanks to Burberry and Aquascutum, has been a timeless wardrobe staple for decades now. Think of Humphrey Bogart and Sophia Loren sporting their trenches in a bygone era and you know you are on to a good thing. Always buy your first one in brown, and never do up the buckle (tie an insouciant double knot instead - far less try-hard). If you can afford a designer one then do invest as you can wear it every Spring and every Autumn for the rest of your life, but if not all the High Street stores stock them too. One last thing to remember ladies, if your hemline is shorter than that of the trench, and you have bare legs you are giving off a strong message: wield this power wisely.4.The "Go With Everything" TeeThe basic tee goes with everything; it looks great with jeans in the day, and can be dressed up at night under a jacket or blazer, with heels and jewellery for the girls. You should buy one in white, one in black, and one in grey (in that order). Go to luxury basics brand Chinti and Parker for the best around, otherwise Gap is your best bet on the high street. And no, it isn't boring to wear something so simple, it's chic and understated, it sends a subconscious message that you are effortlessly stylish. 5.The Breton StripeFirstly let me clear the air on a key myth surrounding the Breton - horizontal stripes do not make you look larger. This is a fashion misnomer that has been pedalled for far too long. What will make you look fat is buying something a size too small or in an unflattering cut. Now take a deep breath and keep repeating this mantra until you feel you can take on a Breton. This item can be a long or short sleeved tee or a light jersey or jumper, the base colour must be white or cream for the authentic French look, but the stripe can be black, blue or red. Play around with the width of the stripe - finer stripes are less noticeable, wider stripes make more of a statement, but never wear a beret with a Breton - this is taking the Gallic influence too literally. Like the basic tee, a Breton stripe works with almost everything, just avoid other patterns in your outfit unless you are a confident and road-tested "pattern clasher", (This is an art form in itself and could be the basis of a whole separate post in the future). Again, the popularity and timelessness of the piece means that they are widely available - APC always have great pieces, but otherwise H and M and Topshop will do just as well. For the brave women amongst you I am an advocate of the Breton stripe trouser as well - just keep the top-half neutral - a white tee and navy blazer is all you need. Trust me reader, you are just one stripe away from Parisian street chic and once you have one stripe in your wardrobe I guarantee you will be back for more - I currently own three different variations and counting...And with that I end part one of this nail-biting ride through your capsule wardrobe, leaving you breathlessly hanging on for more sartorial advice and fashion whimsy. Savour these first five wardrobe staples, and if you are lacking any of them now is the time to buy! Stay tuned for part two and the final five items you need to make your wardrobe, your style and your LIFE complete.?Jennifer Aniston was white hot at Thursday night's American Film Institute Life Achievement Awards. The 43-year-old stunner looked flawless in a floor-length Burberry gown, showing off quite a bit of cleavage. The "Horrible Bosses" star was at the Culver City, Calif. award show (premiering June 24 on TV Land) to honor lady of the evening, Shirley MacLaine. And Aniston wasn't the only A-lister who turned out to show her support for the Hollywood legend. Aniston was seated at a table with Melanie Griffith and Meryl Streep -- now that's a trifecta of Tinseltown talent if we've ever seen one. And from the looks of it, Griffith is quite the story teller. The "Working Girl" actress had Aniston and Streep visibly shocked as she leaned across the dinner table, no doubt telling a stun-worthy tale. Check out Jennifer Aniston's leggy gown below and from the evening. Also on HuffPost:?We were all but certain drop crotch pants (sometimes known as , or those comfortable things you can never take off) were over. Then -- and apparently reignited the trend? , Jennifer Aniston showed up to the airport wearing cropped, drop crotch jeans. She paired her curious bottoms with borrowed-from-the boys pieces: white tennis shoes, a navy blazer and a white tank. The menswear inspiration is nothing new (Jen's been sporting leather jackets and loose jeans ). But what's with the roomy crotch, Jennifer? Have you been harboring an affection for MC Hammer that we never knew about? Do you approve of harem-style jeans?PHOTO:See more questionable celebrity denim:Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?Fashion stylist & digital creative consultant Jennifer Margolin specializes in fashion styling, trend forecasting and luxury brand consulting. Jennifer has provided merchandising and creative direction for WWDMAGIC Trade Show, Teen Vogue, Burberry, ALDO and Levis, among others. Currently, she is implementing various styling and fashion projects with some of the largest investment banks and women's financial networking groups. She is creator and founder of , a personalized styling service product delivered to your doorstep.?Anyone on Brighton Beach watching Mario Testino snapping away at Tali Lennox (rock legend Annie's daughter) and Tara Ferry (son to Roxy music's Bryan) for launched this month, could be forgiven for thinking that it was another display of rock star offspring being loved-up by luxury brands intent on keeping the spirit alive for the new generation. As Georgia May Jagger, in all her genetic glory, headlining for Chanel's St Tropez catwalk last year confirmed; rock-royalty is still a major trend. But for Burberry Chief Creative Director Christopher Bailey, the conversation goes much deeper than that. the brand's engagement of Ferry, a model and drummer in the band Rubber Kiss Goodbye, and Lennox, a model sensation also lensed by Jonny Johansson for cult-brand Acne a bid to "reflect the diversity of our broad global consumer", casting "members with their own identity, embodying the different attitudes of the Burberry guy and girl". There's no doubt that that since Bailey joined the heritage brand 10 years ago that he's been instrumental in re-engaging the youth market and one could argue he's done it with some help of the alchemy of music. He self-confesses to holing up in Yorkshire on the weekends, reading and listening to Dylan, and while he may have based an early collection around Marianne Faithfull, it was when he launched The Beat for Men fragrance inspired by specifically the music of the bands The Fratellis, Razorlight, Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, where he literally sat with the perfumers and gave them the music to listen to that the connection was more heavily cemented. Things went a step further last year with the launch of , a platform to support the founding and development of emerging British artists, and an initiative he touts as "basically live acoustic sessions with bands that we love, with bands that we admire, bands that we believe in, young British new bands". Selected by Bailey and filmed wearing Burberry (of course), the bands introduce themselves on their home turf and perform. "We have collaborated on so many projects with new and young emerging British bands over the years," he says. "We felt that with the great interaction that we have experienced with our social media website artofthetrench that we could collaborate with musicians and artists to put together an incredible group of ongoing acoustic sessions from some of the finest talent coming out of the UK." And it worked, the acoustic facebook site, which lets users share the music, boasts almost 5 million friends.It should come as no surprise though. Speak to anyone in architecture, fashion, design, art and most will say that it's music that moves them. When we were dreaming up our latest issue of RUSSH (a special music issue on sale today playing tribute to creatives across the spectrum; model Abbey Lee Kershaw, pop-starlet Sky Ferreria to Bryan Ferry and Frida Giannini) I kept thinking back to a favourite Sam Taylor-Wood film - Nowhere Boy - which tells the story of John Lennon's youth, depicting him and his early comrades with Elvis inspired-hair. After a visit to the Liverpool movie theatre to watch Elvis with his mother he says to her, "Why couldn't God make me Elvis?" To which she replied, "'Cause he was saving you for John Lennon." I love this: John Lennon - before he was a Beatle, before the floppy bowl cut, before he pioneered round glasses - so inspired by Presley that it permeated everything he did, said and wore. Haven't we all been there? I felt that familiar feeling when watching the , one of Bailey's acoustics, a band from Sheffield England, heavily inspired by the 50s and 60s, they look strikingly like Lennon back in his Quarrymen days. They sing a little song called Yes, Yes, We're Magicians. It's what we've been saying all along: music is magic.To see what's in the new issue of RUSSH click Follow Jess Blanch on Twitter:?When it comes to revealing budding fashion talent, June is undoubtedly the kindest month. In many universities across the world, numerous graduates strive to finish collections and look books, and anxiously wait while their aptitudes are judged by academic examiners and professional designers or examined on runways by journalists and buyers.If you follow World Man About Town, you must have noticed that we try hard to be unfalteringly inquisitive about fashion in all its guises. As such, when we received a kind invitation to the runway show for the 2011 graduates of the fashion course at the University of Westminster, we were honoured and delighted to accept. And so, on a windy and rainy London afternoon, we made our way to the cavernous and impressive Ambika P3 space (in the Marylebone campus of the University of Westminster) eager to find out more, alongside many other fashion journalists, buyers and designers representing brands such as Max Mara, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and Selfridges.Normally excluded from the list of 'top fashion schools' (generated by questionable criteria and information sources), the Fashion Design course at the University of Westminster has produced individual and creative designers capable of working within all levels of the fashion industry. Its alumni list includes designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Bailey, Michael Herz, Stuart Vevers, and Markus Lupfer.The location of the University in central London allows for students to work during London Fashion Week with major designers. Over the years, students have honed their skills during fashion week for designers and brands such as Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Giles, Jonathan Saunders, Burberry, Christopher Kane, Mulberry, Todd Lynn, and Peter Jensen. In addition, many of this year's graduates have already had enviable work experience in the form of international internships with companies such as Christian Dior and Chanel in Paris and Marc Jacobs and American Vogue in New York.This year, a number of graduates from the fashion course were selected by a panel of judges (that comprised Angela Buttolph from Grazia magazine, and fashion designers Markus Lupfer, Todd Lynn and Carrie Mundane) to show their collections on a runway show. As expected from talents yet to mature, this revealed many final designs hindered by a focus on experimentation that could have been avoided with stricter guidance from tutors. Amidst the graduation cohort, however, there were students who resolved this predicament very successfully and showed tremendous potential as they mastered the processes of influence, trialling, and creativity, thus completing a full circle in their fashion education. This evolving method was also evident in the student portfolios that went on public display after the show for a few days, a very welcome step for press and buyers wanting to find out more. In menswear, Molly McCutcheon stood out with her confident summer collection seemingly inspired by Mediterranean seaside holidays, as well as oriental imagery and sartorial techniques. McCutcheon chose to work on challenging white fabrics of different textures and use pleating and layering as well as seductive paint-drip effects (evoking McQueen or Van Noten) to create an extremely pleasing collection and the only menswear range on the runway that appealed to World Man About Town.In many ways similar to McCutcheon, Rachel Warmisham's womenswear collection showed the influence of the Far East in free-flowing trousers and long skirts and dresses adorned with drips of paint. If McCutcheon chose to display her painting effects in pastel variations layered in a sort of ombr effect, Warmisham's variations of colour were skilfully executed in cubist-like structures that deconstructed the shapes and functions of garments in a very successful and fluid manner.Other young designers, such as Kate Wallis and Liam Freeman, seemed to take the mantra 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' rather literally and playfully. Wallis's collection, with a nod to recent designs by Miuccia Prada, was clearly aimed at a confident and brazen woman: feathers and furs abounded in elegant contrasts to large sequins and daring shapes such as accentuated cowl necks, angular shoulders and hot pants. Equally displaying the inspiration and pastiche values of sartorial influences (in this case, by Montana and Mugler in the 1980s and by contemporary Stephane Rolland), Liam Freeman opted for a palette of black and blue to give shape to strong outerwear garments essentially made of leather and thick wool. Catarina Holm's elegant shapes stood out in the way that they were supported by stylish hats and by woven belts that serpented elegantly through dresses and tops made up of layered fabrics. Holm's garments were conceived with the idea of movement restrained by the garment in mind, a notion that was also mirrored in the triumphant opposition of shades of orange and black. With such talent in evidence, it did not come as a surprise that Holm's collection became shortlisted for the British Fashion Council/Warehouse design competition.Ross Whittred also orchestrated a very strong collection that mastered artificial fabrics used to craft garments with a flattering quality to benefit the female body. This was a collection that showed an appreciation for minimalism and, influenced by architecture, explored the potential of three-dimensional shapes to accentuate bodily curves in a sensual way. The fact that Whittred explored a comprehensive range of garments, including trousers, jackets, skirts and dresses, showed that this was the work of a confident young designer very much aware of sticking to his initial brief and commanding it, instead of letting experimentation take its potentially negative toll.And finally, Emma Kingham's collection displayed how investigating the history of fashion and art can be allied to design experimentation to create a mature collection. Inspired by the 1920s and 30s and Art Deco architecture and design, Kingham applied geometric shapes to pattern cutting and fabric printing to engender an elegant range of dresses, tunics, leggings, shoes and sunglasses. As the runway show ended, it became clear that the most accomplished graduates were those that used their first couple of years to experiment but that, under careful thinking and mentoring, toned down their experimentation to focus on detailing and mastering influences and originality. If this may be interpreted as an acquiescence of commercialism, it actually shows that, when it comes to fashion education, focusing on quality and wearability is perhaps the best lesson.Follow Joao Paulo Nunes on Twitter:?The quartet of former "" stars -- Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek and Michelle Williams -- have been teasing fans of the former WB teen drama with the possibility of a reunion for a while.Former nay-sayer , even if it's not a strong one. "Well, we killed the show so I don't think that's ever going to happen," Jackson told THR. "Never say never. If I'm out of work for enough years, absolutely. We'll be old and gray and nasty by the time (that happens)." in June that "'Dawson's Creek' was [his] college experience" and in 2010, , a "Dawson's Creek" alternative to Comic-Con. But around that same time, , "Pacey's done his time, though. I want first billing! I'm done with this 'Dawson's Creek' bull----."With Jackson's new attitude and "Dawson's Creek's" own Joey Potter, Katie Holmes, ending her marriage with Tom Cruise, a reunion could be gaining momentum. A source told the magazine that to have "fun" and "reconnect with her fans," but Cruise vetoed the plan and urged Holmes to leave the past in the past.While promoting his new ABC series "Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23" in April, Dawson himself "I feel like this is the number one question that we get asked. Nobody's producing it, nobody's writing it, it's just something that comes in press," he said. But "I would love that," he said. "There aren't any in Season 1 so it would have to be Season 2. Knock wood ... I would love that. I think it'd be great." "Don't Trust the B----" returns to ABC this fall.Meanwhile, "I've always said, I'm totally up for reunion tours, reunion shows, so we can do that," Williams told Vulture. With the key parties seemingly on board, could we eventually see a return to Capeside?Earlier on HuffPost:?The renowned surrealist painter Salvador Dali's meeting with seminal African-American supermodel, Donyale Luna, at his hideaway in the Spanish fishing village of Cadaqus, Catalonia in 1966 marked an amazing moment where art and beauty collide. ?As a fashion-lover living in Hanoi, Vietnam, I keep finding myself confronted with the question, "What is real?" There are so many sartorial imitations of American and European brands that the very definition of brand-name clothing is turned upside down. Fake imitations of brand names made sense during the recent age of excess, but as priorities shift away from designer labels, how will the fake Fendi fend? At first, I was just amused by the unabashedly blatant designer knock-offs. I almost bought a funky purse with a Marc Jacobs label that was so outlandish it almost seemed like something he would have created. I admired the way Vietnamese girls rode their motorbikes in Burberry-patterned concoctions and carried their oversized, obviously fake Louis Vuitton bags. Recently, I had a "Vietnamese kitsch" themed birthday party where everyone had to dress in kitsch. Kitsch is a hard concept to grasp and I even had to check on wikipedia to make sure that my conception of the term was correct. : "Kitsch is a German word denoting art that is considered an inferior, tasteless copy of an extant style of art or a worthless imitation of art of recognized value. The concept is associated with the deliberate use of elements that may be thought of as cultural icons [1] while making cheap mass-produced objects that are unoriginal. Kitsch also refers to the types of art that like-wise, are aesthetically deficient (whether or not being sentimental, glamorous, theatrical, or creative), and making creative gestures that merely imitate the superficial appearances of art through repeated conventions and formulae. Excessive sentimentality often is associated with the term." All of a sudden, after reading the definition, kitsch was everywhere I looked in Hanoi. The iconic Burberry and Louis Vuitton prints that are seen all around on bags, dresses, headbands, motorbike seat covers, compact mirrors, and even trash cans are nothing but unoriginal cheap mass-produced objects. I felt suffocated and like I was living in a world of mockery. I was, however, pleased that a silly party theme actually seemed to be getting at an important insight into Vietnamese culture and fashion. I tried to explain the kitsch party theme to my Vietnamese friend. Even though this friend is as stylish as can be and does not dress like other women in Hanoi, she has always lived in Vietnam and so it is hard to understand a party theme that is actually cultural commentary. To make this already complicated concept more confusing, she is not perfectly fluent in English. She tried her best to understand what I meant when I tried to explain. I said, "you know, like fake Burberry," and she brought me to a fancy store filled with fakes from China. This store was supposed to have the "closest to the real thing" that you can find in Vietnam. I walked around the store in a bewildered state, and tried to allow myself to find beauty in a fake Bebe dress, but to no avail. It seemed like I was in a creepy room in a Willy Wonka factory where nothing is real and I felt like I was about to burst, like the girl who eats the gum in Willy Wonka and turns into a grape. "It is cheaper than in America," my friend told me as I looked at a fake Marc Jacobs purse that still cost $100. Yes, but it is not real, I thought. More than having a problem with fake versus real, my horror at the marketing for clothing here is that it is so unaligned with the current zeitgeist, spirit of the times. Whether you blame it on the recession or global warming, in the United States right now, people are losing interest in designer clothes and accessories and would rather have fewer, high quality items than lots of cheap clothes that do not hold up in the washing machine. As times have changed, values have shifted and the cheap, fake market in Vietnam does not seem to match this shift. I would be hard-pressed to say that adorning yourself with cheaper versions of the real thing was ever appealing. But, it is certainly not cool anymore. As gaudy, expensive designer brand items become anachronistic relics, I am left to wonder what will happen to their kitsch impersonators. If the real thing is no longer desirable, then the fake version seems utterly worthless. As Vietnam continues to become a richer country, people will have more buying power and will be able to afford higher quality goods. From conversations I have had with other outsiders observing Vietnamese culture, there seems to be a general consensus that the focus here is not on quality and careful design, but on cheap and expedient (across the gamut from clothes, to electronics, to architecture, to construction). I only know clothes, but in terms of development, it seems that the Vietnamese fashion market is ready for higher quality, unique goods. and it needs to find its own fashion identity. I would really like to see a shift in mindset away from imitation designer labels made in China and towards an authentic Vietnamese style. Follow Julia Plevin on Twitter: ?With the Summer Olympics right around the corner, I can't help but get extremely excited and in the spirit. I know I'm not alone when I say that I absolutely love watching the events on TV and sometimes even hosting themed parties is a strong possibility.Considering the Summer Olympics this year are being held in London, I can't help but think British this and British that. If I can't be in London for them (I think my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail), I am going to at least pretend I'm there in every way I can. British culture has impacted many parts of the world in many facets for quite some time now. From music, to fashion, to beauty, to TV shows -- and let's not forget the wedding to end all weddings last April -- and now the Olympics. Everyone seems to want to dive into the English culture deeper and deeper. People certainly seem to be infatuated with British-based trends and brands these days.And, with that, some of my personal favorite items. Whatever your plans are for watching the Summer Olympics, make sure to do it in style. And if nothing else, I recommend checking out these fabulous British brands and products.Read more fashion and styling posts from on her fashion + lifestyle blog, . Follow Julie Bortnick on Twitter:?Readers of my blog will know that I really am the utter antithesis of the typical Boden woman. So much so, that I was recently quoted in the Daily Mail on the death of the Yummy Mummy.But, now I have somehow agreed to sit on a professional panel at a national event and talk articulately about my feelings alongside a senior member of the Boden team. I like to think it'll be a kind of fashion version of Question Time - although with my participation it'll probably be more like a fashion version of Jeremy Kyle... This got me thinking about what exactly it is that so many people dislike about Boden. Why has there been such a huge backlash against Johnnie and his jaunty prints?For me, and many others, really, it's mostly not about the clothes; it's an image thing, their image, and the perceived image of the type of people who wear it, aka The Boden Brigade.I've lived in the countryside for three years now and many country women are among the most effortlessly stylish I have ever seen and the most naturally beautiful - it's no wonder all those global design houses constantly take inspiration from their style. But, unfortunately on the flipside of this there are some rather awful professional Stepford Wives here, with their blank, staring eyes, their bland hair, their loud clippy voices and their souls, bitter and jaded by all those floral lined gilets ... These are the kind of women who were endlessly tweeted about during the Summer, 'the Boden Brigade' were turning up and braying crassly at barbeques in Rock and being pompous at parties in Ibiza, 'ruining everybody's holidays' it seemed. Their arrival was a sure sign that it was time to leave.But, let's be honest, it's not just Boden, whilst they take most of the flack, there are plenty of similar brands selling the same identikit nightmare. Cath Kidston, Joules, White Stuff, Crew Clothing and their like have infiltrated nearly every market town high street and, just in case that is not enough, they are ambushing our letterboxes on a weekly basis.The presence of these stores in a town is usually a sure sign that one has arrived in Twontsville, because these brands have created such an almost bullying image of how women are expected to be that if you don't fit in, you are shunned.The Boden Brigade feature the kind of women who make school runs everywhere a nightmare with their judgemental looks and their hatred of anything fashion, or sexy. A friend of mine once rocked a Balenciaga biker jacket on the school run and was subsequently blanked for six months.And, it's not just the clothes brands, it's a lifestyle attitude - recently, I actually overheard two women talking excitedly about the fact that Cath Kidston is now doing dusters.You cannot make this stuff up.So, really, what I'm trying to say is that it's not just about the clothes; it's about the attitude of the people wearing them. It's about a kind of odious person who has unfortunately become synonymous with the Boden brand. One season of re-designing more 'fashion aware' collections, calling them Shoreditch and sticking them on Helena Christensen is not going to take away from the fact that 'The Boden Brigade' is ruining it and that the brand needs a major image re-boot. Remember Burberry? Remember Tommy Hilfiger? How long did that take? Follow Karen Maher on Twitter:?The fashion world's , so we figured why not throw some wood on the fire?With three out of four weeks of Fashion Month down, we still haven't heard a peep out of Karlie Kloss. The 19-year-old model, who has dominated Fashion Weeks past, , with , "HEARING: @karliekloss cancelled all catwalk appearances in NY for a big opportunity... #nyfw #backstagepass #cnn"We surmised that perhaps Karlie scored a London Fashion Week exclusive walking for Burberry, after . But London Fashion Week has come and gone, as has Milan Fashion Week this week, with no sign of Kloss.But we might get our dose of Karlie yet. Earlier today, : The model board @NextmodelParis! #pfw is about to go down!In the pic: a model board with 42 models' photos, with Karlie Kloss' face sitting smack dab in the middle. So is Karlie in Paris? Maybe. On Sunday, editor/author/general fashion insider , "Feeling smug... While my fashion friends are working it in Milan, I'm getting a pedi with @KarlieKloss. Gettin' my toosties ready for Paris!" We're guessing the pedis took place in New York, but if Blasberg is prepping for Paris... perhaps Karlie is, too?Check out Next Models' tweet below. See , third row down, third photo in?Now the guessing game begins: what show is this for? What could be Karlie's "big opportunity?" Take your best guesses in the comments and stay tuned for updates...UPDATE: We've got some more tweets, including : "what a beautiful night in paris...". So she's landed -- but who will she be walking for?The model board @! is about to go down! a?? Next Models NYC (@nextmodelsnyc) Also on HuffPost: ?Seeing as New York Fashion Week is essentially a convention of Louboutin-clad yentas, it's not surprising that rumors fly faster than the crowd at an Alexander Wang sample sale. So with the shows just barely underway, the latest juicy gossip is this: Karlie Kloss may not be walking New York Fashion Week. At all. In a classic case of Fashion Telephone, picked up the tidbit from , who picked it up from : HEARING: @karliekloss cancelled all catwalk appearances in NY for a big opportunity... #nyfw #backstagepass #cnn"A big opportunity" could mean many things. Shooting some extravagant campaign? Signing an exclusive deal to walk another show in London, Milan or Paris? how badly she wants to walk Burberry... but as far as we've seen, she's still safely in New York (appearing most recently at ).If Karlie has booked some "big opportunity," we're obviously happy for her. But if the rumors are true, the runways just won't be the same without her familiar figure. She is coming off , where she overtook the fashion shows, , and posed for several .What could Karlie possibly have in store that tops all those accomplishments? We're keeping our eyes and ears open... UPDATE: Daily Beast reporter Isabel Wilkinson confirms that Karlie will NOT be walking the NYFW runways this year:@ Rumors are true: Karlie Kloss won't walk at because an "engagement has come up," her spokesperson tells me. Isabel Wilkinson (@IsabelWilkinson) Related on HuffPost: ?Of all the singers who have crooned for cotton, Kate Bosworth is the first who is...not actually a singer.The actress, and famously different-colored eyes, is the latest star to shill for Cotton Incorporated's "The Fabric of My Life" campaign. Like Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Lambert, and Colbie Caillat before her, Bosworth twirls around, gazes off in the distance, plays with pretty inanimate objects, and dreamily pulls (cotton!) clothes from her closet while singing the famous jingle: "The touch, the feel..." While the country cottage chic vibe works well enough, the jury is still out on Bosworth's singing debut. She's got that breathy, indie thing down pat -- is she headed for a record deal like Zooey or fellow actress Scarlett Johansson? And do these fanciful ads make you want to go out and buy cotton? WATCH: ?I'm sorry this girl is not attractive. She needs to gain at least 10 lbs hence why her knees look like the heads of a skeleton. She has had too many 2 finger desserts it seems. Why are her feet not groomed? I would think she had time for mani/pedi since who knows who was President the last time she was in a film. Really stop making these ugly broads style worthy. Vomit in nose this causes.?So London Fashion Week is over for another season, and as we all adjust to walking at an average pace on the pavement as opposed to hurtling along on those Somerset House cobbles, here is my retrospective of the week where all normal life stops, and fashion begins.After Antoni & Alison kicked off the proceedings with a brass band to wake us all up at 9am (thanks for that), the courtyard at Somerset House began to play host to the usual mix of editors on the hoof between shows; tourists accidentally wondering in off the street with dazed expressions, and street style photographers snapping the plethora of people who come to see and be seen - yes I'm talking about those of you dressed like you were auditioning for a part in TOWIE; off to Ladies Day at Ascot or attempting to channel any 80s avant-garde electro-band meets a Visage video (think face veils, zig zag make-up, pointy shoulder pads, capes, studs, headpieces and a stern glare with a slight pout) - dressing like this will just make the rest of us laugh at you, and write about you. As one baseball cap slogan I spotted said, "That sh*t is cray cray".But I jest, where would LFW be without those fashion misshapes to contort our faces in confusion at as we wait for shows to start, and yes this season, they were still on average about 15mins late and seats were still occasionally hijacked by people pretending to be someone else (until the PR asked them to move), and on that note, to the girl who wouldn't move her dead piece of animal skin (fur coat, obvs) to allow me to sit down comfortably rather than hang precariously off the edge of the bench at the PPQ show, YOU WERE IN MY RESERVED SEAT ANYWAY!!! But I'm over that now.So, moving on to the more important stuff; the trends that came out of this season - and there were many, my particular favourite being the oversized biker jacket (we're talking boyfriend size), in all sorts of prints. From House of Holland's 90s grunge-esque pastel paint splattered version to Mulberry's pretty floral print - I want them all.House of Holland (Photo ? Gareth Cattermole, Getty)Block colours were also out in force, as seen at Kate Phelan's Topshop Unique show, David Koma, PPQ, Roksanda Ilincic, Jonathan Saunders and Paul Smith.See-through fabrics mean more peekaboo moments for next Summer, with sheer bodices at GILES; Erdem's transparent fabrics with delicate embroidery; Christopher Kane's lacework and sheer panels fused with sugary pastels on feminine silhouettes; John Rocha's double-layer sheer skirts in pale tones and Mark Fast's disco-inspired show which went for bodycon shapes and risque sheer detailing.Metallics also bring a shimmery edge to next Spring/Summer as the iconic Buberry trench was reworked yet again, this time in a Quality Street foiled colour palette of purple, pink, blue, green and lilac; and also seen in the metallic embellishments at Matthew Williamson and Zoe Jordan's metallic leather sport-luxe dresses.Burberry (Photo ? Getty Images)Prints were everywhere, from floral (Clements Ribeiro, Mulberry), to snakeskin and leopard (Felder Felder), as well as geometric, hexagonal (Marios Schwab), digital, graphic, retro and tribal ( Sass & Bide, Moschino Cheap & Chic) - all either fused or clashing with rich colours or pops of brights, also seen at Peter Pilotto, Holly Fulton and Issa (who went totally tropical on us) and Louise Gray. House of Holland's hypercolour tie-dye injected some Nirvana-meets-Ke$ha teen spirit into an NCP car park in Soho; while PPQ returned to the 60s with paisley print mini dresses and classic nautical navy and white striped dresses teamed with oversize hats (think Brigitte Bardot meets the French Riviera) - yes stripes are still in for SS13, but this time thick and horizontal.Interesting embellishments and detailing I spied included fringing and tassles at Marios Schwab and plastic fantastic, as seen at Christopher Kane and in Holly Fulton's mix of lightweight silks and leathers intertwined with heavy duty plastics.Shapes you'll be wearing next Summer include a mix of high-low skirts and shift dresses as seen at Richard Nicoll; exaggerated sleeves (think bell, blouson and balloon), seen at Mary Katrantzou, Burberry and GILES; slouchy trouser suits (Topshop Unique and Felder Felder); mini dresses and slip dresses (seen everywhere); oversized shirts (House of Holland and Maarten Van Der Horst); loose-fitting denim like the floral dungarees seen at Kinder Aggugini; and then basically anything with a sporty edge (we just won't let the Olympics go will we).Altogether the mood for SS13 was about wearability. Unless of course we're talking about Meadham Kirchhoff who referenced the opulence of 18th/19th century Paris, with a Mickey Mouse t-shirt thrown in for modernity's sake. Flirty and fun, but only if you're off to a fancy dress party.Talking of lavishly over the top, one of the shows I would've given all my limbs to see was Philip Treacy, but the invite obviously didn't arrive in time (read, I was never invited). The show, opened by Lady Gaga in a fuschia burka (which was all a bit Isabella Blow-like), and attended by music icons such as Grace Jones, was an homage to Michael Jackson, with the all-black model cast wearing original MJ costumes, including his iconic 1983 'Thriller' jacket. Hats had an architectural edge and featured mohawk helmets with Swarovski embellishments; a Neverland crown; a smiley face (think Aciiiiieeed) and a show-stopping LED-lit body cocoon. I thank Nick Knight's SHOWstudio yet again (I did it first time round on Twitter) for the amazing shots he tweeted on the night from backstage at the show. Jealous doesn't cover it. Just in case you weren't also aware, the MJ wardrobe on show was presented as part of a world exclusive, before the outfits join a collection due to be auctioned on 2nd December in Beverly Hills, California.Philip Treacy (Photo ? AP Images)But back to the shows I DID attend, and New York retailer Rag & Bone, launched their new Sloane Square store with the help of someone called Anna Wintour, while outside a makeshift tent in the middle of the square, a huge crowd of fashionistas gently elbowed each other to make it into the first of 4 presentations for the new SS13 line. Made up of loose, soft cottons teamed with leather trousers, jackets, hooded tops and skirts in a mix of neon brights - it was sport luxe at its best, and I completely fell in love with the lime green leather biker jacket which I'm sure comes with a not very loveable price tag. New York socialite and fashion icon Olivia Palermo also stood just inches in front of me looking immaculate as always and making me wish I had her legs, face, hair, etc etc.But back to Somerset House, and Bora Aksu's show drew inspiration from Queen Victoria's grand-daughter, Marie, who became the Queen of Romania in 1922. On a colour palette of blue - from royal blue to bluebell - lightweight floaty chiffon dresses and skirts with flower motifs and vines were teamed with nude tights featuring the same motif, while models wore messy beehives and hair crowns (which to be fair looked ever so slightly painful). An ethereal, delicate and nostalgic mix, beautifully accessorised with Bracher Emden's neon handbags.My other highlight (LOVE) was Ashish, which I look forward to every season, and for SS13 Ashish Gupta didn't disappoint. It was the usual signature sequin affair - but this time with an 80s/90s 'geeky' vibe with deliberately mismatched outfits. Sloppily styled shirts and oversize tees with a scattered number print and slogan emblazoned knits were teamed with patchwork baggy light blue denim jeans or cotton tracksuit bottoms - patchwork as in one leg was pasted in sequins or two shades of different denim or denim and cotton - always with one leg rolled up. A half denim/half black sequin biker jacket with matching jeans (half and half) almost made me squeal in delight; and the cut and paste denim shirt/denim jacket mixes looked quirky, crazy and totes cool.Ashish (Photo ? Getty Images)Sequin vests, sweaters, mini skirts and dresses were backless and armless, the skirts following the same patchwork denim and sequin mix - only a pair of cute sheer polka-dot trousers and the floor length fitted sequined gowns in pale peach and midnight blue broke up the beautifully dishevelled looks - all of which were accessorised with worn-in reebok trainers and mismatched sequin socks as each model's hair was scraped messily back in a sequin scrunchie - yes I said SCRUNCHIE!! No longer just for bad hair days (indoors where nobody can see you) and Mum's on the school run - Ashish have officially brought back East Street Market hair accessories circa 1996, and everyone's school days. The highlight of the show was a sparkling yellow gold rectangular-sequin embellished/denim tracksuit which had everyone's iPhones and cameras papping away, and as the show drew to a close, a sequin white knit with the slogan Trs Fatigu summed up how most of us were feeling.Goodbye London Fashion Week for another season, and goodbye to the man who shall remain nameless (because nobody knew who he was??) who positioned himself outside Somerset House and hollered "You look ridiculous" at various people. See, fashion CAN be fun! Follow Kate Lawson on Twitter:?Keira Knightley looked lovely on Tuesday at the premiere of her new film, "A Dangerous Method." Walking the red carpet in London, Knightley wore an understated brown gown by Burberry with a slit in the middle and a gorgeous open back paired with Chanel jewelry and Christian Louboutin heels. Unfortunately, , there was something a little splotchy going on with the actress' back... a fake tan mishap, perhaps?Regardless, it couldn't be worse than last Saturday. That was some spray tan gone very, very wrong.Save for the uneven coloring, Knightley was stunning alongside her handsome co-stars, Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen.Check out Keira below. Do you love this dark look?PHOTOS: ?Between the droves of , flooding YouTube and au naturale manes --you can hear big business' proverbial "cha-ching" ringing loud and clear. You'd think investors running to the bank ready to pour their money into this evolving natural hair community would be praised. But not everyone feels that way. In a New York magazine article entitled "," writer Kevin Roose bashes the recent seven-figure investment raised by a popular natural hair website. Roose writes:"What kind of genius decided to throw $1.2 million at NaturallyCurly, the 'leading social network and community for people with wavy, curly and kinky hair?'"Hmmmm, we'd say the type of "genius" who's hip to the fact that , natural hair businesses, mainstream beauty companies like Dior and LOral Paris are starting to address the needs of and let's not forgot that is projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2015.Unlike the other businesses Roose calls out as poor investments (Twist, Tout'd and Barkbox), he offers no explanation for his jab at . Just as Roose urges, venture capitalists to "do some actual diligence before giving millions of dollars to two-bit start-ups with no viable business models," we'd like to ask him to do the same before shooting down ideas he seems to know little about. Furthermore, after a quick Google search we can see he's definitely not a woman of color and he's not sporting curly hair, either. Latoya Peterson, the editor of the blog responded to the New York magazine article, writing "these kinds of perceptions create an environment in the marketplace that disadvantages minority/women fronted businesses seeking investment to create products for their communities."We have to agree with Peterson. Beyond convincing uninformed critics and naysayers about the relevance of the black haircare/beauty industry, it's the overall effect that his words may have on the development of these businesses that pose the biggest problem. ?It's been a good few weeks for stylish silver spoon babies.From Alber Elbaz to Vera Wang, it seems fashion's biggest designers are falling all over themselves to create signature clothing lines for kids. The timing is sort of strange -- aren't we still in the midst of a languishing economy? -- but surely couture honchos wouldn't be shilling four-figure kiddie dresses with no demand.Versace just opened a kids' boutique on the ground floor of its Milan headquarters to house their children's line, the aptly named Young Versace. a "huge lilac and white fairground ride and littered with super-sized candy canes." Does that make Donatella Willy Wonka?Roger Vivier's kiddie shoe line, Jeune Fille, , offering $312 ballet flats for tots who will almost definitely outgrow them within months.And with even more sticker shock, Lanvin Petite in Paris, Monaco and New York, hawking $1,570 pink taffetta trench coats, $1,105 red sun dresses and $645 shrugs for a kid you know Suri Cruise.Vera Wang is launching a junior's line for Kohl's, called Princess Vera Wang, .Finally, (whew!), Oscar de la Renta is set to start a children's line, and Victoria Beckham is to include tot clothes as well. Another aspiring kiddie designer? And it's not like these designers won't have good company; , , and already have kid's lines.Recession be damned?Check out some of our favorite and most outrageous designer duds for kids below. ?Fun fact: . We can't make this stuff up. , which hosts weekly flash sales with all sorts of designer goodies. The latest sale is titled and is filled with Kim and Kourtney's pricey castoffs -- think Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Burberry, Gucci and a surprising amount of Alexander Wang. With an insatiable appetite for designer gear and a schedule full of red carpet appearances, why would Kim want to empty out her closet (and on eBay, no less)? For charity, of course: "a portion of the proceeds" from Kim's sale will go to Life Change Community Church, the reality family's house of worship (yes, ). Another reason Kim may be jettisoning a portion of her closet, some speculate, is . We have noticed (and ) that since beginning her "relationship" with Kanye, Kim has ditched her colorful outfits, opting instead for black, white and gray numbers. , -- as one half of KimYe, Kim is all monochrome, all the time. So where has all the leopard print gone? -- although to be fair, there's plenty of black, white and gray Kimmy clothes being sold online, too. (we've rounded up most of the pieces below). You may be surprised to find how much you like some of the items, from classy black pumps to slouchy Alexander Wang dresses. Luckily it's all on sale for the next three days, so that Cavalli animal-print jumpsuit can still be yours. Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and . ?For the fashion-conscious, the month of September means not only New York Fashion Week, but the arrival of the year's thickest and most style-saturated glossies in our mailboxes. "Fall will always be a time for reinvention... Fall fashion has purpose, direction, possibility," wrote Lucky editor-in-chief Brandon Holley in the September 2011 issue. Here, I thought, is a woman who gets it.Every year, when the leaves start to change color and there's a definite nip in the air, I feel the unavoidable urge to do something different with my style. It's been several years since the arrival of fall has meant the start of a new school year for me, but my need to reinvent myself, even just a little bit, surfaces like clockwork.Sure, there are women who know what works for them and stick with it. I can't remember ever seeing Jennifer Aniston or Taylor Swift looking less than fabulous, but it's the fashion risk-takers of the world like Rihanna that I truly admire, even if she occasionally lands on a worst-dressed list.I'm a big believer in the transformative power of fashion: how a classic handbag and costume jewelry instantly makes a simple tee and jeans an ensemble worthy of a night out, the way the right leather boots and a blazer can turn the average woman into a glamorous equestrian, and that Cinderella feeling I get when I put on the perfect pair of embellished ballet flats.It's that same transformative power that keeps us coming back season after season, ready to sift through the magazines, blogs, and runway slideshows, take a walk in someone else's shoes and ultimately make them our own. I study the September issues, tearing out everything that catches my eye, Pinterest be damned. There are the ads I like, looks I want to recreate, beauty products to try, the perfect designer handbag nestled in an elaborate editorial spread.Burberry has come out with the most beautiful burgundy coat in a quilted velvet. I live for leopard print everything, falling head over wedge heels for Diane von Furstenberg's calf hair booties. I picture myself looking Ivy League-chic in Stella McCartney's black argyle sweater dress. Tory Burch is doing a beige sweater with a sequined fox on it. I want that, too.Eventually everything must be divided into two categories: the wearable and the aspirational. Stacey Bendet's Alice + Olivia collection is gorgeous, but despite my best efforts, I am not Jennifer Lopez and I have never put on a fur vest that didn't make me look like a yeti. I am also not a part-time dominatrix, so studded Louboutins are out. I'm undecided about metallic jeans as my weekends are a little more Netflix than Nobu. My fashion fantasies are ultimately dashed by financial limitations. In other words, I'm on a budget. I've decided that I am ready to embrace the metallic studded sneaker trend a la Miu Miu. And by Miu Miu I mean Steve Madden.In a 2009 interview with David Letterman, Anna Wintour pointed out that with a fashion budget of just $20, one could buy a lipstick. This season, YSL has released a new lip color in a deep bordeaux. It strikes me as editorial and begs to be paired with a Celine luggage tote. Still, the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis Lvres Glossy Stain, as it is called, has potential, and I decide I'll try it. Follow Kimberly Couzens on Twitter:?For many ladies, a change in season means a change in wardrobe -- and, inevitably, an upward change in your credit card balance. But stacking your drawers with classic, well-made pieces is a great way to save money and look amazing for any occasion. We all have varied budgets, so the following list of fall wardrobe staples includes quality items in different price ranges. However, a word of warning: you will not find cheap deals in this article, as true quality rarely comes cheap (unless you buy on consignment!).Long or short sleeve white cotton blouse: This works great with jeans, skirts, shorts or dress pants. Invest in a high-quality item (with a bit of stretch in it, if you can find it) from Theory, Club Monaco, Banana Republic or the like and you'll get some mileage out of your garment. Wash cold and hang to dry and then steam or iron. (Dryer heat is damaging to fibres and can cut the longevity of your piece in half or more.) Avoid bleaching -- it also breaks down the fibres.Black leather pumps: Preferably not overly pointed, round-toed or square-toed -- you'll want something you feel you can wear with many outfits. However, you must take care of them properly. Take the pumps into your shoe-repair person affix a rubber sole to the bottom of the leather sole to ensure they'll last longer; regular resoling, cleaning and polishing will extend their life further. Quality brands for a basic black pump include Amalfi, Donald J Pliner, Brown's and Salvatore Ferragamo.Casual boots: Whether brown or black is your shade of choice, a casual boot in which you can comfortably walk all day, and in any kind of weather, is essential. Blundstone's are very well built and have soles that seem to last forever. Alternately, Frye boots and shoes come in so many styles now that they suit any wardrobe. (They too will also last forever, literally.)Denim jacket: a stylish woman of any age should own a denim jacket. It's a great, casual piece that will last for years, provided you purchase a well-made version. Denim jackets also come in several different silhouettes -- blazer, western, bomber, trench -- that can work with any wardrobe. Trusted denim brands include Levi's, Wrangler and Gap.Black pants: A narrow or straight-legged pant offers a great shape that can carry you for years style-wise. Theory makes a great black pant in various shapes.V-neck tees: These are great basics to have for layering, wearing as undershirts or as part of a casual outfit. Invest in good quality bamboo, organic cotton or 100 per cent cotton, preferably from brands like Ultra, American Apparel and Alternative Apparel.Little black dress: Every woman needs one (or five) -- it's as simple as that. They work for any occasion, in any season.Bonus tip: Highlight your wardrobe with seasonal colors, patterns and on-trend silhouettes.Follow Lauren Baker on Twitter:?Those of us in the New York City vicinity know that the temperature has dropped significantly, finally catching up to the falling leaves and early thoughts of holiday plans. It's a time when many hip New Yorkers decide which new coat picks will be added to their wardrobes. Coats that make statements, without yelling; coats that are warm, rich, modern. And many fashionistas are absolutely drooling for the Burberry Prorsum peacoats and shearling aviators from the brand's Fall/Winter 2010 line, continuing its forward offerings beyond the traditional plaid patterns well-known to most. Hip and edgy with a wonderful sense of rugged elegance, these coats almost scream to be purchased. It would seem this outerwear is poised to be a revenue winner for the luxury brand.But for all of Burberry's re-design and pioneering new media embrace, the unfortunate fact -- which could could potentially lessen market share -- is that print ads for this company are still shockingly non-diverse with only the palest of Caucasian models being used even when not one, not two, but at least 5 different models are featured. An absolutely surprising and disappointing move in this day and age, not just for philosophical considerations, but for true international business growth considerations. As a global fashion brand, Burberry works diligently to position itself as the most tech savvy luxury brand around, enabling its consumers to with the brand from digital runway shows to 3D viewing before any other fashion house even considered it. Yet Burberry seems to be behind the curve when recognizing the growth areas for extending sales. As the browning of the United States takes place before our very eyes,respected research firms such as released statistics that demonstrate that African-Americans spent an enormous $507 billion dollars in 2009, marking a 16.6% increase from the previous year. This included with the fact that the U.S. Census Bureau shows us that the Latino market is the fastest-growing in this country; the business opportunity of the day would seem to present diverse images so that various demographics can identify, aspire, purchase. And quite naturally, since African-Americans and Latinos are the of Web users, the opportunity grows exponentially when seeking to expand a brand's footprint across digital platforms. The fashion industry is not exempt in the call to today's marketers to become more expansive, creative and humble enough to understand that brand messaging wins when it encompasses previously overlooked areas while, of course, still maintaining the company's philosophy and integrity. The numbers simply aren't in favor of the old school approach if a company is to continue to expand and meet shareholder expectations. It's a new day where the affluent, diverse, luxury-brand driven market coined the is only growing and becoming more powerful. And luxury brands that actually begin move past the invisible approach to this demographic will, no doubt, experience competitive leverage.Look no further for examples than the mighty , editor-in-chief of Vogue who seems to guide the magazine to a few more welcome drops of diverse expansion each month throughout various sections of the book; and power-agent , at Ford Models, already reported by the New York Times' "T" magazine as a man who is determined to diversify his line up of girls to better compete in the new marketplace. Thus, the economic opportunity for brands such as Burberry, too, is to move beyond the thinking that simple retail diversity team or runway inclusion is sufficient. If anything, this should be simply standard. Rather, it's the powerful and alluring advertising images which draw the consumer into the store that should be of key concern. Digital media then deepens that experience and increases the opportunity to earn revenue. Should any part of this eco-system fail to exist, a major business opportunity is nothing short of obliterated. What may be needed on the teams of these luxury houses is at least one-insider who can provide invaluable feedback and input - someone who is of the demo and enables certain sensibilities. How much longer before diverse women look at certain print ads representing the fantasy image the luxury fashion brand has created and decide the product has simply become too expensive - not in real terms, but in terms of self-respect and inclusion if one is going to contribute to the company earnings of a luxury brand such as Burberry?Follow Lauren DeLisa Coleman on Twitter:?Who: Princess Beatrice and boyfriend Dave Clark. What: 'A Night Out With The Millennium Network, presented by The Clinton Foundation and The Reuben Foundation Hosted by Bill, the evening invited 'leaders and future leaders' to talk about global philanthropic opportunities - and then watch a surprise performance from interactive ad campaigns to the world's debut 'Twit-walk' (catwalk via Twitter) Burberry has always been something of a trail blazer when it comes to fashion firsts. And now the brand is launching its very own single.Recorded in collaboration with band The Feeling, the song will feature as the backing track to the Christmas advert for new fragrance Burberry Body, starring the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. ?If there's one thing we love about - indeed, any Fashion Week - it's surely the inevitable, completely and utterly bonkers, "Would you wear that? No, not in a million years" fashion that graces the catwalks.From hats that cover your entire face (Philip Treacy) to green and yellow facepaint (Vivienne Westwood) - via the styles of Alice Temperley, Corrie Nelson and others - we've compiled some of our favourite silly looks so far in the gallery below.And before you complain that we here at Huffington Post UK Comedy are ignorant about fashion, that these outfits and looks are incredible works of art, cutting edge statements etc etc - let us just say this in our defence: you're absolutely right. We are completely ignorant. ?London Fashion Week is already half over -- sadz. But the front rows have been pretty exciting, from to Anna Wintour and Kanye West at Burberry Prorsum. Then again, at multiple shows, including Erdem, Peter Pilotto and Christopher Kane.The supers also showed up in full-force for some lower-profile shows, including Naomi Campbell at the Unique runway show and Claudia Schiffer at the Fashion Fringe show.But Temperley may have nabbed one of the UK's biggest names, as its guest of honor was none other than Pippa Middleton.So which London show has had the best front row so far? Click through our slideshow and let us know! ?I never gave clothes much thought, but I knew the moment my daughter refused to wear jeans at the age of two because they were "ugly," I was outclassed. And that precious toddler grew up to be my stylish Sarah who now works for Stylelist and lives and breathes fashion.?While we love seeing all the exciting, innovative ensembles on the runway and , sometimes most memorable moments are indeed its most outrageous.There was the appearance of at Burberry Prorsum (could that be because ?), lots of face paint at Vivienne Westwood, drama at Giles, surprising guests at Mulberry and super sexy nurses at Pam Hogg, but nothing could outshine . Not even . As came to a close on Tuesday, we decided to gather all the truly wild looks in the slideshow below. Don't miss our recap of , and stay tuned for our updates from Milan and Paris.Want more? Be sure to check out Stylelist on , , and .?Topshop Creative Director, Kate Phelan sent a classically chic collection down the runway today at London Fashion Week for the Topshop Uniques Spring/Summer 2013 show. There was nothing too trendy or flashy, although there was plenty of shimmer and a few opaque panels offering peekaboo glimpses of skin, everything was very discreet.?Despite, London Fashion Week always seems to be getting the short end of the stick. Silently understood as the lowest-ranking of fashion's biggest cities -- New York, Paris and Milan being the other Big Three -- London has suffered in recent years, trying command the same respect and attract the same glitz as the other three fashion weeks. During the recession, because of the rising British pound. , saving money and time by jetting straight from New York to Milan, as the Guardian reported. Now the Telegraph reports that London Fashion Week has suffered another blow. Italy-based Gucci, with its show kicking off Milan Fashion Week tomorrow, ."It's been a total nightmare for us," . "We lost 10 out of 19 girls. We were getting calls from agents at 1.30am on the morning of the show pulling girls we had just fitted, while other girls just didn't turn up to fittings at all after they'd been confirmed. When we called their agencies to find out where they were, we were told sorry, they've gone to Milan."London already felt the pressure in the early days of Fashion Week last week, having been squeezed by the postponement on Marc Jacobs' New York show. Now the designers and casting agents are being squeezed at the end, as the models take flight so they can make the most of the Milan show -- without being totally exhausted. "The girls get off a plane from New York, jet-lagged and are expected to stay up all night doing castings and fittings" famed model manager . Between the tight schedule, jam-packed days (sometimes 11 shows per day) and the spread-out nature of London's geography, "It's a logistical nightmare and extremely unprofessional," says White. It drives the top models to skip London altogether, sources in London say. And that, in turn, will drive top brands like Burberry and Tom Ford, who showed in the UK this season, to present their runway shows elsewhere. But there were still enough top models this go-round to attract a decently star-studded crowd. .To read more on the model controversy, . ?London Fashion Week has closed, and the fashion circus has been safely dispatched onto planes, trains and automobiles for Milan. Our photographer has been following the shows, snapping the style people on the street, and slipping into all the right parties to bring us a daily photo-report from Fashion Week. We bring you our favorites, from the offices.?Creative confections have been trotting, strutting and stomping down the capital's catwalks, as London Fashion Week sashays into full swing. But while fashion shows are known for showcasing designs unwearable on the high street, there's been a glut of outrageous inventions unsuitable for any event. Nudity made a surprise appearance on the catwalk on Monday, with a risque design from appearing rather cheeky from the back. And who would have considered a corset for the head?Slim skulls may be in, but would you wear any of the below? Check out the most outrageous (and wonderful) designs from London Fashion Week below. WARNING: Slideshow contains nudity. ?Lorenzo Belenguer, an art curator, investigated the previous Fashion Week and explains why London is best and give it a review from a curator's point of view.On the steps up to St George's Hanover Square. It's a cold, grey February afternoon. A smart church in Mayfair, but this is no usual service. This is homage to something rather different. At the top, there is no priest but a woman - an intern? - with a clipboard, her own medieval shield. Only the chosen are admitted to this church: those on her list. This is the Julian McDonald show at London Fashion Week 2011. As an artist and curator, I've long been interested in just what Fashion Week is all about. I wrestle daily with 'art' and its meaning and purpose. Is this - i.e. one of the top shows at the pinnacle of London's fashion industry - just a commercial exercise? Or art? I'm interested to find out. But at this rate, it's not even clear if I'll get in.... The guardian at the gate is pulling my sleeve and threatening me with calling security. I hoped she did. I needed protection.I did not manage to get in. And I was disappointed. Julian MacDonald has always intrigued me - the elements of design and colour have always intrigued me. He represents a very restrained baroque, strong colours toned down on uncomplicated silhouettes with unexpected accessories that suit strong and modern women very well. It's hard to get into London Fashion Week. Photographers are always wanted. Big buyers are treated like kings and queens. And Anna Wintour is the Queen Bee. Writers are out. When PR people see you taking notes, they panic. Nothing good comes from words. You're viewed with suspicion. The lower your profile - the better. Unless of course you work for VOGUE.Art curators look down on fashion at the best of times and ignore it most of the time. So when London Fashion Week, or LFW for short, came round again I decided to venture over and put it to the test. Having convinced the press officers that a curator writing about fashion might just produce something of interest, eventually, a press pass was emailed. There I was on my way to Somerset House, LFW headquarters, with a copy of the email to get the press pass printed. With my immense naivety, I thought the press pass would allow me to see all the shows. A bit like an Oyster card for the catwalks. To my surprise, the press pass only allows you to enter the entrance hall. To actually get into the space where the catwalk takes place, you need a specific invitation per show. Just to stand up. At the back. So I entered the entrance hall, had my pass scanned, and was told to wait in the ticketless queue. Queuing. You do that all the time.The person next to me was from Spain. I could read that from her pass. A fashion designer from Madrid who wanted to see the LFW, as they say. I'm from Spain myself and she helped me. When you finally get inside, you've got about two seconds to spot an empty seat. She told me the most likely places to be vacant are at the back.I saw the show by the Turkish designer Bora Aksu and was instantly hooked. This was creativity alive, buzzing through its passionate participants. The enthusiasm is contagious. He sculpted the body with a freedom usually only expected in Fine Art. It became more and more a promenade of geometry and angles. Although softened. And hard at the same time. There were always at least two elements that would remind us that the female body is not always curves: a highly defined corset in black and grey or an oversized scarf. I couldn't stop thinking of Brancusi's sculptures.PPQ - seen as the best kept secret of the fashion and music scene: luxe pop-chic and underground London cool - was all about metal carefully positioned and about framing the face. In fashion, designers obsessed with the human body sometimes forget the importance of the face. Many people look at the face before the derriere. PPQ delivered just that. Even the two long braids helped. It became a series of portraits. Beautiful, of course, because they are models. And then the fragments of metal will drag your attention to the dress and to the figure. Mainly playing with one colour made the collection very strong. Simple lines. It reminded me of Mondrian in black and white.House of Holland - graduated from London College of Printing - was fun and very clever. Granny chic with crochet squares. He was playful, witty, very pop art, but restrained. We are going through a financial crisis and not interested in taking risks. Tights and socks clashing with the dresses and, somehow, kept taking me back to Pop Art. What else?. Matthew Williamson rocks. I understand why he is a favourite of fashion students. He takes huge risks and it always works. Abstract Expressionism, there, in your face without shouting at you. You are kept on edge. You continue watching beautiful paintings that exquisitely blend with the model. It is as if they have been made for each other. The dresses, the paintings and the models. Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith were wonderful, as always. They represent the best of British tailoring. In Vivienne's collection - considered as one of the six most influential designers in the world, the colours seem to have the need to depart from each other. Nothing makes sense. You see it as a fact without the need for understanding. There is a bit of Dada movement in it that I found very appealing and liberating. She finds inspiration in British fabrics and 17th and 18th century art Paul Smith was like watching an Impressionist show at the Tate Britain: beautiful, well-crafted and safe. Nothing was wrong and you know you are in a safe pair of hands. The colours and the forms all combined in an exquisite manner.Burberry was magical. No one does coats like Burberry. It developed into performance art based on an 19th century French painting. Beauty, melancholia, good manners, happy times, an autumnal picnic, golden leaves, cheese and red wine. Time to slow down from the crazy summer. Times for silences. Long and deep. Right colours. Right shapes. You want to be in it rather than out of it. Emilio de la Morena - a Spanish designer who studied at Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion - brought us a very unique Latin minimalism. He's a monochromatic Mondrian who sculpts the female body and takes it to another level. You find new shapes and forms that you didn't know were there.It was comforting to see private companies promoting and nurturing emerging talent. Fashion is an expensive business. From Topshop, I very much admired Richard Nicoll - a graduate from Central Saint Martins. He makes you appreciate beauty in an unexpected way. His talent to rethink what a woman can possibly wear is exceptional. He's a fashion cubist in the way he destroys and deconstructs garments in a revolutionary and quiet manner. Mary Katrantzou, - a graduate from Central Saint Martins - shows lampshade skirts, this time in a more elaborate and sophisticated way. Russian dolls come and go. It's fun. It's being the centre of attention. It's Rococo - extreme and deliberately outrageous ornament - in the 21st Century. And Meadham Kirchhoff - also a graduate from Central Saint Martins - with an interesting palette of colours. An abstract painting in acid. It works. It's a volley of colour rich punches. From Vauxhall Fashion Scout - which has been responsible for some of the most exciting new talent- , the designers A. Hallucination showed a mature and well-cut collection with earthy colours like going through a dry river. Anselm Kieffer - a German painter that uses grey colours and earthy materials - . Rather beautiful.After five days, you end up exhausted. I don't know how buyers and editors can do the entire circuit. New York, London, Milan, and Paris each host a fashion week twice a year with New York kicking off each season and the other cities following.If I had to choose my top three experiences, they'd be: a stimulating conversation with the talented TeatumJones, the Burberry show and the KTZ moment. KTZ combined top quality, superb originality and fun. One exquisitely beautiful garment after another. Abstract Expressionism, Mondrian, Malevich and Barnet Newman, all chewed in and spat out like there's no tomorrow. They managed to attract the coolest crowd and brought the LFW to a grand finale.In a nutshell, I was very impressed by the passion shown by the public. Something you don't always see in art exhibitions. The variety of colours, styles and presentations of the garments was astonishing. I found very difficult to find a common point as you sometimes see in fashion magazines telling you what it's in fashion. And the speed. A show lasts about ten minutes. And this it. You don't have three weeks like in an art show. You blink and you miss it. But, is it art? I'm not sure yet. What I'm sure is that LFW rocks.Follow Lorenzo Belenguer on Twitter:?The Huffington Post gave me a FlipCam for New York Fashion Week, and here's what I filmed, distilled into 2 minutes and 33 seconds: a visit backstage at the Ruffian Fall/Winter 2011 show with actress Amanda Setton and designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, the revelry at Patricia Field and Susanne Bartsch's Valentine's Day party, and a presentation for menswear designer Pierre Henri Mattout.Check out .Follow Lorenzo Martone on Twitter:?So fashion season is well and truly upon us. Journalists, PRs and models alike have dusted off their heels, halved their calorie intake and buckled up for a marathon of shows, parties and presentations. As the London Autumn/Winter collections come to a close, the dust settles on Somerset House and the critics return to their desks to furiously scribble down their musings, the pressure is on a different team of designers. Those on the high street, who are now busy knocking off the London collections as fast as you can say, "actually, it's just from Topshop."The British high street has long harboured questionable copyright morals. Today, perusing Zara is like walking around Liberty in some strange parallel universe where everything looks the same but is about a tenth of the price. J-brand-esque ankle-zip jeans for 30 anyone? Or how about a nice Stella McCartney-style tote bag? There are even some Margiela-aping asymmetric skirts if you're feeling adventurous. It's what makes designer/high street collaborations so humorous. The high street has been in a very one-sided collaboration for years - ripping off designers' creative talent, and thanking its lucky stars that only the super-rich can justify those incredible price points. You can't help but wonder why Mary Katrantzou would design a range for Topshop when it has been knocking off her designs all year, selling printed T-shirts and graphic floral trousers. Sweet noble Mary, does she not see the dark forces at work here?Still, who am I to complain? The amazing copycat abilities of the high street are what keep the majority of us looking half-decent all year round. Its homage to Celine is what got us all into chic camel coats, and its love affair with Acne has provided me with a very wearable pair of heeled black ankle boots. 60, if you're asking. Bargain.So in true fashion industry spirit - let's put the ethics aside and look at the clothes. What will be the star trends from this season that will, with the speed of the deadliest virus, filter their way from runway to Alexa Chung to Topshop to Only Way Is Essex stars to the masses. What item will permeate all of our wardrobes? What will be the Burberry aviator jacket or Stella sheer polka-dot dress of this season? Well print was big news on the London runway, partly due to its vogue amongst the coolest young designers, Peter Pilotto, Louise Gray and the like. Even the less hip labels jumped on the bandwagon. Middleton-favourite Issa offered up a print-heavy showing, with dresses featuring patterns of Russian Dolls and St Basil's Cathedral - very 'gap yah', and thus perfectly in tune with their posh-totty client base. The best knock-offs are sure to come from Whistles and Warehouse - look for oriental-inspired print blouses and bright floral dresses.But be aware fair shoppers, this is where the high street can make a good trend go bad. Sporting a bad print on an ill-fitting item is like wearing a sandwich board saying "Primark sale bin". The most important rule is stay away from printed body con. Print and lycra - the most evil sartorial union ever created, and one that the high street continues to push at us with ever increasing gusto. No-one looks good when prints are made of such cheap, thin fabrics that they stretch out of shape when worn, giving the wearer a deformed floral vision emblazoned across their buttocks or breasts, resembling a giant warped tattoo on a pregnant woman's belly. Classy.Texture was equally huge on the catwalks, from leather at Christopher Kane and Todd Lynn, to fur almost everywhere, including Mulberry and Temperley. Poor PETA. This will please Zara who love nothing more than churning out a nice pair of pleather jeans or a faux-suede jacket - the kind of items that look half decent immediately after purchase but loose their expensive fa?ade after a few wears, or the second it rains when black dye begins running down your legs.The trick of the trade is weeding out the trends that are impossible to translate from catwalk to pavement. Fashion osmosis is a risky business; there are those looks will never warrant a place in our closet. The kind that should stay in the dark place that is the catwalk venue, draped on the body of an emaciated 14-year-old. Take Meadham Kirchhoff's entire collection, full of glitter and tartan - do we love it on the runway? Of course. Would it look great on any of us after being re-created by New Look? Certainly not. Then there are trends that we can only hope will go global. Imagine if Roksanda Ilincic's understated tailored trouser surpassed leggings in popularity. Or if Peter Jensen's modest shifts replaced the racks and racks of lurid thigh-skimmers stacked in Primark. A girl can dream. So be savvy ladies. No matter how much you loved the original collection, step away from the crazy reproductions, anything see-through, sequined, or flammable-looking. Instead hunt for the master forgeries - the perfectly copied Jonathan Saunders jacket, or the timeless Burberry-style pencil skirt. Times are hard and we all have to tighten our (knock-off) belts. Play your credit cards right and you'll be able to get all your favourite designer looks for next to nothing.Follow Lou Stoppard on Twitter:?Women's Wear Daily published a small piece today about an upcoming Louis Vuitton event, a benefit to be held tonight in New York for youth involved with arts.The benefit will also include a very special presentation of the "Louis Vuitton Inspiration Song."That's right, the brand that sells you leather totes and expensive trinkets and Marc Jacobs-designed clothes you can't afford now has its own theme song. And apparently, it is inspiring.It's not the first time this year a designer label has decided to give itself a soundtrack. This fall Burberry released a single, called "Rose," recorded by British band The Feeling at the Abbey Road studio. Apparently the track was intended to go with , capturing "the mood and spirit" or something like that. (). called "Burberry Acoustic," consisting of old hits and a couple of brand-new tracks, sung by British artists like Rod Stewart, David Bowie and Elton John. (No word on whether they were all required to wear trench coats while recording). So is the phenomenon of designer labels getting into music sort of silly? Definitely -- but they might as well do it, considering singers will be rapping and crooning about them whether they like it or not. After all, this was the year of , and rappers like Kanye West have songs devoted to labels for ages ("Christian Dior Denim Flow," anyone?) Maybe it's time for the brands to start cutting some tracks themselves. . ?Now entering the station: Louis Vuitton Fall 2012. Your conductor? Marc Jacobs.Just when we thought nothing could beat we were completely derailed by Marc Jacobs, who turned the Cour Carree du Louvre into a train station for today's Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 show. The jaw-dropping presentation began with clouds of smoke as a custom-made Louis Vuitton locomotive pulled onto the runway. The models donned flappy hats, cigarette pants, elbow gloves and fur collared coats. They were seated two by two in the train and . They were then escorted down the runway by a porter who carried their Louis Vuitton luggage and bags. Celebs like Dianna Agron, Sarah Jessica Parker and of course, Anna Wintour, sat front row as they were transported back to the '60s through the retro fashion. , said it was as "It was cinema, it was beautiful. The whole thing is a massive triumph."Jacobs isn't the only one who has been using means of transportation to complement fashion. and both had airplane themes, while Take a look at the magic from this morning's Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 show by clicking through the photos below -- and ?The Clinton camp that Chelsea donned a Vera Wang gown and Hillary opted for Oscar de la Renta...but what did Marc Mezvinsky wear? People StyleWatch reports that the groom, groomsmen and father of the bride Bill Clinton wore suits designed by . Bailey :"Sharing in the happiness of Chelsea and Marc" was by far the best part of the whole affair, he said. "Simon, my partner, was at Oxford with Chelsea and Marc, and I love them very much," said Bailey, who designed Mezvinsky's black-tie outfit as a favor. Take a look at the suits:Here's Bailey waiting for one of the buses to the wedding: ?Marc is focused on helping Autism Speaks create conversations using the Internet and Social Web. He oversees the organizations digital strategy and is focused on creating new community and fundraising opportunities for all those affected by autism.Marcs unique ability to develop high-level social marketing strategies that connect directly to measurable business results has helped him launch and refine online communities as well as web-based applications that have resulted in millions of dollars in donations and lifelong customer relationships in the non-profit sector. Most recently, as part of Enterprise Partner Group (EPG) at Microsoft, Marc helped to develop emerging social and online community models that are focused on driving tangible business results through the use of social marketing strategies and tactics.?Marie Darsigny a tudi le design de mode et les communications dans la grande ville de Montral. Elle a t booker de top modles, gestionnaire de mdias sociaux, rdactrice de sites web, blogueuse mode, styliste... La liste de ses occupations s'tire toujours. Elle crit sur diverses plates-formes, car plus on a d'amis, mieux va la vie. Grande chialeuse au grand coeur, elle veut tre l'amie de tout le monde, faire tous les projets et vivre toutes ses passions.?Pictured: The Burberry Spring 2013 collection mixes traditional Burberry styles with rock star flash (images courtesy of Burberry.)A women steps onto the runway in a white cap. The music begins. Soon, the covering falls away from the glass panes above the show space. The light streams in from London's Kensington Gardens illuminating the runway and the show space. White coats and capes are quickly followed by colorful dresses with corset seams and ruching. That was the Burberry show at London Fashion Week last week. For the last few years, I've shown the show on my blog . This year I was fortunate enough to actually attend the show live in Kensington Gardens. The Burberry runway show was an amazing production, choreographed as well as, if not better than, a classic Hollywood production. The show was notable not just for its production quality, but for the beauty of the clothes. I was privileged to see the clothes up close at the Burberry showroom after the runway show. I've never seen such exquisite garments. There was a dress made of real peacock feathers plus flashy raincoats in a rainbow of color and metallic threaded dresses and ruched coats. There were corseted strapless tops with peplum trim, paired with glittering pencil skirts. They looked even better up close than they did on the runway.Pictured: The rainbow of shiny raincoats walking the runway to the tune of "Walk On" (images courtesy of Burberry)The Burberry Spring/Summer collection is full of bright, splashy colors for Spring fit for a rock star or the celebrity red carpet. There were the usual classic Burberry coats in white and neutral colors, but there were also lipstick reds, pinks, fuchsia, green and turquoise. The bright color palette was a stark contrast to the more subdued greys, yellows and black many designers showed at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2013. The fabrics were as rich and vibrant as the colors. Metallic silk used to make those amazing ruched dresses. Metallic leather, sateen and lace were also generously used in this collection. The accessories complimented the lush looks of the garments. In the show finale, the models walked with colorful plastic Burberry "blaze" bags that put memories of the faux Hermes jelly bags to shame. Shoes were 1940s vintage style metallic peep toe wedges and pointed toe wedges with ankle straps. The striking fashions were complimented by an equally stunning show soundtrack. Burberry's Christopher Baileyhas thoughtfully incorporated music into the brand's marketing strategy and social sharing to great effect. This show featured aplaylist of emerging British artists that every viewer probably added to their iPhone/iPod immediately after the show (I know I did!) The musical selections were:Pictured: A look at a corseted dress with a cape (images courtesy of Burberry)Pictured: A new take on the art of the trench, colorful Burberry coats on the London Fashion Week runway (images courtesy of Burberry) Follow Mary Hall on Twitter:?So how does one of the world's leading fashion brands, and one of the oldest, get ready for London Fashion Week? Maybe rehearsing the models, going to final fittings, checking the seating plan, and of course making sure the press and photographers are in place. Those are the typical to-do's. But in this era of social media and direct Internet communication to consumers, the Burberry brand added another item to their Fashion Week check list. Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer has taken over the brand's When I originally heard about this, I was skeptical. Many fashion houses are just taking to the social media airwaves, and some designers don't like being the voice behind their Twitter account. Some designers delegate the Twitter account to a PR agency to manage, and communicate with followers. One designer told me, anonymously, of course, that she really doesn't like using Twitter to communicate with her customers. When I asked why she said, "Because I can't say what I want to say in the format." Yes, that would be the 140 character limit. It's true that you can't always talk in complete sentences on Twitter. Mastering the art of Twitter is almost like learning to speak a foreign language. You must be succinct and crisp in your prose and use the in your messages. (Hashtags are a way for Twitter uses to tag their messages by names for easy search and retrieval.) Use of the Queen's English is not a pre-requisite. So why would a busy creative officer like Mr. Bailey want to take this on right before a major event like London Fashion Week I asked? The answer, because he likes to communicate directly with consumers. Here's what he had to say, in more than 140 characters. "We are now as much a media-content company as we are a design company because it's all part of the overall experience," says Christopher Bailey. Via Twitter, Mr. Bailey answered me, as to why he is Tweeting this week, " Enjoying interaction and great to share everything that goes on pre- show / pre live stream etc.," signed CB.Clearly, Christopher Baily gets it. In the Internet age, to be truly successful, a brand needs to communicate with customers via traditional print channels, as well as social channels. I love that I can hear from Christopher Bailey directly via a free tool like Twitter in real-time. I don't have to wait for a glossy fashion magazine to arrive at the end of the month. The print magazine's coverage, as much as I love and enjoy them, will be delivered long after the runway lights dim. It will be more of a recap, with gorgeous photos. In contrast, the photos delivered via Twitter may not be perfectly in focus, but they will be delivered in real-time as the models are walking the runway. Most exciting, everyone can share the show via the Internet. No invite necessary. The doors are open, and all the "Tweeple" are invited. The Burberry Womenswear show will be streaming live on the Internet on Tuesday from the Burberry site.Mr. Bailey uses social media other than Twitter to communicate with those who wear the Burberry clothes. He has a large Facebook following, and he speaks directly to them every week, via the Burberry Facebook group. What is interesting about the Facebook group is the way in which he engages with consumers. He is not just sharing fashion news, he is sharing his favorite pieces of music as well. Via Facebook, "Burberry Acoustic" music is shared. And apparently, Mr. Bailey is very involved in selecting the music for the Burberry runways show. As he Tweeted via his iPhone, "Just finalised music for the show and so excited..,! CB." Each Tweet from the Burberry Twitter account is signed with his initials. By sharing his musical tastes, and some free clips, Mr. Bailey is getting close to his customers by letting them enjoy the same things he enjoys. That creates a feeling of camaraderie, that helps customers feel close to him, and the Burberry brand. It's rather a brilliant marketing strategy. I enjoy listening to the music posted on Burberry Facebook, and it doesn't cost me a penny.Stay tuned for more social media marketing from the Burberry brand. In a few weeks, they are launching a "retail theatre concept." According to Christopher Bailey: This concept allows us to broadcast our multi- faceted content all over the world, directly to our stores, creating a modern and pure brand environment. Customers at the exclusive in-store digital events will experience the clothes, the music, the energy and the atmosphere in real time and have the unique opportunity to receive their orders in just 7 weeks. Love the concept, but 7 weeks is still a long time in the Internet age. Clearly, the worlds of fashion production and Internet response time are still merging. Meanwhile, Mr. Bailey will be on Twitter at least until Tuesday taking us all "behind the seams" at London Fashion Week, Twitter hashtag #LFW.Follow Mary Hall on Twitter:?Mary Hall is author of ,which is read by thousands of regular readers in over 120 countries. An internationally recognized expert on the art of the living the good life for less, she has been a commentator on local, national, and international radio and TV shows. Her advice has been featured in over 2,000 media outlets, including The New York Times, Reuters, Life & Style magazine and now The Huffington Post, among many others. As a marketing manager for technology products, Hall is at the forefront of Web 2.0 technologies and social networking sites. Mary has won many awards for e-marketing and her work marketing software and Internet technology.?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ3y2%2BCd8epkdQj2UKN14xi7V2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ53rI4f%2FNo7oyXAvVcpcAPr4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesONZAp5v%2FZYto0CpL2BNQDbLKBQntDL%2BG2ZKPlg9r%2BFV?The end of AIDS is not just possible but predictably achievable. Science is showing the way. But science is laborious, time consuming and costly. Its achievements must be complemented by effective government action to control the spread of HIV among vulnerable populations. As world leaders gather this week in Washington...?Mena Suvari's ex wants her to pay up. According to TMZ, Suvari's ex-husband, Simone Sestito, has filed court docs . Elsewhere in the docs, Sestito -- a concert promoter -- reportedly alleges that "American Reunion" actress makes $750,000 a year and says he's used to eating out "almost everyday at high end restaurants," listing his estimated monthly dining expenses at $3,000 a month. Suvari, 33, in January 2012 after 18 months of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences." Suvari has sought to , TMZ reported. The "American Beauty" , a cinematographer 17 years her senior, ended in 2005 after five years of marriage. In an interview with the Daily Mail last month, Suvari : "Honestly, I never thought that at 33 Id be a two-time divorcee. But OK, if thats the path my life is going down, then I accept it."Click through the slideshow below to see photos of Suvari and Sestito in happier times.Related on HuffPost: ? are like wearing clouds on your feet. They're as comfortable as and as warm as duvets, but they can resemble something you'd pair with a terry-cloth robe. As the temperature drops and you find yourself yearning to put on your fluffy ,...?MILAN — The first day of the Milan menswear shows for next summer was a mixed bag of old favorites and new entries.The biggest news Saturday was the return of Jil Sander to her eponymous label after an eight year absence. She marked her comeback with a prim and precise collection dotted with color and trendy styles, showing she is willing to update her minimalist trademark.The Sander event was nearly overshadowed by the unconventionally bright Burberry collection aimed at dispelling any British summer gloom.Dolce&Gabbana, using non-professional models imported from Sicily and harking back to yesteryear styles, showed that summer dressing can and should stay genuine and simple. Luxury comes in the details.Still to come in the four-day preview showings are such big Italian designer names as Versace, Prada, Missoni, Armani and Fendi.____JIL SANDERJil Sander is definitely back.The menswear collection shown in Milan on Saturday – the first collection German-born Sander has designed for her own label in eight years – had the undeniable minimalist touch which characterizes the eponymous label founded in 1968.The collection was prim, proper and precise. Pristine white shirts paired with an elongated jacket and slim trousers, both in dark Jil blue, graphic printed T-shirts in fabric just stiff enough to keep them from looking sloppy and classic two-tone lace-up shoes made up the summer look."It's good to be at home again," the designer told The Associated Press backstage after the much applauded show – the first of the four-day preview Milan menswear shows for summer 2013.In the label's stormy history – Sander left her company twice in the past 12 years – other designers tried their hand at her style, but no matter how creative, they were never quite able to match her very personal minimalism.The last of these was Belgian designer Raf Simons, who bowed out after his rave review women's collection last February, just as Sander was announcing her return. In April Simons was named creative director at Dior."We want to keep our integrity and go back to our roots," said the 68-year old designer, dressed in a crisp white shirt and navy slacks. Off the runway rumors had her unhappy with the flashier turn the label had taken.And yet her interim years, some spent designing for the low cost but trendy Japanese Uniglo chain, seem to have relaxed her tastes.The latest sleeveless jacket is really an elongated vest. Bermuda shorts in ultra-light wool are cut with precision but shaped like surfing trunks. Classic footwear sports a trendy colored sole.The once black and navy palette has been invaded for next summer by bright shades of ochre yellow, granite red and cobalt blue and particularly warm beige. No matter what the style, the fabrics are, as usual, exquisite._____DOLCE&GABBANAThese are happy boys. Happy that it's summer. Happy to be Sicilian.A live band in traditional costume, complete with mandolins and tambourines, accompanied the 73 men and boys who walked down the runway of the Dolce&Gabbana venue in downtown Milan, wearing yesteryear combinations of black and white, a reference by the designing duo to their Sicilian roots.Often opulent if not ostentatious in their fashion preferences, this round the duo opted for simplicity, starting with the models. Ranging from 12 to 43 years of age, all non-professionals, they come from Sicily from such walks of life as student, house painter, barber, waiter or simply unemployed."We wanted to put our clothes on real men because fashion should be for real people," Stefano Gabbana said, speaking to reporters ahead of the show.Maybe that is why despite the yesteryear setting, the models looked so at home in their striped black-and-white T-shirts over slim black slacks or plain black shorts accessorized by a black Sicilian cap.For more formal wear, the Sicilian man puts on his Sunday best: a pristine white shirt with wide open collar and a close fitting suit with small jacket and slim trouser. Boys, as was the custom until not very long ago, stick to shorts.Most of the outfits were accompanied by sturdy leather sandals.A closer look at the clothes, however, reveals that this is not low-cost fashion. Fabrics are ultra-light and ultra-fancy from linen to silk, to light wool and chiffon.The grand finale, made up of all 73 models, looked like a simple parade of dark suits and white jackets. In reality each outfit is unique, either in choice of fabric or styling detail.____BURBERRY"Come rain or shine" read the fashion notes at Burberry Prorsum.But the latest menswear collection by British designer Christopher Bailey, shown Saturday in Milan, was much more about shine than it was about England's proverbial bad weather.Everything in the summer 2013 preview collection, from short-sleeved shirts to traditional rain attire, was in shining, almost blindingly bright shades of metallic, or better yet, fluorescent fabric.Thus bring on a fuchsia pink trench coat, an electric blue bomber jacket or a shiny turquoise lapel on a classic tweed overcoat. Footwear, mainly of the sturdy sandal type, and practical tote and iPad bags also come in glaring hues.But fear not. Bailey wouldn't dream of leaving his tried and true customer out in the cold.Along with the shimmering shockers, the show was filled with traditional tweeds, classic suits albeit with a slim cut and country old favorites: raincoats, field jackets and oversized parkas.?Hair may be seen as a woman's crowning glory, but in African heritage societies it is much more than that. In all its variations: extended, plaited in an endless variety of patterns, decorated with cultural adornments, locked, naturally loose, sparkling with oil or carefree and frizzy, black hairstyles and particularly women's are not only a question of style and beauty but also of culture, politics and history.The hair conversation-so common amongst black women that it is tiresome to others and to some black women themselves-is actually one that I believe is not only desirable but also important.When black women , we are talking about aesthetics but we are also in often-subtle ways discussing political, socio-cultural and historical events. Implied in our conversations are a myriad of stories, historical and contemporary. From the vast numbers of Afro-wearing black women who until this day are or to the 'good hair'-phenomenon to beauty ideals. When we talk about hair, we are also analysing career choices; coming to grips with whether and/or why it is still considered unprofessional in some circles to wear an Afro or locks. We are reassuring each other that we won't judge each other by how we wear our hair. As singer Erykah Badu, whose career has seen her both in many hairstyles as in hair controversies, said, "Everyone with locks ain't for the cause, and everyone with a perm ain't for the fall". We are posing questions. Straight hair is polished and curly hair is wild, is that a fact or a lie? Why is it that in the 21st century, relaxers and weaves are standard hairdos for a majority of black women with the sales of a year in the US alone? Why are black women who wear their hair naturally seen to be non-conformist and radical? Why are black women with straightened hair more visible in the corporate world, in pop culture, as broadcasters, in the White House? When we ask our friends and acquaintances how long they have been natural, or cropped, or locked, their answers also tell us other things; they reveal how society has reacted to various hair choices.A in 2006 conducted by the University of Alabama, showed that hair texture was perceived as even more important for society's approval than skin colour, which indicates that a dark complexion person with straight hair might at times have an advantage over a lighter skinned person with tight curls."If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed," the comedian Paul Mooney said in the documentary "Good Hair". "If your hair is nappy, they're not happy."Anyone who thought such preconceptions were outdated or irrelevant in contemporary western society would have been reminded otherwise by such events as Glamour magazine's editor saying in 2007 that Afro hair and locks were a big "no-no" in the do's and don't of corporate fashion, or, the negative reactions by some Republicans to Malia Obama's hair twists last year. One thing seems certain, as mane-queen Diana Ross said, "Hair has always been important."As in other politics, where you have a spectrum of voters who debate, agree, disagree and share some values, , too, is contrasting. Not everyone finds implied profundities lurking underneath the conversation. Some find it to be superficial and exploitative. Why are black women so vain about their coiffures, they wonder? Are they simply more obsessed with their follicles than other women? They roll their eyes in a here-we-go-again manner as soon as the topic approaches. Of course, the black hair conversation doesn't always escape shallowness, but more often than not it goes beyond vanity, it's something to bond on because it contains a shared cultural experience. After all, we can't just go from believing that black hair is unruly/ugly/unprofessional, you name it, to loving our hair without some sort of discussion about the transitional process (literally).There is a lot of pent up emotion wrapped in conversations of hair. Regardless of the style they choose, many black women still feel the need to continually justify it. When the complex social and political concerns that have to do with black hair aesthetics are no longer part of our social fabric, then I reckon the conversation will gradually fade out. Follow Minna Salami on Twitter:?For all of you who just can't wait till September to get your Missoni on, Target has released .The collection includes tons of clothes, of course, but the preview snaps also show plates, pillows, mugs, laptop cases, blankets and even a bicycle all covered in Missoni's iconic, colorful, zigzag prints. The 20 photos are only the tip of the iceberg, as there are over 400 pieces to the Missoni for Target line, all priced between $7.99 and $199.99. Published on a Tumblr, the large cache of pics appears to be an absurdly substantial leak... except that Target's behind it all. The promo shots posted on , a Tumblr run by an anonymous blogger named Marina who has been "hired" by Target and Missoni to "cover their new collection" (Marina also has her own Twitter feed, )."Marina" has been blogging since April 5th, filling the Tumblr with fanciful posts about Milan, street style, pastries and other fashion-bloggery things. It is a clever, if just a bit shady, way for Target to cultivate an image for the collection, .The collab, , debuts in stores on September 13.In the meantime, while you wait with bated breath, browse the 20 preview shots as well as the other fun Missoni-themed tidbits that "Marina" has been posting on . ?It appears she was looking at her reflection pretty intently as she was approaching that back wall mirror; 'think she just lost her concentration. Of course not to mention the ridiculously high heels on slippery floor she was having to navigate.Kudos for her carrying on with one shoe, but I think it woulda made even a better point if she took the other debilitating shoe off, continued the model strut, got to the wall and give one of those sashay turnarounds they do, pause to give the audience a smile, THEN exit stage left.?Before you turn all your attention away from London and towards Milan, we've got two words for you: model down.At Monday's Mark Fast show, a model got a bit tripped up by her long beige crocheted dress, whose giant loops kept catching her heel. , the model stopped to unhook herself, kept walking, but got her shoe caught once again and tripped right in front of the photographers. And at yesterday's Amanda Wakeley Spring 2012 show, a model in a lengthy black frock (which we actually really like) got a little tripped up in her floaty hemline. She had to take a moment, and then another, to disentangle her skirts and then stumbled a bit more when exiting the runway. So no models completely down, really. And it seems like in both cases, the long hems and not the high heels were the culprit.Unlike, say, , in which a model in a little cocktail dress fell hard because of her treacherous pumps. Check out the pics and a video of Mark Fast's runway (but not the fall) below. ?MONTREAL -- Canadian and American developers plan to build a high-end shopping outlet centre north of Montreal that's expected to create as many as 800 full- and part-time retail jobs and will be marketed as a tourist destination."Shopping and vacations go hand-in-hand, thankfully,'' said Michele Rothstein, spokeswoman for U.S.-based Premium Outlets, a division of the Simon Property Group, the major partner in the development.Construction should begin this year on the outlet centre in the Town of Mirabel, becoming the second Premium Outlet Centre in Canada, Rothstein said Tuesday.The other outlet centre is being built west of Toronto in the Town of Halton Hills.It's expected the new centre, which will be called Montreal Premium Outlets, will also draw on Montreal-area shoppers, Rothstein said.Indiana-based Simon Property Group Inc., Toronto's Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust and Toronto-area SmartCentres are developing the Quebec outlet centre, which will have at least 80 stores and restaurants.Financial details weren't released, but the Simon Property Group will own 50 per cent of the roughly $150 million project.Names of stores for the Montreal- and Toronto-area outlets haven't been released yet. Stores at U.S.-based Premium Outlets include: Burberry, Kenneth Cole, J. Crew, Perfume Outlet, Cole Haan, Chef's Outlet and Vans.There will be between 600 and 800 full- and part-time retail jobs as well as construction jobs, totalling several thousand jobs associated with the project, Rothstein said.She said many Canadians are already familiar with Premium Outlets in places like Las Vegas, Orlando, Fla., and New York."We know that when you are on vacation and travelling, outlet centres are a fun destination to look for and to spend some time. To plan an afternoon,'' she said."We work with tourism bureaus locally and regionally to position the centre as a must-visit, but that doesn't negate the importance of the local and regional shoppers.''Al Mawani, president and CEO of Calloway, said some of the tenants at the 350,00-square-foot Quebec outlet will be new to Canada."`You have a collection of high fashion stores priced at a bit of a discount to what you might get for the same merchandise, if you could get it, in the downtown stores,'' Mawani said.Retail analyst John Winter said the Montreal outlet will bring more choice to consumers and isn't expected to hurt the downtown core."It's increasing the variety and the options,'' said Winter of John Winter Associates Ltd. in Toronto.If it's close to a major highway, it will be easy for tourists to get to, he said."Consumers want choice. They will probably bring in some new establishments that will increase the range of choice in the Montreal area. If it is the magnet that developers argue, then the vicinity will be crowded with stores and services, too. So it will be a big node that will expand.''Simon Property Group currently owns or has an interest in 337 retail real estate properties in North America and Asia.Calloway is one of Canada's largest real estate investment trusts. It owns and manages approximately 25 million square feet in 127 retail centres.Related on HuffPost: ?Community Notice:We've made some changes to our badge program, including the additionof our newest badge: Community Curator.?Every August I spend a week or so in Oxfordshire visiting my in-laws, who live in a sweet little village six miles outside of Oxford. While we are there, we take long walks in the countryside, have lunch by the river and barbeques in the evening, spending time with our five year old nephew who we don't see enough of.?Rolls Royce has become quite an important brand to me in these last few weeks. In part because of a rather dishy German PR but mostly, and more appropriately, because of the history of the company and its relationship with art and glamour alongside meticulous engineering and design.I'm all for a love story that can be captured for eternity by a great artist or writer so when I heard that Rolls Royce had commissioned Rankin to create 100 images to celebrate the Sprit of Ecstasy centenary my head and my heart simultaneously exploded.Being a woman who loves luxury and allure it seemed only natural that I would fall in love with Rolls Royce. I have dreams of me and a handsome man (the aforementioned handsome German would do) sitting in the rear of a Silver Cloud convertible, him in a Tom Ford suit with a pair of Persols and me head to toe in Coco Chanel with head scarf and huge sunglasses. We stop for a picnic lunch in the cornish town of Polperro and he feeds me oysters as I drink champagne whilst perched on a Burberry cashmere blanket. Then, with the Spirit of Ecstasy squeezing into view he holds me in his arms and we watch the sunset over the boats in the harbour... You get the picture. Rolls Royce feature in most of my inappropriately expensive but completely enchanting fantasies.To me, the Spirit of Ecstasy is the driving force behind my romantic relationship with the brand. She is an inspiration. She captures all that makes a women. Beauty, grace, mystery and silent strength. Emotional strength. She is a woman with a secret. A women in love. The story of her love is so bitter sweet and yet there she sits. Content and free.Ecstasy was inspired by The Whisper. A piece commissioned by the second Lord Montague that is said to immortalize his love affair with his secretary. This love however was never to be officially fulfilled because of her impoverished social status. She watched him marry a woman of notoriety bowing down to the pressures of social acceptance. Their secret love affair continued right up until her death. Rolls Royce's Spirit Of Ecstasy was to convey the spirit of the Rolls-Royce, namely, speed with silence, absence of vibration, the mysterious harnessing of great energy and a beautiful living organism of superb grace and Lord Montague's lover seemed the perfect symbol of this. Her name was Eleanor Thornton.Eleanor is an inspiration to me. A woman that loved a man with such passion and grace that she respected why their love couldn't be celebrated. She watched her love marry another and accepted why he had to do this. She did this without fight or spite. She kept her secret. Whilst her love for Lord Montague couldn't physically be displayed, purely the knowledge that he loved her was enough to keep her happy. I look at the Spirit of Ecstasy now and I see a woman who looks alone but is not lonely. She adorns one of the most sought-after cars on the planet. The wind billows through her clothes and her eyes are focused on the horizon on the future. Her face is content. It is the face of a woman so in love whose heart has found its home and she needs nothing else but the knowledge this love is returned to be free.Rankin was given a pretty tall order then when commissioned to celebrate 100 years of such an incredible icon. As one of the world's most influential photographers though, it seems to me that this was a clever move by Rolls Royce. He has bought all of the detail, the mystery and grace that has kept Eleanor so relevant over the last 100 years to life and produced a collection that enchants and draws you in. Most women, like Ecstasy, hold a secret and these photographs certainly portray that.You can see the video behind the making of The music on this film is called Time Will Remember Us by Gabriel Shadid. Rolls Royce have selected some of their favorites If you are a man and you have managed to read the whole of this article without feeling a little queasy then I have created a manly review of the Rolls Royce Phantom Series II which you can and I can promise there is no girly talk of love and romance or gorgeous German hunks. Actually I can't promise the last bit. There may be talk of a German hunk. Follow Nancy Atkinson-Turner on Twitter:?Whether we like it or not, African-American hair is still a hot topic. The fascination, debate, discussion (or whatever you'd like to call it) around natural hair has , parades, national conferences and even . It's a big topic and only getting bigger thanks to a new report we found in . , a consumer spending and market research firm, the number of black women who say they do not use products to chemically relax or straighten their hair jumped to 36% in 2011, up from 26% in 2010. What does this mean for the black beauty industry? There definitely needs to be a major shift in product development and care.The report also found that sales of relaxer kits have dropped by 17% between 2006 and 2011. Changes of 10 and 17 percent might not seem like much, but in a niche market like black haircare. A few big companies, like Soft Sheen-Carson, have seen the spike in interest and started to roll out products for their natural-haired customers. The heightened and still growing interest in natural hair is also that specialize in natural hair care to profit as well. And thanks to YouTube several natural hair enthusiasts havedolling out tons of haircare tips and showing how to manipulate curly manes into masterpieces. Here's a look at some of our favorite celebs who represent the growing number of women (are you one of them?) starting to embrace their natural roots. ?We couldn't stop laughing when Franchesca Ramsey joked about white girls comparing the feel of black girls' hair to a Brillo pad in her .But a version of the same unflattering sentiment is costing Sony Music $1.2 million...not laughs. Sony Music has (equivalent to about $656,000 in American dollars) in retroactive compensation back to 1997 for the release of the song "Veja os Cabelos Dela (Look at Her Hair)" by the Brazilian singer, comedian and whose stage name is Tiririca.The lyrics not only liken a black woman's hair to "a scouring pad for pots and pans," but also calls her a "stinking beast." Oy!The lawsuit was brought forth by 10 non-governmental organizations that fight against racism. Humberto Adami, the defense attorney of the NGOs, argued that black women were offended, exposed to ridicule and felt violated due to the lyrical content of the song. "This decision is a direct message to show how the issue of racial inequality should be treated. It is a moment to celebrate. The compensation won't even go to the authors of the lawsuit. The money will go to the Diffused Rights Fund of the Ministry of Justice,". Adami claims that the damages paid in the suit are the highest ever paid for compensation of a racist act in Brazil. A representative for Sony maintained that the song was not intended to offend women and that Tiririca was in fact alluding to his wife in the song and that the terminology used in the song are used by Brazilians in reference to not only black women but white women as well.Shame on Tiririca writing such a horrible song about his wife. Secondly, the song specifically referencing a "black woman," so I don't know how Sony can make the connection to white women. But you be the judge... The song lyrics in Portuguese and English: Veja veja veja veja veja os cabelos dela (4x) (Look look look look look at her hair (4x) Parece bom-bril*, de ari?? panela (It looks like a scouring pad for pots and pans) Parece bom-bril, de ari?? panela (It looks like a scouring pad for pots and pans) Quando ela passa, me chama aten??o (When she goes by, she catches my attention) Mas os seus cabelos, n?o tem jeito n?o (But her hair just isn't right) A sua catinga quase me desmaiou (Her stench almost made me faint) Olha eu n?o aguento, ?? grande o seu fedor (Look, I can't take it, her smell is so bad) Veja veja veja veja veja os cabelos dela (Look look look look look at her hair) Parece bom-bril, de ari?? panela (2x) (It looks like a scouring pad for pots and pans) (2x) Eu j?? mandei, ela se lavar (I told her to take a bath) Mas ela teimo, e n?o quis me escutar (But she's stubborn and doesn't listen to me) Essa nega fede, fede de lascar (This black woman stinks, she stinks horribly) Bicha fedorenta, fede mais que gamb?? (Stinking beast, smells worse than a skunk)But we love a natural 'do, don't you? ?As tears and tributes for the fallen in the 9/11 bombing attacks echoed throughout the city, one life was being remembered uptown, one that had nothing to do with the terror attacks. It was the life of an 18-year-old rising basketball star who was gunned down in a Harlem project one year ago.Balloons, cards, and red and white candles illuminate the memory of the fallen athlete outside the building where she was killed. It was just one year ago, in the wee hours the morning, that Tayshana was dancing with her friends in the courtyard of the Grant House Projects. What seemed to be a "fun" night quickly turned tragic when two young men approached the teen with a gun, eventually chasing her up four flights of stairs and . Her friends and family still wear T-shirts and pictures around their necks with the words "RIP Chicken," Tayshana's official nickname from birth, because her parents thought she looked like a wet duck when she was born but decided the name "Chicken" was better.A year later the mood at the Grant House Projects is less somber than it was last year. People come and go, adding their own candles and taking pictures with their smartphones.A stone's throw away at Columbia University, the fall semester had barely begun when news of the high-school basketball phenom's death dominated the headlines. After hearing the news, I knew I had a story and I was eager to piece together the last 24 hours of this young teen's life.Tayshana Murphy was an 18-year-old with a bright future and a big heart. She had dreams of going to college and playing in the WNBA. Colleges were already beginning to take notice, including Virginia Commonwealth University, which continued to monitor her progress even after she tore her ACL and had to sit out the season. By her senior year, ESPN's HoopGurlz ranked her 16th in the nation among high-school point guards. She had skills that could intimidate most athletes, according to Ed Grezinsky, the head coach at Murry Bergtraum High School, the school Tayshana had just transferred to, and where she thought she'd get her big break playing for their all-star basketball team. Off the court, Tayshana was an average student, as described by several of her classmates. Her main focus was basketball and not academics; her older cousin Alysha Green even remembers her saying that she wanted to play with men. "She thought she was too good for the women's league," Alysha said.But Tayshana was the perennial jokester. When her friends least expected it, she'd crack a silly joke or break out in an outlandish dance. The people around her couldn't help but laugh or join in, even her teachers. Her humor, charm, and green eyes made her just as popular off the court as she was on it. "When we was playing together, she would bring a lot of girls to the games," a former teammate at Bishop Loughlin, Simone Charles, said. Tayshana identified as a stud lesbian and wore men's Addidas tracksuits, Burberry shirts, and sagging Guess jeans, exposing her boxers. According to her friends, she felt comfortable wearing baggy pants and loose shirts because they made her feel "superior" and "powerful." Initially Tayshana's murder was considered a hate crime. The day after her death, derogatory slurs were painted on the stairwell of the fourth floor at 3170 Broadway. Later in the investigation, the hate-crime theory was dropped, and detectives tied the homicide to a dispute between the Grant and Manhattanville Houses that has been in existence for over 30 years.The neighborhood used to be a nice place to live, longtime resident Anna DaCruz, 33, says. She paints a scene of all the residents outside in the summertime, with music playing and people having fun with each other. But the violence has always been there, something she knew when she first signed her lease. "In Manhattanville, its not about whether you're a boy or girl," she says. "If people have problems with someone, gender doesn't matter. They will hurt you because they think that's what you deserve."The 26th police precinct is across the street from the Manhattanville Houses. A desk in the corner office belongs to Community Affairs Officer Jason Harper, 38. Born and raised in Harlem, Officer Harper is familiar with the Grant and Manhattanville feud, which has existed since he was a teenager, and which may have factored into Tayshana's death. "It's about bragging rights," he says, adding that the feud began when youths from both Grant and Manhattanville would hang out and horse around. "When the line was crossed and someone felt disrespected, that's when things got carried away and they did things to humiliate one another," he says. He describes the early disputes between the two projects as mere hand and cuff incidents. Today, the response has escalated, and young people are resorting to weapons. "Now it becomes much bigger than before, because the younger generation have bad conflict resolution skills," he says. "Instead of talking it out, they want to fight it out, kill it out."Two days after the murder, police found and who were suspects in Tayshana's murder, based on surveillance camera footage and other police evidence. According to court documents, Robert Cartegena, 20, and Tyshawn Brockington, 21, were found huddled in a bedroom closet in Columbia, S.C. Both were charged with murder in the second degree. Terique Collins, 24, of the Manhattanville Houses, was also arrested a few days later and accused with providing the murder weapon. His charge would be second-degree criminal possession of a gun. Court documents in the case do not provide a clear-cut reason as to why or how the suspects were involved with Tayshana, and all three pled not guilty. Tayshana had a serious side to her when she was on the streets. By the time she was 17, she had two arrests and a third-degree assault charge on her juvenile record. "Teenagers get into fights, and a fight is a fight," her father Taylonn Murphy said. "Tayshana was never arrested for a gun, and she was never arrested for a knife." Although Taylonn said he was disappointed in his daughter's arrests, in a place like the Grant Houses, violence is inevitable. "When you come from the projects, people don't want to talk about solutions. They just want to fight you, because that's the only way they think they are understood," he said.Taylonn remembers one fight where another girl was spreading rumors about Tayshana's girlfriend. "She was very protective of her friends and people she loved, so when it came down to it, she would fight for them or with them," he said. Kellee Thompson admitted to having "jumped" a girl with Tayshana. "I was having problems with this girl, so me and Tay went to fight her," she said. After the fight Kellee was arrested, and Tayshana spent the rest of the night at the 79th precinct, waiting for her to be released. It wasn't until she spent an entire night locked in a cold jail cell that Kellee recognized the caring, loving, and protective side of Tayshana. "The cop told me that she was dozing off and was really tired, but she stayed the whole night, until I got out," she said. "He told me, 'That girl out there really loves you. Stop putting her through this!'"Kellee and Tayshana had been in a relationship off and on for seven months before Tayshana was murdered. After they first met at a state playoff game against Christ the King High School in the Bronx, the two made it official and began dating. "We were always together. It became a pattern, always seeing each other and spending time together, because we enjoyed one another's company," Kellee said. Tayshana was also very close with her mother, Tephanie Holston. Her friends often joked that there were two things Murphy couldn't go to bed without: her thumb and her mother. In one of her poems, entitled "Harlem Love," she wrote about her relationship with her family: "My family is my biggest motivation.My family is my biggest helping hand.My family is who I live for, I'll do everything I can."Almost six months after Tayshana was murdered, family and friends gathered at the State Supreme Court in downtown Manhattan for an evidentiary hearing. The three men accused of murdering Tayshana were escorted into the courtroom and were instructed to sit beside their lawyers. Four police officers stood directly behind the men, making it almost impossible to see their 5'6" and 5'7" frames.At the end of the hearing, no new evidence was provided. The lawyers for the suspects requested more time to get reports from the medical examiner, and the judge set another hearing for April 19, 2012.As the men were led out of the courtroom, Murphy's friends and family shifted in their seats and made comments about the ruling. "Don't drop the soap," said one woman in the third row."Are you serious? They just gonna get away like that?" another man said as he stood up to leave the room. Taylonn Murphy stood outside the courthouse with a cigarette in hand and a thoughtful look on his face. He was dressed in Tayshana Murphy paraphernalia: a navy blue sweater with a picture of his daughter posing with a basketball; a white T-shirt with the words "Ball in Peace" and an image of Tayshana with a pair of angel wings; and a chain with his daughter's birth and death dates. After speaking with some of Tayshana's friends, Taylonn became visibly distraught over the hearing and said he hasn't given up hope that the justice system will work. Throughout the year, the tributes never stopped. The 18-year-old's Facebook page has 5,236 friends, many of whom post regularly, with some messages as simple as "I miss you" or "Goodnight Chicken." The case has been adjourned until Sept. 27, and no changes have been made to the original indictment. One year later, the family and friends of Tayshana Murphy still await justice. They wait and remember quietly. There is no fanfare on the anniversary of her death, no television crews or news reporters, just friends dropping in to say, "We miss you." Follow Nell Smith on Twitter:?Daily Mail:'Hot' lists are de rigueur at this time of year but if you want to know who is truly boiling for 2008, there is arguably no more accurate a barometer than the Burberry advertising campaign.According to its latest campaign for this spring, those whose star is in the ascendant include Coco Sumner, daughter of Sting, Merlin Ferry, son of Bryan, actors Alex Pettyfer and Eddie Redmayne, golfer Liam Wade and musicians Will Cameron and Jack Bevan. ?
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A Georgia federal judge on Tuesday wasn't convinced. In a lawsuit brought by the estate that controls Bogart's intellectual property, the judge rejected a motion to dismiss the case, allowing it to move to a trial where several millions of dollars will be at stake.
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STORY: Kat Graham Teases a 'Surprise' Return and More Trouble for Elena in 'The Vampire Diaries' Fourth Season
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Houston is currently charting this week on Billboard's tallies as a featured player on the soundtrack to her final film, Sparkle. The album debuts at No. 26 on the Billboard 200, selling 12,000 copies in its first week. It includes two cuts by Houston: "Celebrate" (a duet with her co-star Jordin Sparks) and a cover of "His Eye Is On the Sparrow."?If you are not a baker, finding a gift for one can be a bit of a challenge. How can you know which rolling pin is the most practical, or which spices are the most sought after? Well, have no fear, we took all the questioning out of the gift giving for you this year and put together a collection of gifts perfect for anyone who enjoys baking, sweet or savory. We have gifts for both the professional or amateur baker; from master tip piping sets for serious cake decorations to retro kitchen timers to help ensure that burning delectable treats never happens again. Any baker will be pleased with these. So, rest assured and look no further, your holiday gift giving has just gotten that much simpler. Just click through the slideshow and you will see. ?So it looks like "Call Me Maybe" is the song of the summer, which means it's also the parody, spoof, cover, lip dub du jour. It doesn't matter where you go these days, it seems like there's someone singing it right at your ear holes.While some of these homages to the Carly Rae Jepsen hit are pretty great, plenty more are downright scary. And there's most certainly more to come.With that in mind, we've attempted to do a public service by coming up with a list of 25 people who absolutely should not, under any circumstances cover "Call Me Maybe." Take heed, you 25... the future of planet earth may just depend on you.Related on HuffPost:?These are my poutine recommendations next time you guys are in Montreal. La Banquise (Rue Rachel, a block east of Parc Lafontaine) 24H, really busy after 3 a.m.Chien-chaud Victoria (Rue de la Gauchetire and C?te Beaver-Hall) Business dristrictLe resto du Village (Rue Wolf and Ste Catherine East in the gay village) 24HPatati Patata (Rachel and St Laurent) Small portions and FRESH ingredientsRapido (St Dennis and Mont-Royal) Frites Alors (Several locations)Over the topFoie gras Poutine at Au pied du cochon (Duluth and St Hubert)?The on Canadian soil was long overdue. It is the right thing to do and justice has finally been served. This saga has put our values and principles to the test. Many people have cried out loud to ban him from the country altogether. They were willing to abandon our judicial system and throw our values in the garbage bin. Their personal views and prejudice has blinded them from treating the case with a sense of balance, objectivity, fairness and justice. His faith and the ethnic community he belongs to did not help him either to win sympathy in the wider society or even from his own government. To be a Muslim these days is double jeopardy. It is a crime itself in the public arena where you are convicted beyond reasonable doubt and you are guilty until proven otherwise. If the exact scenario surrounding this young man was applicable to another child who belonged to a different culture, the perception might have been quite different. If he for instance was the son of the Prime Minister or the cousin of the Governor General, we would have witnessed a different movie altogether. The same people who are advocating for closing the doors on him would have changed the tone altogether. They would have protested day and night to make sure justice is served. They would have portrayed him as a young child who deserves sympathy from everyone. A child is a child, they would have argued. These people who are upset to see the government's move to bring him back to Canada should learn to accept the reality of our system. The system should be applied the same to everyone whether the person in question is someone we like or not. If they still find it difficult to accept the reality of having the government fulfilling its obligation towards one of its citizens, then they can try to get help from therapists to overcome the difficulty they are going through. They can train their minds into believing that the young man is not Omar Khadr. He is rather Joseph Smith and is their relative who is caught in difficulty abroad. Once they train their minds to have a different perception of him, their psychological trauma will settle down. They will be able to reconcile the difficulty they are having and they will treat him like everyone else. What this young man has gone through leads me to question whether I am still considered a real Canadian. If I, or someone like myself, go through an ordeal overseas, would I be looked at differently by my fellow Canadians and treated like someone who doesn't really belong here? Learning from the Omar Khadr saga, I am fearful and uneasy. In spite of been granted citizenship, I feel that I am somehow judged as someone else -- perhaps a second class citizen. The only reason why this young man got the treatment he got from the government and also the general public is due to being different. In spite of his citizenship and being born here did not help him get a fair share of the system. I wish we wouldn't lie to each other anymore. We should not keep each other in the dark. We should develop a more transparent system to reflect the reality of who we are and where we stand when it comes to our sense of belonging. Perhaps there should be first class, second class and even third class Canadian citizenship. At least we would know who we really are and each person would know what to expect. I am neither a supporter of this young man nor a fan of the extreme ideology of al-Qaeda. As a matter of fact, al-Qaeda has murdered more Muslims than anyone else. They don't even consider me as a true Muslim. I am pro justice and fairness. That is why I crossed miles and oceans to come to Canada because of its system that is based on justice and freedom. But I am greatly disappointed the way this lad has been treated all along. I feel that there is a lot that need to be done to overcome prejudice and to be able to live up to our own principles which have built this country and made it envy to the entire world. People come here not because of what Tim Horton's has to offer; not to watch hockey or listen to Celine Dion. They have made Canada their own home due to the judicial system that we have. This Khadr saga has shown our hypocrisy which we should all be ashamed of. While we sing the slogans of equality, such words did not show any significant meaning towards this man who deserved fairness irrespective of who he is or the faith he belongs to.?The estranged father of singing superstar Adele has begged forgiveness from his pregnant daughter.Adele recently announced she and charity...?For many of us, the British Chancellor's annual budget announcement is a familiar ritual. We watch out for the extra couple of pence on a pint of beer or a glass of wine. We wince at the inevitable hike at the petrol pumps and wait hopefully for a few pounds back in tax credit or personal allowance. But the UK budget doesn't just matter to 60 million Brits. Admittedly, not many of the world's poorest people will be gathered around the television watching George Osborne at the despatch box on Wednesday - but for some of them, his words are a matter of life and death. ONE decided to get to the bottom of the figures and find out just how important they are.Our report, , reveals, for the first time, the true impact of UK aid around the world. This new audit of British aid spending plans shows that UK aid will put 15.9 million children in school, protect 5.8 million mothers during childbirth, provide safe drinking water to 17 million people and help over 9 million people overcome malnutrition in the next four years. But all this will only be achieved if the Chancellor confirms in this week's budget that the UK government will reach its target of investing 0.7% of national income in international aid next year. This new research makes it clear: now would be the worst possible time for Britain to walk away from its promise to the world's poorest. Not just because lives and futures depend on it, but also because in tough times, smart aid is not just good for the poorest countries. It's good for Britain too. Aid helps countries grow, and as they grow they become potential markets and trading partners for UK plc. This isn't about creating a never ending cycle of aid. demonstrates how UK aid will help bring forward the day when aid is no longer needed. In the next four years UK aid will help 77.6 million people access formal financial services, such as bank accounts or credit - the basics needed to start a business. And it will help create employment opportunities for 19.3 million people by investing in infrastructure, supporting entrepreneurs, developing markets to sell goods, encouraging trade and investment, and increasing agricultural productivity. During David Cameron's recent visit to the United States he and Barack Obama said that "As two of the world's wealthiest nations, we embrace our responsibility as leaders in the development that enables people to live in dignity, health and prosperity." Cameron is right to recognise our responsibilities as a wealthy nation - and he also knows Britain's aid promise is affordable. Even at 0.7% of national income, UK aid will account for just 1.6 pence in every pound of government spending. In tough economic times, keeping our aid promise is more important than ever. No other budget achieves so much for so little. The government's bilateral and multilateral aid reviews demonstrated its commitment to fund the most cost-effective projects available and just last week the Department for International Development (DfID) to ensure that any allegations of misuse of funds are properly investigated. Nobody claims aid is perfect, but British aid is good and getting better.Each of these statistics on their own is remarkable but together they add up to one of the wisest and most far-sighted investments our government can make. No one wants aid to continue forever but if done properly this is an investment that will save and transform lives, boost economic prospects and help to bring forward the day when extreme poverty - and aid itself - is a thing of the past. Follow Adrian Lovett on Twitter:?I'm exhausted from Wal-Mart's 50th birthday bash held in Fayetteville, Arkansas last Friday for shareholders like me. described it as an "upbeat event," but aside from the Nashville/Hollywood glitz on the stage -- the event was more of a corporate mea culpa. I didn't even go -- but I'm exhausted from reading the reports about how Wal-Mart has found a new determination to "act the right way," to quote Sam Walton's son, Chairman of the Board, Robson Walton. In light of the Mexi-gate bribery scandal, it's reassuring to know that after half a century, Wal-Mart has discovered "there is no grey area between right and wrong," according to CEO Mike Duke. ""It's either the right thing to do or we shouldn't do it."For community activists like me, it wasn't Justin Timberlake or Celine Dion who livened up the Wal-Mart party. Instead, it was Wal-Mart's slow-growth pattern from its financial statements that heartened us. Say what you will about Wal-Mart's stock peformance -- the good news is that Wal-Mart is building far fewer superstores than in the past. And what they are building is getting smaller. Twenty years ago, Wal-Mart was adding a new store every 2.3 days. The company added 158 stores in 1993. From 1992 to 1995, Wal-Mart boosted its U.S. store count by an average of 127 stores per year. But since 2009, the retailer has increased domestic stores by an average of 70 stores per year, a 45% slow-down in growth. In 2011 the rose by only 49 units, and in 2012 by only 64 stores. This translates into fewer stores to fight, fewer neighborhoods on the defensive, and fewer headlines about Wal-Mart confrontations. It also means Wal-Mart Realty has had a chance to focus on filling the "dead stores" the company has accumulated during its major growth years. In 2005, I reported on that Wal-Mart was carrying 356 dead stores, with nearly 27 million square feet of empty space on the market. Today, has 143 buildings either for sale or lease. More than 60% of these buildings are larger than 100,000 square feet, so it takes a lot of real estate agents to fill up buildings that large. Typical of what happens to these cast-off buildings is that they sit idle for several years, and then some less productive resuse is made of them. For example, there is a store for lease in that was 115,348 square feet when Wal-Mart abandoned it. Today a church is leasing 27,843 square feet, and the other 87,508 square feet are empty. In , Wal-Mart shut down its discount store, and is building a supersize me directly across the road. Their 120,000 square foot discount store sits empty on 15 acres of land, waiting for someone to lay out $4.65 million to buy it. On the same day that the Walton family was parading across the stage in Bud Walton Arena, the company they grew unspeakably rich from was quietly settling a federal religious discrimination against it by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The suit charged that Wal-Mart had threatened to fire a Morman employee who refused to work on the Sabbath---a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As part of its settlement, Wal-Mart agreed to pay $70,000 and train its HR people on how to accommodate the religious practices of its workers. So perhaps Rob Walton was on the level when he "Acting with integrity is not negotiable. You have my word. We will act the right way."I wonder if the company will translate that into Spanish?Finally, as I read the long list of celebrities who performed on stage, I kept wondering how many Wal-Mart workers in the audience could have been decently paid from the retainers charged by Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie, Justin Timberlake, and Celine Dion. Wal-Mart continues to exploit its workers, and instead of doing the right thing, the company spends its money to buy workers an afternoon with Justin Timberlake in grass hula skirt. Al Norman is the founder of . His book was released this month. ?It's embarrassing to admit, as a 42 year old man, that I have enjoyed watching idol with my wife for 3 or 4 years now...if Urban and Minaj (makes me shutter to even type those two names) become judges, I will be forced to stop watching altogether. While Keith is a nice enough guy, he is part of the ONLY musical genre I just simply can't find a singe ounce of respect for...Pop Country. There isn't a musical genre that is more product over art than that. Plus, it seeks to reinforce over-romatic, low info conservative "gut feel" ideolgies. I just saw Rascal Flats on TV, getting a new promo car getting built by West Coast Customs...they wanted a Red Camaro for their song "Red Camaro"...they couldn't even identify the Camaro as a Camaro on the guy's lot...lots of inner experience going into those lyrics...And Minaj? She must be one of the most corporate-produced market research bots of all time.?LOS ANGELES -- Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Mary J. Blige are among the heady names being tossed around as potential judges for "American Idol" after Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez skipped out on next season.Star power, after all, is what judges add to TV talent shows that otherwise feature unknowns whose performances can range from surprisingly good to stunningly awful.But Fox's "American Idol," trying to right itself after shedding viewers in its 11th season, may also need to play a numbers game – as in the age of the judges brought in to revitalize a show whose audience is getting smaller and older, neither a plus for advertisers."They need judges who will resonate with young people," said media analyst Brad Adgate.Carey, Dion and Blige, undeniably winning stars, all are in their early 40s.The median age for the "American Idol" audience rose above 50 last season, the first time ever, and Adgate suggests it take a page from "The X Factor" playbook, as devised by its creator and producer, Simon Cowell."Cowell beat them to the punch" by hiring Britney Spears and Demi Lovato after "X Factor," the Fox version of Cowell's British hit, stumbled in its debut last season. Spears, 30, and Lovato, 19, replaced Paula Abdul, 50, and Nicole Scherzinger, 34.(Worth noting: The male judges, Cowell, 52, and producer Antonio "L.A." Reid, 56, are staying put for season two.)Lopez announced her departure on Friday, a day after Tyler (an unlikely senior statesman at 64) said he was leaving "American Idol" to concentrate on his role as Aerosmith's frontman. Both appeared for two seasons."I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do that I've put kind of on hold because I love `Idol' so much," the 42-year-old actress-singer-dancer told "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest on his radio show.Fox may be scouting for an entirely new panel, with some reports suggesting that original "Idol" judge Randy Jackson, 56, could shift to another role while Carey, whom he manages, becomes a judge. Jackson's and Carey's publicists did not respond to requests for comment.The makeover comes at a critical time. In May, "American Idol" posted its lowest-rated finale ever after a season that marked its poorest showing yet among young adult viewers age 18 to 49. A pattern of overall declining viewership continued for the show, which fell from the No. 1 spot for the first time since the 2005-06 season, placing second to NBC's "Sunday Night Football.""Idol" needs to stem its audience losses and level out, Adgate said, which would be enough to keep it a Top 10 program and a "force to be reckoned with."Among the younger possibilities who might help, 19-year-old Miley Cyrus fits the Lovato mold. Speculation also has focused on former "Idol" winner Carrie Underwood, 29, and finalists Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert, both 30.Lambert addressed the possibility this week in an interview in London, where he appeared in concert with Queen."Well, nothing's been confirmed yet. If I were to be asked, I'd love the job. I think that would be great. That's `if,' because nothing's been asked yet," he said, adding that he'd enjoy being a panelist who could "help other artists reach their dreams."Nigel Lythgoe, an "Idol" executive producer who recently joked about hiring Jerry Lewis and Charlie Sheen as judges, was circumspect about Lambert."The minute `American Idol' is discussed and judges are discussed there's gonna be a lot of names flying around, and this is an interesting one," he said. "I happen to like Adam Lambert a great deal but I'm not sure where this has come from probably from Adam Lambert's fan club. We'll wait and see."Youth isn't all, of course. Other factors at play involve the fan base that judges bring or develop, their skill on live TV and their chemistry with fellow panelists.Casting a talent show judge, while less daunting than making a Supreme Court pick, can be tricky. The right person has enough celebrity cachet and success to be desirable, but not so much to be unattainable. It's unlikely that Rihanna, at least for now, sees a judgeship as a career ambition.Predicting who will flourish in a reality TV setting is another hurdle. Who would have guessed, for instance, that the hard-living Tyler would display such impish charm?Conversely, popular daytime host Ellen DeGeneres was a short-lived "Idol" judge, appearing ill-at-ease and timid in her contestant critiques. Songwriter Kara DioGuardi had serious music credentials but wasn't ready for prime-time.Whether panelists will mesh, or for how long, also is hard to predict. The love-hate banter between Cowell and Abdul delighted viewers on "Idol" but had worn thin when they reunited on "X Factor." On NBC's "The Voice," country star Blake Shelton and rocker Adam Levine have proved a fun and feisty duo."Idol" producers have so far been circumspect while fans toss around names like Carey, Dion and Blige. While millions of dollars are at stake for networks, celebrities weighing a career move to "Idol" know a hefty paycheck may be just the start of their windfall.When Lopez signed a reported $12 million, two-year deal with "Idol," she hadn't triggered real excitement in the record world for years and her box-office value had taken a hit with flops including "The Back-Up Plan."But on "Idol," the glamorous, warmly appealing Lopez restored her popularity and converted it into new opportunities, including a TV show about global Latin talent. Tyler's image adjustment did the same for him."Who would have thought Tyler would be doing Burger King commercials and Lopez would be hosting `Saturday Night Live?'" analyst Adgate said. "They got back into the mindset of pop culture followers."___Associated Press Writer Alicia Rancilio in New York contributed to this report.___Related on HuffPost:?It's been quite a week in "" news, and a few other big changes may be headed to the Fox singing competition show. , Mariah Carey is in talks to join the judges panel, while Randy Jackson may be stepping down. "They are in serious talks with Mariah and it's very close to being a done deal," a source told Us. "And they will move Randy into a more mentoring role."On Thursday,After some long ... hard ... thoughts I've decided it's time for me to let go of my mistress 'American Idol' before she boils my rabbit," the Aerosmith singer said in a statement. "I strayed from my first love, Aerosmith, and I'm back -- but instead of begging on my hands and knees, I've got two fists in the air and I'm kicking the door open with my band.". "I've enjoyed it so much, but I am thinking it's maybe time for me to go and do other things I really love to do like films ... and performing," Lopez said on "Today." "I know everybody wants that definite yes or no, and ... all I can let you in on is my own thought process with it, because thats where I truly am." Do you think Mariah Carey would make a good "American Idol" judge? Sound off in the comments. Related on HuffPost:?If the magazine industry was a pyramid, would be on top -- all by itself. After 120 years of production, Vogue has made itself into a fashion bible and it helps define what we will be buying and seeing for seasons to come. For this year's September issue -- which weighs roughly the same as a newborn baby -- Vogue has found 120 of the most influential musicians, models, designers and actresses all under 45 who are shaping fashion as we know it. And we predict they will still be influencing us in five, 10 or 20 years time. Here are 10 of the beautiful photographs -- shot by -- that you'll find on .?Designer digs for a fraction of the price. Yes please. Check out these outlets that offer heavily discounted luxury items from just a seasons or two past. Bicester Village - EnglandFoxTown Outlets, Mendrisio - SwitzerlandGotemba Premium Outlets - JapanJeremy's - San FranciscoJoyce Outlet - Hong KongLa Vallee Village - FranceThe Mall Outlet - ItalyThe "Space" Prada Outlet - ItalyYeoju Premium Outlet - KoreaWoodbury Commons - New YorkAmy Chan is the Director of Marketing for , the world's largest luxury hotel reviewer. To read more of her articles, visit Follow Amy Chan on Twitter:?Two years ago, Amy Voelker was enjoying a getaway with her extended family at a rental house in Redington Beach, Florida -- and a second meeting with her four-month-old grandson. "I had only seen the baby once," Voelker said, "and was looking forward to spending more time with him -- with everyone, all together." The party included her husband of 20 years, Elroy "Roy" McConnell II; their son Kelly, 19, and his girlfriend; Amy's stepsons, Roy III, 28, and Nathan, 24, and their wives; Nate's two-year-old; and Roy III's new baby. Photos of the weekend capture a happy afternoon on the beach, the younger men in swim trunks playing football on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. And then the nightmare began. Voelker's husband and three sons had gone to see a late-night movie while the women watched a DVD and went to bed. At around 4 a.m., one of Voelker's daughters-in-law awoke to discover the men hadn't returned. Over the next two-and-a-half hours, the frantic women called the men's cell phones, the police, hospital emergency rooms, anything they could think of. They found an online news report about a bad accident but couldn't determine the make of the cars involved from the photo.Voelker was on the phone for the fourth time with local police when the officer on the line asked her to open the front door for the victim support team, which confirmed the worst: All four men were dead, killed by a drunk driver who ran a red light and crashed into their Ford Fusion."We knew it; we just knew it," Voelker said.What followed was a blur. Charges were filed against the 20-year-old driver of the other car. Those days in court were among the hardest, Voelker said. She and her husband's former wife -- the biological mother of the two older boys -- sat shoulder-to-shoulder, supporting one another. The driver eventually changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced to 44 years in jail. The ensuing days ran together, the only common thread her constant grief, said Voelker. It was hard to get out of bed some days, and at times even the love and support she was getting felt overwhelming. Voelker said her church family and her employer -- the University of Central Florida -- were "just terrific," understanding both her need to take time off and to get back into the groove of normalcy. On some days she would go to work, but just not be able to get through the day. One daughter-in-law and her youngest son's girlfriend stayed around for a month or so. The three women "medicated with food," Voelker said, and eventually joined Weight Watchers together.Voelker knew that exercise helps heal both body and mind -- her husband had participated in races and triathlons, and was a regular gym rat. In fact, he had persuaded her to join him there in the months before he died, and she began getting into shape. But after the accident, she couldn't bring herself to go back. "It was just too hard," she said.Then one day, Voelker was mindlessly thumbing through the AARP magazine -- she had just turned 50 and received her first issue -- when she noticed an ad for a "Take Charge of Your Future" contest the organization was running. It seemed to "speak" to her, she said, and on something of a lark, she penned a 300-word essay and sent it in. The prize: a personal trainer to help her meet her fitness and life goals. Voelker won. "I never won anything," she said, and her shock was enough of a jolt to motivate her. She decided to begin training for the Roy McConnell Mango Sprint Triathlon -- a race that was renamed for her husband, who had completed it several times. In her contest entry, Voelker wrote that she not only wanted a fitness makeover, she wanted to use that newfound fitness to pursue her goal of helping others understand the consequences of drunk driving. She joined Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and expects to do more public appearances once she is in better physical shape. With just six weeks of training under her belt, Voelker said she already feeling stronger, lost some weight and feels better emotionally.Through exercise and training and the support of friends and family, Voelker has found a new vision of herself, she said. "I'm able to look forward." As for the man responsible for killing her family, she feels it's important for her to forgive him."I'm not 100 percent there yet, but I know it's important for me to forgive him," she said. "If I didn't, I would be allowing someone to have control over me."?Photo: WireImageSee more looks from the show below and see more New York Fashion Week coverage here. var src_url=""Shooting babies isn't all sh*ts and giggles... It's mostly sh*t. All over the floor."Much like how we discovered that Lisa Frank was actually , a new comedy sketch from shows us that the world's most famous baby photographer actually f#@&ing hates babies.Sure, Anne Geddes used to be a famous fashion photographer in the 80s, but that was before she found the perfect subject, one that's always under 90 lbs and never has a cocaine problem. Spending time with these drooling, crying half-people was her only choice.Plus, if it weren't for photographing babies in cabbage, old boots or garbage cans, she would have never became best friends with Celine Dion. Sacrifices, people. Sacrifices.Also on HuffPost:?She has his name tattooed in a heart on her right arm but Antonio Banderas's wife, Melanie Griffith, may want to consider getting it removed after hearing the latest rumors.The couple has been together for 15 years, but after at a Cancun nightclub on top of several other incidents, the Spanish hunk has struggled to woo his wife back, reports RadarOnline.While Banderas partied in Cancun, his wife was at home in LA caring for their daughter, Stella, .As photos of Banderas and the unknown woman began to spread, Melanie's initial response to the alleged infidelity, , was a quote posted online: "BoyfriEND, girlfriEND, friEND, everything has an end, except for family."It seems she began considering an "end" to Banderas last week when photographers discovered her out on the town -- without her wedding ring. "Melanies a mess. Not only is she in jeopardy of losing the love of her life, but her career is in the toilet while Antonios star is continuing to rise," . "I think Melanies self esteem hit an all time low and she believed Antonio was torturing her. For years, it's as if shes been consumed with jealousy over his flirting and outspoken love for beautiful women."Banderas has been attempting to quell the rumors and is "desperately trying to win Melanie's trust back," . He's also been quick to point out the wedding ring is still on his finger.While all the drama shakes out, Melanie has headed to the family house in Aspen. The last thing Banderas wants is a nasty high-profile divorce, . Despite their problems he still loves her and will do anything to keep her from leaving him.Indeed, the Hollywood jet-setters have endured many prior strains to their relationship, most notably . During that time, Banderas said of their relationship, "We love each other, and above all we love our family. We've figured out how to get past obstacles and if you get past those, you only get stronger."Banderas and Griffith recently made our list of "Odd Celebrity Couples." See the whole list below:? and are joining forces.No, it's not a masterplan to destroy hipster minds everywhere. Rather, the pair will be part of a good cause -- a benefit concert to support the family of Denis Blanchette, a lighting technician who was at a victory party earlier this month when the separatist Parti Qubcois won the .Blanchette was shot when Richard Henry Bain opened fire during Quebec's premier-designate Pauline Marois' speech. Bain has been charged with murder.Where the artists come in is the Denis Blanchette Benefit Concert, being held October 1 at Metropolis in Montreal, Quebec. The funds raised will go towards providing for Blanchette's young daughter as well as co-worker Dave Courage, who was also shot, but survived.Arcade Fire and Celine Dion have already committed to performing, but a number of other high profile Quebec musicians are also playing as well, including Patrick Watson, Coeur De Pirate, Ian Kelly and Vincent Vallires. Organizers are also suggesting there may be other surprise guests.Tickets will go for between $80 and $175 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster.?The Three Weissmanns of Westportby Cathleen ShineFarrar Straus and Giroux 292 pp $25.00NormanceBy Louis-Ferdinand Clinetranslation and introductionby Marlon JonesDalkey Archives371 pp $14.95 Bagatelles pour un massacreBy Louis-Ferdinand ClineParis: Deno?l 379 pp 1938There are days, Helen Mirren's lady detective efforts notwithstanding, that we seem stuck in a self perpetuating gender warp; the gents, still influenced by Humphrey Bogart and "The Big Sleep" go through one door, while Mma Ramotswe (played by Jill Scott) and her hilarious detective agency in Botswana, another. My question for Cathleen Schine's marvelous The Three Weissmanns of Westport is - does the publicity for it, insisting on its "homage to Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility " create unnecessary static ? Is there too much signaling of 'chick lit?' Of Channel 13's Jane reruns? (I will get to Cline further along.) I bring this up because potential readers may be inadvertently robbed of the amazing originality of Schine's current novel, and its homage to the new rather than the old. Yes, of course, the inimitable Jane is inimitable, and many male novelists, including Harold Brodkey have drawn inspiration from her, but novels should give us new news of the external and internal world. Has the author put us on to a fresh foot path? I remember as a student coming home from Paris, bringing with me a Dyna Panhard, a tiny sea blue French car, buying a copy of Catcher in the Rye, and sitting in my parked Dyna (in the 1950s Madison Avenue was relatively empty) - I've often written about that day - and not getting out of the car until I'd finished Catcher. The literary skies suddenly opened up. I didn't need to be burdened with Simone de Beauvoir's chic smarts, war novels, southern eccentrics, Faulkner's Temple Drake, Tolstoy's Anna dead beneath the Russian railroad tracks, Blanche DuBois or even Mary McCarthy. Salinger gave my generation a permission to write about our lives, our very ordinary adolescent times. He gave us our voice, our right to be serious in our own postwar, perhaps over-privileged, tones. The Three Weissmanns of Westport has gotten superlative reviews. Still a contemporary artist wouldn't want his/her work too tightly nailed to say, Matisse or Picasso, and this over insistence on Jane ignores the book's originality. Schine has a wide range -- her New York Times' book review last year of Alexsandar Hemon's The Lazarus Project is a complex account of the way Eastern Europe is now. And her Westport isn't the place of 20 years ago, and certainly not the Westport with memories of F.Scott Fitzgerald and theatre folk, nor the arty crowd, nor the later advertising bunch, and it certainly isn't the anti-Semitic Connecticut of Gentleman's Agreement. Her Westport has become a provincial town, prosperous and dreary, somewhat like Emma Bovary's Tostes, near Rouen. Betty Weissmann, in her mid '70s, isn't dreaming of lovers: her romantic "love" is Manhattan from where she has been temporarily banished. She and her two grown daughters, Miranda and Annie, have joined economic forces in order to combat her husband's divorce lawyers, who are attempting to filch the family assets, namely her beloved Central Park West apartment. The Holocaust is a distant drum beat, it might as well be taps played in the last century, its only relevance is that rich Uncle Lou spreads his generosity to all the inhabitants of the novel - Jews and Christians alike - as a result of having been welcomed into America as a child escaping the Holocaust. Lou provides the three women with his beachfront extra cottage, so that they have the means to wait out the divorce lawyers.Betty wanders disconsolate through Westport: "There was nothing to do, no one to do it with, and she wouldn't drive at night, so on top of everything else there was no way to get there. She daydreamed about the buses in New York with their interesting bits of poetry or quotes from George Eliot, their ads for Con Ed or the Bronx Zoo. How civilized and communal New York seemed from the vantage point of this lonely land of cars and crows and Lanes and Drives and Crescents....'Very cosmopolitan little town,' Betty had answered her friend in her most chipper voice. But Westport struck her as neither cosmopolitan nor little. In fact, it did not even strike her as a town. It was large and spread out and bustling and provincial." Its geographic advantage has disintegrated into its nearness to COSTCO gallon vodka bargains; even its weather seems a bleak knockoff of Manhattan skies.Jews and WASPS co-mingle, references to Hanukkah and Christmas have become mere after thoughts. In fact, the only WASP to make an issue -or celebration - of his WASP heritage turns out to be a phony: a third rate actor from the West Coast into movieland pretend who has invented his WASP background. Miranda falls in love with Leanne, a Westport doctor into good works in Africa - again, their lesbian marriage causes no melodrama. Betty, still dreaming of her return to her great Central Park West apartment with its grand faux fireplace, barely takes note of this change of mores. Alas, her legal win has a wistful tragic note. She dies of a staph infection before she can repossess her home, but, due to her foresight, the inheritance will pass on to her daughters. In her astonishing novel, Schine grounds her witty dialogue and sharp new way of seeing the familiar with bursts of authentic feeling between the unmoored mother and her protective daughters. Meanwhile, in a totally different take on the effect of influences, Wyatt Mason's much needed reappraisal in The New York Review of Books of Louis-Ferdinand Destouches (Cline), on the occasion of Dalkey Archives' publication of Normance is excellent. He correctly points to a lack of balance and a lack of knowledge of the author's total works (the murderously anti-Semitic Bagatelle pour un massacre still is banned in France) in the admiration of his American writer fans. Voyage au bout de la nuit with its furious, hot, first person voice had particular appeal to the Beats, who saw in Cline's anti-bourgeois stance one of their own, but we shouldn't ignore that Cline's true buddies, the Nazis, were also anti-bourgeois democracies. Mason quotes from the English translation of Philip Roth's remarks (Roth is also a fan) on Cline originally published in 1984 in La Quinzaine Littraire: "To tell you the truth, in France, my Proust is Cline! There's a very great writer. Even if his anti-Semitism made him an abject, intolerable person. To read him, I have to suspend my Jewish conscience, but I do it, because anti-Semitism isn't at the heart of his books, even Castle to Castle. Cline is a great liberator. I feel called by his voice." Well, "liberator" - though we know Roth means to admire Cline's voice, is hardly le mot juste for a writer who called for the death of all Jews. And what does Roth think Castle to Castle is about, if not Cline's successful attempt to escape from a French trial for his war crimes? Can we so neatly chop into separate compartments voice, morality, stylish style, and intent? This sort of muffled debate - a debate that never seems to quite see the light of day -- was further mangled by John Updike, who imagined Cline as being mainly a "sweet country doctor." In my 1991 interview (reprinted after his death in The Daily Beast), Updike said: "I think what I was trying to say [in one of his essays] is that there aren't any anti-Semitic portraits in Cline as deadly as Bloch in Proust. I may be wrong. But Cline's views didn't seem to carry over into his art. He didn't bother to give us caricatures of Jewish people." Really? Proust, in his insistence on the fluid nature of his characters, was one of the first novelists to liberate Jews from fictional stereotypes, while Cline turned them into dangerous anti-Semitic caricatures. In a letter to his mother, Proust describes the anti-Semitic ravings of a friend's father, besotted by the anti-Semitic radical right rag Libre Parole, later so useful to the Nazis, whom in La Recherche he transforms into Baron de Charlus's ravings against Bloch. In a letter to Violet Schiff (usually ignored is that many of Proust's most profound friendships were with people who were Jewish or part Jewish) he points out that Swann who starts out effete, in another volume becomes okay: "He becomes a Dreyfusard." While granting Cline's talent, particularly in Journey to the End of the Night, isn't his American fan club a bit too nonchalant? Or, one wonders - might it be that Proust, the chronicler of the Dreyfus Affair, simply accomplished too much for Roth and Updike? Or were they simply playing Peck's bad boy? Saul Bellow had no use for Cline, and managed a hot, intime voice quite on his own. Now, about Norman Mailer. Both his biographer Michael Lennon and I feel that the back jacket of Frdric Vitoux's biography Cline needs a tad correcting. George Steiner claims that (among others) Norman Mailer's novels would never have been written without Cline's precedent. In my interviews with Norman I never heard him mention Cline, and Cline was certainly not on his mind when I first met him in Paris. According to Lennon, Mailer told him that the French writers in order of importance to him were: "Stendahl, Proust, Malraux, then Flaubert, Zola, Gide, Huysmans, Baudelaire's journals, Sartre, Simenon, and Jean Malaquais - the largest single influence on my intellectual life." Lennon says he never heard Mailer mention Cline, and he believes that Cline's works were not in Mailer's extensive library. So why are American writers so casually inclined to give Cline, including his ideas and actions, a pass? I think it is hard for us to grasp (we see World War II in terms of military battles) that words -- the Nazi propaganda machine - were a potent instrument of war. We cannot imagine a society in which every bit of media, and every publishing house, is controlled and manipulated by the enemy. French writer collaborationists helped destabilize the French government in advance of the "phony war", thus facilitating the German control of the French government and population, and the sending of Jews to the death camps. Cline, who called for all Jews to be killed and the French and British governments destroyed, went on an "intellectual" junket to Germany, and, more significantly, was on Dannecker's and Ambassador Otto Abetz's list of candidates to head the Vichy established "central Jewish office", which put in motion the final solution. Dannecker, a chief architect of the final solution, committed suicide in 1945. Abetz, whom Cline, along with Petain and Laval, joined in Sigmaringen Castle in their attempted flight from France (Cline's flight is the subject of Castle to Castle), was convicted by the French of war crimes and the deportation and murder of Jews. A long way off from the experiences of the Beat Generation, Philip Roth and John Updike.?The past few days have proven debilitating for disco fans, as two of the genre's biggest legends have lost their respective battles with cancer. Donna Summer , and Bee Gee . The Bee Gees were one of disco's greatest groups, changing pop music forever with hits like "Stayin' Alive" while also releasing deeply emotive tracks like "To Love Somebody" and "How Deep Is Your Love." Of Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb, the brothers who formed the band, only Barry remains alive. Here at HuffPost Entertainment, we've collected a number of their songs for your enjoyment in the gallery below. Give the songs a listen and share your memories of the iconic band in the comments below. For more on Gibb's passing, .Also on HuffPost:?Here in Quebec, we have an original approach to youth crime that works. In 2010, the severity of youth crime in Quebec was the lowest in Canada, proof that we are not "soft" on crime but rather that we are smart and "tough" on its root causes. But now the Harper government wants to ignore the evidence and change that approach.?The fall 2011 men's shows have just finished in Milan. The fashion road show is moving to Paris next where Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Dior Homme show their collections. But while there have been exciting trends to come out of the Milan shows (such as the snappy colors at Jil Sander and the 70s tailoring at Prada) and more to come surely from the City of Lights, I still feel that men are sometimes left out of the fashion game.I say this because I really want to wear something from Phoebe Philo. But sadly, the designer of Celine who changed the way women dressed in a single season does not make men's clothes. True, there are menswear designers who create clean minimalist clothes like Raf Simons, Simon Spurr and Italo Zucchelli at Calvin Klein, but fashion is all about the Philo mania right now and I would like to join in on the craze as do the many guys who have snapped up the Celine totes just so they can say that they own a piece of the designer's genius. The very stylish Ines de la Fressange has been quoted saying that "it's better to spend your money on Celine than on Botox." I would like to be able to say something to that effect too.I think that some of Philo's designs for Celine will translate well to menswear like the color blocked leather t-shirts and the sleeveless coats with no lapels. I personally would wear the white trousers with green and blue stripes on the sides from her spring collection if she cut them for men. If she does create menswear, I can see her filling the void left by Helmut Lang. Modern urban warriors in very streamlined clothing. I doubt she will cross over though. But a man who loves fashion can dream.I'd also like to see Tory Burch create a men's line. No, I am not looking to wear tunics or her famous Reva ballerinas. I'd like to see how she'll apply her love for vibrant colors and patterns to men's clothes. I like to think that Tory Burch Man -- should there ever be one -- will be filled with luxe boho pieces inspired by J.P. Getty and Paul Bowles. Robes in paisley prints, shorts with geometric patterns, shirts in degrade colors and maybe an embroidered trouser or two for glamorous Moroccan themed parties. I can also see her making a trench coat in crushed linen with a wild exuberant lining. And think about the accessories -- an orange canvas beach tote perhaps or Kelly green moccasins or braided leather bracelets or Panama hats in shades inspired by a gelato stand. Oh, St. Barth's here I come.If Victoria Beckham extended herself to men's fashion what would her clothes be like? Would she pilfer from her husband's Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani filled closet or would she surprised us in much the same way she baffled her naysayers when she launched her eponymous collection? That a former Spice Girls with an affinity to gold lame and chain mail can produce such strong, sophisticated and polished women's wear is nothing short of amazing. Her men's collection I imagine would have architectural blazers that are nipped in at the waist by unexpected darts, sharp and skinny trousers paired with draped multi-layered belted cardigans and tuxedos in rich jewel tone colors.And while on the topic of women's wear designers doing men's clothes, it would be great if Jason Wu, Proenza Schouler and Thakoon lent their creative vision to men's fashion as well. Their contemporaries Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and Richard Chai are already doing it. Men's fashion would be a lot more fun if they were in the mix. Follow Blue Carreon on Twitter:? is officially the hardest working comedienne in the business. Her weekly primetime Bravo talk show, "Kathy," has been renewed for a second season. This comes just a week after she picked up another Emmy nomination (she has two wins for "") for her stand-up special "" -- her third nomination in the Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special category -- and the same day her new one-hour comedy special, "Kathy Griffin: Seaman 1st Class," premieres (Thurs., July 26, 10 p.m. ET)."I'm coming back in January! The Bravo folks have been really great about letting me figure out what the hell the show is," Griffin said when we reached out to congratulate her. "We started with 12 episodes, and it's my favorite job I've ever had. I'm having the time of my life. I love it ... As far as I know, we're going to stay on Thursdays at 10, and I've been told we're going to start the first week in January."Bravo's relationship with Kathy Griffin has outlasted Katie and Tom's, Ashton and Demi's, and while we won't be couch jumping, we continue to be in awe of her quick wit, rude humor and spot-on analysis of pop culture and celebrity happenings, Frances Berwick, President of Bravo Media, said in a statement.As for her schedule until January, Griffin is still touring regularly, and she's got a packed schedule of comedy specials for her home network. "I would like to ask you overtly to make the point that no comedian has ever done four specials in one year, much less a female comedian. We are still fighting the good fight of females in comedy, and I am not gonna have it from these gals that are saying that sexism in comedy doesn't still exist because it does," Griffin said. "So I was like, 'Fine. I won't do one special a year. I won't do two. I will be doing four in one year. Chris Rock was like, 'You're doing a special a year for four years?' And I said, 'No, no, no -- I'm doing four in one year.' Then Jon Stewart was like, 'Why do you wanna do a special a year?' And I was like, 'No ... I'm doing four.' Watch a sneak peek of "Seaman 1st Class" here, then keep reading for more on finally allowing celebrity guests on "Kathy," wanting guests to sit on her face and getting into Tumblr with her pal Cher.The first season of "Kathy" had several "did that just happen?" moments, but I'm entertained any time you whore your assistant Tiffany out to random firemen ... There are so many moments that stick out from the first few episodes, but people are fascinated by Tiffany. They fell in love with her on "The D-List" and now she's lost all this weight. I get all these tweets about her -- she's our Carrie Bradshaw. She represents that single girl in the city, and I love that she totally wears clothing from the Kardashian Kollection at Sears. She is now juggling some bitches -- I think she was texting with one of the firemen, then that didn't work out, so she was texting with the guy she met on our fake dating game, and they really went out on a date, and tomorrow night she's having girls night at something called Tequila Tuesdays. She's living the dream. I love it. You know, when , you were pretty adamant about not having celebrity guests, but that quickly changed. Is there a certain kind of celebrity you want to have on now?I kept saying, "No celebrities, no celebrities -- or, if they come, they have to come to play and they have to know what they're getting into." It's not going to be a typical talk show, and it certainly hasn't been, if you saw the Jane Fonda episode. It certainly wasn't Jane promoting "The Newsroom" and talking about her latest book. What's great is that every single celebrity came to me, including Jane. Jane said, "I heard you have a show, and I'd love to come on." We were emailing back and forth, and you'd think I was trying to talk her out of it because I was like, "I don't think you know how loose this show is -- it's a very loosey-goosey, kind of a European-style show, where all three people are on the couch at once, and you can't just promote stuff." She's like, "I won't promote anything. Sounds great." And then, of course, when she came on, clearly she had never seen the show, but she was great. She just immediately took to my mother, which I knew she would, and wanted to get my mom's anti-aging secrets. Little does she know it's wine and cheese from a bottle. But that show is one I'm so proud of -- that's really what I hoped would happen, with civilians or celebrities, that kind of conversation. Lisa Ling was so perfect because she's so smart, and she's able to make fun of herself. And that's what I loved about Anderson Cooper. It all started with Chelsea Handler -- Whitney Cummings said, "Oh Kathy's going to do a show!" and Chelsea said, "I want to come on." And I said, "Oh no, no, no ... people have to really let it rip, and I just don't trust celebrities." She said, "Do you have a first guest?" And I said, "Yeah, it's my dog walker and a couple of friends." And she was like, "You're insane." Having her and Whitney on with my dog walker was really perfect. He's a very real person, and he is someone that I classify as my favorite guest, just unintentionally funny. I'm still going to continue to mix it up with whatever celebrities come to me, come to play and kind of know what they're getting into. Well you have all these famous friends who want to support you ... Yesterday, Cher called me and she was on speaker and Ryan the dog walker came to pick up the dogs, and he's like, "Oh my god -- Cher can yell at me anytime." And I said, "Well, who knows, Ryan? It could be in your future."I love your life.It's crazy! It's just taken years of brow-beating Hollywood down until they finally realized it was a joke. I went to see the Celine Dion show a few weeks ago in Vegas, and I've met her a few times, but I don't know her well, and I certainly don't know her to be somebody who's necessarily thrilled with the way I've portrayed her in my act. But then I get a call from her assistant, and she wants to see me afterward and hang out, and I'm like, "Really?" And she was lovely, and we took a couple funny pictures. She gave me the highest compliment -- she said [in her Celine Dion accent], "And remember: Keep me in your act. I want to still feel like I am hot!" It's really been fun. Celebrities are finally getting, after all these years, that it's a joke. I'm having less celebrity rage. Fewer celebrities leave the room when I enter -- though there's still a few. And now they come on the show to have fun. I'm going to f--- with them, but I'm not in the business of ruining careers. I'm going to make a joke at your expense, and I'm certainly going to make 10 more at my expense, but nobody's going to leave in tears. Ironically, Anderson was on my show a week before he came out. And yet, I certainly in a million years wasn't going to out him for ratings. Never! But you probably had a moment of like, "Couldn't you have just done it a week earlier maybe? I didn't want to do it, but couldn't you have done it on my show?"[Laughs.] Well, I think when he was saying things like, "Bitch, what are you doing?" And, "Girl, it's not gonna happen" ... that's the kind of conversation that I live for on the "Kathy" show. I guess if I want to refer to the couch as "my face" and ask the guests to "sit on my face," that may not work with Anderson, but I think it would be unique to have a talk show where I can invite guests to sit on my face. But you know what? I don't win every battle with Bravo. That may not be my new logo ... I may not be able to convince Bravo to go from "Watch What Happens" to "Sit On My Face."You do always pick great names. I loved "Tired Hooker," so congrats on the Emmy nomination.I was very, very excited that "Tired Hooker" got nominated. I truly wasn't counting on it; it was a genuine surprise. Once again, I'm out to crush the Kennedy Center Honors because they win that category every single year. But I'm just happy to, once again, give the Academy a title that they should at least consider would be funny to hear: "And the Emmy goes to 'Tired Hooker.'" America just wants to hear it! Even if it's a mistake or there's a tie, or oh my gosh I made a mistake -- I just want somebody who has been in a lot of episodes of "Law & Order" or someone from "The Newsroom" to have to stand there and say, "And the Emmy goes to 'Tired Hooker.'" I have dreams. And this new special has "Seaman" in the title. It does, though it's spelled in the nautical fashion. Once again, Bravo didn't want to name it that, but I was doing it in Long Beach ... and I wasn't on the Queen Mary, but there were plenty of queens onstage and in the audience, and I stood in front of a gigantic poster of the Queen Mary. [Laughs.] So I thought "Seaman: 1st Class" was completely appropriate.Who are your biggest targets in this one?The Baptist church, I have a new and improved prison fan letter and I talk about Grammys -- there's a lot of backstage dirt from the Grammys. And there's a new and updated Cher story. Everybody loves Cher. I did a Tumblr with her, and you should check it out because it just went live: . The gays are abuzz with excitement because I went to Cher's last week and I made her do my make-up and then we did an impromptu iPhone photoshoot. They're not exactly the level of photography status that she's used to ... but it's a lot of glitter."Seaman: 1st Class" premieres Thurs., July 26, 10 p.m. ET; "Kathy" returns to Bravo Thursday nights in January.Tell us: Are you excited for more Kathy and more "Kathy" on TV?Also on HuffPost:?TORONTO - Only a small percentage of Canadian women appear to opt for breast reconstruction following mastectomy, despite the safety of the procedure and its positive effects on a patient's self-esteem, researchers say.In a review article in this week's Canadian Medical Association Journal, Toronto researchers say there is a dearth of data on how many women in the country are currently having reconstructive surgery after mastectomy for breast cancer.But rates in Canada have been historically low, said principal author Dr. Toni Zhong, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Princess Margaret Hospital.An Ontario study in 1994-95 found a breast reconstruction rate of 7.7 per cent, while a 1991 analysis for Nova Scotia showed 3.8 per cent of women in that province had the procedure.In contrast, rates were higher in Australia (almost 10 per cent in 1982), Denmark (14 per cent, 1999) and England (16.5 per cent, 2006). In the United States, breast reconstruction rates rose from as low as 3.4 per cent in 1985 to a high of 42 per cent in 1997 at specialized cancer centres.Use of immediate reconstruction at the same time as mastectomy has also increased in the U.S., in part due to a recommendation by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons in 2001 to incorporate the practice in the treatment of early-stage breast cancer."All I can say from this review is that this isn't a topic that has been visited," said Zhong. "At least in Ontario, this topic hasn't been visited since the mid-1990s."National statistics on breast reconstruction aren't kept, but Zhong and her colleagues are now trying to gather that information province by province."A lot of us have a hunch that maybe Canada is lagging behind what ... (other) high-income countries are doing. But we don't know."Research has shown that breast reconstruction performed at the same time as mastectomy for women with early-stage cancer is a "completely safe practice to do from a cancer perspective and it's actually a good thing to do for patients because they get benefit from it," she said.Zhong said women tell her that having a breast surgically restored enhances their feeling of being whole and feminine."And I think when you look down and you don't have the mastectomy scar and instead you have a fairly normal-looking breast mound, it's less of a reminder that you went through this cancer treatment."It's a sense that you've put this battle behind you."At cancer centres like Princess Margaret Hospital, Zhong said there is a concerted effort to identify mastectomy patients who are good candidates for immediate breast reconstruction and offer them the surgery."But that's on an institution basis and we want to see that this uptake is going to be uniform across the country, whether you live in Nova Scotia or Saskatchewan or Ontario, whether you live in a rural place versus an urban place, that shouldn't matter," she said.Zhong said there is a misconception that for older women, it's not safe to do breast restoration. But she said that's not true."It has to do with their physiological age or how healthy they are. One really healthy, fit 60-year-old is not the same as a 40-year-old who's diabetic, a smoker, obese. So there are other factors that play into this and make someone a good candidate or not a good candidate."Factors that would preclude immediate reconstruction include whether a women will need followup radiation and the stage of cancer at diagnosis. If called for, radiation should be started within three months of mastectomy, but that critical treatment could be delayed if reconstruction healing isn't complete.And for women with later-stage breast cancer prescribed radiation and chemotherapy because of concerns about recurrence reconstruction will usually be postponed for at least two years, she said.Zhong said once researchers have a better sense of current breast reconstruction rates across the country, the next step would be for medical experts to develop national guidelines outlining which patients are good candidates for the surgery and would benefit most."Once we decide that, then all women, whether you live in Thunder Bay or live in downtown Toronto should know about these guidelines. And I think that's the best way to make this uniform across the board."WATCH: ?TORONTO Women who lose a breast to cancer report improvements in their state of mind and well-being three weeks after breast reconstruction surgery, a new survey indicates.However, 20 per cent of the women experienced minor or major complications related to the reconstruction surgery, and many of the women were grappling with significant deterioration in the strength of their abdomen -- the donor site for tissue to reconstruct the breast.But study co-author Dr. Toni Zhong said that even when complications, lack of strength at the donor site, scarring and time off work were factored in, the positives outweighed the negatives."The overwhelming answer was these patients did not regret it and were highly satisfied," said Zhong of the University Health Network Breast Restoration Program at the University of Toronto.The women were questioned three weeks after their surgery, when they were still recovering and probably still in pain, and again three months after the surgery."As early as three weeks, these patients were reporting really quite significant improvement in all sorts of quality-of-life issues, like psychosocial well-being, sexual well-being, body image and things like that," said Zhong.She and her colleagues collaborated on the research with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.The study is published Monday in the early online edition of Cancer, a journal of the American Cancer Society.The 51 women who were surveyed didn't have implants, but rather surgeries utilizing tissue from the abdomen: free muscle-sparing transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous (TRAM) flap reconstruction or a deep inferior epigastric artery (DIEP) flap reconstruction.Zhong said muscle-sparing surgery was first described in the literature about a decade ago, and has become more popular in the last five years.She said only four surgeons in Toronto, and a total of about 10 plastic surgeons in Canada, do these breast reconstructions which require specialized fellowship training, equipment and nursing staff, and competence using a microscope during surgery to hook up blood vessels.Many of the complications reported in the study were minor, Zhong said, such as a stitch coming through the skin or scabbing that required dressing changes.Major complications were defined as having to return to the operating room for unexpected reasons, and this was the case for about 10 per cent of the patients surveyed, she said. Eventually these patients healed fine too."Despite having even a major complication, though, these patients reported that they felt overall the reconstruction achieved the purpose that they wanted," she said.Zhong was surprised by the findings on abdominal outcomes, as patients are normally counselled that the donor site should be back to normal at eight weeks.Complaints about abdominal weakness could include difficulty lifting groceries, for example, or getting out of bed -- instead of just sitting up, the woman might have to roll onto her side first."Maybe there are things we can do before surgery to optimize these patients' conditions. For example, maybe it's a good idea for us to have a devoted physiotherapist who can focus on doing abdominal strength training before surgery," she said.The research will help doctors counsel patients about the pros and cons of surgery so they know what to expect, she indicated.Dr. Melinda Musgrave, a plastic surgeon at St. Michael's Hospital who was not involved in the research, said the study looks at what she calls the "Cadillac of breast reconstruction" that uses abdominal tissue and tries to save muscle."She's shown a pretty consistent outcome, that patients in the long run are pretty happy about reconstructive surgery, and that as early as three weeks after having it, they're pretty happy with their breast," Musgrave noted."But what she's found that I think is really interesting is that they're not so happy with their tummies."Maybe these operations aren't as good as originally thought for women who need to pick up laundry baskets, for instance, or a two-year-old child, she said.She noted that some women choose implants rather than abdominal tissue for their breast reconstruction because they don't want a long period off work to heal, even though 30 per cent of implant patients will need to come back for an adjustment of some kind within five years."It's a matter of the patient choosing the reconstruction that fits into her life," Musgrave said.She said the rate of women having breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy ranges from seven to 20 per cent worldwide."I think it's important that we all promote reconstructive (surgery) for the patient ... we love how the patients feel about themselves afterwards, and we get a lot of positive feedback."Plastic surgeons would ideally like to see breast cancer patients soon after diagnosis to help them make decisions that impact them throughout their cancer journey, said Musgrave."I just want people to come and have a consult ... I don't want them to lose the opportunity. I've had lots of women come to me delayed five years after, 10 years after, saying 'I wish I had known 10 years ago about this, I would've had it done.'"I think knowledge is power."WATCH: ?What do you do after you've composed an anthem for Celine Dion, scored a mythical 3D world for James Cameron, gone where no man has gone before, worked with Ron Howard and won two Oscars? If you're , you combine your talents for writing emotional music with your love of flying, and you team up with , the world's only P-51 Mustang aerobatic team.The mission of The Horsemen is to, "Bring greater interest to the world of historic aviation and to remind future generations of how these powerful machines helped the Allies change the outcome of WWII." This is clearly on display in this , which is uplifting even if you are sick of "My Heart Will Go On."Check it out: Follow Brian Clark Howard on Twitter:?It seems like only yesterday that Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time. Now, nine weeks later, the infectious summer hit is still at No. 1, meaning Carly Rae has held the top position for longer than even Gotye. The Belgian-Australian singer who spent eight weeks at the top with "Somebody That I Used To Know." As a result, than any other song in 2012, reports Billboard. Congratulations on a job well done, America! All jokes aside, the is pretty impressive. The phenomenon began in February, when Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez (along with a few of their famous friends), to Jepsen's song. Thanks to Bieber -- and his -- "Call Me Maybe" became an overnight internet sensation. Unfortunately for Bieber, Jepsen's single is currently No. 1, while his is holding steady at No. 15. In other Jepsen news, the 26-year-old (yes, she's 26 years old) recently announced that she will . The record is pop, Jepsen said in a statement, adding: Its inspired by Robyn, the Cars, Madonna, and believe it or not, James Taylor. Let's not forget about that , Carly. How did Jepsen get to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 summit? Take at look through our timeline below to see how Jepsen went from a Canadian folk artist to a worldwide pop phenomenon in less than a year.Related on HuffPost:?From "Uncovering Cline"Wyatt MasonThe New York Review of BooksBagatelles pour un massacre [Trifles for a Massacre]by Louis-Ferdinand ClineParis: Deno?l, 379 pp. (1937)L'cole des cadavres [The School of Corpses]by Louis-Ferdinand ClineParis: Deno?l, 272 pp. (1938)Les Beaux Draps [A Fine Mess]by Louis-Ferdinand ClineParis: Les Nouvelles ditions Fran?aises, 158 pp. (1941)Normanceby Louis-Ferdinand Cline, translated from the French and with an introduction by Marlon JonesDalkey Archive, 371 pp., $14.95 (paper)1.Louis-Ferdinand Destouches met Cillie Pam in Paris, at the Caf de la Paix, in September 1932. Destouches was a physician who worked at a public clinic in Clichy treating poor and working-class patients; Pam was a twenty-seven-year-old Viennese gymnastics instructor eleven years his junior on a visit to the city. Destouches suggested a stroll in the Bois de Boulogne, took Pam to dinner later that night, and afterward took her home. Two weeks together began, after which Pam returned to her work and life in Vienna. Over the next seven years, they saw each other infrequently but corresponded regularly. Pam, who was Jewish, married and had a son. Destouches, who wrote in his free time, became famous shortly after their brief affair, his first novel, Voyage au bout de la nuit, published at the end of 1932 under the pseudonym "Cline" (his maternal grandmother's first name), proving an enormous success. In February 1939, Destouches received word that Pam had lost her husband: he had been seized, sent to Dachau, and killed. On February 21, Destouches wrote to Pam, who had fled abroad:Dear Cillie,What awful news! At least you're far away, on the other side of the world. Were you able to take a little money with you? Obviously, you're going to start a new life over there. How will you work? Where will Europe be by the time you receive this letter? We're living over a volcano.On my side, my little dramas are nothing compared to yours (for the moment), but tragedy looms nonetheless....Because of my anti-Semitic stance I've lost all my jobs (Clichy, etc.) and I'm going to court on March 8. You see, Jews can persecute too.How a reader responds to this letter is, I suspect, a fair predictor of how capable he or she might be of tolerating the extreme disjunctions that predominate in the life and art of its author. One of Cline's biographers, for example, describes the letter as possessing "a curious blend of concern and sheer tactless selfishness," a response that itself seems to exhibit its own curious blend of sheer shortsightedness and apologism. Another biographer calls it, reasonably if inadequately, "astonishing," but does offer the useful detail that Pam, upon receipt of the letter, "never saw [Destouches] again and stopped writing."My own sense is that such a letter would astonish most readers--words of condolence over anti-Semitic violence do not often contain anti-Semitic sympathies--except those who have read not only Cline's novels but also what have been inaccurately termed, for generations, his "anti-Semitic pamphlets." Alas, no English-speaking reader who does not know French could make so comprehensive a survey. Though all eight of Cline's novels are now available in dependable English translations, the so-called anti-Semitic pamphlets have never been officially published in English. Having recently read them in French in bootleg editions readily available online,[1] I should report that the letter above, taken in that larger, less available context, isn't astonishing in the least. Rather, it's exactly the sort of letter one would expect from an anti-Semite of Cline's tireless and impenitent ardor, a writer who, from 1937 to 1944, spent all his flagrant literary energy and aptitude calling--shouting--for the death of every Jew in France (for a start).Read the rest of this article at the website.Get HuffPost Books On and ?A Canada earthquake shook Toronto and Ottawa at approximately 1:45 p.m. Eastern Time today, June 23, 2010. The USGS the quake had a magnitude of 5.0.Numerous reports flooded Twitter, including from the National Post in Toronto, which about heavy shaking to its building about 30 seconds after similar reports from Ottawa.We're mapping reader reports of where the quake was felt as we receive them. Check out our map . And let us know if you felt it in your area at ! Thanks to all the readers that have already written in. Scroll down for video of the quake. The Globe and Mail is reporting on that there are numerous reports of "unusual ground shaking in various parts of Ontario," as well as Buffalo, N.Y.The quake was also as far away as Boston, Cleveland and .A reader Andrew Whitaker emailed in from Michigan, "I'm working at university of michigan hospital currently in ann arbor michigan and we experienced two 10 second intervals of light shaking that is being reported as part of the earthquake in canada."Another reader Sharon Shaw said she felt the quake from Huntington, West Virginia, near the Ohio and Kentucky border, while reader Crystal Buckley said she felt tremors at approximately 2:05 p.m. in Bath, N.Y.Reader Jamie Malone wrote in to say "felt it in pittsburgh! 4th floor office building."And here's a reader report from Canada, courtesy of Kahlya Ohlhoff: "I am in Hamilton ON and felt the quake. It lasted almost a minute, being on the third floor, we evacuated the building. It was pretty intense, the flowers and computer monitors were shaking enough to make our hands mimic the movement."We've also received reports from readers that the quake was felt in Cincinnati; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Milwaukee; East Hartford, CT; Staten Island; Mt. Laurel, NJ; and Pittsburgh. Here's some great video, courtesy of Fox 40 Sacramento via CBC, of a TV studio shaking as the quake hits. More news about how the earthquake affected the New York area .Did you experience the quake? Let us know at ! ?LONDON - John Herdman hasn't had to bolster his players with any special messages of motivation, or implement any team-building strategies since they touched down in England.Ten months after he took on the task of mending the battered psyche of Canada's women's soccer team, and a day before his squad opens its London Olympic campaign, the coach said his players are all-business, and more than ready to play on sport's biggest stage."That's the brilliance of this group, there's a maturity there," Herdman said following his team's final practice in Coventry before its opener. "They're managing internally everything they need to to be ready for the games. So my message has been really simple: keep doing what you're doing."I think the key is connectivity through this tournament, starting with the game (Wednesday), and that connectivity is doing everything we need to do to get on the podium, on and off the field."The Canadians open the Olympics versus World Cup champion Japan in Coventry on Wednesday, two days before the opening ceremonies in London. Canada is seeking redemption after a horrible showing at the World Cup last summer in Germany a last-place finish that left the team's confidence in tatters, and led to the departure of head coach Carolina Morace and the hiring of Herdman."I would like another three years with them (to prepare for London), that would have been nice to be in the same position as the Japanese coach," Herdman said, laughing. "But the benefit is things are still fresh at the minute, the girls are enjoying working with us and we're savouring every moment with this tournament."The Canadians face what should be the toughest test of the tournament right out of the gate, playing a Japanese squad that knocked off the perennial power United States in a penalty shootout to win the World Cup in Germany.Canadian midfielder Sophie Schmidt calls Japan a "Barcelona-type team.""Japan is a special team, just in the way they pass the ball," Schmidt said. "We've had discussions. We know we won't have the ball for most of the game, so we just have to take advantage when we do, make most of our chances when we do get them."The seventh-ranked Canadians and No. 3 Japan have played each other to three wins, three losses and three draws. But the Japanese have been on the rise since their fourth-place finish in Beijing."They're a pleasure to watch and have taken the women's game to another level in terms of technical ability," Herdman said. "Tactically they are very well organized and over the years they've been able to mask their weakness, which is their physical presence on the pitch, with real tactical discipline."It will be a tough game for us, a very tough game. But a great opportunity as well, playing the world champion."Since arriving in England last week, the Canadians made a brief stop in London to tour the athletes village and receive their Canadian gear before travelling the 150 kilometres northwest to Coventry where they're being housed in a hotel with the three other teams in their group and men's teams from Belarus and New Zealand.They were able to walk the pitch of Coventry Stadium, normally home to Coventry City, on Monday. The team held a light training session Tuesday at its practice facility."Mainly just chilled out," Herdman said. "Getting in the right frame of mind for the game."Frame of mind was perhaps the biggest challenge Herdman faced when he took over the team last fall. He hired Ceri Evans as the team's "mental trainer," a New Zealander who worked with the All Blacks leading into their victorious rugby World Cup campaign.Herdman said the team hasn't felt the need for team-building sessions in between their practices and physiotherapy sessions in Coventry."They're such a cool group, they get on really well, they entertain themselves well, and to be honest, football is their job, and they work a pretty solid shift in the daytime between practices, et cetera. They're just enjoying being footballers."On entertaining themselves, the coach wasn't lying. The players and staff recently shot a video in the locker-room of themselves singing Celine Dion's "The Power of Love" that was posted on Dion's website along with a good luck message:"We hope to hear them sing their victory anthem, Celine's "The Power of Love," many more times. Good luck ladies!"Canada was eighth four years ago in Beijing, its only other Olympic appearance.Since earning its Olympic berth at the CONCACAF qualifying tournament in Vancouver in January, the Canadians have won seven games and lost four, including a 3-1 loss to fourth-ranked Sweden in March.In a tune-up tournament in Switzerland last week, the Canadians downed Colombia 1-0 and New Zealand 2-0 before losing 2-1 to Brazil, the team they beat in a shootout to win the Pan American Games last fall.Canada meets 61st-ranked South Africa on Saturday, and then battles Sweden in Newcastle Herdman's hometown next Tuesday, a crucial game that could well determine their Olympic fate.Japan recently suffered a 4-1 thrashing by the Americans, but Herdman isn't putting much stock in that result, saying coach Norio Sasaki was likely using the game to tinker with his lineup or formation.Homare Sawa, Japan's 33-year-old team captain, will be the player Canada will be most concerned with Japan's version of Canadian captain and star striker Christine Sinclair.Sawa made her international debut when she was 15, scoring four goals in her first match. She scored a hat trick against Mexico at last summer's World Cup and went on to earn the Golden Boot as top scorer (five goals) and Golden Ball as tournament MVP.She was also named FIFA's women's player of the year.?, 09/27/12 Keyboardist, The Dears Pondering the genesis of hipsterdom, I often trace it back to Vice, and the importance they laid on the concept of "cool." I mean, Vice didn't invent it, they just presented a pre-existing sub-culture in a consumable format. And yeah: back then, I understood what Vice was because I was living it. But it's not 1997. After having a kid, I was admittedly nervous about having a full-colour, glossy magazine showing stylized images of syringes, used condoms and blood-soaked models lying around the house.?In the New York - Metropolitan Art Mosh Pit, its hard being green and also a vegetarian, animal-rights activist, buyer-planner, conservationist, artist. Vicky Allen Hanks even has to work for a living since she was not a trust-fund baby. (A Titanium white oil stick averages $25 a stick, Belgian linen is $180 a roll). We visit with her in her new home-based studio in Montclair, one which is a third the size of her former loft space in Newark. Her art often depicts, in a cartoonish mannerism, struggles with the accoutrements of femininity in a male-dominant universe. But her current series of new paintings are infused with animal imagery.The WALLENDA series of plano-convex sculptural paintings are comprised of compact, multi-dimensional, colorful commentaries on the encroachment upon the natural habitat of all living species. These works extend and elaborate upon past work that reflects concern for relationships between line and pictorial space. Structurally, these works effect a sense of drawing with space, giving emphasis to the humorous and buoyant treatment of line. The serio-comic imagery, thickening and thinning of shapes, elastic demeanor, feel spontaneous, alive. Designed to be wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended, or anchored in free open environments, WALLENDAS possess the compositional integrity of collage while maintaining the painterly quality of abstraction. Like some ancient wall paintings, WALLENDAS echo a unique type of cautionary iconography while remaining fluidly decorative and insightfully explorative?I don't know where I've been, but I only just recently watched 1995's "Before Sunrise" and thanks to Netflix's speedy delivery, eagerly saw the 2004 sequel "Before Sunset" for the first time. My mind has been in a reverie ever since. There are so few nice surprises in life, that it's thrilling to discover a new movie or song, even if it's old to others and these movies delivered on both. I didn't want the movies to end, and hoped it would be like Michael Apted's "Up" series (which is every seven years), or Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn in "Same Time Next Year" (wished they made a sequel), that follow people and relationships over a span of time. News broke this month that director Richard Linklater confirmed they wrapped shooting a third movie in Greece "Before Midnight" (expected to be out 2013) and released a photo from that shoot. While nine years between these "Before" movies is a long time, I'm sure many of us are happy just to see more of these characters.I'd seen "Before Sunrise" once in the '90s, and could only remember the premise. Two characters, played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, meeting and spending the day in Vienna. You feel like you're on the journey with them, a journey you don't want to end."Before Sunrise" was a magical surprise this time around, yet it felt realistic and in "Before Sunset," I just wanted Hawke's character Jesse to go to her apartment and make dinner together and hang out. All of us can relate to these rare magical moments, where you don't want the conversation, or the night, to end. We can also relate to being in our optimistic 20s when you feel there's a whole world and life ahead to explore, when chances and opportunities seem abundant.I got bummed thinking "Before Sunrise" might not work now because the characters would Skype, iChat, text and instead of taking a mental picture of each other, they'd snap cell phone photos. But the heart of it is really the profound connection between two people that seems to happen so randomly, that it's destiny. No photo or video could ever capture the feeling and presence of that moment of two intersecting souls, a moment witnessed only by those two.That intense, inexplicable connection is so absorbing, you feel like the only two people in the world and your time together, sometimes in a different place like these characters were, feels like you're in a dream you don't want to wake up from. It feels "other worldly," as referenced in the movie before Delpy's character Celine says, "But then morning comes and we turn into pumpkins, right?"In "Before Sunrise" Jesse says, "Everything is so finite. But don't you think that's what makes our time at specific moments so important?" Nine years later in "Before Sunset" he says, "I remember that night better than I do entire years." When he asked her why didn't they exchange phone numbers nine years earlier, Celine replies with a truism, "When you're young, you just believe there'll be many people with whom you'll connect with. Later in life you realize it only happens a few times."These movies make the viewer reflect on their own magical, soulful encounters with a special someone. What immediately came to mind was a night exploring Milan on motorcycle with a new friend who lived there, both in our 20s, with this seemingly empty city at that time of night, like our own movie set. Unlike "Before Sunrise" it wasn't romantic, but a nice memorable night of openly sharing thoughts about life, problems and issues we faced in our countries, and realizing we all shared similar hopes and dreams.But the memories that are the truly blissful, intense connections are rare and etched into memory. And the magical places where those few times occurred a la "Before Sunrise," all happened for me right here in our own beautiful country, proving it didn't need an exotic locale for it to happen. While it wasn't the place that made our souls connect so profoundly, they were vivid backdrops where the magic happened.While two of these occurred in my 20s, two other indelible moments happened later, affirming that inexplicable magic with another soul can occur at any moment in life.There was the day exploring on cable cars, sharing a sundae at Ghirardelli's by , laughing about how unbelievably sweet it was, a visit to to pick up supplies to make homemade mackerel sushi and green tea and eating dinner on the floor picnic-style in an old apartment.There was the time hanging out on a bench along the Charles River right outside MIT taking in the breathtaking skyline at night, having ice cream at an old-fashioned New England ice creamery and then lingering at a nearby pond. The night ended on a blanket on the grass, talking about lyrics from one of the sexiest songs ever written -- Dire Straits' "Romeo and Juliet," both thinking Mark Knopfler sang the word "Orion" as we ourselves gazed up at the constellations and asked one another if we believed in soul mates.One night was supposed to be a simple dinner, meeting for the first time after speaking on the phone, at the old restaurant in . But it didn't matter where we were, and despite the crowd, it felt like we were the only people there, sitting in front of the fireplace, absorbed in the banter. The conversation flowed, we put out every flaw, insecurity and thought on that table, there was never pause. We closed the place down. We were in such a daze by this unexpected discovery of the other person, one of us forgot to take the leftovers and the other forgot to tip the valet. I didn't want that conversation to end and as Jesse in the movie says, I've compared whole years to that night. We had our own sequel -- another too short night, but life took separate paths and I'm left with the cherished memory of a great connection of two minds."Before Sunrise" also made me contemplate another unexpected connection, a spiritual experience, at the at the base of Camelback Mountain in , Arizona. Also called The Casa, this serene piece of heaven welcomes all and it'll always hold a sacred place for me because of that memory. We explored the grounds despite the 100-plus degree heat, taking simple pleasure in seeing an empty bird's nest, the beautiful mountain views beyond and a family of quail. We enjoyed the Healing Garden with its many fruit trees, an oasis in the desert, made a donation, lit a candle and prayerfully walked the labyrinth.The labyrinth was a first for me, and it was the centerpiece of that cherished memory, slowly walking around the labyrinth. Anyone who visiting who is looking for an inner spiritual experience, must not miss the simple stone labyrinth, a sacred ancient meditational tool for reflection. Not wanting the magical time in this place to end, the goodbye hug ranked one of the best in memory, just before turning into pumpkins. Perhaps it was because this beautiful spiritual desert backdrop enhanced the connection between us, but the magic was unexpected and otherworldly and it was hard to sleep, back in "in real time" (as Jesse says in "Before Sunrise," before they parted) still one foot in the dream world."Before Sunrise" had the most touching scene in a movie where not a word was spoken. It made me at once get verklempt as well as laugh, as the two stood in an old school record store listening booth, listening to New England singer-songwriter 's "Come Here." The two stole furtive glances and at times locked eyes as they shyly looked away, emoting so much without uttering a word.Kath is our and she calls "Come Here" travel song, referring to the title. She shares a little bit about her own journey and this song featured in "Before Sunrise," which was recorded in a studio in Woodstock, New York. You can hear it on her and purchase it on iTunes. Follow CarsTravelFood on Twitter:?LAS VEGAS — The singer-songwriter behind the Grammy-winning 2010 single "Forget You" and the 2006 hit "Crazy" is settling down – at least for a few months – in a Las Vegas residency.Cee Lo Green says his semi-permanent show, "Loberace," will launch Aug. 29 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, and run at least through the end of the year."The production will combine Cee Lo's flamboyant sense of style and over-the-top creativity," producers said in a statement, adding that the show "will be as inspired and visually alive as Cee Lo Green."Organizers say the show will include a musical journey through time, with tributes to Price and the Rolling Stones. "Mind-twisting magic and sexified showgirls" are also on tap.The 37-year-old Green, known for his soulful voice and extravagant costumes, is a coach on the NBC show "The Voice." His break came in the mid-1990s in the southern rap scene, but has evolved to include Gnarls Barkley, a collaboration between him and DJ-producer Danger Mouse, and his 2010 solo album "The Lady Killer."The 28 shows through the end of December are scheduled for late nights, and some follow Planet Hollywood's "Peepshow" production in the 1,400-seat theater.Green told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he sees himself continuing Sin City entertainment tradition."I love the city. I can't wait to be a part of it. I can't wait to be officially there," Green said in an interview. "From this generation I would just like to be able to carry on, and pick up the torch and continue to make Vegas a place to be." ? has found a home for his Las Vegas residency - he will launch his own concert show at Planet Hollywood this summer.The Forget You hitmaker's production, which is billed to contain "mind-twisting magic and sexified showgirls", will be decked out in the singer's unique flamboyant style and feature a slew of pyrotechnics.Cee Lo Green Presents Loberace will kick off on 29 August and run until the end of December.The star has made no secret of his dream to join Celine Dion as a regular on the Sin City stage, recently revealing he'd love to cut down on travelling.He also showed his love for Vegas by filming a new 'What happens here, stays here' commercial for tourism bosses. ?NEW YORK, N.Y. - To witness the odd power of celebrities at the fragrance counter, look no further than two of today's top women's perfume stars: One is a teenage boy. The other, deceased.Justin Bieber's women's perfume Someday is one of the top sellers in department and specialty stores, and White Diamonds, the scent launched 20 years ago by the late Elizabeth Taylor, tops in big box stores.But for every Bieber, there seems like there's an A-lister who fails to garner buzz when it comes to fragrance. Jennifer Aniston, anyone?The most successful celebrities to splash their name across a fragrance bottle speak typically to a niche audience, often one that's an older or younger consumer."The ones that do well have a strong following with a strong core audience," explains Karen Grant, beauty industry analyst at market research firm The NPD Group. "Liz Taylor has almost a cult following, and Bieber is the same thing. He's all about tweens and the moms getting it for the tweens."Celebrity fragrances also are particularly "giftable" items, Grant notes, because if the receiver is a fan, you're going to get the "ooh," at least when he or she opens the box.Bieber was a bona fide hit and briefly bumped perennial favourite fragrances Chanel No. 5 and Coco Mademoiselle out of the top sales spots last year. Later this month he'll be honoured with the Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance Celebrity award from the Fragrance Foundation. With Taylor Swift and her perfume Wonderstruck, the two young stars revitalized the celebrity fragrance business, up 57 per cent in sales in 2011.From looney to lucrative, here are some top Hollywood-created scents.One of the big new launches this spring is Madonna's Truth or Dare, and Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur has been a strong performer, too.The successes, say experts, combine celebrity involvement, personal appeal, lively fans and a good "juice," industry lingo for the actual smell.Madonna, at an event to celebrate Truth or Dare at Macy's last month, said she thought long and hard about what her signature scent would be, ending with a floral formula that includes a note of tuberose, which is also prominent in the perfume Fracas by Robert Piguet a favourite of the pop star's. "I wear Fracas myself and I've been wearing it for years and years and years, and I try other perfumes all the time, and I always come back to it. And I know the reason I always comes back to it is because it reminds me of my mom."She wears perfume all the time, Madonna added. "I spray perfume on me, myself like a crazy person. Nonstop. Never want to smell bad."Rafael Villoldo, Vice-President of Perfumania, which has deals with Rihanna, 50 Cent and Kim Kardashian, says the celebrity has to buy into the product wholeheartedly. "You have to look at what they stand for. I won't do a fragrance with someone who has said they hate fragrance or doesn't look like someone who'd wear fragrance."Next, he thinks about potential customers and distribution, and he'll check out how active the celebrity is on social media because, he explains, no one can get shoppers excited about a product like its namesake."Look at the Kardashians. They don't sing, dance or act, other that the reality show, but you look at Kim, and she has 15 million Twitter followers," Villoldo says. "If I put on a hat that we think looks funny, it's a funny looking hat, but she'll have 15 million people considering wearing that hat that's power."Still, he says, that only gets you so far with a fragrance. There has to be quality to get consumers to buy into a brand for repeat purchases. The Paris Hilton line has had unexpected longevity, says Villoldo, who typically hopes for a five-year run with a celebrity, but Hilton has proven a tireless promoter.NPD's Grant is curious how Madonna will fare. "She's a mature woman so the younger generation might feel like she's a little over the hill, but Madonna is Madonna and she has A LOT of fans. When you talk about the most loyal fragrance consumer, she's over 50, and you'll have to rip out of her hands whatever her favourite one is, so once you've got her, you have a better chance of keeping her. "Buzz doesn't necessarily drive an older woman, Grant adds, noting that Celine Dion has had many years of consistent, strong sales without too much splash.A star with a story to tell through fragrance has a better shot, says Betsy Olum, general manager of beauty and merchandising strategy at HSN. Does the bottle design reflect the celebrity's look? Is there a scent note that has a special meaning? Consumers want to know, and they'll be able to pick out or sniff out the bottles that just slapped a boldfaced name on the front, she says.On TV, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria all connected with home shoppers on TV in a way that a glitzy ad can't convey, Olum says."When Jennifer Lopez's mom came on with her, and then her sister texted in, even I wanted to buy the fragrance and I did," Olum says.She was equally impressed with Eva Longoria. "At the time we were talking about her second fragrance, and it already seemed near the end of 'Desperate Housewives,' and we had a discussion here, 'Would people still be engaged?'" Olum says. "But she came on, and she's one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and she said, 'Don't worry, I'm going to get on and be great.' ... And I was really impressed by how she came on and really told her life story. People really connected to her."Men take a slightly different approach in their celebrity fragrances than women, however, says Grant, since they buy more into image, using Sean "Diddy" Combs' Unforgivable and Usher's namesake cologne as examples of scents with the "sexy, bad-boy vibe." Men are more aware of choosing a fragrance that will appeal to their romantic partners.Current celebrity bestsellers, according to NPD:Mass market (big box and drugstores), first quarter 2012:Women's: White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor, Reveal by Halle Berry, Fantasy by Britney SpearsMen's: Unforgivable by Sean "Diddy" Combs, He by Usher, Soul 2 Soul by Tim McGrawPrestige market (department and specialty stores), year-end 2011, most recent available:Women's: Justin Bieber Someday; Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, Reb'l Fleur by RihannaMen's: Unforgivable, I Am King by Comb's Sean John brand, Usher VIP ?Whether they be sexy or scary, you can never go wrong with channeling your inner celebrity at least one night out of the year. From a transgender Lady Gaga and a pantless, hot mess Christina Aguilera to a Geisha-esque Katy Perry and a hoedown happy Rihanna, the bold and beautiful few certainly provide quite a bit of inspiration when the ghoulish holiday rolls around. So who will you be this year? Will you channel a sexy or scary (intentionally or not) celeb? Check out our pics for the best celebrity costume ideas this year. ?These are not our mother's and father's age differences. Today with hormonal therapies for women and mens Viagra for men, with cosmetic enhancements and surgeries for both have eliminated a lot of the age differences. Naturally, money and fame allows men to have greater appeal for much younger women and lets not forget the cougars out there in this sphere. I am 73 and live in a part of CA that is quite affluent. A lot of career men don't come here because it is not a major city area with a lot of major jobs that pay well. Yes, there are a lot of men that do well with their own smaller businesses and services like wealth managers, etc. I am often startled myself as a man who lived and played (married at 42 and divorced at 47) in the major boy meets girl "play" areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Manhattan for 20 years, am surprised at the come on's I still receive by 45 to 50 year old women. I am well educated, business career, well traveled, and am only 10# over my college weight, and have my own hair which is now salt & pepper. I keep active and trim and active with my tennis group. At my age I prefer however attractive women in the late fifties to mid to late sixties as they, for me, fit my relationships better are more free to enjoy than those women still in the work force.?My pictures wont load but that doesnt matter. Whoever that headline picture was.. shes naturally beautiful anyway.. as are many others. WHY dont these people realise.. showbiz seems to demand everyone wears make do`s .. yes, when in front of cameras and lights.. but normally.. I know of many women who seem to think they NEED makeup when really, they dont? Its the pressure of media.. making them think that way.?Independent UK:Early this year, armed with a high dose of inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit, the design graduate opened a boutique in Lyon offering a full range of doggie outfits - sailor-sweaters, leather jackets, denim and lace dresses.The move won her a special fashion award, handed her by high-end lingerie queen Chantal Thomass, which will be enough to cover the rent for the boutique for a year. ?It must be eco-school day. This morning, we wrote about a contest for , and now we come across Celine Cousteau -- that's Jacques Cousteau's granddaughter -- saying kids ought to be taught environmentalism at a young age.It's part of a longer interview in which she discusses what she's up to. , or check out the salient parts below:What would you advise parents who want to educate their children about environmental issues during their travels?First of all, I don't understand why environmentalism isn't part of every curriculum in schools. You teach biology, so why not make that connection for the kids? In terms of travel planning, I would really pay attention to where you choose to go and teach the kids why you decided to bring them to a particular place: because they compost, because they have solar panels, because they have educational eco programs, etc. The consumer demand has to be the driving force for places to go green.What are some eco-focused kid's programs you would recommend?Not just to plug my father's non-profit, but I really do think the Jean-Michel Cousteau "Ambassadors of the Environment" ( programs are really great for kids. And they've been really successful in promoting awareness and educating. At the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, for instance, they launched the kid's program but soon the parents started coming along, so they had to expand the program. Another place I have heard about is a program called Green Chimneys (, based in Brewster, NY, where city-kids learn about nature and the environment. Clean up the World ( is another program I am involved in as ambassador; they have tangible programs with partners around the world and anyone can get involved. ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?Click here to leave a comment.HuffPost High School welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate in the comment section. Keep in mind that the articles here are penned by young authors, so please keep criticism respectful, and help us to keep this a safe and supportive place for writers of all ages to contribute.?I'm so drained, I can't get up off the floor -- and her voice is killing me. She has got to stop acting as if everything she does, including fa h r t in our faces on a daily basis with news of this "pregnancy, " (personally, I just think it's old age bloat :) should make the world stop and listen up.Earth to Celine: disappear! Great voice, but wayyyyyyy too immersed in her universe.?AP -- Singer Celine Dion has cancelled several upcoming concerts in Las Vegas because of a virus.Caesars Palace officials say her doctor advised her to rest for a week to recover from the virus, which caused an inflammation of her vocal cords. Shows scheduled for Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday were cancelled at the resort's Colosseum.Her next scheduled concert there is March 3.Dion, in a statement, said she doesn't "like to let people down," and she feels terrible about not being able to perform at the shows. Refunds will be given to people who bought tickets.Caesars spent $95 million to build the Colosseum for Dion in 2003, complete with a humidifier to protect her voice ?Celine Dion is just like us. When times get tough, she turns to for comfort too.Over the weekend, the covered Adele during her concert in Las Vegas. "I love Adele so much. She's amazing," Dion said, before launching into the British singer's No. 1 hit, Of course it's hard not to love Adele, but after , she probably has a newfound kinship with the 24-year-old. late last year to repair a hemorrhaged vocal chord.The show marked Dion's first stage appearance since recovering from her vocal cord virus. The 36-performance run continuing through August 19.Check out photos of Adele:Related on HuffPost:?Her husband just mentioned the names of their twins during a Quebec TV special. Nelson, in honor of Nelson Mandela who they met a few years ago and Eddy, for Eddy Marnay, a French songwriter born in Alger with who Celine made 5 albums at the start of her career in the 80s, and who died a few years ago.?I knew about the 12 & 18 thingy. She has explained it all in interiews, right down to the details. I really think it really started @ 16.She even talked about how her mom was against this ill-pairing, in the beginning.So, memory does serve me - - HE WAS MARRIED when he started chopping down an 18 yr. old impressionable kid; from the sticks, no less. Tommy Matolla was also married when he pick up the fair maiden, Mariah.And the maiden Mariah was also a child-bride.Unlike Celine, Mariah had that NY moxy & flew the coup.These older dudes love their teen girls. These girls are always looking for love from DADDY.Well, I like Celine, she's funny 'cause she has that ego. I love her Larry King interviews. The ego thingy works for her, simply because she is NOT the "10" in the room - so, it's OK.So..... "My heart will go on."Health & happiness to your little bundles, Ce-ce.?Celine Dion showed up at Sunday night's Oscars looking totally stylish on the red carpet. The songstress donned a long-sleeved Armani Prive gown paired with a chunky necklace.Check out her look and tell us if you agree.**Check out our and lists.** ?THE CANADIAN PRESS -- TORONTO - A website developer says he's shutting down a blog he runs called Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion after getting a cease-and-desist notice from the Montreal chanteuse's lawyers.Nick Angiolillo, who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., says he immediately took down the content from his blog after receiving the notice July 14.The only post that remains on the site is a notice to readers that he had to shut it down."The cease-and-desist notice I received from Celine's lawyers was likely not initiated by Celine herself," Angiolillo, 26, wrote in an email to The Canadian Press."I don't really blame Celine -- I doubt she even knows any of this is happening."The blog had images and videos of Dion that Angiolillo found online through Google searching. The images spanned several decades of her career and highlighted everything from her fashion choices to her costumes and funny facial expressions.Angiolillo also provided commentary or edited the images for comedic effect.He said he started the blog several months ago because he loves Dion."I am a legitimate fan of her music and her persona and I think she's honestly a very good and caring person," he said. "The blog was embraced by the Celine Dion fan community early on, and they even contributed to it."There were some sour people who thought it was made to mock her, but I and most of the fans never saw it that way. If you've seen Celine's documentary 'Celine: Through the Eyes of the World' you would know she has a great sense of humor and is always the first one to laugh at herself."The blog never once slandered or implied anything negative about Celine."Angiolillo said he complied with the cease-and-desist notice because he simply doesn't have the time or energy to get in a back-and-forth legal discussion.A representative for Dion did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment.___Online: ?LAS VEGAS -- Singer Celine Dion has canceled more shows at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace, citing a virus causing an inflammation of her vocal cords.Christi Nelson, an official with show producer AEG Live, said Tuesday that the French-Canadian pop superstar has been ordered to rest her voice for six to eight weeks and will resume performances June 9."I tried to sing at my sound check last week, and I had no control of my voice whatsoever," Dion said in a statement. "We thought that after a few days' rest I would improve, but it wasn't getting any better."Officials announced last weekend that Dion was canceling shows through March 3. On Monday, she was diagnosed with a viral illness and weakness in her right vocal cord by Dr. Gerald Burke, an authority in laryngeal physiology at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.The singer of romantic odes including "My Heart Will Go On" and "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" returned to Caesars Palace a year ago for a three-year engagement.The Las Vegas Strip casino spent $95 million building the Colosseum for Dion in 2003, complete with a humidifier to protect her voice. After a five-year run at the casino, she embarked on a world tour and took time off for her family, giving birth to twin boys in 2010.Tickets to the new show in Las Vegas sell for up to $250 apiece.Dion said the doctor assured her she'll be "back to 100 percent" after resting her voice, but she said she's disappointed by the cancellations."Obviously this is the worst thing for a singer ... not being able to do your shows," she said. "I feel worse knowing that I'm disappointing my fans. I'm so sorry ... I hope they forgive me."Also on HuffPost: ?LAS VEGAS — Singer Celine Dion has canceled several upcoming concerts in Las Vegas because of a virus.Caesars Palace officials say her doctor advised her to rest for a week to recover from the virus, which caused an inflammation of her vocal cords. Shows scheduled for Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday were canceled at the resort's Colosseum.Her next scheduled concert there is March 3.Dion, in a statement, said she doesn't "like to let people down," and she feels terrible about not being able to perform at the shows. Refunds will be given to people who bought tickets.Caesars spent $95 million to build the Colosseum for Dion in 2003, complete with a humidifier to protect her voice?Celine Dion has made her mark on the pop world, to be sure - with some of the world's best-selling hits to her name. But is she really wise to pit herself against the all-conquering Adele, offering up her own version of Rolling in the Deep for inevitable comparison with the London star? Well, for whatever reason - whether it's to remind her fans that she can still cut it for crowds beyond Las Vegas, or just to keep herself interested after nearly two decades at the top - Ms Dion has put it out there. See what you think - Celine's version is up top, while the original is here below, in case you needed reminding... is there a better version, or 'just different'? Let us have your thoughts... ?NEW YORK — Celine Dion has given birth to twin boys, finally realizing her dream of being a mother again after a long struggle to become pregnant.A statement released by St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla., said that the 42-year-old superstar singer delivered the boys Saturday afternoon. One boy weighed 5 pounds, 10 ounces, while the other weighed 5 pounds, 4 ounces. No names have been announced.Dion and her husband-manager, Rene Angelil, are already the parents of one son, 9-year-old Rene Charles. But Dion had long wanted to have more children, and, like with her first child, she had difficulty becoming pregnant. She has spoken openly about her struggles, undergoing several rounds of in-vitro fertilization.Last year, after information leaked that she was pregnant, she confirmed the news, only to learn that the in vitro procedure was not successful. She had to issue a reversal weeks later.In an interview earlier this year, Dion said she hoped that by publicly sharing her struggle, she could help others."If I help people through my voice, through my interviews, through what I go through, I do not want to change that at all," she said. "I think it's making a difference."The boys came a month early. Dion was due to deliver next month, but earlier this week, it was announced that she was hospitalized as a precaution to make sure she was near her doctors as she prepared to give birth.Dion, a five-time Grammy winner who has sold tens of millions of albums, announced earlier this year that she would be returning to Las Vegas for a three-year run at Caesar's Palace. She had a hugely successful five-year run in Las Vegas that ended in 2007.___Online: ?Click here to leave a comment.HuffPost High School welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate in the comment section. Keep in mind that the articles here are penned by young authors, so please keep criticism respectful, and help us to keep this a safe and supportive place for writers of all ages to contribute.?I'm glad the pregnancy is going well for Celine. She is having the children of the man she loves and regardless of her husband's age, she is happy and I hope everything works out for this family and the new additions to their family bring so much joy that it become contagious to all their friends and family.?**UPDATE**Celine will keep trying to get pregnant, husband Rene Angelil told the Canadian paper Journal de Montreal (via ). Their fertility doctor believed that the IVF procedure in August had been successful, but they found out a few days later it was not. Another attempt in October also failed to take. But they're trying again this weekend, Rene said: "I admire all the women who go through such a tough process. Since April, she has undergone numerous examinations, multiple hormone injections and blood tests," Angelil told the paper, revealing the couple will go to New York this weekend for a third try. "Celine and I didn't get discouraged ... we put our faith in life and in the stars."__Sad news for Celine Dion, who in August to be pregnant with . Dion, 41, had embryos frozen for in-vitro fertilization while trying to conceive her first child, Rene-Charles, now 8.Celine is no longer expecting, reports: In unfortunate news for Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil, the singer is no longer pregnant, a source close to the family tells In Touch. "While she and Rene are actively trying for a baby, she is not currently expecting," the friend says. In August, a rep for the "My Heart Will Go On" star confirmed her pregnancy, while reports surfaced that she used fertility treatments to expand her family. Celine and Rene have an 8-year-old son, Rene-Charles.Get HuffPost Entertainment On and ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?I think Celine is absolutely right and very relevant in what she's saying. This issue certainly needs to be addressed. The problem is when you have so much to give and people can make money on you, then some don't give a damn about the person behind the artist, they'll do almost anything to keep the "machine" going. Some just wants and wants and wants... and then they want a little more. Just take a look at what some of the socalled fans said after having been to one of Whitney's concerts on the "Nothing but love" tour. Some said that she couldn't entertain a dead rat, others wanted their money back. Whatever happened to actually give credit to Whitney that she emerged from her troubles though scared. But what people did the most was nothing but complain about her weakened voice and even much worse things. Let's just be thankful for what Whitney actually gave all of us and give credit to the woman for actually going on the stage to perform. What a huge amount of courage that showed. Celine Dion did not disrespect Whitney in any way. On the contrary. She just pinpointed some really serious costs showbiz has for you if you're aren't strong enough.?This is Celine Dion like you've never seen her before. In all posing topless and bottomless, in leather and in feathers, in bunny ears and knee-high boots. This is surely a sexier side than the normally-demure singer typically shows. SCROLL FOR PHOTOS"Im like this in my real life," . "I was scared a little bit because this was so different for me, but Im glad I did it. Usually theres always a reason when I do a photo shoot, theres not the opportunity to go crazy. With this it was two in the morning and I was still jumping on the trampoline. In the house, in my normal life, we are always playing. It doesnt seem this way on stage, but Im playing a lot.This pictorial marks in six years. She opened the doors to her Florida home and shed some clothes, revealing her true self to the world for what may be the very first time. Despite all the fame and success, Dion's most beloved role is being a mom. but now has three children. Her first son with husband Rene Angelil, Ren-Charles, was born in January 2001. In October 2010, she gave birth to fraternal twins, Eddy and Nelson. I thought I had a life before, but until I was a mom, I had no idea," she told the magazine. "Why would I want a hit? Why would I want to win awards? There is nothing I can hope and wish for my career: I can just hope to be blessed as a mother for the rest of my life the way I am now. Thats the only nomination I want.V Magazine's September issue features another hot mom on its cover: Nicole Kidman. Kidman, opposite Zach Efron raised eyebrows, and shows off her bare bum.The 45-year-old actress also said that people don't get to see the "outlandish" side to her."I dont really make decisions, I go with the flow," she told V Magazine. "If I were a strategically minded person, I think I would have a far different career. But I would be more outlandish if I could. A lot of times you just dont get the chance."Also on HuffPost:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?First of all, I am entitled to my OPINION.Second of all; she didn't conceive 'naturally'... used fertility clinic and frozen embryos. Husband is probably WAY too old to have many decent viable sperm left anyhow- he's pushing 70, for godssakes. Third of all, why did she wait until she was 41 yrs old? There will be 8 years or more between her children. Why didn't she do this when she was 35? Didn't want to interfere with her astounding career? Please..... Adoption would have been more sensible and more helpful for the children already here without families and love they deserve. Again, IMO.?I think it was good planning on her part. Smart gal. There are lots of women who are delaying motherhood, and frankly doing a great job of it, being financially stable, emotionally mature, more life experience, to bring to the role. Of course, the drawback is that unlike males, who make "new" sperm all the time, women are born with their eggs, and they age. Go for it if you can, and want to. I bet lots more women will chose this route in the coming years.?LOS ANGELES Celine Dion's struggle to have one more baby has more than paid off. She's pregnant with two.Publicist Kim Jakwerth told The Associated Press in an e-mail Sunday that the 42-year-old Canadian songstress is 14 weeks pregnant with twins, and she plans to find out the sex of the babies next month.Dion and her husband and manager Rene Angelil have one son, 9-year-old Rene Charles.She had undergone several rounds of in-vitro fertilization in an attempt to get pregnant again.The pregnancy was first reported by People Magazine.Dion is working on new albums in English and French, and returns next year to Las Vegas for a three-year residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.LOS ANGELES (AP) – Celine Dion's struggle to have one more baby has more than paid off. She's pregnant with two.Publicist Kim Jakwerth told the Associated Press in an e-mail Sunday that the 42-year-old Canadian songstress is 14 weeks pregnant with twins, and she plans to find out the sex of the babies next month.Dion and her husband and manager Rene Angelil have one son, 9-year-old Rene Charles.She had undergone several rounds of in-vitro fertilization in an attempt to get pregnant again.The pregnancy was first reported by People Magazine.Dion is working on new albums in English and French, and returns next year to Las Vegas for a three-year residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. ?If Kate Winslet is sick of hearing "," then how does Celine Dion feel? If there's one person who has the right to be tired of the epic love ballad, then it's the "" songstress herself. "'My Heart Will Go On' gave me the opportunity to be associated with a classic that will live forever. If I just count how many times I've sung it, maybe it'll get me sick," said , sympathizing with the "Titanic" actress. "If she feels tired just hearing it, and, like, throwing up, I'm glad she was not the one singing it."Don't expect Winslet to make "My Heart Will Go On" her go-to karaoke song anytime soon. In March, the "Titanic" starlet told MTV that the "I do feel like throwing up. I wish I could say 'Oh listen, everybody! It's the Celine Dion song!' But I don't. I just have to sit there, you know, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll."Winslet continued: "Every time I go into a bar in a hotel where there's a live pianist, or into a restaurant where they're changing their music according to who walks into the door, it's thrilling for people to 'surprise me' with that song.""" is one of the best-selling singles of all time, winning the Academy Award for Best Song in 1998 and selling more than 15 million copies worldwide. At the time of its release in 1998, .PHOTOS: More celebrity feudsRelated on HuffPost:?Just my personal opinion as a woman over 40 who had difficult pregnancies..I would not do this to my body again at this age. I understand wanting a baby but I had to accept that I would not have any more children after my second pregnancy which I was very lucky to get through. I hate to see her putting her body and spirit through this because if she doesn't get pregnant or should get pregnant and lose it shes' going to have the hardest time recovering. I personally thought I would have three children, that's what I always wanted but I came to see how lucky I was to have the two I had. Losing a child in between those two really made me see I was lucky and maybe I shouldn't push it considering the difficult pregnancy (high risk) I had and delivery where my baby stopped breathing. I'd hate to see her go through that.?Wow, this is what moved you to take the time to post? Their first child, Rene Charles, looked like a boy with long hair -- long hair indicative of his father's Syrian heritage. He loved it as he grew up, and chose to keep it long and down by choice. It's since been cut, and he's still the same cute little guy. Please try to climb out of your cultural and gender biases. Or maybe just tone down the nasty a bit. I don't make a habit of applauding anyone for having lots of kids (with the planet already stressed for resources and all), but putting that aside, Celine and Rene' do seem like nice people who actually have a wonderful relationship with the community that is their extended family. I've spoken to some folks who've worked for them, and they speak very highly of their kindness and caring nature.?MONTREAL - Celine Dion saluted the victims of Quebec's election-night shooting by opening a benefit concert Monday night in their honour.Dion, Arcade Fire and Ben Harper headlined a show at the Metropolis in Montreal the same venue where Denis Blanchette was fatally shot on Sept. 4."I want to offer my sincere condolences to Denis' whole family," an emotional Dion told the crowd before singing the first song of the show.Funds raised from the concert supported a trust fund for Blanchette's young daughter.The 48-year-old lighting technician was killed when he was struck by a single bullet at the Parti Quebecois victory rally.Donations were also collected for Dave Courage, the other man hit by the same bullet.After her song, Dion touched her heart and waved to loved ones of the shooting victims, who watched from balconies above the stage.About half a dozen other Quebec musical acts performed after Dion.Premier Pauline Marois also attended the concert.Marois was giving her victory speech on the Metropolis stage when Blanchette and Courage were shot outside the venue just metres away from her.A man arrested in connection with the shooting is to reappear in court on Oct. 11.Richard Henry Bain faces 16 charges, including first-degree murder, three counts of attempted murder and arson.?MONTREAL - So, it seems Celine Dion is a bit of a deli diva.Maybe that would surprise some considering one of her biggest hits is "My Heart Will Go On," but the pop megastar has a history with smoked meat that extends way beyond her new investment in Schwartz's, Montreal's most famous purveyor of the fatty delicacy.In the old days her hankerings for smoked meat would occasionally take her to the spot across the street from Schwartz's The Main deli which is now, ironically, her competition.That hop-scotching from one smoked-meat joint to the next places Dion in a rich culinary tradition, as Montreal residents have spent countless hours comparing and debating the merits of their city's old-style delis.Which is the most famous? Schwartz's, surely. Which has the longest lineups? Again, Schwartz's. But which serves the best smoked meat? Well, that's a question that has made mouths salivate and had fists pounding a few vinyl tabletops in animated diner conversations."Montreal is one of the greatest deli cities in the world," says David Sax, author of 2009's "Save the Deli," which looked at the phenomenon of delicatessens around the world."There's nowhere that has an abiding sort of passion for Jewish delicatessen in a way that Montreal does. It's certainly on a par with New York, if not in some respects bigger and more deeply ingrained into the culture."Like New York, Montreal was a focal point for early 20th century Jewish immigration and various histories indicate the creators of smoked meat came from Eastern Europe, particularly Romania.The details are vague but some credit Ben Kravitz, who founded Ben's De Luxe Delicatessen in 1910, as the inventor, curing the briskets with methods he remembered from Lithuanian farmers. Others include butcher Aaron Sanft, who made the meat Romanian-style.Until Dion came around, the closest that the dingy Schwartz's got to the glitz of showbiz was a musical based on it, a couple of movies, and the stream of heavyweight entertainers who have sidled up to its timeless counter.Frank Silva, the the eatery's manager since 1999, thinks Dion and Schwartz's go together like, well, smoked meat and rye."Why not?" says Silva with a smile. "She's a Quebec icon and we're a landmark. I think we make a good team."Debates on who serves the best smoked meat can be as passionate as any ever heard in the House of Commons at least to smoked meat lovers.It's Schwartz's, it's Dunn's, it's Lester's, it's The Main, they argue.Norman Spector, a former chief of staff to Brian Mulroney when he was prime minister, weighed in after he questioned on Twitter whether Schwartz's was the best. Schwartz's was good, he agreed, and the now-defunct Ben's was a favourite of students."But the secret known to only a few mavens is that the Snowdon Deli on Decarie has the best smoked meat sandwich in town (one must ask for the old-fashioned and by no means lean) and the lineups are a lot shorter," he wrote in an email.Francis Morin, an Ottawa resident who has been coming to Schwartz's for the last 30 years, is a fan not only of the thickly stacked sandwiches but also the timeless atmosphere.It's a place that seems untouched by the passing decades, where customers are practically jammed cheek to jowl in tables along the wall, amid furnishings accumulated over generations."The atmosphere, it's unique," said Morin, who always orders the medium-fat sandwich. "It's a fantastic place. I've always said if I have time in Montreal to do just one thing, this is what I do."One man, who declined to be interviewed but said he'd been a judge at numerous local competitions to declare the best smoked meat, gave his nod to Smoke Meat Pete: "You can't beat Pete's meat," he said, invoking the restaurant slogan.Word of Dion's new venture hasn't hurt the competition across the street at her old stomping grounds, says Pete Varvaro, owner of The Main.That's partly because Schwartz's international renown it's currently listed at No. 9 on the Lonely Planet website's list of 660 things to do in Montreal often tends to cause world-class lineups.That can have spillover benefits for the less-famous spot across the street. The last few months, which are usually quiet periods, have been busier than usual, Varvaro said."When they wait in line, they don't want to wait," he said. "So they come and try ours and they like it and they come back."It's been happening for a long time, he adds.Just ask Dion and her husband.Varvaro, whose son owns the Smoke Meat Pete deli, remembers well how a 16-year-old Dion and Rene Angelil would slide into a booth at his place."They used to come in to eat the smoked meat, they liked the baby back ribs," said Varvaro."There was a place that the two of them sat, it was right in the corner," he said. "Very nice person."He noted that Dion drifted off as her fame grew and she got involved in yet another smoked meat-serving venture, the Nickels chain. He said that even though Dion wasn't a regular anymore, she often sent regards through manager Ben Kaye, who has since died.The mystical meat platters of St-Laurent Boulevard have had other prominent admirers.The late author Mordecai Richler humourously described Schwartz's cut in his novel "Barney's Version" as a "maddening aphrodisiac" that should be sold as the "Nectar of Judea."Artistic jack-of-all-trades Leonard Cohen is one of the celebrities who stops by The Main when he's in Montreal and Silva rattles off a list of names that sounds like a Hollywood phone book when he cites some of Schwartz's customers, including Halle Berry "one of my favourites" Angelina Jolie and funnyman Tim Allen.And that's not counting the list of Canadian politicians that have chowed down on smoked meat there and other delis.Paul Martin, when he was prime minister, was a paricularly avid consumer, choosing to mainstreet in Ben's delicatessan during one campaign and bringing bags of Schwartz's sandwiches to passengers on the Liberal plane during another.Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the deli when he was Opposition leader. It was also a campaign stop for the NDP's Jack Layton. Pierre Trudeau was a more regular deli customer, known to wander down from his law office to the now-defunct Ben's.So, about that nagging question: Which one's the best?A sampling of some of Montreal's fabled smoked meat doesn't yield dramatic differences in taste. Spices give some a slightly sweeter flavour, marinating and smoking may give others a peppery tang."It's the brisket," says Silva, of Schwartz's. "We marinate it with home spices a secret blend, of course for 10 days. And we smoke in-house for approximately eight hours. Then we steam it three hours and we hand slice it. Against the grain, very thin and very fast, of course."Diane Bass, co-owner of The Main, says the cutting is key and notes the brisket comes in three parts lean, medium and fat."The grain of the brisket goes different ways. If you have a good smoked meat cutter that knows how to turn his brisket every time he's cutting, it won't get stringy."But Ian Morantz, owner of the Snowdon Deli, has a theory on why Montreal smoked meat is so unique and has never been completely replicated anywhere else: Montreal's water."Water is a big factor in most recipes," he says, explaining that water composes the major part of the pickling brine before the meat is smoked. "Every region has different minerals in its water. It's still clear, pure water but it's not the same water."Baguettes made in Paris taste different than those made in Montreal using the same recipe, he said citing one example. So do Montreal-style bagels made in Toronto."Everything else is the same except that the water they're using is local water and it creates a little different texture, a little different taste." ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdovcLTcUs93wly%2B34i7kkrPjtQPvHYzsjWYhFzb12pgbYBKVLP34TXLzbpAy2RCoJtFFAngK4QBT43WaolBTcPfpLmNk7nCjRWSB2%2FymekHy%2BlaPW27BvcQEfIX%2F%2BT7jigXKA6%2FuiHk?A healthy Celine Dion showed off her growing baby bump on the new cover of Canada's 7 Jours magazine. She is expecting twin boys in November after a long struggle to get pregnant again.Dion, husband Rene Angelil, their son, Rene-Charles, 9, and the family dog grin in the cover photo, released days after the singer rumors that she has had complications. She said she is 'healthy and she feels fantastic.' ?The only thing worse than a wardrobe malfunction is a wardrobe malfunction... down there. Celine Dion surprised audience members at a concert on Friday when she took to the stage in at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in a teeny gold Balmain minidress. The long-sleeve bodice of the dress stayed on, but the short hemline gave show goers sitting below a bit more than they bargained for, . Dion told that "normally when people are level the length [of the dress] is fine. But people were like this (looks up)... So it was like I didn't think of the people downstairs and me there." Whoops. Luckily Celine's confidence wasn't shaken, as the 43-year-old mother of twins is used to braving the stage in barely-there dresses (). She did, however, spend the rest of the Jamaican festival in longer frocks. See Also on HuffPost: ?AP: Celine Dion called it a wrap at Caesars Palace, acknowledging in her final show that pregnancy and poor early reviews almost sank her titanic five-year engagement.As adoring fans cheered, stood and clapped through Saturday night's performance, Dion interspersed her usual numbers with emotion-filled monologues."At one point, it was like feeling like the Titanic was about to sink again," she said. "But we believed and we went on with it. Even though the vibe was not that positive for us."While the show was still in development in 2000, Dion, 39, became pregnant and told husband-manager Rene Angelil she did not want to continue. ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?Celine Dion has unveiled her new fraternal twin boys, Eddy and Nelson, in a .The twins, , had Dion gushing. "They're so cute, it's incredible," she said. "When we look at them we can't believe it, and to have them here at home - it's all we could wish for." "They're feeding every two hours now," she continued. "It's going well. I don't get a lot of sleep, yes, for sure I'm tired, but that's what I want."Dion, who with husband Rene Angelil has a nine-year old son named named Rene-Charles, spent years trying to get pregnant again, going through IVF treatments and suffering a miscarriage. So the couple wanted to give the twins meaningful names."We met with Nelson Mandela and spent some time with him at his house when we started Celine's world tour," Rene said. "Eddy is an homage to Eddy Marnay," he added, referring to the songwriter that wrote Dion's first five albums and died a few years ago.For more from this interview, including Dion's comments on what was supposed to be triplets, .PHOTO: ?Get ready to see Celine Dion as you've never seen her before -- topless, in a bunny mask and wearing a pair of over-sized trousers entirely covered in stuffed animals. No, not all at once, that's just crazy! But Celine did strike various, um, interesting poses for a series of photos in the forthcoming fall issue of V Magazine, on stands Aug. 30?LAS VEGAS -- Singer Celine Dion says she is recovering from a virus that caused an inflammation of her vocal cords and is planning to return to the stage in Las Vegas soon.Dion said in a statement Monday that she received good news last week during a follow-up examination with her doctor in Los Angeles.She says she should be fully recovered by mid-April. That's when she hopes to start recording songs for her new English and French albums.Dion announced last month that she was cancelling her shows at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace until June 9 because of her illness.The singer of romantic odes including "My Heart Will Go On" and "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" returned to Caesars Palace a year ago for a three-year engagement. ?Your theory is not true in all in vitro daughter went through the process at age 32 and only one fertilized egg was implanted. Miss Dion already had one child so her dr prob knew her uterus could hold 3 babies, but not so with 1st timers. Also many times, the decision to 'reduce' the amount of babies has to be made and many women choose to have only one egg implanted so they don't have to make that decision. The dr who implanted 6 eggs into octomom should be charged with a crime. The uterus can rupture resulting in the babies' and/or mother's death. Sadly, my daughter's little embryo didn't make it and the pregnancy ended at 6 weeks; the odds of success are 50/50 and I believe I read Celine underwent the procedure 4 or 5 times to have these babies, at a cost of approx $100,000. Most couple simply can not afford it. My daughter and son-in-law can try it one more time. I've learned a couple has to be strong emotionally to go through the process because it's an emotional roller coaster like nothing I've experienced before. Congratulations to Celine and her husband. I'm so happy it worked for them.?MONTREAL - Celine Dion and Arcade Fire will headline a benefit concert in support of the young daughter of a man killed during Quebec's election-night shooting.The show will take place this coming Monday at the Metropolis the club where Denis Blanchette was fatally shot on Sept. 4.The 48-year-old lighting technician was killed instantly when he was struck by a single bullet at the Parti Quebecois' election-night rally. Another worker was wounded by the same bullet.A man arrested in connection with the incident is to reappear in court on Oct. 11.Richard Henry Bain faces 16 charges, including first-degree murder, three counts of attempted murder and arson.Tickets for the concert range from $80 to $175, with the money going to a trust fund for Blanchette's daughter.Organizers say funds will also be collected for Dave Courage, the other man hit by the bullet.?MONTREAL - Singer Celine Dion is part of a consortium that has purchased a landmark Montreal restaurant, famous partly for its food and partly for its generations-old decor.The Quebec diva and her husband, Rene Angelil, have teamed up with other investors to buy Schwartz's, a downtown deli.The establishment is famous amongst Montrealers, and tourists, to a certain extent because of its smoked-meat sandwiches but also because of its appeal as a larger-than-average time capsule.Founded in 1928, the St. Lawrence Boulevard shop regularly draws long lineups of tourists eager to grab a seat in a place that looks untouched by the passing decades.In a news release Monday announcing the transaction, Angelil shared his memory of first going to Schwartz's as a young musician in 1961 with his friend and manager, Ben Kaye."I have so many great memories of being there with the guys, and with Celine and our families throughout the years. It's the most unique restaurant in the world and we're thrilled to be a part of it," Angelil said.This won't be the first smoked-meat venture for Dion and Angelil. They have also been partners in Nickels, a chain of retro 1950s diners that sells mostly fast foods including the famous Montreal sandwiches.Without referring to his previous chain venture, Angelil sought to assuage the concerns of any purists that he'll create a similar business model out of Schwartz's, a place immortalized in the literature of Mordecai Richler.Angelil promised not to allow franchises, and to keep the authenticity of the establishment."Of course, we'll make a few improvements as necessary, but we're not interested in diluting the brand by franchising, or making the deli something that it isn't," he said."It's truly one-of-a-kind, and we intend to keep it this way."The group of partners includes Angelil's nephews and the Nakis family, longtime Montreal restauranteursThe sale price was not disclosed. ?NEW YORK — Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson and Usher will pay tribute to the late Whitney Houston in a one-hour TV special."We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston" will tape Oct. 11 at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live and will feature performances by Dion, Hudson and Usher. It will air Nov. 16 on CBS.The Recording Academy announced Thursday that the special will also include Houston's "most memorable performances" and interviews with various artists. More performers will be announced.Tickets for the event go on sale Thursday.Houston died at age 48 in February. Authorities called her death an accidental drowning, complicated by heart disease and cocaine use.The compilation album, "I Will Always Love You - The Best of Whitney Houston," will be released on Nov. 13.?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?Yes, there is that too...and I'm sure it plays a huge part--with those savvy enough to use it, particularly those whose careers depend on their looks to a certain degree (because she does have THOSE vocal chords) . But, never forget, there are those with all that, who are tempted to cut corners too. Celine's never been one to take anything in her life for granted. She gives 110%, and that's laudable. Anyway, the point I was going to make originally, (as much as I agree with yours) is that breast-feeding does a lot to help regain your figure--and even make the breasts fuller if you take care of yourself. I breastfed my daughter for two years. Took the advice of an elderly woman on how to care for them, and now they're better than they were before I had her! The miracle of womanhood...?If you want to know how it feels to live like Celine Dion, it'll cost you a bit of money $29,655,500 to be exact.The Canadian songstress is that she and her husband Rene Angelil had custom-built in 2001. The price is steep, but the 24,000 square-foot home is situated on a private island and comes with a bounty of antique furniture.The abode has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a stone wine cellar with tasting area, an elevator, an in-ground pool (with a pool house, naturally), a grand staircase and games room. And if that's not enough to feast your eyes on, there's also water views and 830,000 square feet of gated, secure private island for the kids to play on.Dion is , Ross McCredie, president and CEO of Sothebys International Canada, told the National Post.It took them a long time to make this decision, he told the National Post. It was a passionate thing for them to make. And in the end, they just havent been using it enough They plan to purchase another home in Montreal thats much smaller.According to a press release, representatives for Dion and Angelil said, ", and as such, she will maintain a residence here."For now, the family have shacked up in their that's decked out with a backyard waterpark.Odds are you don't have $30 million sitting around, but you can check photos of the "once-in-a-lifetime offering" here: ?Her heart may still go on, but her face must cease and desist.The very popular blog, , was forced to shut itself down this week, after the blog's administrators posted the following message:hey yallcline dion found our blog, and she didnt like it. we just got a letter from clines lawyers that the blog has to be shut down.though this blog is well within the realm of fair use, i dont have the money or time to get a lawyer to respond. the dream is over. thanks for following and being a cline superfan? ill always remember u?ill never let go Turns out, Ms. Dion is not a fan of her own face, which is something we never would have guessed.But have no fear, internet! You can still find ridiculous pictures of Celine Dion online, and a few of them are even animated. Check out this from Tabloid Prodigy, or simply Google the phrase, "" or check out featuring she and her husband and their children in a giant bed together. ?people have highlighted this! Huzzah! This text has been highlighted. Highlights is a new way to discover the most interesting text on Huffington Post!?PARIS - True style doesn't try too hard.In spring-summer 2013, designer Phoebe Philo continued the spirit of her alarmingly simple trademark statement.Three years after the lauded Briton's Celine debut, she delivered a collection of subtle, bourgeois elegance evoked in softly architectural silhouettes.Spring is about gentle contradictions, not colour, she seemed to say: Shown through a muted palette of black, white, navy and grey.The real point of the show was the gentle play on contrasting lines, then textures, then form.Loosely hanging silhouettes often with attention to neck details in high necks, bands and twists came in column or boxy shapes, with a couple of black A-line tuxedo-dresses for good measure.The gloss of sheeny silks whispered a contrast against matte fabric.Philo has often been noted for her chic "utilitarian tailoring," which she delivers with uncanny ease.Here we saw it used artistically in hemline frays which turned into tassels, and twisted fabric that wrapped round the back sewn crudely together in a lump.It's a style that wouldn't look out of place on Juliette Binoche, for example, who accepted a best-actress award at Cannes in 2010 in custom Celine.The house is right in fancying themselves as Paris calendar's arty side.When fashion insiders asked to see the mandatory program notes, there were wry smiles as they were handed a text-free book of collage pictures.___Thomas Adamson can be followed at http:/ / the past month, the Senate National Finance Committee and the Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce poured over the Conservative government's 425 page omnibus budget Bill C-38. These committees interviewed dozens of witnesses ranging from government ministers, NGO's, consumer rights groups, think tanks, professors, etc.After hours of committee hearings we were both left with more questions than answers. Above all we saw how the Conservative government was abusing its majority by shoving more than 70 different laws down the throats of Canadians.The Conservatives decided to reserve the same treatment for the provinces. They chose not to consult them and to encroach on their jurisdiction. For example, Bill C-38 adds an enacting clause that will give the federal government more powers in the banking sector and eliminate provincial laws relating to consumer protection.C-38 will also wreak havoc on provincial budgets through measures that will shift costs onto provincial social programs, such as changes the to employment insurance and old age security benefits, and measures that will reduce provincial tax revenues, such as the increase in cross border duty-free shopping limits.The conservatives' abusive majority has made it clear to Canadians that their reformist agenda has no place for social justice. For example, they decided to remove the obligation for federal contractors to respect the Employment Equity Act. By removing employment equity from the Federal Contractors Program's requirements, the Harper government is abandoning women, Aboriginals, disabled persons and visible minorities and destroying decades of social progress.As most Canadians have come to realize, the Conservative government has a problem with opinions that are different from their own. Case in point, Bill C-38 will allow the minister of national revenue to withhold emitting tax receipts of charities deemed to be spending too much on political advocacy and suspend their charitable status if they make errors on their reports to the Canada Revenue Agency. More importantly, the passing of Bill C-38 will allow the Conservatives to use legislation to bully their opponents, reduce their numbers and weaken the quality of democratic debate.Canadians have long stood up against abuses of power around the world; let us not let Stephen Harper do it here. Canadians need to speak out against this government's regressive and archaic laws, and their anti-democratic actions.?I am concerned about sustainable economic development. In Canada, the seal hunt is tightly regulated and sustainable: the Harp seal's population roughly increased from 2 million animals to 10 million in the space of 40 years. As of today, the natural balance of the Atlantic Coast's ecosystem is at risk because of the reduction in hunting, the threat of abolition and the recent overpopulation of the Harp seal. In 2009, experts have come together to propose a that guarantees sustainable seal hunt. As such, I invite you to consult the Universal Declaration on the Ethical Harvest of Seals. A document that is endorsed by the Governments of Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador and the Northwest Territories. Regarding the control of animal species, the United States is currently considering repealing the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act to establish a new law called the Controlled Seal Population Plan (CSPP). This law would allow hunters to partake in a seal hunt to control the West Coast's booming sea lion population. In Canada, seal hunters value utilizing this resource to its full potential demonstrating their communities' full commitment to respecting nature. Regarding the market for seal products, demand still exists for such products. Such is the case of chefs who serve seal meat in their restaurants in Quebec. Furthermore, the French Press Agency on February 28th 2012 that Russia was considering allowing the sale ofin an attempt to control the seal population while providing food to its citizens. Finally, I urge you to speak out against the looming extinction of the Mediterranean Monk Seal (total population 150-200 animals). This species has never been publicly defended by animal rights organization opposed to the sustainable Canadian seal hunt. Just like the European Union, the United States, Mexico and Russia.?We remember when a Canadian prime minister spoke of building "a just society." There is no such talk from the federal government today. Instead, we have a government obsessed with punishment, retribution, and prison time. But we will not reduce crime in the long run by putting more people in jail and giving them even longer sentences.The crime rate in Canada is at its lowest level since 1973. Our justice system has been working. Our sentencing system has found a balance between punishment, deterrence, and the rehabilitation of offenders -- and the evidence is clear: it has worked to reduce crime. But evidence such as statistics, expert opinions, and hard facts about what has been working and what hasn't in the past decades have been pushed aside by the Conservatives. Driven by ideology over facts, they are pressing forward with Bill C-10, "," which will increase the number of mandatory minimum sentences and make the Youth Criminal Justice Act even more repressive. Let us be clear: Bill C-10 won't prevent crime, and in fact may lead to more crime and less public safety.The overwhelming majority of studies show that prison does not lower recidivism rates among criminals -- in fact, the longer one spends in prison, the higher the likelihood of re-offending. We know that prison can serve as a school of crime -- where young people find protection in gangs when they never were a gang member before, and where first-time offenders can turn into hardened criminals. Studies conclude we should reserve incarceration for the sole purpose of punishing and selectively incapacitating those who pose the greatest risk to society. Indeed, rehabilitation programs are more effective in reducing repeat offenders.Here in Quebec, we have an original approach to youth crime that works. In 2010, the severity of youth crime in Quebec was the lowest in Canada, proof that we are not "soft" on crime but rather that we are smart and "tough" on its root causes. But now the Harper government wants to ignore the evidence and change our approach.The government's obsessive desire to impose adult sentences on young offenders goes against the expert opinion of Canada's legal and medical communities. They are clear that it is crucial to consider a young offender's personal situation when they are facing criminal charges. Moreover, this will be costly for taxpayers. The Harper government has refused to provide a full costing of its so-called "tough on crime" agenda. The estimates we have seen from other sources put the cost in the billions of dollars -- the Institut de Recherche et d'Informations Socio-conomiques (IRIS) recently estimated the cost at some $19 billion. Conservatives are hypocritically asking Canadians to tighten their belts while at the same time they are going on a spending spree with taxpayer's money. Liberal Senators will be proposing amendments to this Bill, but given the Conservatives' majority in the Senate, there is little chance that they will be adopted.This is regrettable because as Justice Minister Fournier has said, Bill C-10 is not tough on crime, but rather tough on democracy. With this legislation, the Harper government is showing once again that its attachment to democratic principles is not very strong.This post was co-authored by the following senators: Hon. Romo Dallaire, Hon. Dennis Dawson, Hon. Pierre De Ban, P.C., Hon. Cline Hervieux-Payette, P.C., Hon. Serge Joyal, P.C., Hon. Paul Massicotte? and Hon. Charlie Watt.?For this year's World Press Freedom Day, I spoke in the chamber to assure the Canadian public that the fundamental principles of journalism are being respected.Allow me to refer to the code of conduct of the Fdration professionnelle des journalistes du Qubec to outline the fundamental values of journalism in Canada.We know that journalists' work must be based on the critical thinking that pushes them to question everything, the impartiality that pushes them to do their research, and report on the various aspects of a situation, the independence that keeps them at arm's length from power and lobby groups, the honesty that makes them stick to the facts, and a number of other principles.In the collective agreement between CBC/Radio-Canada and the Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada, which expires on September 30, 2012, it is agreed that in order to fulfill the mandate given to the corporation by Parliament through the Broadcasting Act, CBC/Radio-Canada staff members will report factually, and without intent to deceive the public. The parties recognize that the primary professional obligations of the corporation, and of its employees are toward the public, which is entitled to news, and information that is impartial, complete, factual, and balanced -- that is from section 47.2 of the agreement.On December 21, 2011, the Conservative government imposed a type of "pledge of allegiance" on all federal institutions through a so-called values and ethics code. The code describes the values and behaviours expected of public officials in all activities related to the performance of their professional duties. This so-called code was established by the Treasury Board, in accordance with section 5 of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act.In this regard, it must be stated that under the Broadcasting Act, CBC/Radio-Canada staff are not subject to the so-called values and ethics code. Although the corporation is a federal institution, section 44(3) of the Broadcasting Act states that staff members are not officers, or servants of Her Majesty.In fact, under section 46(5), the corporation shall, in pursuit of its objects, enjoy freedom of expression, and journalistic, creative, and programming independence. Therefore, CBC staff enjoy an exception and are not subject to the values and ethics code.Finally, CBC/Radio-Canada adopted a new code of ethics on April 2, 2012, to introduce guidelines for standards of integrity, and professional conduct for its staff. This new code is a serious threat to the independence of the public broadcaster and its workers. Section 1.2 of the code states that CBC/Radio-Canada staff must loyally carry out the decisions of their leaders, and support ministers in their accountability to Parliament and Canadians. And there is obviously no exception for the opposition.The Conservative government, and the new CBC/Radio-Canada code of ethics violate the principles of independence, and impartiality that are so closely associated with the profession of journalism, and are a serious threat to the preservation of Canadian democracy, where freedom of the press is a fundamental value enshrined in our Constitution.?Here in Quebec, we have an original approach to youth crime that works. In 2010, the severity of youth crime in Quebec was the lowest in Canada, proof that we are not "soft" on crime but rather that we are smart and "tough" on its root causes. But now the Harper government wants to ignore the evidence and change that approach.?COUTANCES, France A 38-year-old woman acknowledged Monday killing six of her newborns, whose corpses were found in plastic bags in her basement, at the opening of a chilling trial in northwest France.Celine Lesage faces life in prison if convicted by the jury in the courthouse in Valognes, near the Atlantic coast, on charges of aggravated homicide.Lesage bowed her head and avoided the gaze of those present in the courtroom while the charges were read. Afterward, she said in a soft voice, "I acknowledge the facts."Chief Judge Herve Locu pressed her to find out whether the babies had been stillborn or born alive.After repeated questioning, Lesage responded: "They were alive."She was arrested in 2007 after her partner at the time discovered the corpses in plastic garbage bags in the basement of their apartment building in Valognes.Her lawyer Veronique Carre said Lesage "does not contest the facts ... but isn't explaining them either." Several medical and psychological experts are expected to testify in the four-day trial."We are here to try to understand you before judging you," the judge told Lesage at the trial Monday.During questioning by investigators, Lesage acknowledged strangling two of the newborns and suffocating four others, according to judicial documents. The babies were born between 2000 and 2007.She told investigators that the father of five of the newborns was ex-boyfriend Pascal Catherine, who was detained for questioning after Lesage was arrested in 2007. She said the father of the sixth newborn was the partner who discovered the corpses, Luc Margueritte, a plaintiff in this week's trial.At the time of her arrest, prosecutor Michel Garrandaux said she described giving birth to the first five alone in the apartment she shared with Catherine, her boyfriend at the time. Garrandaux said the boyfriend "was far from unaware" of her pregnancies. However, the investigation against him was dropped. He will testify as a witness Tuesday.The prosecutor contends that when Lesage and boyfriend Catherine split up in 2006, Lesage moved in with her new boyfriend, and brought the plastic bags from her old basement to her new one.Lesage has a 14-year-old son.Her trial comes after a more highly-publicized case involving a Frenchwoman convicted last year of murdering three of her newborn children. Veronique Courjault's husband discovered two of the corpses in a freezer while the two were living in South Korea. During the trial psychiatrists testified that she suffered from a psychological condition known as "pregnancy denial."Germany also has seen a string of similar cases. In one, a woman was convicted of manslaughter in 2006 and sentenced to the maximum 15 years in prison for killing eight of her newborn babies and burying them in flower pots and a fish tank in the garden of her parents' home near the German-Polish border. ?Yon__Ye: ray ban ã?µã?³ã?°ã?©ã?¹ã?®æ?°ä½?ã?¯æ¯?æ??ã?«ã??ç?ºè¡¨ã??ã??ã?¦ã??ã?¾ã??ã??ç?¹ã?«ã?«ã??ã?³ã??ã??ã?¬ã?¤ã??ã?³ RB2132ã?¯ä»?大人æ°?ã?ã??ã??ã?§ã??ã??ã??ã?¬ã?¼ã?ã?¯æ?°ã??ã?ªã??ã?¶ã?¤ã?³ã?«ä»?ä¸?ã??ã?¦ã??ã?¾ã??ã??ã??ã?¬ã?¼ã?ã?®ã?©ã?¤ã?³ã?¯ç´°ã??ã?ªã?£ã?¦ã??ã?ªã?·ã?£ã?¬ã?«è¦?ã??ã?¾ã??ã??ã?»ã??ã?®ã?¬ã?¤ã??ã?³ ã?¢ã??ã?«ã??ã??ã?£ã?¨ç´æ?µã?§ã??ã??ã??ã???Ever since became the creative director at in 2008, the French fashion house has become one of the most highly-regarded brands. Known for minimalist clothing and accessories, Celine's leather bags and shoes have appeared on everyone from to . But the has us scratching our heads, especially when it came . Unlike the wood platforms and nude-colored loafers of previous seasons, Celine's latest collection featured blue, red, lilac and yellow furry stilettos, shoes with trompe-l'oeil toes and sandals that remind us of those Adidas slip-ons that are a mainstay by pools everywhere. Check out the craziest shoes from in the slideshow below, and keep clicking through for more outrageous footwear from fashion week so far:Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?Scroll down for pictures.Proenza Schouler's Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez reprised their roles as designing-community's darlings at Monday night's Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards, receiving the prize for Womenswear Designer of the Year. The duo adds this season's statue to their 2003 CFDA Swarovski Award for new talent, their 2007 CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award and their 2009 CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year Award. Still, McCollough told The Huffington Post that their newest accolade came as "a surprise. It was so nerve-wracking, the whole build-up to it. It just gets more and more terrifying as each year passes. You think you'd kind of get a little more comfortable with it, but it's quite the opposite." McCollough added: "It's just nice to be recognized by your peers and your industry. It's such a small little world and to get the admiration from the people you work with every day and see and the people you admire, there's nothing better than that, really."Muses Chloe Sevigny and Liv Tyler were on hand to sing the pair's praises. When asked what set the two designers apart from the other nominees, Sevigny pinpointed "their attitude towards the whole thing, their youth and vitality, their love of women and their sophisticated style and taste." Tyler, who hitched a ride with McCollough and Hernandez to the evening's festivities, remarked, "When we see each other, we always bond and have a lot of fun together. And I think they're very talented and very nice people." Take a look at pictures from the 2011 CFDA Awards and scroll down to keep reading.McCollough and Hernandez's simultaneous enthusiasm and loss for words was perhaps overshadowed by a turquoise wig- and spike thong-clad Lady Gaga, who swung by to demonstrate her own fashion-icon status. She told the crowd that when Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour texted her with the good news that she'd won the CFDA Fashion Icon Award, Gaga mistook her for another Anna in her phone book, "so my reply was, 'Yes, b*tch, we did it!'""I got a reply that said, 'How lovely,'" Gaga quipped.The songstress' speech also strayed toward the sentimental. "I just wanted to tell you how much this award means to young American people," she said. "My fans, some of them don't know who they are and they have so much trouble. They come to the Monster Ball to find who they are and they wake up in the morning and it's that leather jacket that makes them feel like they can be anyone. Or it's that YSL blazer that they saw in the window that makes them feel like they could be president one day. Fashion means so much to them. It's really hard to talk about ... I always felt like I had made it before I had made it because of all of you, because it was all of you that made me feel like I was a star."Also swapping beats for talk of handbags was one Kanye West, who presented Celine Creative Director Phoebe Philo with the International Award. West confessed, "I happen to be the biggest fan of everyone in this room. Those times I go to and I click, and those times I don't get into the shows, there's no show that I would like to click more than the Celine show." Philo, for her part, kept things short, simply thanking the crowd, cooing, "It's a real honor to be receiving this here tonight. It means a huge amount to me."And Marc Jacobs accepted the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award, re-dubbed the "Half-Lifetime Achievement Award," from Sofia Coppola. The designer thanked his entire team, saying, "While it is wonderful to be recognized and receive this acknowledgment of our past triumphs, I believe we all know and feel that the greatest reward is the process itself, the doing, the giving, the growing and the sharing it all with others. This statue may serve as a great reminder of where we've been, but it is here in my heart that I look forward to where we have still to go and what we will get to achieve together."Michael Kors told HuffPost Style, "I'm thrilled for Marc. We've known each other our whole lives and no one has more talent, has worked harder, seen it all and, you know, last year it was me, this year it's him. I feel like we're all coming of age. I think it's amazing. It's only the beginning." Alexander Wang, who bagged Accessory Designer of the Year, said, "It's such an honor ... to even just have my name alongside names such as Marc's is enough of an acknowledgment for me. He was my first internship, one of the main reasons I even wanted to work in fashion, so I pinched myself when [I realized I'd] even come here and be a part of this."Rounding out the major honors was the Media Award in honor of journalist Eugenia Sheppard, received by the fashion director of the Telegraph, Hilary Alexander, who is set to retire this year. "Firstly, I'm hugely honored," she gushed. "Secondly, I feel that I'm getting it not just for myself but for the entire British fashion industry and British fashion journalism. And I hope that it reflects the huge passion that I have for fashion and I know that is something that we all share."Paper magazine Editorial Director Mickey Boardman told HuffPost, "Hilary has such personality, she has such personal style and when someone has been involved in fashion as long as she has and they have such a point of view, it's hard to lose somebody like that. It takes a lifetime to build up that kind of knowledge and that kind of point of view. Plus, she's just fun, although I wish she would quit smoking because it's just bad for her ... You know, she's a real writer, she's not someone who's like, 'Oh, I love fashion, oh, I want to get into the Alexander Wang sample sale.' She goes to all of the shows. She writes about designers who aren't necessarily 'the hot designer,' but she writes about what she thinks should be written about. So she's a real journalist. She's not just a fashion journalist, she's a journalist."Other award recipients included: Michael Bastian, Menswear Designer of the Year; Prabal Gurung, Swarovski Award for Womenswear; Robert Geller, Swarovski Award for Menswear; Eddie Borgo, Swarovski Award for Accessory Design; Hal Rubenstein, The Founders Award; Arthur Elgort, Board of Directors' Special Tribute. Nadja Swarovski also received a statue to fete the tenth anniversary of Swarovski's support of the event. ?Chaka Khan's got her groove back. The sultry singer and is in the studio working on some new hits to add to her already large repertoire. And even before she revealed her newly slim figure, she says, .Now fans can aspire to be half as sexy as Chaka with the singer's new fragrance line, Khana Sutra. We know what you're thinking; the last thing we need is another celebrity touting a perfume. But this is Chaka we're talking about, and there "ain't nobody" like this soulful crooner. If her fragrance line is anything like the steamy Indian lovemaking tome its named after, we are definitely on board. The line includes perfume, candles and "Chakalates" for her sweet toothed fans. Will Chaka's fragrance make every woman smell like a diva, even through the fire? We certainly hope so. Here's a look at other celebs with signature scents:?Now that Celine Dion has ended her wildly successful run of nearly five years in Las Vegas, put out a new album and laid plans for a new world tour, it seems an appropriate time to pose the following question. What should an objective observer say about this megastar, who is as loathed by music critics as she is adored by her fans? First, a personal disclosure: besides being a professional writer and former Time magazine senior editor, I am a fan of Celine. I was the first major American journalist to write about her, back in 1994. In 1996, I put her on the cover of Time International, and in a sign that I was getting too close to the rising star, she sent me a Christmas card that year. If a music writer denies ever becoming a fan of some artists, then he or she is lying. Anyway, my professional dalliance with Celine ended abruptly in 1998, when I wrote an article in Time Canada that criticized her album, "Let's Talk About Love." Her collaborations with such older performers as Barbra Streisand and the Bee Gees were, I wrote, strange "duets with dinosaurs." That was the last time I was invited to interview Celine. Of course, I was not the only one to turn on Celine. Critics dismissed her as soon as they noticed her. When a performer becomes extremely popular -- and particularly popular with "low brows" (middle-class schlubs) - the intelligentsia really sharpen their knives. Celine became the definition of unhip and a running joke on Saturday Night Live. My friend and former Time music critic, Christopher John Farley, was especially insulting and oblivious of Celine's popular appeal. If you read Chris's writing and nothing else, you would have to conclude that Hootie and the Blowfish became bigger stars than Celine. I never made it to Celine's Vegas show. Now I'm sorry I didn't because I just saw a video of the show, which was screened in movie theaters around the U.S. this week. Even as a long-time Celine watcher, I was amazed by what I saw. I now see why the Vegas extravaganza was such a huge success. Which leads me to two sure-to-be-scoffed-at assertions:1. Celine Dion is the hardest working performer in show business history. (I'm sorry, Mr. Brown, in rock 'n' roll heaven above.)2. No other star has ever put on as big a show for her fans as Celine.Notice that I didn't say the "best" show. That's a matter of taste. Over-the-top spectacle is not for everyone. For a Springsteen fan, listening to Bruce and the E Street Band just sing and play for a couple of hours must be the closest thing to heaven on earth. But some people want more for their hundreds of dollars per seat. They are delighted to have a show as well as a concert.For her show, Celine hired the Cirque du Soleil folks to create a hybrid between a pop concert and circus phantasm. Her nerve and ambition -- some would say ego and self-importance -- boggled the mind. She mastered 90 minutes of intricate choreography with dozens of dancers and musicians while the costumes and sets were constantly changing. How good it was is a matter of opinion, but the crowd always roared and no one left Caesar's Palace feeling gypped. Celine tried harder than anyone ever has to please her fans. It was Madonna times five. I get exhausted just thinking about what Celine has done for the last five years. Sinatra never sold out the same theater for years running. Maybe Bruce could, but he would never try. To do it, you have to consider putting on a show to be the most important thing in your life.I wonder if the critics will ever properly acknowledge Celine's place in show business history. This week's New York Times article, while not written by a critic, is a start. But there is much more to be said.I'm not arguing that Celine is the greatest singer. She's not even my personal favorite. And she's not necessarily the greatest recording artist just because she has sold hundreds of millions of records worldwide, more than almost anyone else.What is undeniable, though, is that she is the Barnum and Bailey of pop music. And she will retain that title at least until someone dares to try to stop her. In the realm of putting on shows, she became bigger than Sinatra. Bigger than Streisand. Bigger than the Stones. Bigger than Springsteen. That's not fan talk. That's simply a fact.?A Kent man who made his neighbours' lives a misery by repeatedly blasting out power ballads - by the likes of Celine Dion (pictured), Chris de Burgh a...?Ooooh goodness. Christina Aguilera had us on the edge of our seats during waving her arm and turning side to side in a dress so low cut we thought we were in for an on-air nip slip, . Although honestly, this near-slip was more reminiscent of . Like Lopez that night, Aguilera wore a plunging gown whose deep V-neckline cut right across her chest. When Lopez presented her award at the Oscars, . with Chris Mann on last night, viewers also came close to seeing something they shouldn't have. While on-screen presence of before, we were unsure why the initial conversation began -- girl's got boobs, people. Get over it. But last night she came close to giving people . Watch the video above, making sure to hold your breath every time Christina raises her arm up (at least that's what we did). PHOTOS:See more celebrity wardrobe malfunctions: ?It's been a tough last year for Christina Aguilera. But then, it's not like she hasn't dealt with worse.The 30-year old singer takes , opening up about a series of unfortunate events she's suffered over the last year, the childhood pain she still carries, and how she keeps her head up through it all. Not surprisingly, the coping starts with a song.I felt caged by my childhood. And unsafe: Bad things happened in my home; there was violence," she confessed to the magazine. "'The Sound of Music' looked like a form of release. I would open my bedroom window to sing out like Maria. In my own way, Id be in those hills.It was her Grammy-winning voice that brought her trouble on the biggest stage of the world last February, when she at the Super Bowl.Everything on the field at the Super Bowl was vividly bright, and I was having a moment, Aguilera said about that embarrassing mistake. I got lost in the emotion of being there and I messed up the lyrics to the song.She took it well, though; while she knew that it'd get major play in the media, she tried to laugh it off.I went to dinner after the Super Bowl with Matt and I laughed about how Id made myself into a Trivial -Pursuit question: In 2011 what female singer flubbed the lyrics to the national anthem?" she remembered.The Matt, of course, is Matthew Rutler, her new boyfriend. She met him on the set of and soon after, announced , Jordan Brattman. To hear her tell the story, the split was mutual -- and mutually sinful.At one time or another, -Aguilera she said, alluding to affairs, "we were both not angels. It got to a point where our life at home was reminding me of my own childhood. I will not have my son grow up in a tension--filled home. I knew there would be a negative reaction in the press to my divorce, but I am not -going to live my life because of something someone might say. That goes against everything I sing on my records. I have to be myself.And speaking of "Burlesque," in which she, for the first time, wasn't playing herself, she doesn't regret making the movie, even if it failed. Because she didn't.I was sad, but Im still glad that I did the movie, she said about the film. During production, I was going through a lot of self-discovery. As a quote-unquote pop star, you have your entourage with you at all times. When you enter and leave a place, backstage, even at homeyou always have your team. On the movie set, I didnt have anyone around me. And it felt good. When I first met my husband, I needed that -helping hand to take the reins and look after me. After the movie, I grew out of being that little girl: I became more of an adult.Now one of four judges on "The Voice," Aguilera is experiencing success once again. Good thing she spent all that time singing to "The Sound of Music" -- it not only trained that award winning voice, but helped her learn to fight through the tough times.In fact, she just That being said, the real life nasty times may be over. At least for now.Additionally, Aguilera launched a new perfume on Wednesday, the .For more, . ?It was the height of irony as the Costa Concordia started going down.A passenger has revealed that the Celine Dion song "My Heart Will Go On," made famous by the 1997 film "Titanic," was playing in one of the ill-fated cruise ship's restaurants at the very moment the ship's hull was ripped open.Swissman Yannick Sgaga that he and his brother were dining when the Concordia , starting an evacuation that Sgaga called "a demonstration of incompetence, recklessness and irresponsibility.""The images from the film 'Titanic' are more realistic than you'd think," Sgaga told the Tribune. "I couldn't get them out of my head."It's unclear in which of the Concordia's restaurants Sgaga and his brother were dining or if any other passengers heard the sickeningly ironic soundtrack. But many other passengers have said the evacuation was bungled at best, with and .Related on HuffPost: ?Soooo ... on Mother's Day I'm supposed to wake up to lumpy pancakes, handmade cards, and a general, overall worshipful sense in the household that without me everyone would be river orphans. If this doesn't happen, I pretend not be offended, and stoically -- indeed dismissively, in the most good-humoured way -- say that Mother's Day is of no consequence, and it is entirely made up by the Hallmark people to sell cards and other guilt-induced impulse merchandise.Then, people die.Father's Day is different, right? As my husband each year asserts, not only is it a holiday entirely made up by the Hallmark people to sell cards and other guilt-induced impulse merchandise -- it's gender-equality gone wild.Fathers, he will say (and this is his argument, not mine), could care less about Father's Day. And in its own way, he will insist, it's an insult to Mother's Day: For all the cheesy Hallmark-ism of both holidays, mothers are genuinely deserving of shout-out recognition from their children, whereas fathers are merely looking for a way to score a guiltless golf-day or bar-round with their buddies.This is, I will counter, an old-fashioned, sexist view. Modern fathers change diapers. (Some) modern fathers stay home with their children. There are many, many single fathers keeping it all together. And what about gay couples who can't celebrate Mother's Day? Fine -- if you want to celebrate it, celebrate it, my husband will concede. He's not going to turn down a free brunch. But the general idea of Mother's Day is for the family to give mothers a rest from their ceaseless domestic duties: However modernized the parenting roles have become, mothers remain the creatures who ensure that their children don't wander into a snowstorm without their mittens; it is still the female sex who -- even while they hold down jobs -- keep the domestic wheels turning smoothly. So what then should we do to celebrate this day? How can we show our appreciation for our father's contributions to the family? How do we bust through the contrived nature -- the Hallmark-iness -- of the day to recognize our particular father's uniqueness?This year, our youngest daughter, aged 10, will craft a card -- as she always does. Her older sister, now 20, might decide it's gift enough that she is no longer whitening her father's hair -- and simply say thank you to him for enduring her adolescence. Our middle child, an 18-year-old son -- who turns out to have a talent for cooking -- will plan, shop for and make a special family dinner. I know my husband will go along with it because, secretly, he doesn't mind the fuss.And then, as tends to happen on these forced holidays, a kind of sentimental alchemy will take place: The very fact that everyone must takes a moment to appreciate what dad -- this dad -- means to him or her will result in real appreciation. And those few seconds of real appreciation will suffice. Here is our father before us: He may be a super modern dad who underscores at every turn how special and loved we are; or maybe he is less demonstrative, but his silent constancy is what keeps us aloft like an air current. He may have just come back from a tour of duty; he may have just come back from the office. He may have taught us, profoundly, how to show respect for women in the way he treats our mother, or less profoundly, how to ride a two-wheel bike. Maybe he is not the father we would have wished for, or we were not the son or daughter he would have wished for. Maybe he just showed up for us. Didn't, in the end, embarrass us. But he is dad. Our dad. And without him, we would not have the gift of existence. Happy Father's Day.***Last week was a big political week, kicking off with the announcement by Papa Rae that he would not in fact seek the leadership of the Liberal party. Before Justin Trudeau could even tweet the news, our HuffPost contributors were offering reaction -- notably Daniel Veniez, a former Liberal candidate, who just days before the announcement. Veniez was disappointed in Rae's decision:We were alone, and he was in a very reflective mood. I left with the sense that he had made up his mind not to seek the permanent leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. His family were united in urging him not to. But the health and well being of the party was dominating his reflection and our conversation. While I have great respect for his decision, I am disappointed that Bob won't run. With Bob Rae as an active participant in a conversation about the future of Canada and the Liberal Party's place in it, you won't get mindless platitudes or speeches written by someone else. You won't get canned talking points written by someone else. What you get is the sum total of the cumulative wisdom and insight -- with scars and all -- of one of the most substantial political figures of his generation.More insight and reaction came quickly from Keith Beardsley --"(" -- and young Zach Paikin -- "" -- the latter whom we all expect to see running for the leadership himself one day. Our Politics team swarmed the story as well, with Michael Bolen's quick news story , Twitter reaction and Althia Raj's exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Rae . And towards the end of the week, while the Tories drove their massive Omnibus Bill C-38 through Parliament, two dissenting MPs -- the NDP's and Independent -- blogged for us about what they were doing to throw it off-course. Here at HuffPost central, Community Editor Ron Nurwisah has launched our #LoveCanada project, with . Watch for more #LoveCanada leading up to Canada Day on July 1.Also watch our own rocking Ottawa Bureau Chief, Althia Raj, on CBC's season-ending "At Issue Panel," which . On the release of the Canadian labour force survey, award-winning Huffpost reporter Rachel Mendleson took -- exploring youth unemployment, which is still as bad as it was at the depths of the recession. And thanks to Lauren Strapagiel, HuffPost was the first to report on the sky-high cost of food in Canada's north and a fledgling protest there. Her story, with an amazing gallery that showcased outrageous prices for basic food stuffs, can be found . But back to Father's Day. If you haven't had enough of Dad yet, check out our Living and Style teams ramped-up Father's Day coverage with lots of clickable goodies, including fatherhood , , and .Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go give my own father some #LoveDad. Follow Danielle Crittenden on Twitter:?The Department of Homeland Security said it is expanding its "If You See Something, Say Something" public awareness campaign to Charlotte, N.C., just as that city prepares for the global spotlight that the Democratic National Convention will bring in September.The program, announced by Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and other local officials Monday at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, will post billboards in the transit system, in public buildings and on the city's website urging citizens to report suspicious activity to police. DHS will also run 30-second public service announcements on local government access TV.The roll-out comes as in Chicago announced they would head to Charlotte to make their voices heard. They will join hordes of protesters who plan to camp out during the convention and air their grievances to gathering Democrats.The public safety campaign originated in New York, where in 2010 tipped off police to a suspicious vehicle and helped foil a plot to bomb Times Square.Monday's announcement made no mention of the Democratic National Convention, which starts Sept. 3, but it wouldn't be the first high-profile event to feature the publicity campaign. Safety messages were televised and included in game programs and fan guides for this year's in Indianapolis.?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdovcLTcUs93wly%2B34i7kkrPjtQPvHYzsjWYhFzb12pgbYBKVLP34TXLzbpAy2RCoJtFFAngK4QBT43WaolBTcPfpLmNk7nCjRWSB2%2FymekHy%2BlaPW27BvcQEfIX%2F%2BT7jigXKA6%2FuiHk?A 22-year-old Manhattan man was sentenced on Tuesday to 17 years to life in prison after his high-speed drive through Harlem caused a horrific wreck that resulted in the killing of an 84-year-old nun and the injury of four people.In June 2010, Dyson Williams was in a blue Chrysler Pacifica in Harlem that was pulled over by police who were investigating a robbery. Williams took the wheel and led police on a 20-block chase, culminating with the Pacifica's striking of another car. That car in turn plowed into and killed Sister Mary Celine Graham, 84, of the Franciscan Handmaids of Mary, a Harlem religious order. Last month Williams pleaded guilty to robbery, murder and assault.Assistant District Attorney Peter Casolaro said Graham had become a nun at an early age and worked with young people as a teacher for many years. "All that good work has come to an end because she is gone, Casolaro said, adding that Williams had brushed off the incident. He certainly doesnt express the empathy that a normal person would in causing so much anguish, Casolaro said.Williams' defense attorney disputed that, saying his client told him that the crash was "horrible" and a "mistake."The crash injured four others, none of whom chose to speak at the sentencing. In court the prosecution highlighted their ongoing troubles.Former nurse's aide Patricia Cruz, who was hit during the crash, is still recovering from her injuries and in constant pain, Casolaro said. Another person, whose legs were severely injured as a result of the accident, can no longer walk, Casolaro said. The woman whose car was struck by Williams still has difficulty getting behind the wheel and has psychological scars, he added.Williams' chase began after police pulled over the Chrysler Pacifica with him and William Robbins, 20, in connection with a string of armed robberies. After Robbins exited the drivers seat, Williams took the wheel and the car sped off. Last month Robbins pleaded guilty to robbery and agreed to 15 years in prison in exchange for prosecutors' dropping murder and other charges.Before the sentencing, members of Williams family gathered in the audience. Holding her head in her hands, one woman burst into tears and had to leave the courtroom.Shackled and wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, Williams shouted to family members as he exited the courtroom. Dont worry about it, he said.? took several days, but Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil have finally named their twin sons.The name "Eddy" comes from Eddy Marnay, who produced the singer's first five records. "He was like a father to her," says Dion's rep. "Eddy is a major influence in both Celine and Rene's lives." ?~The Cricket Bat and the Porcupine~A Story in Three Parts...which began life as a short blog on my book tour to South Africa in Spring 2012 and became a kind of blogelogue of a homecoming... Part One.Day 1. Sunday Morning. Land in Johannesburg. And I see the light. The density of it, luscious, I bask a moment. My light. And the dry air, waiting, as it did all the winters of my childhood to crack my lips and knees and elbows. High world air. My air. A choking nostalgia reminds me that my natural habitat is 6000 feet higher than the stately roll of the Thames beside which I now live. My straight-talking, seriously good publicist who I will call J drives me from the airport along Jan Smuts Avenue unaware of my already somewhat skinless state and before I can stop myself I call out, 'Sarah! ' And it is indeed my teenage friend Sarah's house that we pass - the place we learnt to be almost-sexual, completely-political beings, and where we gathered to mourn her premature death. I count the number of my contemporaries who died in the span of those late teenage years - 5 including Lulu. Surely that is a high number? J settles me in my hotel with a view of the "biggest man made forest in the world" the canopy covering the suburbs of Jo'burg. She takes me to the shopping mall attached to my hotel where I buy a pair of running shoes, (my battered favourites forgotten in the chaos of my leave taking). I know the place well from my youth but since I last saw it, the supermarkets and fish shops and chemists have been replaced by Burberry and Celine, by shops dedicated to fine watches and horse riding attire, it is finer by far than Bond Street and I don't yet understand who sustains it. I suspect, though, that the spoils that provide this sleek comfort for the rich must surely come, at least in part, from government coffers meant to create a public safety net for all. That net is certainly not there for the stick-thin young woman who walks across the street in front of our car asking for nothing. Her dress raised up in her hands like a ship's sail, revealing her entirely naked body underneath. She is thin as a stick, beyond the sexual. I wonder if she is in the final stages of HIV/AIDS and its ravages? There is grace in her fine neck, antelope legs and her face, when she turns to look at us, has already emptied out. I weep, no surprises there. The soft, skinless person I have become in the cold north prepares me badly for my old city. As I weep, I wonder if I should apologise to J - she saves me the task by discretely averting her eyes.My first interview is with radio SAFM (the journalist runs a culture and book program from 1-4 on Sundays). She's a beautiful woman with a mission to celebrate books and encourage a culture of reading. She gives her listeners, off the cuff, the best synopsis of my book I've ever heard. The questions that follow are half-blood-half-brain, intellectually challenging but full of feeling. It strikes me then, that RHUMBA, although set in the Congo and London, feels owned by her, a South African. By the end of the interview, she is finishing my sentences and I hers. I am home and she's my companero.There is a question one always dreads if one is white and well-heeled (though clearly not with Burberry and Celine and certainly not atop a horse) which basically goes something along the lines what gives you the right, white person, to take on the telling of a story about a place and people who are not your people? I look to Willie Loman, fresh in my mind after seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman's transcendent performance in Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman'. Willie is a fantasist, alternately vicious and sentimental. When his two sons threaten to reject him their mother upbraids them thus...I don't say he's a great man. Willie Loman never made a lot of money. His name was never in the paper. He's not the finest character that ever lived. But he's a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid. Attention, attention must finally be paid to such a person. I realize as I say it, that although Willie Loman may have been closer to Miller than my Flambeau is to me, telling this story about a Congolese immigrant boy in London is not a presumption on my part, but an obligation.We finish the interview and the eye-grit from a sleepless night beside the largest man to ever fold himself into a British Airways seat fills my nose and eyes and mouth. Must sleep. From my hotel room window I look down on the swifts and the hadedah ibis's flying above the canopy. They shriek as if to say if there is anything you haven't done yet that matters to you, you'd better get on to it before the curtain closes on the day and the nocturnal hunters, human and animal, come out to play. Day 2/3.I wake up to that same screech. I swear if those birds had been around in Shakespeare's day he would not have needed the ravens to herald the dark arrival of Duncan under Macbeth's murderous battlements. After the polite twitter of the robins and jays outside my English window, this raucous sound rips me from my sheets, as yet unready for the day. For the first time in years, I spend the day meeting my contemporary countrymen in a professional context. The journalist from Sarie magazine (with its childhood associations of old tannies (aunties) baking rusks and giving cleaning tips) is astute. The Sunday Times journalist is too - good conversations all. The photographer who comes with her is a hunter. You know the ones, who look and look and find a way of saying what's going on inside something. They were a good team. The young black TV presenter has, unusually for a busy TV guy, read the book carefully. His producer, still just a girl, cracks the most irreverent of whips to keep him to the six minutes the piece allows. There is one among the many women journalists I speak to who is authorial in the way a president would be. I have a brief and demented thought that she should go into politics to sort out the corruption that abounds. She is electrifyingly intelligent. But it is clearly more important for her to be the protector of South Africa's writers (make that the writer's of the world) particularly as the Protection of Information Act refuses to go way. More about that later.By the evening of day 3 as I sit again above the circling hadedah's at my window it seems clear that - although the nation is still ravaged by the rasping shadow of brutalized criminals who spoil what they can - in the peaceful corners of the land, the once half-formed evolutionary fish of our new country, has flapped its way on the bank and is crawling towards a new self. An efficient, equitable, self-actualized, disciplined, self. And then, just to complicate my certainties, as life is want to do, we arrive for the official Jo'burg launch of RHUMBA at Exclusive books in Hyde Park. I have been looking forward to this for weeks. A great African academic is going to interview me about my small book and I know I am going to emerge enriched in my understanding. Sorbonne trained, Oxford University educated, a spell of teaching at the university of Pennsylvania. He is simply brilliant and I am amazed he has agreed to this small collaboration. As J and I wait for him to arrive I greet old friends and relatives and we sip our water or wine and I sign books, all very pleasant - but where is our academic?I see J-the-unflappable begin to panic. Maybe he fell asleep? Maybe he was visited by an old friend and forgot the time? Maybe one of his children has a cold? Maybe he simply didn't care? Or it could be that a wild force of nature, quite beyond his control, swept him away? Even then, surely he would call, just to relieve us of our imaginings? Surely he himself had a first book once and knows the terrors that attend its emergence. Surely?I feel my small lifeboat begin to fill with water and the longing for my children becomes an ache, as it does whenever hardship strikes. A kind young woman from exclusive books steps in to read out the questions I dig out of my bag from a prior Q&A with an audience in London. And, as we converse, question by question, we scoop the water out of the leaking boat. Finally, we are floating as a boat should, on the surface of the water, even without our brilliant academic to show us the way. Elaine ProctorSpring 2012Part 2 to follow next week...?I prefer the idea of 'style' to 'fashion'. My wardrobe contains mainly black and navy, rather more tonal than rainbow. Yesterday someone described my outfit as 'ombre'; thank goodness my hair isn't dip dyed.I favour a simple kind of dressing, the trench coat and heels kind. The kind where style rules over trends, the kind that isn't deemed outrageous enough to be a target for Somerset House street style photographers. That's okay though, I don't dress to impress at fashion week, I know my style and I'm comfortable with it. After all, aren't we all too busy thinking about ourselves to care about anyone else?Seated at a menswear show last week, I couldn't help but consider the fashion vs style dilemma. In the midst of candy coloured mops of hair, enormous stacked brothel creepers, bright blingy jackets and some otherwise chronic get ups, I felt a little undressed by comparison in my Chloe-esque navy peter pan collar coat and tonal skirt and blouse ensemble. I was comfy, and politely, pardon the phrase, 'on trend'. I'll be the first to admit that Meadham Kirchhoff is an incredible work of art, but I'll never own any of their pieces. I prefer Stella McCartney, Chloe, Celine and Burberry; even Vivienne Westwood is too exciting for me. I'm a fashion minimalist.At the aforementioned show, I noticed something similar happening on the catwalk; my favourite looks were those ultra wearable pieces that I could imagine my male friends actually wearing. Admittedly many of them work in media; perhaps the rugby types are exempt from this. Agi and Sam presented gorgeous paneled shirts that any self-respecting young man would be proud to wear both to work, and for post-office drinks. Agi and Sam kept it simple, simple enough for their collection to be more than 'show pieces'. Keep it simple stupid.As for costume fashion, may it live on. Somerset House wouldn't be the same without hoards of journos, stylists and associated media types swarming around its grounds hoping to be snapped and obscurely posted online. I just know I won't be joining them anytime soon. Save me a seat at Chloe, for that is where my heart lies. Follow Eleanor Doughty on Twitter:?There are moments in fashion when you recognise something that will change the landscape of our fair industry. It happened at Jil Sander in September 2010 when Raf Simons transformed neon colours into a palatable concept with that skirt. But now, the new 'it' item has arrived, storming catwalks and constructed by the real who's who in fashion. If you are looking for the defining autumn addition then this is it. Seriously. Introducing, the trouser suit.It sidelined for years before being exalted once more, hidden in a midday shadow by asymmetric skirts and outdated preconceptions of what a trouser suit should look like. Upon the entrance of Vanessa Axente, walking in Prada's AW12 show, the revolution re-began. A black trouser suit adorned with jewels at the ankle and lapel broke us in gently to the print extravaganza that followed. Muiccia Prada's collection read like the spoof school uniform rulebook, a guide of how not to dress. Breaking all the rules your mother ever taught you about getting dressed (unless your name's Allegra Versace), it defiantly stepped out in the midst of our braver, pattern clad bodies. Described by some as genius, others as so-bad-it's-good, there is no doubt that, as standard, Prada delivered a show stopping collection. Thank goodness the show didn't stop, the two-tone wedges weren't slowing down. This autumn, the trouser suit isn't just about coordinating prints. It's a lesson from Italy about how and why to wear trousers; the collections are instructive and precise. In a distinctly less 1999 Ally McBeal mode, trousers are now eye-catching, powerful yet feminine. And really, what more could you want from your new sartorial best friend?Like many fashionable themes, this trend would not have emerged without a great pinnacle of style. All hail Yves Saint Laurent. Changing womenswear from the moment his 1966 summer show opened, the tragic genius revolved the perspective of women in trousers. Yves' changed the world; the masculine black tie uniform was transformed into a palatable piece of high fashion. Yves produced the sexiest form of masculin/fminin; it will never be seen again. Original hipster Francoise Hardy had a set ordered specifically, a testament to the chicness of 'Le Smoking'. Only Saint Laurent himself might have known just how much impact that suit would have. Blame the recession, if you will, for 'useful' fashion's renaissance. Queen Phoebe [Philo, of Celine] designs for real women in mind, making clothes that present solutions, not make us wonder 'where can I actually wear that?' The trouser suit ticks that box, the ultimate sexy-in-your-boyfriend's-clothes glamour combined with an oh-so practical edge, practically tipping the cap to high fashion. And it was everywhere. Celine pulled out jumbo oversized coats that juxtaposed tapered trousers, all characteristically architectural, ranging across the colour spectrum. In contrast, standing proud amongst an array of well-established houses is a K-Mid favourite in Emilia Wickstead. Not edgy like Acne, or the cool, streamlined Celine solution, the New Zealander's endlessly chic display was effortlessly all there, light and breezy but sensible. Sensible is truly the word. Her simple yet effective, soon-to-be classic additions to the every day woman's closet don't pull the power card out of the pack, but just subtly lie there. An understated collection, like the designer herself perhaps, but the one and only pair of trousers in there showed what pastels for autumn are all about.Stella McCartney intertwined a casual rock baroque mode with everyday clothes of the working woman. Introducing the pantsuit as an accessible addition, Stella's are much less 90s grey pinstripe and so, so much more elegant yet undeniably cool. But do we expect any less from the Queen of British luxury? I think not. Trousers have regained dignity as something to be desired and cherished. Merci, Mrs Prada. Some trends do not lend themselves to maximum appeal, but like almost no other, you can rely on the trouser suit to work for you. Yes, you. From wide legs that do flatter, to uber-chic ankle-grazers, there's plenty happening. If you're in any doubt, ask yourself what would Yves want. He'd want you to go for it. So do. It suits you.Images courtesy of Jil Sander, Prada, Miu Miu, Celine, Emilia Wickstead, Stella McCartney. Follow Eleanor Doughty on Twitter:?I am not interviewing Phoebe Philo today. Let's pretend I am. The college friend and one-time creative twin of Stella McCartney, now mother of two and celebrated curator of responsible fashion design, Phoebe Philo has earned her place in the history books. She famously justified time with her children over her peaking career, sweeping out of Chloe and into a world of nanny bags and tracksuit bottoms. Hard to imagine perhaps, but such is the elusive magic and humanity of the British designer who has recaptured Cline in all its glory.Like Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci and Somerset sweetheart Alice Temperley, Philo attended London's renowned Central St Martin's, graduating in 1996. During her time there, fashion ventured through a periodical rebellion of garish prints, conspicuous status logos (a la Lacoste), and more neon than is ever acceptable outside the bounds of a silent disco. One glance at this season's Cline collection will tell you what kind of impact this had. Inspired by mid-1990s minimalists Jil Sander and Helmut Lang, Philo's twenty-first century work could not be further from the brash fashion of her university years. We'll never know whether her graduate collection reflected this as it is now lost, in the depths of history. Unsurprising perhaps, given Philo's quiet disposition.Phoebe Philo is a fashion pioneer. Reigning for five years at Chloe, the French fashion house where Karl Lagerfeld cut his teeth, she established it as the go-to label for girlish cool, a fundamental stylish guideline. Introducing chunky heels to replace skeletal spikes, light flares and high waists instead of the 'trendy' hipster, new shapes were created that we needed, before we realised we did. The well cut, easy to wear clothes that came out of Chloe in those landscape sculpting years transferred, along with Philo's talent for creating timeless garments, to Cline. The renovated fashion house is pared-back, and composed. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey, the French parent company holding Cline's purse strings, moved its studio at Philo's request from Paris to London in respect of her maternal duties. Aww. Shortly after the first new collection, Cline became the divine yet financially stressful sartorial understatement that is oh-so-coveted around the world. It is inclusive, with a real woman appeal. The Cline woman is looking for clothes that provide solutions to every day problems, clothes without fuss or as Phoebe might describe as being 'unnecessary'. That is so Cline. And you can spot it a mile off.It is the modern woman's fashionable Holy Grail, the perfection that many aspire towards. The purist, humble aesthetic is reflected beyond the garments and their maker, reaching all corners of the business. The brand's collaborations with photographer Juergen Teller are home to product-centric, stark, honest campaigns. There is no pretension, no outer face. The clothes Philo creates are not found on the cover of HELLO! or on the red carpet, they're on the streets of London and Paris on the bodies of real women.Philo is responsible for turning the trend tide, stripping back the limbs of the embellished sartorial landscape, and leaving a purer, refined quality behind. Cline is the calm eye of the fashion storm, a serene place where stylish boats can float and fish with no fear of maximalist predators.The garments show an intricate design process, founded on a core structure where nothing is wasted or taken for granted. Any Cline piece outperforms closet companions; they are the quiet ones, rarely raising their voices yet scoring full marks in every spelling test. They're the ones you love to hate because there is never a hair out of place. But you can't hate Phoebe, and you can't hate Celine. It's impossible.In a world preoccupied with rapid results and the immediacy of the Internet, one cannot help but applaud Philo for her chosen anonymity. With live show streaming online, a myriad of bloggers gasping to get first snaps of the new collections, Cline is a breath of fresh air. Philo bans any kind of backstage photography and would prefer independent judgements are made, void of questioning the creator. In light of the commercial circus that the industry has become, Philo's stance is refreshing. Like her clothes, she leaves a lot to the imagination.All hail Queen Phoebe, although I'm sure she would be embarrassed to hear it. Follow Eleanor Doughty on Twitter:?Dressing 'casually' can be a problem. Like many things, the more thought you put into it, the room there is for error. Highlights of my recent fashion discoveries include the sad realisation that my Rive Gauche blazer is the only thing to pull off big shoulders, complex layering assumes the look of one going hiking, and the effortless colour blocking tactics are only possible with precision training, and an unlimited tonal wardrobe. To the latter sentiment, one (and by this I mean me) may resemble one's seven-year-old self's paint palette. And that's not something I'd like to remember.Thinking about what to wear in the morning is often just a little too complicated. Stick to what you know usually works best, often sufficing as the solution to my frequent ensemble dilemmas. This season, I sense a real solution. Introducing minimal maximisation... or rather, the rise of the oversize. I realise that excessively large sized clothes may not be immediately appealing. Like layering they are fraught with difficulties largely associated with 'does my bum look (too) big in this?' Despite this, that very exclusive nod to fashion is all there in the act of the oversized. Be not fooled, this is no excuse to gorge on Godiva's delectable chocolate-covered strawberries, or to stop that excellent running habit you've adopted. Whether I'm referring to the one in Louboutins to the bus stop, or the 5k I'll leave to you.Husbands beware, the 'Bridget, that's not your coat' trend can be actually be put into practice, making extensive appearances on the catwalk and reducing models to their even more skeletal selves. Roksanda Ilincic literally pulled out all the stops with almost inflatable looking coats, going Olympic-style sumo against the oversized trend. Championing more of a bedtime than Olympic Park vibe, Chloe matched the covetable Parisian sensibilities with a British sporting edge in creating a very comfy collection of coats, while Celine fell back on elegant yet minimalist functionality, as is their timeless mission. Pair an oversized boyfriend blazer with a slick pair of trousers for the perfect complement to the new season a la the queen of casual chic and those wedged trainers, Isabel Marant. The Parisian worked an almost impossibly chic boyfriend blazer with simple skinny trousers and stilettos for her take on oversized. Now who said fashion was tricky?Not everyone chose macho man for their autumn theme song; Raf Simons' last collection for Jil Sander generated a well-deserved standing ovation from the Milan crowd, exhibiting perfect large scale minimalism. The absolutely divine pastel coat, seemingly more at home in your grandmother's dressing up box than the catwalk, sealed Raf's place in fashion history. Coats were not alone in this trend's domination. Prada showed the ultimate high fashion geek chic brogue, super high, and super clumpy yet ultimately powerful. Almost so bad they're fabulous, Prada's shoes literally lift you into the fashion limelight. A broad selection of large than life tote bags more suited to a weekend in the Cotswolds than a trip to Waitrose with the kids emerged. We've all done it, bought a huge handbag and proceeded to fill it with as much as possible. This is regrettable yet inevitable position to be in, and made all that easier by Valentino's Mary Poppins effect hold all. In a strange sartorial hybrid, the rise of the oversize signals minimalism within a much larger idea. While shapes might be overbearing, concepts are minimal, forming the perfect combination of micro macro. Minimalism, the chic Parisian's favourite, favours a simple way of living and dressing that can be easily incorporated into AW12's biggest and boldest trend. In a season that celebrates the waist, we are treated to a splendid array of cuddle-me coats. Thomas Tait's wide collar pea green number was almost as inviting as MaxMara's maximum lengths in coordinating colours while Commes des Garcons struck a floral chord with a cape-like piece, enough fabric to wrap up half the finale girls. During all of this, the clean architectural lines we have come to expect have not been forgotten in construction. Big, bold and beautiful does not signal the end of tailoring, it has simply streamlined to perfect the utterly sensationally casual in oversized looks. So if Michelin men don't take your fancy and Chloe's dressing gown look is just a tiny bit too appealing, invite Raf Simons into your life and champion oversized simplicity. With that coat, you barely need a dress. Cough, did I really suggest that? Financially viable though, let's be honest.Images courtesy of Roksanda Ilincic at Starworks, Chloe, Celine, Isabel Marant, Jil Sander, Prada, Valentino at Karla Otto, Comme des Garcons, Thomas Tait. Follow Eleanor Doughty on Twitter:?Comedian Carrot Top will be joining the likes of Barry Manilow and Celine Dion with his own show on the Vegas Strip, but no one is more excited about it than Elton John "It's huge because growing up and wanting to be a comic, you never think that you will get to Vegas. But it's not like the old days where you are Wayne Newton and you just go there to die. But I hope I die there because I don't want to go back on the road," explained Scott Thompson, who goes by the stage name "Carrot Top." "I invited Elton John and he said, 'Oh, yeah, we would love to come to your show.' He hasn't. And he gave me a big, wet kiss. Haven't washed my face since. And then he shook my girlfriend's hand. And she said, 'What was that about?' and I said, 'It's Elton John!' It was a little weird, though. But I went in for it. There was tongue, a little bit. It was like 'Rocket Man.'"Although his comedy may be blunt, Carrot Top refuses to dish about which comics he thinks deserve crickets -- he knows all too well what it's like having others say mean things about him. "I've been trashed so much so I don't want to do that to people. Like Pauly Shore calling me bad, come on. He ripped me one time. I was like, 'You are Pauly Shore! You can't rip me! You are Pauly Shore,'" Carrot Top laughed. To see my entire interview with Carrot Top tune into HDNet's "Naughty But Nice With Rob" Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ?NEW YORK — Elvis is back in the building – the hologram version, that is.Like the much-hyped Tupac Shakur hologram that debuted at the Coachella music festival, Elvis Presley will get the virtual treatment by the same company that made the late rapper's lifelike hologram.Digital Domain Media Group announced Wednesday it is creating a Presley hologram for shows, film, TV and other projects worldwide, including appearances. They've gotten the OK from Elvis Presley Enterprises.The King of Rock 'n' Roll remains one of the most popular figures in music despite his death in 1977.No word on when hologram Elvis will make its official debut. Digital Domain is linking with Core Media Group, which handles various brands, personalities and properties.Related on HuffPost:?Spring may just be blooming, but celebs are already slipping into Fall 2012 runway clothes. Take Emily Blunt, for example, who caught our eye at . Held in London, the event saw Emily and her co-star Ewan McGregor posing for pictures and signing autographs to scores of fans.It also saw Emily wear a rather strange outfit from Carolina Herrera's Fall 2012 collection: a dress with a matching jacket that closed in the back, rather than the front. Unlike Amanda Seyfried, who got creative on the red carpet and , Emily's Carolina Herrera creation was meant to be worn that way (see the original model on the runway below). But does work?Check out the glowing star below and tell us: are you a fan of the reverse jacket?PHOTOS: See celebs trying the backwards look: ?According to a new report on modern motherhood, women who have difficulty conceiving a child are not the only ones to suffer the effects of infertility.A report on modern motherhood suggests 'emotional infertility' can be just as damaging.Over half of women polled agreed the pain of not having children due to not finding the right partner equalled that of dealing with medical infertility problemsThe study conducted by Red magazine, which gathered data from over 3,000 British women aged 28-45, also revealed that nearly three quarters (71%) of women think those who have medical infertility get more sympathy than those with 'emotional infertility. Did you know these famous ladies used IVF?Brigid Moss, health director of Red said: "We have identified what we call emotional infertility, that is being childless not by choice, due to not having a partner or a partner not wanting to have children."It's interesting that most women think that medical infertility gets most sympathy, and that more than half of women think that emotional infertility is as painful as medical infertility."The same reported noted that just 17% of women worry about being too old to conceive, and one in five women would consider having a baby on their own.Sam Baker, editor-in-chief, said: "It seems that women now feel more confident to make their own decisions to prioritise what they want in life, including how and when they want to start family."?By While your friends are excited youre engaged, the thought of being forced to use the right fork while watching a photomontage set to a Celine Dion track is enough to make them homicidal. Celebrity Event Planner (and Staggered Event Expert, Peter Otero) shows you how to throw an engagement party that wont bore them to tears.Engagement parties are regarded as the traditional formal announcement of a wedding more frequently celebrated at a fancy restaurant or dinner party at home. While tradition can be a safe and predictable foundation for a party, we all know the most outstanding ones are remembered because of the unexpected fun had by all. For guys, the minute we hear about an engagement party, we either curl our lips or ...yawn!Get Involved.So with all due respect to Cyndi Laupers girl anthem, girls just wanna have fun, they arent the only ones. Guys want to have a blast too! There are a wide variety of themes and styles to decide on that can ensure a fantastic time. Get involved in the planning process and voice your opinion. The male perspective can usually offer a unique twist to a "lovey dovey" feminine approach. Your buddies will appreciate you for thinking of them. I am not a big fan of themed parties, though I am constantly asked to design them. But when I do, I like to pay very close attention to every detail. That is what makes a party unique and personal. So be as creative as you want and dont be afraid to think outside the box.Remember, It Doesnt Have to Be Stuffy.If youre going for a more casual approach, think of fun and unexpected venues as opposed to the more traditional ballroom, banquet hall or restaurant. A local pub, bar or favorite watering hole can be a fun alternative. Prior arrangements can be made so that you have a sectioned off, semi-private area for your guests that may include your own bartender. If the place does not serve food you can arrange to have food delivered or have it catered. This allows everyone to have a good time in a very relaxed atmosphere. You may also want to be proactive and think of designating drivers or offer a car or taxi service for those guests who really make it a point to toast all night long celebrating the union of love. Theres always at least one or two in the group...maybe more!Theres also a big trend now in upscale bowling alleys that are equipped for private parties. This makes for a fun filled night of laughter, luck AND some losers...with possible back aches too. Some places have great food, drinks and music with a clubby feeling. If not, a regular old school alley can be just as fun. Anything can be arranged to fit your tastes and budget. Everyone has a fun time; participants and spectators alike.Theres nothing better than pairing good pizza with cold beer (or good wine). Whether at a local pizza parlor, restaurant or private home, it can be a delicious way of saying were tying the knot. Look into buying out the local pizza spot or hiring a chef to make pies on demand. Make it instructional and interactive. Guests participate if its entertaining and well thought out. Create new recipes or follow traditional ones. Offer a variety of beer to go with different pizzas. Make sure to keep it casual and family style. If its anything like my house, the best times are shared in the kitchenCaround food!Make It an Event and Allow Everyone To Participate.If your style is classier, try a wine tasting party. And if you dont have the option of going to a local winery, there are plenty of books on the subject. This is another great way to engage your guests and enhance their understanding of wine. Make it fun and educational by conducting blind tastings or form wine tasting groups. The more palates there are, the more perspectives on a particular wine youll have, and the better you increase your awareness of a wines complexities. To maximize your wine tasting experience, hire a live cigar roller to roll a stogie just for you and your guests. If thats not doable, then consider buying an assortment of good cigars from your local tobacco shop. Not only will some women think its sexy and try it themselves, but your mates will give you major brownie points for thinking of them.Not Into Creative Theme Parties? Keep it Simple.You can never go wrong with a simple, sexy, cocktail party. Have a wide variety of great food, cocktails and different music to suit all tastes. Make it comfortable for everyone. Create an environment that allows for mingling. Its a great way for families and friends to meet, and get to know each other. Hire a bartender to prepare and serve cocktails. Come up with personalized drinks menu. Go to your local florists and get beautiful flowers that will enhance the space. Consider hiring a baby sitter to care for and entertain the youngsters while the grown-ups focus on just having a good time. For an alternative twist at the end, offer a post-dessert coffee tasting paired with gourmet chocolates. And if you really want to make it spectacular, turn it into a black tie event; a fun and clever way to set the tone for the wedding.The most important thing to remember when planning an engagement party is that it is a happy, joyous occasion. With that in mind, the possibilities are endless. Make it truly memorable and unforgettable. Put your stamp on it and have fun with it!I am Staggered USA () is a top Mens Wedding Site and the brother site to I Am Staggered UK (), the #1 Mens Wedding Website in the United Kingdom. ?IVF has come a long way since the first test tube baby (Louise Joy Brown) was born on July 25, 1978.According to , over five million babies have been born by In-Vitro Fertilisation since it was first used 36 years ago.And its not just everyday couples who undergo fertility treatment after struggling to conceive - high-profile celebrities chose to use IVF to become parents too.Take a look at these famous faces who have spoken out about their fertility problems and IVF journeys...?It's been said that there are six degrees of separation between every two individuals on the planet. This statement no longer holds true. With today's technology, the entire world is at our fingertips. And thank goodness for me as a manicurist, that's a lot of hands to be done.?USFH73HAKY3K6HSFfVP6MFkUQLVDr%2FA3r%2B0RvfFlbH56FRKV1D%2FHmgfmKnaPOuWLl2owYU5bgolCJOtI%2Fgjp0jzXxygmol5%2FcK7GB9%2FuqS6a7dA8k6dTnGrbzYEpUicTvS2O6Ic5%2BDtsH%2FqW60HGRS97KiR%2FA%2Bf1JnHZr97wprFLG2dtShA%2BcWnxH0cQjZtUS3lxzjSY9P%2FRFrb6fi9AWKBAhHZ0tOeULajo2n%2F96eAG5BcqdDlwkScFPCR8cy0%2F%2F2FhiAQRYDA8Lc5tjaedi5eD%2Fga26gWRdIllcq0cILyFgtuGITpY6dXc0oCmkOAEO5Pgxsqe0byzn6hIr42I8%2FXVZ1zCiL%2Bo8O60EQYmfCdjX0VxFNkd0NF1dzKNbgcLydCAS1clqoSneVp6ST6NXdoaGaimgOI%2F1u7QEP%2B%2BZ%2FXbEQLRlUctAZlxdMP14rzeJo65z9bXTM6X4r9ewyStL2RTopnLffbE7jYKcNNCqvo7CjzUA%2FbfRCG7M2zXIWOsngwbUNBigZP83WKuskdNYeHNRloCoFEa4ka2uSGYKk1U8RVJuIL38iWA1cRNYv8IjsCKSmGEwGX70uSQjPPts%2Bw5RC7P9DbIESCCdOqytbZvYeLjo7pYy8mpJy46UsoSVy7GPxrTyMEqZ6wku9MDeEh8zhhk0lJZVWofDGSWpiWc3f4cBgMbayLtgkfwvFu8%2F81YK5kGyuCyh84cGI8RbXQnomCmwR29wEDU0yyzAoStsTfC1eHN5nnmY6aJJphi%2BbBJk9Ym9ceAEPShokExSss%2F8Dw%2Bd9%2BlUFnd33FnurwZk3qX%2BJCRAQWU7%2F5qQOeKTtUbd79rETq5wmOMaoleVEEqTqwiSSjdvm2pA2DwBtynlrmcrjvjBUxdpPBhIf%2Br5SUKubBkD23CRsGQoT8RublU1XH4isi5pDxHvSmZzum2Td7Pae2IUQEJnIsqm7rgXV587sEl2HM0dsyDG%2B%2F78wmVq3GbJ9%2BJ3f0toQmHFYqlTPtvlyZ57v0swinoRVWM4nrp6x1syxWuzMmst03wZofCaAno8PbFa0ASImNIKzA%3D?Warning: Make sure you have a box of tissues nearby before watching Bride Andrea's father died before he could walk her down the aisle. Her brother knew that their father would be missed, by Andrea especially, on her wedding day, so he prepared a surprise for his sister to take the place of the father-daughter dance.Her brother recorded the song "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle in advance of the Big Day, and played the song for Andrea as she danced with friends and family in lieu of her late father. Watch the video above to see the tear-jerking performance and reaction from the bride.Click through the slideshow to see the best father-daughter dance songs.Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost Weddings on , and .?Don't know why anyone is concerned about what she's singing, she's 8, she's not thinking about the mature social or sexual aspects of what she is singing, she's enjoying the music. I've been singing my mum's Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, George Michael etc since I was far younger than this. Whitney Houston's 'A Few Stolen Moments' is about having an affair! And it didn't make a blind bit of difference to the fact that I was still a child who, having been brought up in a village, was out on a daily basis playing with my friends and having a normal childhood. As far as the vocal chords go, I'm no expert, but I was a good singer at primary school, didn't become a very good singer until age 11 when my vibrato came in and my vocal chords were notably stronger (after puberty was in full swing). So I have no idea how this could affect this little girl, but Christina Aguilera and many other famous singers were belting songs out at Fitri's age and still have the voice now, so I would have thought with the right care she will still have that voice in years to come. She's incredibly talented, it would be nice if people could just congratulate her and wish her well rather than always displaying concerns. Look how much she loves music, that's all that matters, for someone like her music soothes the soul from the inside out, trust me.?Five million IVF babies have been born since the era of assisted reproduction dawned in 1978, it has been calculated.Experts based the estimate on worldwide figures for (IVF) treatment cycles up to 2008.The emerging pattern was extended to gauge how many more treatments took place over the next three years.The cumulative number of IVF births in total stood at 4.6m last year and is now believed to have reached five million.Passing the five million milestone represented a "moment of pride" for fertility scientists, according to a British member of the team that brought the first IVF baby into the world.SEE ALSO:When Louise Brown was born at on July 25, 1978, it caused a sensation.The birth of a "test tube baby", as Louise was described in the media at the time, was hugely controversial and sparked an intense ethical debate.But British experts today pointed out that IVF had now become routine in many parts of the world.Dr Allan Pacey, chair of the and senior lecturer in andrology at the University of Sheffield, said: "Everyone expected the proportion of IVF treatment cycles to plateau, but it hasn't. Year-on-year we have seen what is effectively a linear rise."I think it's more than just older women relying on IVF; I think it's more about accessibility, social acceptability, funding issues, and to an extent that IVF is part of the mainstream now."Colleague Stuart Lavery, consultant gynaecologist and director of IVF at in London, said: "IVF is something couples are no longer ashamed of. The profile is becoming more acceptable and it's also becoming more successful."OTHER IVF NEWS:The five million figure was announced today at the annual meeting of the (Eshre) taking place in Istanbul, Turkey.Dr David Adamson, chair of the (ICMART), which made the calculation, said: "Millions of families with children have been created, thereby reducing the burden of infertility."The technology has improved greatly over the years to increase pregnancy rates. The babies are as healthy as those from other infertile patients who conceive spontaneously. The technology is available globally in many different countries. IVF is firmly established now in the mainstream of medicine."Dr Simon Fishel, managing director of clinic chain and a member of the Cambridge team responsible for the birth of Louise Brown, said: "I remember well the time of Louise's birth, and also transferring the embryo that became her sister, both of whom are now mums in their own right."The five million milestone not only justifies all the legal and moral battles, the ethical debates and hard-fought social approval, it is also a testament to the great scientists and doctors who have worked so hard to improve the treatment of patients, and to the patients themselves who have put their faith in us. "It is a moment of pride for our unique branch of medical science, and a point to reflect on how we must continue to fight for our patients where there still remain barriers to treatment."Take a look at these famous faces who have spoken out about their fertility problems and IVF journeys...Other ICMART data show that each year, around 1.5m assisted reproduction treatment cycles are performed globally, delivering some 350,000 babies.Europe is the most active IVF region in the world, with the US and Japan topping the list of individual countries.In 2009 the UK had an IVF rate of 879 treatment cycles per million members of the population per year.IVF take-up is much greater in Denmark and Belgium, with rates of 2,726 cycles per million and 2,562 cycles per million respectively.Success rates from a single "fresh" IVF treatment cycle appear to have stabilised at around 32% per embryo transfer, the Eshre meeting was told.Mr Lavery stressed that despite the success of IVF it should never be regarded as an "insurance policy" for women who want to delay pregnancy as long as possible.IVF is not very effective for women some way past their reproductive prime, he said."We need to get the message across that people cannot necessarily rely on it as the answer to issues later in life," said Mr Lavery. "Although there are things we can do to greatly improve success rates, the increments are small."SEE ALSO:A continuing trend towards fewer embryos being transferred to a woman's womb after IVF has greatly reduced the risk of multiple births, the meeting was told.In 2009 the proportion of IVF triplets in Europe had fallen to less than 1%, and for the first time the twin birth rate was below 20%.Traditional IVF involves mixing sperm and eggs in a laboratory Petri dish. But a more recent technique, (ICSI), now accounts for the majority of treatment cycles worldwide.ICSI involves injecting a sperm directly into an egg. It has as good a success rate as traditional IVF, but carries a small increased risk of birth defects.Some countries have high rates of ICSI, and in Turkey it accounts for more than 70% of all IVF treatments.In the UK, where roughly equal numbers of ICSI and traditional IVF treatments are performed, the procedure is only supposed to be used in specific circumstances. It is most often employed in cases of male infertility.Dr Pacey said: "I really worry about the inappropriate use of ICSI, given what we know about the risks. Personally, I think it's a worry that ICSI has overtaken (traditional) IVF."?Wagner wrote great music and an anti Semite and womanizer. Miles Davis outstanding musician not particularly nice (to put it extremely mildly) to women. Michael Vick an absolutely vile person yet still playing football. Jackson Pollock another man who loved women. Lord Byron, Philip Larkin, Ted Hughes, Thomas Hardy, TS Eliot, James Brown, Eminem (Marshal Mathers), Tracy Lawrence, Ike Turner, Phil Specter, Roman Polanski+, Friedrich Nietzsche, Woody Allen Kobe Bryant Gary Glitter Michael Jackson R. Kelly Jerry Lee Lewis Mike Tyson.. Sean Connery says it ok to hit (slap) a woman if you need to. Religion promotes hate and has caused more death than WWI & WWII combined.The catholic church condones child abuse (dont believe me then why arent they doing anything about all the child abuse).All of these people and MANY MORE including entities are just as involved in wrong doing as Louis-Ferdinand Celine yet no one has much of an issue with them being celebrated and some are gainfully employed and earning MILLIONS as you read this. Seems rather Hypocritical to denounce one while you enjoy others. I produced this quickly & from memory and dont have the thousands of others I could have included.?An Italian woman has given birth after being transplanted with ovarian tissue that had been frozen for seven years.Italian scientists told the annual meeting of ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) this week that the significant length of time the tissue spent in 'freeze-storage' could have wider implications for women hoping to conceive. Scroll down to see celebrities who have struggled to concieve"We are not aware, so far, of any time limit for cryopreserved ovarian tissue," said Dr Gennarelli from Clinica Universitaria Sant'Anna in Turin, in a statement."We and other groups now believe that ovarian tissue freezing for fertility preservation should not be considered experimental but be recognised as a routine clinical practice to be offered in appropriate cases," he added. "Age, for example, is one important consideration."The news that pieces of a woman's ovary could be removed, stored and then replaced during surgery could signal new hope for older women wishing to become pregnant. Recent research suggests that failed IVF attempts leads to a . According to The Telegraph, advancements in this field could effectively could effectively . The Italian case described by Dr Gennarelli was remarkable because - with a gap of seven years - it represents one of the longest time intervals yet between the date of tissue freezing and the date of successful transplantation."It demonstrates that pregnancy can be obtained by this technique even after several years of cryostorage," said Dr Gennarelli.SEE ALSO: The birth is believed to be the 22nd in the world via this technique and has, says Gennarelli, become a key component of the management of fertility in cancer patients facing treatment with a high risk of ovarian failure. In March 2010, following the patient's request and investigation for fertility restoration, 32 cortical tissue fragments were thawed and sutured to prepared sites.Two months after the tissue grafting, some ovarian function returned and spontaneous follicular development was observed. Over the following months spontaneous menstrual cycles were repeatedly evident and ovulation was confirmed in at least six cycles.In July 2011, 15 months after the ovarian tissue transplantation, the patient became spontaneously pregnant, and a healthy baby was delivered in March 2012.?British surgeons are appealing for funds so they can complete research which will lead to the first womb transplants in the UK.A team of doctors based in London have launched a charity to raise cash to finish the preparatory research and to perform the first five operations.Scientists are said to be at a "critical stage" in the research and have launched the charity to raise 500,000 to complete the final phase of groundwork before performing the surgery.Womb transplants offer an alternative to surrogacy or adoption for women whose own wombs have been damaged by diseases such as cervical cancer.Every year 14,000 British women discover they are infertile because either they were born without a viable womb or they have undergone a hysterectomy following a serious illness.SEE ALSO:Richard Smith, consultant gynaecological surgeon, and his team have been researching the possibility of transplanting a donor womb into a woman so she can have a child - or even two - before the donated womb is then removed.This means the recipient would only have to take drugs which make their bodies accept the transplant for a limited period - reducing long term health risks.Scroll down to see which celebs turned to IVF (PICTURES)Once the research is complete the scientists can apply for ethics permission.Mr Smith said: "We are confident, especially with a transplant abroad being carried out with the same methodology that we have recommended that within two years or so, given enough funding, we can begin helping women in the UK."Infertility in its various forms is increasing and while IVF can and does help many women, for those who do not want to go the route of surrogacy or adoption, nothing but a transplant can help a woman without a viable womb."Quite rightly the UK has the highest level of regulation and safety is paramount and so we have to prove the whole process in several animal models before drawing up the protocols for a human transplant."So far we have spent almost half a million pounds - mostly funded by members of the team - on the research up to this point."In the US and elsewhere grant aid is much more accessible but in this economic climate with NHS and other budgets being squeezed for understandable reasons, it is much more difficult to raise grants for research in the UK, hence the need for the appeal."?After , the golden girl of the games is allegedly discussing her father, Timothy Douglas, who has been noticeably absent from the events, in a less than positive light.According to the , Douglas slammed her Air Force father as a deadbeat yesterday, blaming him for her .It was really hard for us growing up my dad had left us, so he wasnt really in the picture anymore, Douglas reportedly said. "So my mom had to front all these bills. My dad didnt really pay the child support. He was short [on money]. It was definitely hard on her part, and she had to take care of me and the rest of my siblings."In an interview with NBC News last week, however, . "I just had to pray to God just to keep him safe and tell the angels to keep my dad safe and come home," she said of her dad, an Air Force Staff Sgt. stationed in Afghanistan as part of the Air National Guard, 203rd Red Horse Squadron.Prior to the U.S. Olympic Trials in June, . "There's an exuberance. There's a feeling that you can't describe," Timothy Douglas told the paper of seeing his 16-year-old daughter in person for the first time in nearly two years. "Sometimes, when she had a rough time, I'd tell her to hang in there. 'You know what it takes to be a winner, you know what your goals are. You just keep on your goals.' Some things that I tell her I have to remind myself. Those are all things we can all abide by," he said.Though Douglas and Hawkins are still in the process of divorcing, Douglas was deployed to the Middle East when his daughter was just 9.Despite the separation, both of Douglas' parents have been supportive of her Olympic dreams. According to the New York Daily News, , encouraging his daughter to never give up on her dreams of a gold medal.In regards to her less-than-peak performance on the uneven bars, Douglas told the New York Post: Toward the end of the Olympics, you get physically tired and drained. And no matter how much rest you have, your body is tired, she said. I made a little mistake, but Im human . . . I dont know, you just get to mentally, youre just so tired."CORRECTION: In a previous version of this story, the headline incorrectly stated that Timothy Douglas was being blamed for his daughter's losing performance. We regret this error. Earlier on HuffPost:?As the controversy surrounding Gabby Douglas' hair drags on, we're left wondering: how did it get to this point?It's still shocking that while Douglas was busy , a string of negative Twitter comments about her "unkempt" hair stole the spotlight. Some are for that shift in focus to Douglas' hair, while others see the story as a segue into a much broader subject: black women's hair. Black women's hair has always been a hot (and often, touchy) topic--inspiring documentaries, books, , and . So it's no surprise that after Douglas' meteoric rise to the public eye, opinions of her hair would be shared via social media outlets and beyond. However, the problem lies in the fact that those comments have somehow out-shined the Olympian's gold medals.So, was everyone really talking about Gabby's hair or did a few bad apples on Twitter manage to turn a historic Olympic moment into a referendum on black hair?HuffPost Live's Alicia Menendez rounded up a group of ladies--including a former gymnast and running coach--to tackle the topic and shed some light on the hairy situation. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE, AND JOIN THE DISCUSSION IN THE COMMENTS BELOWFor more provocative conversations, visit . HuffPost Live launches August 13th!Related on HuffPost:?LONDON -- Women's gymnastics all-around champion Gabby Douglas likes her hairstyle just fine, thanks.The 16-year-old said Sunday she was a little confused when she logged onto her computer after winning her second gold medal in three days and discovered people were debating her pulled-back look."I don't know where this is coming from. What's wrong with my hair?" said Douglas, the first U.S. gymnast to win gold in team and all-around competition. "I'm like, `I just made history and people are focused on my hair?' It can be bald or short, it doesn't matter about (my) hair."Douglas uses gel, clips and a ponytail holder to keep things in place while she competes, a style she's worn for years."Nothing is going to change," she said. "I'm going to wear my hair like this during beam and bar finals. You might as well just stop talking about it."The bubbly teenager is the first African-American gymnast to win her sport's biggest prize. She had no idea she was lighting up social media until she Googled herself hours after winning her gold medal."I don't think people should be worried about that," she said. "We're all champions and we're all winners. I just say that it's kind of, a stupid and crazy thought to think about my hair."?NORFOLK, Va. — Court records show that the mother of Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas filed for bankruptcy earlier this year in Virginia.The filing was first reported by TMZ, a day after it was revealed that the parents of fellow U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte were facing foreclosure in Florida.Documents filed in January in the Eastern District of Virginia show Douglas' mother, Natalie Hawkins, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows people to reorganize their finances and pay down debt over several years.Douglas has been one of the most popular athletes at the Olympics in London, becoming the first African-American woman to win a gold medal in gymnastics. The 4-foot-11 16-year-old taken home two gold medals so far and has become an international superstar, winning over fans with her smile and the nickname "Flying Squirrel."The gymnast's agent has fielded hundreds of emails from businesses, talk shows and magazines interested in Douglas, and she's already slated to appear on the cover of a Corn Flakes box. She stands to earn millions of dollars from endorsement deals and other ventures. Douglas has been training for two years in Iowa and hasn't been home to Virginia Beach since then.The bankruptcy filings list Hawkins as having assets totaling $163,706, with a townhouse in Virginia Beach and a 2007 Nissan Maxima accounting for the bulk of it.Hawkins said the bankruptcy filing allowed her "to still be able to live and reorganize my debt in such a way that I could still pay what I owed.""It's my story, it's part of me. I'm not even embarrassed about it," Hawkins said Sunday in London. "It shows that even though I didn't like to have to do it, I'm glad there was something there for me to be able to protect my home."Hawkins also lists roughly $80,000 in debts. The bulk of that is from her mortgage. Hawkins is separated from her husband and lists about $2,500 in income a month, which comes from Social Security disability benefits and child support, according to the documents.Natalie Hawkins went on long-term medical disability in 2009, and there were six months when the single mother of four had little to no income. In addition to mortgage payments for her home, there were expenses for Douglas' training and her other three children.An order issued in March says Hawkins is to pay $400 a month toward her debts over a nearly five-year period.?Gabby Douglas now to go with she won with her U.S. teammates. Dubbed the "Flying Squirrel" for her impressive array of aerial skills, Douglas edged Russian gymnast Victoria Komova, who took silver. of Russia by after American Aly Raisman finished with an . The 16-year-old Douglas scored 62.232 while Komova scored 61.973. The Russian star took the last turn on the floor and couldn't reach the score needed to overtake Douglas. Beaming after finishing a sterling turn on the floor, Douglas could only wait and watch. Komova or higher to pass Douglas for gold but for a solid routine. Douglas , despite coming perilously close to stepping off the track on her landing. In first place after the first rotation, Douglas scored 15.733 on the uneven bars, 15.500 on the beam and closed with a 15.033 on the floor. Douglas' all-around gold medal that an American woman has won the event, including the two previous golds won by Nastia Luikin (2008) and Carly Patterson (2004). Mary Lou Retton was the the all-around title in 1984. A lot was going through my mind, I was like, Yes all the hard work has paid off, , via Bloomberg, after being award her second gold medal of the London Games. I was speechless. Tears of joy and just waving to the crowd.Having during the U in the team competition and captured individual all-around gold, at the U.S. Olympic Trials no longer seems like such an upset.Entering the London Olympics, Douglas' teammate Jordyn Wieber was the favorite to win individual all-around gold. In a surprising turn of events, Wieber , finishing behind Douglas and Aly Raisman during qualification and missing out due to the two-per country rule. Not long after Douglas won gold, Wieber congratulated her teammate on Twitter.?Ahhhh.... thanks so much for the information, and insight. See my comment above. I'm so conflicted over this guy because of his great maturity and integrity in his politics and deep humanism. Look at some of his work.... the CBC channel, Canada, showed Good Night and Good Luck last night, and I watched it for first time since saw it in theatre in 2005 or 2006. I've seen the side of him in media where he's a prankster always liking to get people off guard, to point of silliness. I even admired his honesty re. the having children aspect of marriage.... that he "had no desire to reproduce himself." Meaning not that fear of eternal death w/o leaving offspring behind to feel like you'll be around forever. But his attitude toward women.... that use the Kleenex and throw it away thing.... Celine Belitran, how do you know it was really "serious."?PARIS - True style doesn't try too hard.That was the statement at Paris Fashion Week, alarmingly simple, but proved in a number of ready-to-wear presentations Sunday which heralded a move towards clean, simplified elegance.Celine designer Phoebe Philo at the top of her game produced a chic display, effortlessly.Three years after the lauded Briton's Celine debut, she delivered a strong show, which evoked her boho-bourgeois style in soft silhouettes with subtle architecture.Another of Paris' influential designers, Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, presented a new vision of style Sunday.Again, Tisci channeled a clean look, simplifying the house silhouette in a less elaborate yet sophisticated collection.Hermes the house of the jet-setting fashion buyer served up the elegance in its usual cocktail of travel, silk, leather and exotic cultural references.Summing up his show, the house's designer Christophe Lemaire said it represented "a clean, sharp, modernist traveller."Monday's highly anticipated shows include Stella McCartney, Chloe and the hottest ticket of the week Hedi Slimane's debut outing as designer for the rebranded Saint Laurent.___CELINESpring is about gentle contradictions, not colour, Phoebe Philo seemed to say: Shown through a muted palette of black, white, navy and grey.The real point of the show was the gentle play on contrasting lines, then textures, then form.Loosely hanging silhouettes often with attention to neck details in high necks, bands and twists came in column or boxy shapes, with a couple of black A-line tuxedo-dresses for good measure.The gloss of sheeny silks whispered a contrast against matte fabric.Philo has often been noted for her chic "utilitarian tailoring," which she delivers with uncanny ease.Here we saw it used artistically in hemline frays which turned into tassels, and twisted fabric that wrapped round the back sewn crudely together in a lump.It's a style that wouldn't look out of place on Juliette Binoche, for example, who accepted a best-actress award at Cannes in 2010 in custom Celine.The house is right in fancying themselves as Paris calendar's arty side.When fashion insiders asked to see the mandatory program notes, there were wry smiles as they were handed a text-free book of collage pictures.___GIVENCHYTrend-setting designer Riccardo Tisci changed the direction of Givenchy's ready-to-wear Sunday.He simplified the silhouette to a more flattened and spread out front-and-shoulder emphasis in 37 black, white and grey looks.A strong voice in the fashion conversation, Tisci's tailoring influences designers far and wide.Last spring, for instance, he brought back the peplum.Now, hardly a collection goes by without one cropping up.The wilder bondage-gear touches that added spice to last season's equestrian-inspired trip, were gone here, in a less elaborate display but which had its moments of clean elegance.A great feature was the clean, descending ripples in many of the looks which are sure to spread into other collections like wildfire.But for a designer who likes to live dangerously, this more saleable collection though a departure from last season felt at times like he was playing-it-safe.___HERMESThe fashion crowd got their summer holidays early flown first class across a vibrant mix of Polynesian prints and colour-rich baroque foulard motifs.Several of the models carried hang luggage. The mascot of the house, after all, is an airborne messenger.The looks stopped off at every fabric under the sun: in full grain leather woven in silk, washed silk twill, plunged lambskin, satin piping and lovely indigo denim linen.Colours too, were diverse in cappuccino, terracotta, sulphur, emerald, cobalt and the palette's most beautiful celadon.The flight this season stopped off at the Netherlands and Germany with tinges of the geometry and graphics of 1930s."I'm a modernist at heart," Lemaire said following the show, hosted next to Paris' Tuileries gardens.This idea was worked into the collection's best looks with a feel of famed Dutch painter Piet Mondrian who used geometric shapes and blocks of colours that could be seen in several of the final looks.Printed geometric floaty silk blouses and slightly jarring assorted pants made bold statements.They also featured the slight play on masculine styles that Lemaire likes to toy with periodically: A cotton wool cravate appeared on most of the looks as a man's tie, tucked into a hoop.The result was pure luxury, air delivered as only Hermes can.___KENZOKenzo headed back to the Southeast Asian jungle Sunday in a vibrant, fun collection that picked up their last menswear theme: A rainforest trek.After just one year at the helm, the hard work of designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim has paid off: They've managed to re-stamp the brand with a cool, populist edge.But they're serious about their work in other ways too: Fashion insiders had to live the catwalk theme literally by trekking to the far-flung venue, the Maison de Judo, on the Paris city limits.In bold sometimes purposefully garish orange vermilions and greens, the collection threw up some great wide pants and boxy-shaped jackets as well as a lot of safari-style street wear.Though some of the jungle printed ensembles looked overly busy a beautiful camouflage print made up for it with images of flowers that looked like leopard.But there was art in the detail too, with the designers showing a flair for tailoring in great utilitarian features._____Thomas Adamson can be followed at http:/ / — True style doesn't try too hard.That was the statement at Paris Fashion Week, alarmingly simple, but proved in a number of ready-to-wear presentations Sunday which heralded a move towards clean, simplified elegance.Celine designer Phoebe Philo – at the top of her game – produced a chic display, effortlessly.Three years after the lauded Briton's Celine debut, she delivered a strong show, which evoked her boho-bourgeois style in soft silhouettes with subtle architecture.Another of Paris' influential designers, Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, presented a new vision of style Sunday.Again, Tisci channeled a clean look, simplifying the house silhouette in a less elaborate yet sophisticated collection.Hermes – the house of the jet-setting fashion buyer – served up the elegance in its usual cocktail of travel, silk, leather and exotic cultural references.Summing up his show, the house's designer Christophe Lemaire said it represented "a clean, sharp, modernist traveler."Monday's highly anticipated shows include Stella McCartney, Chloe – and the hottest ticket of the week – Hedi Slimane's debut outing as designer for the rebranded Saint Laurent.___CELINESpring is about gentle contradictions, not color, Phoebe Philo seemed to say: Shown through a muted palette of black, white, navy and gray.The real point of the show was the gentle play on contrasting lines, then textures, then form.Loosely hanging silhouettes – often with attention to neck details in high necks, bands and twists – came in column or boxy shapes, with a couple of black A-line tuxedo-dresses for good measure.The gloss of sheeny silks whispered a contrast against matte fabric.Philo has often been noted for her chic "utilitarian tailoring," which she delivers with uncanny ease.Here we saw it used artistically in hemline frays which turned into tassels, and twisted fabric that wrapped round the back sewn crudely together in a lump.It's a style that wouldn't look out of place on Juliette Binoche, for example, who accepted a best-actress award at Cannes in 2010 in custom Celine.The house is right in fancying themselves as Paris calendar's arty side.When fashion insiders asked to see the mandatory program notes, there were wry smiles as they were handed a text-free book of collage pictures.___GIVENCHYTrend-setting designer Riccardo Tisci changed the direction of Givenchy's ready-to-wear Sunday.He simplified the silhouette to a more flattened and spread out front-and-shoulder emphasis in 37 black, white and gray looks.A strong voice in the fashion conversation, Tisci's tailoring influences designers far and wide.Last spring, for instance, he brought back the peplum.Now, hardly a collection goes by without one cropping up.The wilder bondage-gear touches that added spice to last season's equestrian-inspired trip, were gone here, in a less elaborate display – but which had its moments of clean elegance.A great feature was the clean, descending ripples in many of the looks which are sure to spread into other collections like wildfire.But for a designer who likes to live dangerously, this more saleable collection_ though a departure from last season – felt at times like he was playing-it-safe.___HERMESThe fashion crowd got their summer holidays early – flown first class across a vibrant mix of Polynesian prints and color-rich baroque foulard motifs.Several of the models carried hang luggage. The mascot of the house, after all, is an airborne messenger.The looks stopped off at every fabric under the sun: in full grain leather woven in silk, washed silk twill, plunged lambskin, satin piping and lovely indigo denim linen.Colors too, were diverse in cappuccino, terracotta, sulphur, emerald, cobalt and _the palette's most beautiful – celadon.The flight this season stopped off at the Netherlands and Germany_ with tinges of the geometry and graphics of 1930s."I'm a modernist at heart," Lemaire said following the show, hosted next to Paris' Tuileries gardens.This idea was worked into the collection's best looks with a feel of famed Dutch painter Piet Mondrian – who used geometric shapes and blocks of colors that could be seen in several of the final looks.Printed geometric floaty silk blouses and slightly jarring assorted pants made bold statements.They also featured the slight play on masculine styles that Lemaire likes to toy with periodically: A cotton wool cravate appeared on most of the looks as a man's tie, tucked into a hoop.The result was pure luxury, air delivered as only Hermes can.___KENZOKenzo headed back to the Southeast Asian jungle Sunday in a vibrant, fun collection that picked up their last menswear theme: A rainforest trek.After just one year at the helm, the hard work of designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim has paid off: They've managed to re-stamp the brand with a cool, populist edge.But they're serious about their work in other ways too: Fashion insiders had to live the catwalk theme – literally – by trekking to the far-flung venue, the Maison de Judo, on the Paris city limits.In bold – sometimes purposefully garish – orange vermilions and greens, the collection threw up some great wide pants and boxy-shaped jackets as well as a lot of safari-style street wear.Though some of the jungle printed ensembles looked overly busy – a beautiful camouflage print made up for it with images of flowers that looked like leopard.But there was art in the detail too, with the designers showing a flair for tailoring in great utilitarian features._____Thomas Adamson can be followed at http:/ /'s been a lot of buzz about "Glee" Season 4 since rumors of departing cast members and a crushing season finale. But at Comic-Con on Saturday night, cast members Lea Michele (Rachel), Cory Monteith (Finn), Naya Rivera (Santana), Kevin McHale (Artie), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina), Darren Criss (Blaine), and executive producers Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan, and Dante DiLoreto cleared up all the rumors and offered the Comic-Con crowd scoop on Season 4 of "Glee."Season 3 ended with the heartbreaking split of Finn and Rachel and much like Finchel fans, Michele wasn't happy about it, at least initially. "I was so mad when I read it in the script," she told the Comic-Con fans. "I cried all day during filming. But after reading it over and over and over again I finally understood that he was doing the right thing for Rachel."When "Glee" Season 4 picks up, it's September and school is starting for Rachel at NYADA and back at McKinley, life goes on in the choir room.As for new , who plays a NYADA dance instructor, Falchuk said, "It's a really fun character. It's the difference between the Will version of teaching and more negative reinforcement."Rachel is exploring the challenges of being in New York and being there alone. Michele added Rachel will be competing with "1800 other Rachel Berrys" at NYADA.Kurt will be back in Lima, but mentally and emotionally, he's in an "interesting place," according to Falchuk. He wouldn't say explicitly if Kurt will still follow Rachel to New York, but he added, "Those two are best friends so it'd be hard to keep them apart." What about Klaine? A full-bearded Criss said, "I think we all want to see them together for as long as possible. The inevitable pitfalls of a long-distance relationship produce a lot of conflict. I don't know, I'm just an actor! The new format of the show is gonna shake everything up." As for Santana, she's a cheerleader at UC Louisville, but not much else of her storyline has been established. And Brittana? "I don't know, I think right now as we left it, they're really good and they definitely love each other so I hope they'll make it," Rivera said.Like Klaine and Brittana in "Glee" Season 4, Mike (Harry Shum) and Tina (Ushkowitz) are also trying to maintain a long distance relationship.Meanwhile, Finn is preparing for bootcamp and Falchuk said, "We're gonna shave his head next week -- let's do it right now!" But Michele said, "First is Darren's beard. That's coming off right now." Criss joked, "I got it from the ."The New Directions are "underdogs again, desperately trying to get 12 kids for sectionals," Brennan told the Comic-Con fans. McHale said Artie hopes to be the big man on McKinley's campus. "It's anybody's game right now. I'll roll over anybody's feet to get that crown," McHale said.Does that mean we'll get to see more of Artie? "I've been pitching a story for Artie's mom since literally the first episode," Brennan explained. "I want her to be a hoarder." McHale said Katey Segal of "Sons of Anarchy" has really been pushing that and he's "all for that." McHale added, "Harry Connick Jr. could also be my dad."Falchuk said that "everyone who was a season regular last season ... will be back next year," although almost no one will be in every episode since the characters are so spread out. Of that challenge, Brennan said, "We've had the characters at different locations before. It's just a matter of making sure those stories talk to each other. They're in this adult world with adult relationships and paying rent ... it's evolution."Falchuk hopes more characters will be part of that evolution: Chord Overstreet and "The Glee Project" alum Sam Larsen (Joe) and Alex Newell (Wade/Unique) are in talks to become series regulars.What music can we expect to hear in Season 4? "It's a great combination," Falchuk said. " There's classic rock in there, there's stuff I've never heard of and more modern." Criss worried about having to sing "Call Me Maybe" and Michele wanted to sing Robyn's "Dancing On My Own." She also said Ryan Murphy gave her the wrong Celine Dion song last season. She wanted "To Love You More," but was too embarrassed to tell him when he gave her "It's All Coming Back To Me."The second episode of Season 4 is "Glee's" second Britney Spears episode, which Falchuk called "hilarious." "It'll be interesting to take the Britney theme in the choir room and move it to New York and [see] how it affects Rachel and her story," he added.What about the word on the street that we'll meet " Falchuk would only say, "I've heard that rumor too."Will there be a wedding for Will and Emma? "They're engaged. They're not gonna get married right away," Falchuk said. "They're living together and love each other and doing things."As for what the cast has going on off the set of "Glee," Rivera said she's working on an album. "We have a single. It's dance-pop and it's called 'My Heart.'" Criss talked about his role in "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying." "I never thought I'd be working on TV, much less Broadway," he said. "There's no one who deserves it more than this one," Michele gushed to the Comic-Con crowd.Catch a clip from the "Glee" panel below:"Glee" returns to Fox in the fall on a new day and at a new time: Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.Related on HuffPost:?Before Adele cleaned house at the , we noticed something unique (and pretty funny) about music's biggest night. Perhaps the greatest part of the show is seeing musicians win a BUNCH of awards and then have to walk out in front of the press while trying to hold them all at once.We mean come on: when was the last time you saw someone holding six Oscar awards? In this respect, the Grammys stand alone. So how many Grammys is too many to hold? Let's just say that better watch his back, because he's got some competition here. Vote for your favorite picture! ?I'm a man and I don't think she's gorgeous, although she's sort of appealing. She's had the lithe (but not bombshell) body and hair always, but the face is kind of average charlie-brownish. As an actress she was barely passable, but now she's just a giant attention-seeking monster who isn't good at anything shes does, from acting in the terrible Iron Man 2 to that barely passable singing. She's approaching total FAIL at warp speed, and seems to have no idea, which makes her clueless, conceited and unattractive.?Happy Canada Day! On July 1, it's time to celebrate the -- and what better way celebrate than with your favorite Canadian celebrities?Sharing a massive border with the United States means sharing a ton of talented people, and Hollywood is filled with Canadians who found fame once they headed south. Check out some of the hottest Canadian celebrities: Related on HuffPost:?Here in Quebec, we have an original approach to youth crime that works. In 2010, the severity of youth crime in Quebec was the lowest in Canada, proof that we are not "soft" on crime but rather that we are smart and "tough" on its root causes. But now the Harper government wants to ignore the evidence and change that approach.?If you like 90-degree angles, this house is not for you.There are very few right corners in this unique mansion on the shores of the Credit River in Mississauga, near Toronto. Built in the mid-70s, the house is designed around octagonal shapes -- an octagonal living room, an octagonal master bedroom, even a near-octagonal indoor pool room.But even more noticeable is the home's unusual exterior, which appears to both blend into the scenery, and stand out from with its with bizarre, protruding shapes. It's as if relentless modernism collided with a hobbit hole.Fans of design will recognize the influence of legendary architect , and maybe Spanish architect as well. Architect Fred Roman, of Toronto's Predrag K. Roman Architects, says it took him 20 months to come up with the concept. Construction was only slightly faster, with the house taking a year to build (two months alone for the master bedroom).Though the house may not appear large, everything in it comes in large quantities: Five bedrooms, five baths, nine access points to the outdoors, six fireplaces, and no fewer than 12 parking places. Not to mention a wine cellar and an indoor pool. In all, some 10,000 square feet of living space on 2.3 acres of land.Over the years the property has gained the attention of some prominent people, most noticeably Keith Richards of Rolling Stones fame, who, according to , has rented the property on several occasions (probably while the Stones were ). According to Good Life Mississauga, the British rocker . But it can be yours, permanently, for $6.8 million.? 2011 seemed like a year of relentless newsmaking, and, as it turns out, Canadians played a large part in it. Here's a look at how this country influenced world events. Adbusters magazine If the anti-corporate protests that have swept the world this fall can be traced to a single trigger, it would be a July 13 blog post by the Vancouver-based magazine Adbusters. The headline was a simple, Twitter-savvy directive: #OccupyWallStreet. Inspired by the pro-democracy demonstrations in the Middle East and anti-austerity actions in Spain, Adbusters directed readers to flock to lower Manhattan on Sept. 17 to protest the greatest corrupter of our democracy: Wall Street, the financial Gomorrah of America. The prime target was the so-called 1 per cent, the wealthy minority perceived to be responsible for the global financial crisis. Representing the 99 per cent, the movement that began in New Yorks Zuccotti Park quickly went viral and spread to more than 90 cities worldwide, from Kamloops to Kuala Lumpur. Critics charged that the protesters message was too unfocused to matter, but the resulting media coverage and political hand-wringing made it clear that Occupy became a force to be reckoned with. Mark Carney Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney has been a golden boy in banking circles since March 2008, when he made the bold move of drastically lowering interest rates. Why? He saw the financial crisis coming and did what he felt was necessary to shield Canadians from a global recession. Since then, hes been universally lauded for his stewardship of the Canadian economy. In November, Carney was named chairman of the Financial Stability Board, the Swiss-based international regulatory body. The position is only a part-time job, but all the same, it prompted Macleans magazine to call Carney The Canadian Hired to Save the World. Canadas role in Libya When pro-democracy protests emerged in Libya in February, Col. Moammar Gadhafi responded with a campaign of brutal suppression. Under the auspices of NATO, countries such as the U.S., France, Britain and Canada intervened, first to establish an arms embargo and a no-fly zone to deter the Libyan government from bombing its own citizens, and later to execute air strikes on positions held by Gadhafi loyalists. Commanded by Canadian Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard, Operation Unified Protector is seen as having prevented the slaughter of anti-Gadhafi forces and the partitioning of the country, as well as having been crucial to the overthrow of Gadhafi. While it was not without casualties, the mission has been lauded for meeting its aims in a limited timeframe (March to October). It also reflected Canadas heightened presence in world conflicts not only was a Canadian at the helm, but Canadian planes flew more than 1,000 sorties. The Vancouver riots photo One of the most mortifying moments for Canada as a nation also inspired one of the most poignant. After the Vancouver Canucks lost game seven of the Stanley Cup finals on June 15, discontented fans rioted in the streets. Amid images of burning cars, looting and other assorted mischief was a picture by photographer Rich Lam of a couple lying in the street in a romantic embrace. The backstory is that Scott Jones was trying to calm his girlfriend, Alex Thomas, after she was knocked over by riot police. A glimpse of humanity on an otherwise savage night, Esquire magazine named it the Photo of the Year. Research in Motions annus horribilus Theres no sugarcoating it: Research in Motion, Canadas one-time tech darling, had a spectacularly bad year. Hoping to take a bite out of Apples dominance in the smartphone and tablet markets, the Waterloo, Ont. company faced a seemingly never-ending stream of setbacks. Here are the biggies: 1. The launch of the PlayBook, RIMs first tablet, in April was met with jeers. Citing its disappointing apps store and the fact that the PlayBook lacked email access without a link to a BlackBerry, critics wondered why the tablet hadnt spent more time in R&D. (Due to soft consumer demand, RIM ended up chopping the retail price from $500 to $200.) 2. Disappointing overall sales of its phones and tablets forced the company to cut 2,000 jobs in July. 3. In October, a three-day service outage cut off access to email and texting for millions of "CrackBerry"-addicted users in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 4. In November, two RIM executives on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Beijing got so drunk and rowdy they forced the pilot to make an unscheduled stop in Vancouver. They were subsequently fired. 5. Even an ostensibly good-news story namely, the BlackBerrys success in Indonesia turned into another debacle, when the December launch of the Bold 9790 smartphone in Jakarta caused a stampede that injured dozens of people. Canada dominates the pop charts We all know that Canada's musicians are world-class, and that an increasing number of them are international stars. But it is nonetheless striking that Canadians held four of the top five albums on the Billboard 200 chart for the week of December 17. Crooner Michael Bubl took the No. 1 spot with the holiday album Christmas; teen sensation Justin Bieber nabbed No. 3 with his own yuletide offering, Under the Mistletoe; rapper Drake grabbed the fourth spot with Take Care; and rockers Nickelback rounded out the top five with Here and Now. This eclectic group not only proves the global appeal of Canadian music, but the diversity of our talent. Related on HuffPost: ? about the models at Celine, who eschewed the handles altogether and instead carried their bags from the bottom, like a too-heavy sack of groceries, Glass says, "What I am picking up from this is that in this day and age, women are carrying around a lot more things. It's like a virtual office in their purses, and the handles make things feels heavier, so this new way of holding the purse may be more practical and less cumbersome."?Charles Bukowski was disgusting, his actual real fiction is awful, he's been called a , overly simplistic, the worst narcissist, (and probably all of the above are true to an extent) and whenever there's a collection of "Greatest American Writers" he's never included.And yet... he's probably the greatest American writer ever. Whether you've read him or not, and most have not, there's 6 things worthy of learning from an artist like Bukoswski.I consider Ham on Rye by Bukowski probably the greatest American novel ever written. It's an autobiographical novel (as are all his novels except Pulp, which is so awful it's unreadable) about his childhood, being beaten by his parents, avoiding war, and beginning his life of destitution, hardship, alcoholism, and the beginnings of his education as a writer.I'm almost embarrassed to admit he's an influence. Many people hate him and I'm much more afraid of being judged than he ever was.1) Honesty. His first four novels are extremely autobiographical. He details the suffering he had as a child (putting his parents in a very bad light but he didn't care), he details his experiences with prostitutes, his lack of interest in holding down a job, his horrible experiences and lack of real respect for the women he was in relationships with, and on and on. His fiction and poetry document thoroughly the people he hates, the authors he despises, the establishment he could care less about (and he hated the anti-establishment just as much. One quote about a potential plan the hippie movement was going to do: "Run a pig for president? What the fuck is that? It excited them. It bored me.").Most fiction writers do what fiction writers do: they make stuff up. They tell stories that come from their imagination. Bukowski wasn't really able to do that. Whenever he attempted fiction (his last novel being a great example) it fell flat. Even his poetry is non-fiction.There's one story he wrote (I forget the name) where he's sitting in a bar and he wants to be alone and some random guy starts talking to him: "its horrible about all those girls who were burned" and Bukowski says (I'm getting the words a little off. Doing this from memory), "I don't know." And the guy and everyone else in the bar starts yelling, "This guy doesn't care that all those little girls burned to death". But Bukowski was honest, "It was a newspaper headline. If it happened in front of me I'd probably feel different about it." And he refused to back down and stayed in the bar until closing time.He had very few boundaries as to how far his honesty could go. He never wrote about his daughter after she reached a certain age. That's about the only boundary I can find. Every other writer has so many things they can't write about: family, spouses, exes, children, jobs, bosses, colleagues, friends. That's why they make stuff up. Bukowski didn't let himself get hampered by that so we see real raw honest, a real anthropological survey of being down and out for 60+ years without anything being held back. No other writer before or since has done that. For a particular example, see his novel, Women which detailed every sexual nuance of every woman who dared to sleep with him after he achieved some success. Most of these women were horrified after the book came out.I try as hard as possible to remove all boundaries. 2) Persistence. Bukowski got two stories published when he was young (24 and 26 years old) but almost all of his stories were rejected by publishers. So he quit writing for ten years. Then, in the mid 1950s he started up again. He submitted tons of poems and stories everywhere he could. It took him years to get published. It took him even more years to get really noticed. And it finally took him about 15 years of writing every day and writing thousands of poems and stories before he finally started making a living as a writer. He wrote his first novel at the age of 49 and it was financially successful. After 25 years of plugging away at it he was finally a successful writer.25 years!Most people give up much earlier, much younger. Both my grandfather and father wanted to be musicians, for instance. Both gave up in their 20s and 30s and took what they thought was the safer route. (The safer route being, in my opinion, what ultimately killed both of them).And this persistence was while he was going through three marriages, dozens of jobs, and non-stop alcoholism. Some of this is documented (poorly) in the move Barfly but I think a better movie about Bukowski is the indie that Matt Dillon did about his novel, Factotum which details the 10 years he was going from job to job, woman to woman, just trying to survive as an alcoholic in a world that kept beating him down.He wrote his first novel in 19 days. Michael Hemmingson, whom I write about below, wrote me and said Bukowski had to finish that novel so fast because he was desperately afraid he was going to be a failure at being a successful writer and didn't want to disappoint John Martin, who had essentially given him an advance for the novel.3) Survival. When I think "constant alcoholic," I usually equate that with being a homeless bum. Bukowski, at some deep level, realized that he needed to survive. He couldn't just be a homeless bum and kill himself, no matter how many disappointments he had. He worked countless factory jobs (the basis of the non-fiction novel, Factotun) but even that wasn't stable enough for him. Finally, he took a job working for the US government (you can't get more stable) working in the post office for 11 years. He didn't miss child support payments (although he constantly wrote about how ugly the mother of his child was), and as far as I know he was never homeless or totally down and out from his early 30s 'til the time he started having success as a writer.And despite writing about the overwhelming poverty he had, he did have a small inheritance from his father, a savings account he built up, and a steady paycheck. The post office job is documented, in full, in his first "novel" called, appropriately, Post Office. Many people think that's his best novel but I put it third or fourth behind Ham on Rye and Factotum and possibly Women. He also wrote a novel, Hollywood, about the blow-by-blow experience of doing the movie Barfly. All the names are changed (hence its claim to be fiction) but once you figure out who everyone is, its totally non-fiction. Like all of his other novels (not counting Pulp, which was the worst American novel ever written and published).[See, -- many tips I got from reading his books.]4) Discipline. Imagine working a brutal 10-hour shift at the Post Office, coming home and arguing with your wife or girlfriend, or half-girlfriend, half-prostitute that was living with you, finishing off three or four six-packs of beer and then... writing. He did it every day. Most people want to write that novel, or finish that painting, or start that business, but have zero discipline to actually sit down and do it. If there was any talent that Bukowski had that I can't actually figure out how he got it, its that discipline.When he was younger (early 20s, late teens) he spent almost every day in the library, falling in love with all the great writers. The love must have been so great it superseded almost everything else in his life. He had to write like them or he really felt like he would die. He had to "put down a good line" as he would say. And every day he would try. And good, bad, or ugly, he probably ultimately ended up publishing (many posthumously) everything he ever wrote. I try to match that discipline. Even when I don't post a blog post I write seven days a week, every morning. At least 1000 words and a completed post. I used to do this in my 20s when I was trying to write fiction. My minimum then was 3000 words. I did that for five years.It adds up. The average book is 60,000 words. If you can write 1000 words a day then you'll have 6 books by the end of the year. Because poetry books are much smaller, Bukowski probably had around 80 or so books published by the time he was dead and I bet there are more coming.5) His "literary map". He was inspired by several writers and he inspired many more. Some of my favorite writers come from both categories. He was probably most inspired by three writers: Celine, Knut Hamsun, and John Fante. I highly recommend Celine's Journey to the End of the Night. Celine is almost a more raw version of Bukowski. He was constantly angry and trying to survive and do whatever it took to survive. The thing about Bukowski, as opposed to many other writers, is he didn't concern himself with flowery images or beautiful sunsets. He totally wrote as if he were speaking to you and Celine does that to an extreme but he's so raw and smart that the way he "speaks" is like an insane person trying to spew out as much venom as possible. 600 pages later his first book is a masterpiece and I often use it in my pre-writing hour every morning when I read stuff to inspire myself to write.John Fante wrote the underappreciated Ask the Dust which was completely forgotten until Bukowski's publisher republished it and all of Fante's books. (I also recommend the movie with Colin Farrell and a naked Salma Hayek).Bukowski was almost afraid to admit how much Fante directly influenced him. He wrote in one "short story", "I realized that admitting John Bante had been such a great influence on my writing might detract from my own work, as if part of me was a carbon copy, but I didn't give a damn. It's when you hide things that you choke on them."Note he spelled "Fante" as "Bante". That's the extent of Bukowski's fiction. Another interesting thing is the last line. Nothing flowery, nothing descriptively beautiful, yet a line like that is what made Bukowski unique and one of the best writers ever, getting at the hidden truth of what was really happening in his head, rather than telling yet another boring story filled with flowery descriptions like most books and stories are.Then there's the authors Bukowski influenced. Michael Hemmingson wrote an excellent review of Bukowski in the book The Dirty Realism Duo: Bukowski and Carver, which I highly recommend. Raymond Carver comes from the same genre of down-and-out, oppressive relationships that were beyond his ability to cope with them, and realist, simple writing that was mostly autobiographical (although that's a little less clear in Carver's case). I'd also throw Denis Johnson's book of short stories (Jesus' Son) in that category (Johnson studied with Carver) and more recently, books like the above-mentioned Michael Hemmingson's Crack Hotel, The Comfort of Women, My Date(Rape) with Kathy Acker and other stories. I'm dying to find other writers in this category.I how Denis Johnson needed $10,000 to pay the IRS. So he threw together some vignettes he had forgotten about, called the collection Jesus' Son and sent it off to Jonathan Galassi and said, "here, you can have these if you pay the IRS". So I Facebook-friended Galassi and asked him if he could tell me one author in Denis Johnson's league but I'm still waiting for a response.I wish I could find more writers like these. Perhaps William Vollmann who wrote Butterfly Stories but his bigger fiction is too difficult for me to read (anecdote: he wrote the afterward to the recently re-published Celine's Journey of the Night so all of these writers tend to recognize their common lineage.)6) Poetry. I really hate poetry. When I open up the New Yorker (blecch!) and read the latest poems in there I can't understand them, they all seem like gibberish to me, they all seem too intellectual. And yet, out of all the poets I've read, the only ones I really like are: Bukowski, Raymond Carver, and Denis Johnson. Poetry allowed them to master making each word in a sentence effective and powerful. It was this training that allowed them to destroy the competition when they sat down to write their longer pieces. It makes me want to try my hand at poetry but even the word "poetry" sounds so pseudo-intellectual I just have no interest in doing it.Bukowski: , postal worker, misogynist (there's a you can easily find on Youtube where he must be almost 60 and he literally kicks his wife in anger while he's being interviewed), anti-war, anti-peace, anti-everything, hated everyone, probably insecure, extremely honest, and he had to write every day or it would kill him.In his own words, words which I hope to live by: "What a joy it must be to be a truly great writer, even if it means a shotgun at the finish".------------------------Suggested Reading:Biographical:- Michael Hemmingson: The Dirty Realism Due: Charles Bukowski and Raymond Carver- Howard Sounes: ""Bukowski's Writings (that I recommend):Other fiction in the "Dirty Realism"category: Poem:by Raymond Carver.Article: Movies:"Factotum"If anyone can think of anybody else in this specific "dirty realism" category, please put it in the comments. I'd also like to read women in this category but I think it's a particularly male category. Jack Kerouac falls somewhere in there but he's more "beat" which I think is different. And Chad Kultgen's recent books ("The Average American Male", for instance) are also somewhat in the realism category but not quite "dirty" enough. Follow James Altucher on Twitter:?She never claimed to be a singer. She was reluctant to do this after being asked (but declining) points for her courage to do it anyways. As some have said here, considering it was impromptu, it was pretty good. Come on, she's an actress that will play a singer. She will likely have voice coaching in prepartion for the movie as most actors do.Context here. A quote from the director Michael Sucsy "These women learned to harmonize and they learned to play instruments," he explains. "They weren't these amazing, accomplished singers who banded together. "It's not just like, 'Hey, you can play the guitar, I can play the piano, I can play the harmonica. Let's put a band together.' It's like, 'We have to get out of jail, and if we have to put a band together to do that, then that's what we're going to do.' "?Click here to leave a comment.HuffPost High School welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate in the comment section. Keep in mind that the articles here are penned by young authors, so please keep criticism respectful, and help us to keep this a safe and supportive place for writers of all ages to contribute.?Oooh we do love a diva demand here at HuffPost Celeb. Heck, even we threw a full-scale diva strop this morning when our tea wasn't the right colour (sorry workie) but that's nothing compared to 's latest request.The singer has reportedly banned staff working on her new home from talking to or making eye contact with her. Ooooh, get 'er etc, etc.Yep, according to the Daily Star, J.Lo doesn't want to be getting into any conflabs about guttering or roofing with the hired help involved in building her huge new mansion in San Fernando, California.A source told the paper: Blimey. J.Lo and Casper Smart in New York last nightMeanwhile, Jen's got away from all that noise and dust back home with a trip to New York. . > IN PICS: CELEB DIVASAlso on HuffPost:?I was six feet away from her backstage. The entourage of security guards were distracted with other business. Now was my only chance to appease my obsession and jump into her arms. So why didn't I take it?A month ago I got the call: "Will you do a gig for free next month?" "Which gig?" "Emceeing Oprah's Lifeclass Tour stop in Toronto." Thud (that's me hitting the floor). "Eeeeey-y-yesssssughhhh" (that's me ugly-crying while I accept the job). "See you on the 16th." I was humbled, amazed, and incredibly grateful. Oprah's on my vision board. I quote Iyanla Vanzant regularly. Tony Robbins' tapes are the motivator that got me pumped to give comedy a try 12 years ago. I have most of Deepak Choprah's books. Hosting this event would mean meeting all of them. Highlight of my professional life, right? Yes. But for reasons I wasn't expecting. If you've seen my website recently, you'll see that I'm making the shift from comedian to motivational speaker and comedian. The change being that I now want to make people laugh AND give them a few helpful take-aways. It stems from the learning I've done since recovering from postpartum depression and creative dry-spells. Over the last seven years, I have soaked up every piece of constructive insight in the fields of positive psychology -- going so far as to become trained as a life and group coach last summer. Every bit of work and training and practicing my skills as an entertainer culminated in the experience of hosting on April 16, 2012. I arrived backstage at 7:30 a.m. at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, bypassing the lines of thousands with my coveted backstage pass. "When will you meet Oprah?!?!" friends and fans texted. I was excited, but the Zen of performance prep distracted me, and I focused on my job. Make the audience laugh between speakers. I do that all the time -- just never for an audience of 9,000. The numbers weren't intimidating though, because Oprah's fans are my kind of crowd: eager, excited, and thrilled to be there. I warmed up the audience with some comedy, then introduced Deepak Chopra. Then Iyanla Vanzant. Then Bishop T.D. Jakes. Then Tony Robbins. All of them are my idea of motivational royalty. I was so grateful. "Iyanla Vanzant is the Beatles of self-help," I tweeted. After each introduction I dashed offstage to sit by the monitors, soaking up their energizing messages: be grateful, forgive, push forward, make better decisions, seize your moment! The greatest minds and speakers of the self-help industry were on one stage, and in my opinion, they were flawless. Watching their craft of filling up the audience with possibility was awe-inspiring. They have "it." I think my mouth was agape for at least half of their talks. Then there she was, red dress, perfect hair, smiling without worries, heading up to the stage to do what she does best. The Toronto crowd went just as crazy as you'd expect: we love ourselves some Oprah! After two hours solving people's problems in her validating way, Miss O graciously thanked the crowd and came backstage, wearing a glorious smile and satisfied aura. Which brings me to MY moment. I was standing six feet away, feeling pressure to get the bragging rights of having met one of the greatest icons of womankind. I stared for about a minute, mulling it over. Should I jump her? Meekly present myself? Ask someone backstage to snap a photo? I had an "aha moment." She had already given me her greatest gift: the impact of her message. And that far outweighs any chance to shake her hand. I turned and walked away, smiling.I'll describe it this way: meeting the Beatles would have been cool, but it wouldn't surpass the experience of hearing their music. I was getting an up close encounter with my idols -- and watching them work and seeing their craft was the greatest element I will take away from the experience. "Thanks Oprah" I thought. "Thank you for all you've taught me. For your inspiration. And for bringing this incredible lineup to Toronto. No introduction necessary. You had me at hello." Oprah's gift to her fans is delivered from stage; not in person. And it goes both ways. As Oprah said on the final broadcast of her show: "My greatest joy has been sharing this journey with you."Follow Jessica Holmes on Twitter:?Jessica Sanchez has and last night's finale was no exception. The fearless 16-year-old singer sang the songs of not one (but two!) music legends: Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, and in typical Jessica fashion, she knocked both performances out of the park.Sanchez and fellow finalist Phillip Phillips were asked to sing three songs each on last night's finale: Round one was Idol creator Simon Fuller's choice, round two was the contestants' choice and round three was their official "winner's song," (the first single they'll release following the competition). In round one, Sanchez sang Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," and her vocals have never been more powerful. The half-Mexican, half-Filipina singer followed up that sensational performance with Celine Dion's "The Prayer" in round two, a song that not only showcased her ability to hit the high notes, but also showed off her impressive range and falsetto. For round three, Jessica was given the original song "Change Nothing," and even though the song was a terrible choice for Sanchez (It might be the worst "winner's song" in Idol history), Jessica did what she could with it. Overall, Jessica seemed to have a better night than Phillip. But what say you? Do you think Jessica will become the first Latina to win "American Idol?" Dish in the comments!JESSICA SANCHEZ ON STAGE:?Banner headlines and breathy stories beamed the news that Celine Dion was pregnant at 41 with another child. Immediately, news outlets paraded a list of other age-defying, fabulous-looking celebrities who had babies post-40, as though this is as easy to do as baking a cherry pie. But the truth is there are many pits buried in the sweetness of this story.The Daily Beast presented a slideshow of celebrities pictured with their dimpled-cheeked children and shared the age at which their bundle of joys were conceived and delivered. Halle Barry did it at 41. Salma Hayek at 40, Brooke Shields at 41, with the help of IVF. Susan Sarandon, who was told she couldn't have kids, had Eva at 39, Jack at 42 and Henry at 45. And Iman, we were told, was able to conceive at 44 after following an African fertility custom of holding someone else's baby for a day -- in her case, Christie Brinkley's, who natch had a baby post-40. Okay, now guess how many women believe that having a baby after 40 is not difficult? "Ninety percent of young women are convinced that they can wait until they're 45 to have a baby," says Sylvia Hewlett, the author of "Creating A Life." "That is a recipe for disaster. And this misinformation seriously distorts the thinking of young women. I think this is a great shame. Women need to know the truth and plan accordingly."Here are some sobering facts. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, almost one in five women seeking infertility treatments are over 40 and two-thirds will not be able to get pregnant on their own. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that a 40 year old woman going through IVF has a 23 percent chance of getting pregnant using her own eggs, and if conception happens, only a 16 percent chance of carrying the pregnancy through birth. Sure, high-tech fertility treatments up the odds. Twice as many women have children after 40 than 20 years ago. One success story is my sister-in-law who became pregnant naturally at 42. But those odds are still small. I know plenty of other friends who didn't and still live with emotional scars. By the age of 44, there's less than a one percent chance that a woman's eggs can produce a child. Years ago, I asked Manhattan specialist Dr. Jonathan Scher how come so many celebrities were having babies way past 40 and simultaneously claiming that these kids came from their eggs. "Not everyone is telling the truth," Dr. Scher told me. "Many use donor eggs and want to keep it private." (Donor eggs up the ante to a 51 percent success rate.)By the age of 37, fertility drops as quickly as the Dow circa October 2008. It is an indisputable fact just like it still takes nine/ten months to have a baby. I was in my mid-30's when I started going through my IVF treatments. I even went to Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, the same specialist who worked magic for Celine Dion. At first, he asked why I hadn't started earlier than 34. "Had to find the right husband which is not easy to do," I quipped. After six failed IVF treatments, Dr. Rosenwaks suggested I consider donor eggs or adoption. Despondent -- and seriously depleted of my savings because of the $15,000 IVF price tag that CNN, my employer, did not cover -- I went away with my husband to just chillax. Sure enough, I got pregnant naturally and was blessed enough to have my son.Upon my pregnancy test, I marched into Dr. Zev Rosenwaks office, elated and confused. How could this have happened when you said my odds were virtually impossible? "Sometimes, the sun, the moon and stars line up inexplicably and it works," he replied. "But this is still very rare."Yes, I was one of the lucky ones, but never one of the smug ones. I couldn't have another baby despite my valiant efforts and more IVFs and operations. And it made me more convinced of what a disservice all these stories about successful pregnancies create for the many women who are visiting those fertility clinics day after day, shooting themselves with stiletto-sized needles and subjecting themselves to the painful daily blood tests in order to get pregnant. It is not their fault that the results are not positive despite their heroic efforts. We need some more stories about the women who don't get pregnant and how they open up the chamber of their hearts for adopted children, stepchildren or become devoted aunts and teachers. So what do I tell my stepdaughter, now in her 20s, who is building a career and independence so essential to a woman's well being? Settle with a guy before 34 or wait until the right one comes even if it's at 40? I know I'll tell her not to believe the news reports that seem to convey that having a baby at any age is possible. As with most contracts, you have to read the fine print for the disclaimers.Complicating matters, I have an expertise in divorce and see every day what happens when couples marry for the wrong reasons.The truth is I am a much better parent because I waited and because I married the right guy who shared the same devotion to family as I do. A previous pregnancy was aborted because I knew it was neither the right time nor the right guy. Deep in my soul, I still believe that 20 years later and have never regretted that decision. Even knowing what I know, I still would tell my stepdaughter not to settle. But instead be informed of all her options. And as for Celine Dion, the second child she is now carrying was from a fertilized egg created eight years ago. Once again, some media scrambled the story because technically the egg is not from a 41 year old woman. Follow Jill Brooke on Twitter:?"God is love. This means that eventhe greatest source of negativity is love. Ultimately, you must come face-to-face with that and recognize that whatever negativity presents itself is still of the true nature of God,which is love."-- John MortonAs the previous articles in this Laws of Spirit series attest, this sequence of spiritual wisdom steps can be enormously useful in extricating ourselves from the challenges we face each and every day. It is practical spirituality at its best. In order to get to the loving, we have to first work our way through our "issues." This means doing what is necessary to achieve , , and about whatever person, situation, or circumstance we are grappling with. Then, we are simply left with the loving that joins us together as one. Spiritual love is characterized by deep peace, freedom, and an absence of resistance or "againstness." When we love in this way, we unite and embrace the other. When love is unconditional, there is no withholding of our self in any way, nor is there any judgment of our self or others. There is no hidden agenda of how we want the situation or person to change. We may not like the person or situation involved very much, but we recognize that there is more going on in life than our personal preferences.This love that joins us together as one is different from romantic love. It is not about feeling all warm and fuzzy and affectionate about something or someone. It is not characterized by intense desire and attraction. Rather, it is a sense of connection to an underlying unity of all that exists. It is a choice to be kind and compassionate based on an awareness that on a non-physical level we are so unified that whatever I do will affect you. It is transcendence over a personal agenda to a desire for the highest good of all concerned. Spiritual love says, "I might be distressed by you or your behavior on a personality level, but I know that spiritually, we are all one and I wish us no harm." "You are in this world to learn to use the energy of creation wisely in order to bring about completion. An important key to remember is that the energy of Spirit follows the thoughts you hold. Wherever you direct this spiritual energy in the material world, things are manifested.There's an old saying: "What you fear comes upon you." It means you become a magnet for what you fear, and you create for yourself the very thing you're afraid of. Is there a real source of fear? No. Is there real fear? Yes. It is inside of you, and you are the creator of it. You give birth to your own fear. Under the energy of fear is the energy of pure Spirit, which allows you to create whatever you want. This is the unconditional loving of Spirit, allowing you to do whatever you will with your body, emotions, and mind.-- John-RogerLoving is love in action. It is about what we create, promote, and allow -- our contribution. We don't need to live our lives engaging in big and little battles each day with other people trying to further our personal agenda while they seek to advance their own. Alternatively, we can know ourselves as powerful creators and meet the situations in our lives from an awareness of oneness and caring about the highest good of all concerned. What would this look like? Consider the last time you and your spouse or a friend had a serious disagreement about something. Did you become curious about how and why they arrived at their point of view or were you too busy trying to get them to see things from your perspective? Regardless of what they were doing, the question is what were you doing in the discord? Were you seeking to restore harmony between you through mutual understanding or were you building a case for how wrong and unacceptable they and/or their behavior were? No matter what the other person did or did not do, when practicing spiritual loving we hold ourselves accountable for how we respond to the situation. We hold the intention of not doing any harm to ourselves or others. We do not fuel the fire of discord, but seek to remain connected at a deeper level in spite of our respective flaws. I can't help but wonder what would happen to our divorce rate if spouses were held accountable for their vows to love, honor, and cherish each other in good times and bad. The laws of spirit provide excellent guidance in how to do so. The missing ingredient is practice, practice, practice. The true value of working with the laws of spirit is that you feel better about life and about yourself and you are far more likely to be kind and compassionate to others.Please feel free to leave a comment below or to email me at . Also, if you know anyone who might get value from this article please email or retweet it or share it on Facebook. To learn more about me, visit my website, For information on my future blogs, click "Fan" at the top of this page.For more by Judith Johnson, .For more on spiritual development, .?Kanye West has been a fan of women's clothes for some time, even wearing some women's tops like .But it wasn't until he hit his latest concert tour that he went fully female with (drum roll please)... a skirt.Now we have nothing against men in skirts -- there's nothing like and every now and then. But we were surprised to see Yeezy assume his macho position as World's Biggest Hip Hop Star at Madison Square Garden last night in the unexpected look.Joining Kanye on stage was Jay-Z, the other World's Biggest Hip Hop Star, who was unsurprisingly skirt-less. He did have on a passable pair of cargo pants, however. Check out Kanye's sartorial statement below -- what do you think of the skirt-over-leggings look? ?I'm really hoping it doesn't rain on 15 June. Why? Because it's National Flip Flop Day, and to mark the occasion, iconic summer footwear brand, Havaianas are launching a limited-edition flip flop as part of their 50th Anniversary (see image below). Inspired by the mythical flip over which took place in the 90s when fans of the footwear brand swapped their old styles for the new style single colour version - only 50,000 of the exclusive edition will be available worldwide, and 100% of net sales will be donated to UNICEF in support of a worthy project in Brazil.Havaianas (which stands for "Always Summer"), was born back in 1962 as the original 100% rubber flip flop, created as an homage to the laid-back and pleasure-filled Hawaiian approach to life. In 1963 over one thousand pairs of sandals were sold per day.Fast forward to 2010, and the brand's e-shop was launched with all styles available online for the first time, and later came an expansion to the range with the addition of shoes and rain boots.The brand have also been involved in high-profile collaborations with other well known fashion brands and designers, including Celine, Paul & Joe, Pinel & Pinel and my personal favourite - Missoni.Here are some amazing fashion facts about Havaianas! The main factory in based in Campina Grande, North East Brazil and manufactures over 206 million pairs per year. 190 million pairs of flip-flops were sold in 2011. 520,547 pairs are sold per day! 21,689 pairs are sold per hour! 6 pairs are sold in a second! If a consumer wants to buy all Havaianas flip-flop models available in the market, print and colour combinations, he/she would buy 454 pairs per year. Since its birth, over 4 billion pairs of Havaianas have already been sold. If lined up all together, they would go around the Earth about 40 times. Each Portuguese person owns 4 pairs of Havaianas on average. Each Aussie owns 5 pairs of Havaianas on average. Each Brazilian owns 25 pairs of Havaianas on average.Phew! That's a lot of Havaianas - and with the brand now retailing in 85 countries, with over 454 different styles available, there's no excuse not to get your flip flops on!Images ? Yellow-Door, 2012 Follow Kate Lawson on Twitter:?["entry_id":"1938744","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254727/slide_254727_1600429_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254727/slide_254727_1600429_small.jpg","title":"Celeb Pics Of The Day","slideshow_id":"254727","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1946053","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/228265/slide_228265_1011985_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/228265/slide_228265_1011985_small.jpg","title":"'Breaking Dawn, Part 1' Red-Carpet Photos","slideshow_id":"228265","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1944607","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/199645/slide_199645_515269_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/199645/slide_199645_515269_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity Divas","slideshow_id":"199645","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1941837","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/200580/slide_200580_533198_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/200580/slide_200580_533198_small.jpg","title":"X Factor: The Biggest Losers","slideshow_id":"200580","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1939143","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/199685/slide_199685_516054_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/199685/slide_199685_516054_small.jpg","title":"Celeb Homes","slideshow_id":"199685","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1939459","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/253770/slide_253770_1583622_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/253770/slide_253770_1583622_small.jpg","title":"X Factor Finalists","slideshow_id":"253770","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1941664","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254703/slide_254703_1599899_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254703/slide_254703_1599899_small.jpg","title":"Rihanna","slideshow_id":"254703","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1941732","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/203597/slide_203597_593008_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/203597/slide_203597_593008_small.jpg","title":"Caught On Camera","slideshow_id":"203597","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1944625","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/200170/slide_200170_525342_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/200170/slide_200170_525342_small.jpg","title":"Celebs Who Failed In America","slideshow_id":"200170","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1946031","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/220431/slide_220431_867902_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/220431/slide_220431_867902_small.jpg","title":"One Direction in action","slideshow_id":"220431","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1944596","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/252385/slide_252385_1559907_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/252385/slide_252385_1559907_small.jpg","title":"Scary Celebs","slideshow_id":"252385","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1941569","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254690/slide_254690_1599712_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254690/slide_254690_1599712_small.jpg","title":"Cheryl Cole's A Million Lights tour","slideshow_id":"254690","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1941621","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254408/slide_254408_1594600_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254408/slide_254408_1594600_small.jpg","title":"Rylan Clark","slideshow_id":"254408","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1941782","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/229463/slide_229463_1035415_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/229463/slide_229463_1035415_small.jpg","title":"Kim Kardashian","slideshow_id":"229463","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1946065","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/229920/slide_229920_1044641_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/229920/slide_229920_1044641_small.jpg","title":"Madonna's 'MDNA' Tour","slideshow_id":"229920","vertical":"uk-celebrity","entry_id":"1944655","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/199773/slide_199773_517727_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/199773/slide_199773_517727_small.jpg","title":"Celeb Sex Scandals","slideshow_id":"199773","vertical":"uk-celebrity"]?LONDON -- Kate Winslet has been honored by Queen Elizabeth II for her titanic contribution to the arts.The actress, who won a best actress Academy Award in 2009 for "The Reader" and made her breakthrough as the feisty Rose in 1997 blockbuster "Titanic," has been named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, or CBE, in the queen's Birthday Honors List, published Saturday.Winslet said the honor made her "very proud to be a Brit.""I am both surprised and honored to stand alongside so many men and woman who have achieved great things for our country," the 36-year-old star said.Actor and director Kenneth Branagh was made a knight and will be known as Sir Kenneth. A respected Shakespearean actor whose films as a director range from "Henry V" and "Hamlet" to the comic-book fantasy "Thor," Branagh said he felt "humble, elated, and incredibly lucky" to get the honor. It puts him in a pantheon of theatrical knights alongside the late Sir Laurence Olivier, whom Branagh played in "My Life With Marilyn.""When I was a kid, I dreamed of pulling on a shirt for the Northern Ireland football team," said the Belfast-born, 51-year-old actor. "I could only imagine how proud you might feel. Today it feels like they just gave me the shirt, and my heart's fit to burst."The honors are bestowed by twice yearly by the queen – at New Year's and on her official birthday in June – but recipients are selected by civil servants from nominations made by the government and the public.Most go to people who are not in the limelight, for services to their community or industry, but they also reward a sprinkling of famous faces.Songwriter and philanthropist Richard Stilgoe, who wrote lyrics for Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats," `'Starlight Express" and "The Phantom Of The Opera," was awarded a knighthood, while golfer Luke Donald was recognized for spending almost a year at the top of golf's world rankings.The Englishman, who has spent 48 weeks as No. 1 since May last year, was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)."I am truly honored to be awarded an MBE by Her Majesty, particularly in her Jubilee year," Donald said Friday from the U.S. Open in San Francisco.Those becoming dames – the female equivalent of a knight – include Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid, who designed the Aquatic Center for the 2012 London Olympics, and Labour Party politician Tessa Jowell, who was Olympics minister until 2010.Musician Gary Barlow, who organized a Diamond Jubilee concert for the queen this month featuring Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Elton John, was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, or OBE, for his services to entertainment and to charity.Sarah Burton, who designed Kate Middleton's dress for her royal wedding to Prince William last year, received an OBE for services to fashion.In descending order, the honors are knighthoods, CBE, OBE and MBE. Knights are addressed as "sir" or "dame." Recipients of the other honors have no title but can put the letters after their names.Choirmaster Gareth Malone, who inspired thousands to sing with TV shows such as "The Choir" and assembled the best-selling Military Wives singing group, was awarded an OBE, as was actress and 1970s heartthrob Jenny Agutter.Actress and campaigner April Ashley, one of the first Britons to undergo sex-change surgery, was awarded an OBE "for services to transgender equality."Also receiving an OBE was Jimmy Carlson, a former soldier who spent 23 years sleeping on the streets before becoming an advocate for the homeless. The same honor went to Armando Iannucci, the writer and producer behind expletive-laden British political satire "The Thick of It" and White House comedy "Veep.""I just hope it's not an attempt by the government to stop me, because that's not going to happen," he said.Among the hundreds of others honored was Margaret Jackson, who received an MBE "for services to netball" and Kerry Michael and Michelle Michael, awarded the same honor "for services to the restoration of Weston Super Mare's pier."Also on HuffPost:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?["entry_id":"1942196","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/192426/slide_192426_388427_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/192426/slide_192426_388427_small.jpg","title":"Justin Bieber's Many Looks Through The Years","slideshow_id":"192426","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1945238","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/207757/slide_207757_1212960_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/207757/slide_207757_1212960_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity Couples","slideshow_id":"207757","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1944751","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/219814/slide_219814_1597669_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/219814/slide_219814_1597669_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity Babies 2012","slideshow_id":"219814","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1942157","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/221717/slide_221717_1608904_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/221717/slide_221717_1608904_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity News & Photos","slideshow_id":"221717","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1946521","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/203941/slide_203941_598900_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/203941/slide_203941_598900_small.jpg","title":"Beyonce and Jay-Z","slideshow_id":"203941","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1943299","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/251201/slide_251201_1608196_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/251201/slide_251201_1608196_small.jpg","title":"Most Ridiculous Celebrity Headlines","slideshow_id":"251201","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1942946","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/228611/slide_228611_1201954_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/228611/slide_228611_1201954_small.jpg","title":"Kim Kardashian and Kanye West","slideshow_id":"228611","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1942066","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/204881/slide_204881_1270494_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/204881/slide_204881_1270494_small.jpg","title":"Rihanna Photos","slideshow_id":"204881","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1943379","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255128/slide_255128_1608769_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255128/slide_255128_1608769_small.jpg","title":"Celebs With Old-School Phones","slideshow_id":"255128","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1944894","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/233393/slide_233393_1111061_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/233393/slide_233393_1111061_small.jpg","title":"Lindsay Lohan","slideshow_id":"233393","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1942190","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/233961/slide_233961_1488090_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/233961/slide_233961_1488090_small.jpg","title":"We Remember: 2012's Lost Celebs/Entertainers","slideshow_id":"233961","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1943443","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/213372/slide_213372_1212107_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/213372/slide_213372_1212107_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity Splits","slideshow_id":"213372","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1942426","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/240734/slide_240734_1275445_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/240734/slide_240734_1275445_small.jpg","title":"Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson","slideshow_id":"240734","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1946793","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/243709/slide_243709_1351838_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/243709/slide_243709_1351838_small.jpg","title":"Arrested Development Set Photos","slideshow_id":"243709","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1941259","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/201932/slide_201932_1548497_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/201932/slide_201932_1548497_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity Mugshots 2011","slideshow_id":"201932","vertical":"celebrity","entry_id":"1940938","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/195250/slide_195250_1097676_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/195250/slide_195250_1097676_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity Nude Photo/Video Scandals","slideshow_id":"195250","vertical":"celebrity"]?No matter how hard tries, she can't seem to get away from "Titanic." The second-highest grossing movie of all-time arrives on Blu-ray this week, putting Winslet's breakout role back at front and center once again. For the Oscar-winning actress, that might not be the best thing."I'm sure I wasn't really a very good actress," when "Titanic" was released in 3D earlier this year. "Seriously, we are talking about something that happened 15 years ago. It is a very long time ago. I've learned so much, and I've changed as a person so much since then. It is really quite weird. Can you imagine anything stranger? It's going to be like, famous all over again, 'Titanic' all over again!"As part of the Blu-ray release, Paramount has unveiled which pairs her with "Law & Order" actor Jeremy Sisto in the part of Jack Dawson. (Leonardo DiCaprio famously landed the role and became an international superstar.)Winslet was far from the only actress in line for the role. Per the web site , director James Cameron was interested in a number of leading actresses, .Watch Winslet's screen test above and decided for yourself if Cameron made the right call.[via ]Also on HuffPost:?["entry_id":"1942869","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/243709/slide_243709_1351838_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/243709/slide_243709_1351838_small.jpg","title":"Arrested Development Set Photos","slideshow_id":"243709","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1943945","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/214224/slide_214224_781591_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/214224/slide_214224_781591_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity Feuds","slideshow_id":"214224","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1942149","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/225704/slide_225704_963100_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/225704/slide_225704_963100_small.jpg","title":""True Blood" Season 5 Character Posters","slideshow_id":"225704","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1943213","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/241816/slide_241816_1609126_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/241816/slide_241816_1609126_small.jpg","title":"Dexter Season 7 Photos","slideshow_id":"241816","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1942095","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/246171/slide_246171_1412965_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/246171/slide_246171_1412965_small.jpg","title":"Parenthood Season 4","slideshow_id":"246171","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1944909","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/241358/slide_241358_1290807_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/241358/slide_241358_1290807_small.jpg","title":""Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars" Cast","slideshow_id":"241358","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1945217","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/223025/slide_223025_1576901_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/223025/slide_223025_1576901_small.jpg","title":"30 Rock","slideshow_id":"223025","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1943059","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/235502/slide_235502_1154783_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/235502/slide_235502_1154783_small.jpg","title":"CBS Shows","slideshow_id":"235502","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1945061","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/252911/slide_252911_1569845_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/252911/slide_252911_1569845_small.jpg","title":"'Gossip Girl' Season 6","slideshow_id":"252911","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1943768","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/243947/slide_243947_1534342_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/243947/slide_243947_1534342_small.jpg","title":"The Good Wife Season 4","slideshow_id":"243947","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1943506","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/248638/slide_248638_1474521_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/248638/slide_248638_1474521_small.jpg","title":"American Horror Story: Asylum Photos","slideshow_id":"248638","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1945278","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/241994/slide_241994_1307647_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/241994/slide_241994_1307647_small.jpg","title":"America's Next Top Model","slideshow_id":"241994","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1943737","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/226524/slide_226524_977878_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/226524/slide_226524_977878_small.jpg","title":"New ABC Series","slideshow_id":"226524","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1942980","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/208655/slide_208655_809660_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/208655/slide_208655_809660_small.jpg","title":""Game of Thrones" Season 2 Images","slideshow_id":"208655","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1943888","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/210883/slide_210883_719756_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/210883/slide_210883_719756_small.jpg","title":"2012 Renewal Index: Canceled, Safe and on the Bubble Shows","slideshow_id":"210883","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1942314","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/191890/slide_191890_377338_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/191890/slide_191890_377338_small.jpg","title":"Snooki's Looks Over The Years","slideshow_id":"191890","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1942288","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/246482/slide_246482_1420753_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/246482/slide_246482_1420753_small.jpg","title":"Where We Left Off And What's Ahead For Your Favorite Shows","slideshow_id":"246482","vertical":"tv","entry_id":"1943140","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255009/slide_255009_1606460_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255009/slide_255009_1606460_small.jpg","title":"What TV Taught Us","slideshow_id":"255009","vertical":"tv"]?. But Kim Kardashian seems to be doing her damnedest to work her way into the upper echelons of high fashion, first with her own style and now a trip to Paris' elite Couture Week.Kim walked hand-in-hand with to Stephane Rolland's runway show this week, followed by a jaunt to the Celine store. After a quick costume change, the pair reemerged in the front row at Givenchy, . All the while, she was clad in chic black and white (first a flowery mullet gown and then a elegant trouser-crop top ensemble) with her hair slicked back and relatively little makeup on her face.Every day her new style has become clearer and clearer: and . The change, we imagine, has something to do with Kanye's aspiring fashion cred (this is the man, after all, who raps about Anja Rubik and wears -- oh, and designs his own line). To match Kanye's style savvy, Kim's had to up her game too. One of their first public appearances together, let's remember, was at . "What's Kim doing at a Chanel dinner?" we wondered back then. Little did we know she's be sitting front row at the best couture shows in Paris.So with severe hair, black trousers and a good ticket in the front row, can Kim really be "high fashion"? Will she finally gain acceptance from Wintour and her coterie of fashion elite? Check out the pictures below and tell us what you think.PHOTOS:Check out Kim's style evolution!Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?When celebrity romances get super serious, sometimes the parties involved will wear matching outfits () or more bravely, .But Kim Kardashian picked a novel fashion technique to show off The reality star landed at LAX on Sunday wearing a Rachel Roy coat, a Celine necklace and leather pants paired with a black Birkin. But Kim's other accessory trumped even that expensive Hermes bag -- she was sporting gold stud earrings with the initials "K" and "W." (Her , however, had vanished.)The rumored couple , grabbing ice cream in Soho and then dining in the Meatpacking district later on.We suspect Kim knew exactly what she was doing in feeding grist to the rumor mill, given her ponytail. Girl isn't stupid.See photos of Kim's "KW" earrings below:Check out Kim's style evolution!Also on HuffPost: ?My concern is that Kim ALWAYS seems to conform to whatever her man wants, likes, does, instead of staying true to who she is as an actual INIVIDUAL..and she can b too much of a "people pleaser" when t comes to her man at the time almost as if she is so eager to please who she is with so that she can finally have a viable, thriving relationship which in my opinion is semi-pathetic cuz he is a gorgeous, successful woman who needs & can find an equally handsome, successful, GOOD man that TRULY loves her for her & treats her right. And yes I do find it mildly controlling that Kanye felt he shld take it upon self to change her wardrobe as if she didn't know how to dress before. She and all of her sisters for that matter always looked fashionable in my opinion ergo they created a FASHION line...btw when does "blanding" dwn your wardrobe to all black, white, & nude/blush make u more fashionable or individual for that matter? And that's comin from someone who always where's black & white & is always criticized for not havn n e color n my closet which btw I'm still working on! Lol?As you can probably tell (or most likely have seen or read for yourself, depending on how closely you involve yourself with the show milieu), the street style thing of late has transcended to a whole new dimension of CRAY. So much so that this season I even witnessed a former Sidewalk Queen declining would-be paps (but then again maybe that was because we'd ALL seen that Christopher Kane embroidered bomber before...). Even Anna Dello Russo seems to have calmed down, changing only three thrice daily instead of five times and even lowering the altitude of her headgear. That being said, in the last season or two, I've noticed a shift in the ubiquity of "trend" from being designer and runway led to street style championed. These days, there seems to be more diversity amongst catwalk creations than there are individuals loose on the sidewalks -something of a fashion industry irony. As show orbiters pin down the rules of street style attraction to a fine science, the result is a gamut of items and trends, from "edgy" and hipster to the power luxury and editor, that have been overexposed. So below I've collated 10 trends which I sincerely hope, come next season, are relegated to the archives in every sense of the word.1) The Neon Cambridge SatchelThey've been around for at least three seasons now, probably reaching their apex in appropriateness in September or even during the menswear shows in the summer. At first they were punchy, then they were personalizeable and now they're pariahs. Not that I don't love a good Cambridge Satchel, but the neons/stars/polkadots--it's all too much. Just give me classic brown, put some books in it and basta. 2) The Glitter Booty-Miu Miu or OtherwiseI'll be the first to admit I was head over glitter heels for these booties when they first shimmered onto the circuit about a year ago. In September, I swear there were more glitter boots on the loose than street style photographers, leaving a trail of sparkling sidewalk like Lucky Charms wherever they went. This season, I have to say (and I HATE this phrase but here goes) they just looked so last season. I am a firm believer in the myth of the trend, that is to say, I believe you should just wear whatever you want when you want, it's all a question of how your style it. But sometimes, pieces with such strong personality negate excessive styling and so what you end up with is an army of similarly simply clad girls all boasting the same statement bootie. Thus the time for all tinkerbell inspired footwear to go back in the box has come.3. Versace for H&MBy the time fashionistas were queuing round the world during all hours of the night to get their hands on the stuff, I was already sick of Versace for H&M, having had more press releases about the incremental implementation of the collaboration than had Kate Middleton stepped out in public hand and hand with the Queen having forgotten her flesh-tone tights. Yes, really. Hence why yours truly was slumbering peacefully in her bed while a good portion of the fash pack battled it out all over the globe, their brave early morning tales clogging up Twitter whence I woke. And where, pray tell, did all this sold out Versace for H&M go? It went straight to fashion week. Be it the printed tops and skirts or, even more prevalent, the studded mosaic biker jacket, Donatella's foray into fast fashion was the uniform of the season. Just remember they call it "fast" for a reason. 4) Bright Dip-DyeI will concede, about this time last spring I was practically in tears when my hair stylist refused to sear bleach into the tips of my hair to then dunk it in auburn to create what I was convinced would be the most ah-mah-zing ambre dip dye ever, refusing to "destroy" my natural color and texture. Fast forward six months later, and I revoke the title I bestowed upon him of London's grinchiest hair stylist who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. The dip dye thing was so visually exciting when it first trickled like spilled Kool-Aid across the tresses of the so-called "hipster sect" of the fash pack, making for great photos against derelict brick walls, all the more so as cool kids were quick to match their tangerine locks to their tangerine trousers, their green tips to their green tops, and so on and so forth. But since we tipped the new year, it's felt a bit dipped out to me, with only the subtler dip dye jobs--such as varying shades of honey blonde--still registering chic in my book. Time to whack off those ends and start again, ladies. 4) Blue Hair for Him & HerOn the subject of hair, I'd like to say: blue is not the hue. This season, on the crops of both men and shortly shorn ladies, blue hair dye was seen on way too many individuals. Tavi went for the grey/blue granny-meets-cookie-monster look what feels now like years ago and was not lauded for it then. Come on boys, back to the salon you go. 5) Prada CreepersThey're EVERYWHERE, on men and women alike, Prada's raffia woven brogue flatforms are now a scourge on our sidewalks. Personally, I've never really warmed to the flatform, preferring to either wear (call me old fashioned) flats or platforms. Even the miniature of Marc Jacobs at his own exhibition with Louis Vuitton features the designer sporting a pair. I feel a flatform intervention coming on...creep away, creep away (and take your little blue stripe with you please). 6) Side PlaitAs much as it pains me to say it, its time to untwist your side plaits. While I still personally love a good braid, especially when one does not have time to wash one's hair between fashion partying straight into one's 9AM show, we're now coming up on year two of the trend and I find myself drawn to sleeker pony tails than braids these days. 7) Celine Luggage TotesSome of you may try to hack my site for this one, but I do think the Celine luggage tote could benefit from a short bow out. Celine is like crack for street stylers and over the seasons, editors, bloggers, buyers and models off duty have discovered that a Luggage Tote in any size, shape or color will land you on someone "Best of Fashion Week X" list. So what began as a sort of 21st century edition of a Birkin-status bag, that is to say, heirloomable bags so expensive and so exclusive they can only be obtained by long waiting list, now feels over saturated. I'm not saying the loose the Luggage indefinitely, just check them into the baggage hold for a season or two. 8) Valentino's Studded Patent T-bar PumpsSomewhere on the road, I overheard someone say that you can tell who's having a moment by the footwear most spotted during fashion month, a useful line of reasoning which I filed away til now. Following this logic, the designer of this season would have to be Valentino, because his studded t-bar pumps were spotted on some of the most stylish feet from New York to Paris, so much so that I'd say they're on the cusp of overexposure. That is to really say, fine for February, stash away for September. 9) Le Petit 2.55I still kind of want one, but I will hold back as long as I can. These pocket-sized Chanel 2.55's have been cropping up on all sorts of arms this season, and I can totally see why. They're cute, collectable and CHANEL (not to mention their quaint jersey quilt costs the same as a pocket of a regular leather sized 2.55). On some refined editors, the little 2.55 was a new variant on a classic accessory of which you know they have the better part of an army stashed away at home. On others, it screamed: "I Chanel because I can." And that's not a covetable label for anyone. 10) Novelty CamerasThanks to folk like Lomography and retailers like Urban Outfitters, novelty cameras and things to put on your camera have become the kitsch must have of bloggers worldwide. However, having tried very unsuccessfully to wrangle one myself, I can confirm that they are not the handiest of things for having with you at shows, and you wind up posing more with it than you do behind it. My fashion week camera philosophy is thus: if it doesn't improve your image quality, do you really need it? The same goes for "cute" camera cases and things resembling necklaces supplementing for camera straps. Follow Kristin Knox on Twitter:?Warning: 's new fragrance commercial (er, "trailer") may not be safe for young'uns., a black eau de parfum called Fame, , filled with ebony liquid, crazy hats, nearly-naked men, some S&M touches and little people crawling all over Gaga's nude body (. While it's pretty terrifying as far as perfume commercials go, the whole thing is signature Gaga -- there's nothing here we haven't seen before. Except that , which categorized it as "age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines." When clicking to watch the clip, you'll be met by a warning that reads:"This content may contain material flagged by YouTube's user community that may be inappropriate for some users."Only by clicking "I understand and wish to proceed" may you surrender yourself to Gaga's wacky, liquified, latex-coated world for 34 disconcerting seconds. We can't identify what in particular has tipped off YouTube's censors -- see if you can tell from the video, above.In other Lady Gaga news, the singer drew some ire for . To add to the effect, she was also carrying a furry puppy. , firing off a letter deeming Gaga "a target just like the mindless Kim Kardashian" for wearing the animal coat. At least they'll be pleased to see Gaga in her new video, where she wears latex and, well, not much else. Check out the clip -- do you find it super creepy or cool?Check out more celebs with (much less scary) fragrances:Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .?Chicago-area monsters, rejoice: Lady Gaga's first signature fragrance, , a week before its nationwide release Aug. 22, according to Red Eye Chicago.The fragrance, developed by Paris-based Haus Laboratories, is described as a spicy floral, with , according to the Macy's website, a noted improvement to A 3.4 oz bottle will set you back $79.The singer has been touting the fragrance as the "First Ever Black Eau de Parfum," and .Photo by STEVEN KLEIN. The First Ever Black Eau de Parfum. Model: Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) Gaga has been showing a lot of love to Chicago lately, likely due to her beau Taylor Kinney's stint in town filming NBC's "Chicago Fire."Check out more stars with fragrances!Related on HuffPost:?Hillary Clinton is a woman of stupendous intellect. She's a political leviathan. But is she a woman of taste? For her "campaign song," a tune that presumably defines the tone and intent of the campaign, This is the song that's supposed to make me want to rally the troops in support of our first female president? Are you kidding me? I have so many problems with this song I don't even know where to start. But here are a few of my gripes: 1. Hillary has struggled to prove to America that she's authentic and relatable. She decided to choose a campaign song that would help her seem more authentic, more in touch with the populace, more cool. And so she selected a song by Celine Dion, one of the most inauthentic, least cool musicians on the market. Celine is soppy and emotional. She's all about Las Vegas, and crocodile tears, and forced glamour, and cheesiness. She's despised by young (and young-ish) people everywhere. Personally, I cannot listen to even three seconds of any Celine Dion song without wanting to bash my head against the wall. I know that Celine has many ardent fans. But are any of them under the age of 30? To the MTV generation (and let's face it, Hillary needs those votes), Celine is as unacceptable as they come. Hillary's "cool" factor just hit rock bottom. 2. Hillary Clinton is running for president of the United States. Celine is Canadian. A great number of my favorite musicians are Canadian. But I don't think it's a stretch to imagine that a presidential candidate might choose a patriotic song written by an American to represent her campaign. I mean, come on, the song was originally written as a jingle for Air Canada. 3. In his campaign, Bill Clinton used "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac, a song about change and optimism. "You and I" is a love song: "Brighter than the sun and darker than the night I can see your love shining like a light." , you might just retch. If I were Hillary, which, clearly, I am not, I would have tried to choose a song that proved I could hang with the boys -- maybe something by Bruce Springsteen, U2, or the Rolling Stones. If Hillary really wanted to use a song by a woman, she could've chosen an edgier artist like Sheryl Crow, KT Tunstall, or the Dixie Chicks. Celine Dion will hardly make Hillary look tough. Or cool. Or in touch with the populace. Or fun. Or authentic. Call me crazy, but I expect my president to be a person of intellect, compassion, strength, AND taste. And when I say "taste," I'm not talking about having fabulous clothes and a slick car. I'm talking about presenting oneself in a manner that shows sophistication. Perhaps in some circles Celine Dion is considered sophisticated; but the under-40 generation does not travel in those circles. ?Le clbre restaurant de viandes fumes, Schwartz's, situ au centre-ville de Montral sur le boulevard Saint-Laurent, aurait t vendu au dbut du mois de janvier pour la coquette somme de 10 millions de dollars. Un des futurs propritaires serait nul autre que Ren Anglil, le grant et mari de la chanteuse Cline Dion. Selon les informations obtenues par Le Huffington Post, la transaction aurait t effectue autour du 7 janvier, date laquelle lancien propritaire, Hy Diamond, aurait achemin une demande de dissolution de son entreprise auprs du Registre des entreprises du Qubec. La vente du restaurant aurait t motive par un dsir de passer le flambeau, selon plusieurs sources. Il semble que plusieurs investisseurs auraient montr de lintrt pour acqurir le populaire restaurant de smoked meat. Or, trs peu de gens se sont montrs prts dbourser une somme aussi importante, mentionne une source fiable. Selon dautres sources, le restaurant serait dsormais proprit dun groupe dinvestisseurs. Dans le groupe, deux noms circulent dont celui de Ren Anglil et de Paul Sara (cousin de Ren Anglil). Le tandem Ren Anglil et Paul Sara a dj tent laventure de la restauration sous la bannire Nickels dans les annes 1990. Des employs fidles Les employs du clbre restaurant se sont montrs muets au sujet du changement dadministration. lls ont dit avoir eu lordre dviter de rpondre aux questions. ? On sait quil y a eu vente, mais on nous a demand de ne pas commenter la question?, a indiqu le grant de jour, visiblement inconfortable. Dautres serveurs se sont montr indiffrents l'gard des nouveaux propritaires de chez Schwartz's. ?Nos clients sont notre seule priorit, bien avant de savoir qui est le propritaire?, a lanc lun deux, sourire en coin. M. Diamond tait absent du restaurant lors de notre passage pour rpondre aux questions entourant la vente de son restaurant.En photos : ?US Weekly fans are familiar with the weekly "What's in My Bag?" style and beauty feature, in which readers gain an insider's peek at celeb's purses. One week we might learn that carries a Miu Miu wallet, an apple, blush and a Blow Pop. has apparently mastered the Walk of Shame with her Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thong, toothbrush and sunglasses in her $3400 Celine Classic Box Bag. Um, you know what's in my purse? An overstuffed wallet that would put George Costanza to shame, Burt's Bees cuticle cream that has never once actually worked, and an assortment of random M&Ms, Sour Patch Kids and shards of gum floating around like the world's least sanitary candy store.I thought it would be interesting to peer inside the bag of someone more relatable than a wealthy actress, but more interesting (and sanitary) than me. Enter Amanda Beard: Olympic medalist, swimming phenom, new mom. What does she lug around in her gym bag? She gave me the scoop: The bag: backpack (in black and blue). "It's stylish with loads of pockets and hidden spaces for my most important things." The flipflops: in pink and blue. The 'poo: Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner (moisturizing crme de coco to help combat the drying chlorine).The snacks: Beard replenishes with a banana, a bag of fresh berries, and Horizon organic chocolate milk.The makeup: "With my sport, I am outside and in the water, which can be really drying and damaging to the skin, so I try to be vigilant about taking good care of it. I protect my skin with sunscreen and am religious about keeping my face moisturized and properly protected all day, so I also use a face lotion with SPF 30." , which she actually helped design; Maybelline waterproof mascara; her favorite fragrance, body spray by Calypso; Mission Sunscreen SPF 70 and SPF 30 face lotion; Bath & Body Works hand lotion with sanitizer. The protection: This surprised me -- Amanda forgoes tampons and uses menstrual cups. "I can wear them longer than tampons (up to 12 hours), and they provide great protection, even while doing rigorous activities such as swimming. Softcups work by collecting rather than absorbing the fluid, so I don't even know I'm wearing it. I want to stay focused on the task at hand." The motivation: A photo of her son, , on her iPhone, which she also uses to listen to her favorite tunes.How does your bag compare to Beard's? Follow Leslie Goldman on Twitter:?Lin Yu Chun, the Taiwanese man , has been voted off of the talent show that made him famous.The 24-year-old had attempted to woo the judges with a song in Mandarin after choosing Western songs such as 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston. However, his plan backfired."You rarely hit a wrong note. But you did today. What's wrong with you?" oneMr Lin's agent, Stella Teng, said that Lin is keeping a positive outlook, with reports that he is in "He feels that success cannot possibly come without failure." ?Well, she's definitely had enough practice getting dressed for court.After some real style missteps like that and , it seems Lindsay Lohan's finally hit her stride when it comes to courtroom style. The been on an upward tick lately, with that earlier this month and the back in October.But today's hearing might have been the occasion for Lilo's best courtroom look yet. Clad in an ivory Celine cardigan, matching Prada trousers, sunglasses and neutral pumps by Versace, Lindsay sped her way past photographers in Los Angeles this morning and into her hearing. Her punchy accessory? A Dior leopard print handbag, which added just the right zing.And Linds' sartorial smash must have earned her some good karma in the courtroom: the judge praised her for completing her community service (at the morgue!) and for attending her required therapy sessions, Linds is due back in court next month; here's hoping she keeps up the good work (and style).Check out photos below. ?Text By JENNY BARCHFIELD, Associated Press PARIS - After redefining the way women dress, Phoebe Philo -- Celine designer and purveyor of the new minimalism that has taken catwalks and Main Street by storm -- is aiming to redefine the values of the luxury industry.Many of the supple silks and cotton fabrics that made up her clean-lined spring-summer 2011 ready-to-wear collection Sunday were sourced from small mills in Japan and elsewhere that craft material by hand the old way. She acknowledged that working with such small providers can prove more complicated than going through the large-scale European mills that luxury labels like Celine would normally use, but said "if you want it, anything is possible.""It's slower because of the distance, but I just thought it was really important we stepped out of the European industrialized universe ... (to get) back to basics," Philo told The Associated Press in a backstage interview.Her third collection for Celine since returning to fashion after a yearslong hiatus continued in the minimalist vein that has become her trademark, but softened it with some ethnic touches.And as if Celine didn't have enough to offer the working women of the world, Akris gave professional ladies even more to choose from with a collection of boardroom-ready looks that were just chic enough.Givenchy delved into the dark side with a dramatic, S&M-soaked collection, while John Galliano continued to churn out the magpie looks that are unmistakably his. Galliano's show was staged in a gilded Paris theater, and being in the audience there was like watching a lush and elaborate pantomime with the world' biggest costume budget.Emerging young French talent Alexis Mabille sent out a collection of pretty tan and gray sundresses with full skirted shapes that seemed to be surfing on the "Mad Men" craze. Mabille's signature touch, pretty bows, lent the dresses and extra dose of polished sixties-era femininity.Still, perhaps because it stuck so close to the white and neutral palette favored by Paris designers this season, the collection blended with dozens of others that fashion insiders have sat through over the past five days. A solid, if perhaps a tad unremarkable, effort from Mabille.After long day's worth of shows, much of the fashion crowd hit Italian label Fendi's party, where legedary eighties band Duran Duran was scheduled to play a set.On Monday, the City of Light's nine-day-long ready-to-wear marathon moves into day seven with one of the week's big question marks, British designer Giles Deacon's debut collection storied-but-floundering house Emanuel Ungaro. Deacon is the latest in a long series of designers to try to reverse Ungaro's fortunes, and his arrival came on the heels of the house's disastrous collaboration with Lindsay Lohan -- all of which has, of couse, piqued the fashion world's interest.CELINECeline designer Philo won a cult following during her time at the label's crosstown rival, Chloe, and her return to fashion touched off the new minimalist movement that's swept catwalks worldwide and spawned countless imitations. With Sunday's collection, the British-born designer continued to refine her pared-down aesthetic, sending out square-shaped blouses in leather and low-slung, wide-legged trousers.A kaftan that appeared to have been made from a starched white menswear shirt and a nubby, pointy-hooded robe-dress had a rugged Berber feel, while a quilted vest seemed to look to the Mongolian highlands for inspiration.Philo said the collection was her way of stepping back from the industrialized, urban fray."There was an idea of travel, nothing specific about a country or a place, but a feeling of getting away from urban and getting back to a kind of artisan's way of working," she told The Associated Press in a backstage interview, adding that many of the fabrics were sourced from small producers in Japan and elsewhere.While white -- the shade of choice across Paris' catwalks -- and other neutrals dominated Philo's palette, there were also touches of bold color, like a sapphire blouse paired with a leather wrap skirt in rich Bordeaux or shirts in fluttering silk that Philo said drew its inspiration from scarves.It was another strong collection from a designer who has established herself as a fashion force to be reckoned with. No doubt we'll be seeing more variations on the theme on other catwalks and on the high street.GIVENCHYRiccardo Tisci is back in touch with his Id.After taking a foray into exoticism -- with collections influenced by the traditional garb of the Arab world -- the king of S&M has reconnected with his darker side, sending out a leather-strap-bound collection for next summer.Backless vests in leopard-embossed jacquard fastened around the neck and across the back with stud-encrusted straps in black leather. The vests, and boxy shaped sleeveless jackets with tails, were paired with abbreviated skirts layered under long, featherlight skirts in translucent silk. Zippers with sharp metal teeth often replaced seems, adorning the hem and sleeve-lines or forming shiny crosses across the backs of the jackets."It was like spiritual desolation with a chance of redemption," said David Mignon, a Paris-based photographer and painter. "Just a sliver of a chance of redemption."That seemed an accurate assessment: Tisci, an Italian whose Catholic roots run deep, has often acknowledged the role religion plays in his work, and there was something about the contrast between the looks' hardcore leather and the gauzy cocoon of silk that suggested a soul in spiritual torment.Tisci's dark but beautiful aesthetic has won him a cult following not only among the legions of hip young women who covet his collections, but also among his peers. Designers Alexander Wang and Pucci's Peter Dundas were on hand for Sunday's show -- as was rocker Courtney Love.Asked whether the collection's S&M vibe appealed to her, Love said "I didn't see it like that at all. To me it was just really beautiful. Maybe I've been in rock 'n' roll too long."JOHN GALLIANOThe inspiration behind the collection might have been a complicated one -- according to the notes, it was something about a real-life con artist from the 1920s who scammed scores of legendary painters -- but the clothes looked more or less the same as usual. Which, when your name is John Galliano, is not a bad thing.The British designer sent out fetching variations on his hallmark baroque, layered silhouette: Cropped trench coats cinched tight at the waist were worn over billowy harem pants in Japanese prints or multitiered chiffon skirts.The models were all styled differently -- in an apparent nod to the chameleonic appearance of the show's inspiration, con artist Maria Lani, who, again according to the collection notes, "convinced over 50 leading artists of the day (including Matisse, Chagall and de Chirico) to paint her portrait" before fleeing Europe with the paintings. Some wore bird's nest wigs in what looked like cotton candy, while others had tight pigtails or slick gold-glitter dusted up 'dos.Held in Paris' gilded Opera Comique, the show had even more theatrical flair than usual, with models striking exaggerated poses as they slowly meandered the mirrored catwalk.Like other Paris shows that have cast novelty models to walk with the with the usual pack of size zero teens, Galliano had one older woman, a blond with a beautiful, finely lined face.AKRISReliable as a fine Swiss watch, the St. Gallen, Switzerland-based house can always be counted on to deliver the kind of workaday staples professional women crave, and Sunday's clean-lined collection was no exception.Between the no-frills shirtdresses in starched white poplin and the sharp pantsuits that were just fashion forward enough, there was plenty for the corporate woman to choose from. The A-line dresses and billowing skirts with jagged, asymmetrical hemlines in a greenhouse of saturated flower prints added a touch of drama to the otherwise serene collection.The only flaw was the shoes, towering wedges with a footbed that curved downward, like a black diamond ski slope. Both bizarre and torturous-looking, they stand little chance of making it into the corporate boardrooms that are the natural habitat of the rest of the collection. ?WASHINGTON -- The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, deftly using humor and Bill Clinton, produced to mark the unveiling of -- "You and I" by Celine Dion.The video starts with Hillary Clinton sitting alone in a booth in a diner. The campaign told me it's a place in Westchester.She's looking at the Seeburg juke selections when Bill Clinton walks in. "I ordered for the table," she said as they make chit chat. Bill Clinton looks dismayed when an order of -- sliced carrots is delivered. The answer to "where's Chelsea?" is a scene of a car being parked -- a teaser of the day when the so-far under wraps daughter plunges into the campaign.As Bill Clinton asks how the campaign is going, a man walks by and gives them a look. That's Vince Curatola, who played New York mob boss Johnny "Sack" Sacramoni in the HBO series. And then the video goes to dark -- just like the show.To continue, go .?The Super Bowl is still a few days away, but speculation among fans over just about every aspect of Madonna's highly-anticipated halftime performance -- from she'll perform to the onstage to the exact shade of lip gloss she'll wear -- is at fever pitch. Of course, not everyone is thrilled about the choice of the Material Girl. Fellow icon Elton John just his long-standing feud with Madge (offering his sniffy advice to "lip-sync good") and a quick search on Twitter will uncover any number of horrifically sexist and ageist remarks. Still, she seems to have found favor among fellow female stars -- Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Celine Dion are among those who've voiced their support, on Twitter or elsewhere. Take a look below: ?MONTREAL - A 36-year-old man has been charged after he allegedly broke into Celine Dion's home near Montreal, raided the fridge and even took the time to pour himself a bath.He was nabbed by Laval police on Monday afternoon after the alarm system went off.The international superstar and her husband, Rene Angelil, were not at home at the time. Dion and Angelil usually live in Florida but use the Laval residence when they come home to Quebec.Laval police spokesman Franco Di Genova says the suspect was getting ready to take a nice hot bath when police arrived with the K-9 unit."He opened the water faucets, was pouring a nice warmish bath (and) he even managed to eat some pastry that was in the fridge," Di Genova said.It was first reported that the man helped himself to some cakes.Di Genova says Laval police worked their way through the house, starting with the basement and finally confronted the man on the main floor."The suspect was coming down the big staircase and was asking: Hey, guys what are you doing here?'," Di Genova said."So the officers replied: 'What are you doing here?' and they proceeded to put him under arrest."Di Genova says the man had initially jumped a fence and tried to get into the home by opening a door, but that didn't work."Then he saw one of Rene's vehicles that was there and unfortunately the doors were not locked, the keys were in the ignition and there was also a garage door opener," he said.Di Genova says the intruder then used the garage door opener to gain access to the luxury residence.Daniel Bedard, a Laval resident, was arraigned Tuesday on charges including break and enter, auto theft and causing property damage. He will return Nov. 21.Police say they found various stickers around the house. They had times and the names of people on them but the notes were not threatening.Di Genova says there was a similar break-in at the mansion in 2009.In that incident, a man also jumped the fence and was able to make his way to the front door.But the suspect was stopped by the security firm that was keeping an eye on the property.He was not the same person who was arrested by police on Monday. ?A Kent man who made his neighbours' lives a misery by repeatedly blasting out power ballads - by the likes of (pictured), and - has had his stereo confiscated by council officials.Mark Sigston, 31, appeared in court yesterday, following a string of complaints from neighbours, the .Despite repeated visits from Environmental Protection officers earlier in the year, Sigston had failed to keep the noise down and continued to crank up tunes such as , and .He initially had his stereo equipment confiscated in May, but council officials were obliged to return it by July. However, having continued to ignore the noise abatement order, Sigston has now had his CD players, mixers, amplifier and speakers taken away for good. He also received a conditional discharge for 12 months. Now, as much as the next run-of-the-mill music fan - but there are limits. So will he shut up and stop holding noisy parties now? It's hard to be sure. Sometimes he feels so insecure. And love so distant and obscure remains the cure... Right, let's move on and have a look at some amusing mugshots, shall we??MyDaily:Following initial rumours that Marc Jacobs is set to replace John Galliano as the creative director of Christian Dior, it's now reported that Celine's Phoebe Philo is set to replace Jacobs as creative director of Louis Vuitton. ?Sure, . But it also had contestants as unlikely as Alexander Wang, Christian Lacriox and Keren Craig of Marchesa thrown into the mix, not to mention the much more likely Riccardo Tisci.Now, , it's time to take the Marc Jacobs speculation seriously."According to sources," writes the ever-reliable fashion newspaper, , currently designer for two eponymous lines as well as Louis Vuitton, about filling the top spot at Christian Dior. The Dior creative director position has sat empty since , who was shamed by a series of .The question of who will take the top job at Dior has remained since Galliano's ousting. But WWD writes that from LVMH, the luxury conglomerate that owns the Christian Dior label as well as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and a host of other top brands, and Jacobs' legal representatives are set to take place this week in Paris.Should Jacobs head to Dior, WWD added, with designer Phoebe Philo potentially filling the vacancy. Philo is currently creative director of Celine, also a LVMH-owned name. According to the newspaper, neither Christian Dior nor Marc Jacobs could be reached for comments -- so this is by no means a confirmed report. But news originating from WWD is seen as highly trustworthy within the fashion industry, as opposed to other news sources around the blogosphere.In July, rumors that Arnault and Jacobs were in talks over the Dior job , which quoted an unnamed source as saying, "The two have met often in recent weeks to discuss the matter." The bomb spread slowly but steadily throughout the blogosphere in July and August. On August 6, blogger , "what are all these tweets about marc jacobs for dior? did i miss anything?" On August 11, a site called Catwalk Queen picked up the rumor, causing sources such as and to speculate as well. Now WWD gives the gossip some veracity by writing Monday morning, "One source cautioned that a deal with Jacobs is not assured, but that the American designer and Dior management are so far 'excited' about the prospect."Stay tuned for confirmations from Jacobs or Arnault themselves, without which the rumors will likely remain just that -- rumors. . ?By guest blogger Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH"We cannot be content to see men hungry, to see men victimized with starvation and ill health when we have the means to help them... All life is interrelated, and all men are interdependent." --Excerpt from the December 11, 1964, Nobel Prize acceptance speech of then 35-year-old Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.A good physician-surgeon friend of mine, Henri P. Lanctin, MD, is the vice president of , and he travels to Haiti every three months to perform surgery on children and adults at no charge, as well as to teach Haitian healthcare professionals the latest lifesaving medical techniques. Project Haiti has been around since 1982 and its administrative costs are less than 1 percent because its workers volunteer their time and pay out of their own pockets to help others. Their selflessness blows me away.Recently, Dr. Lanctin was in Pignon, Haiti, and on his last day there he came upon a small boy, only 12 years old, who had just been brought into the hospital. The boy's name is Celine, and while he was cooking for his siblings using kerosene--as most Haitians do not have any electricity--an accident resulted in third-degree burns covering his entire upper body and his face.There is an effort under way to get Celine to a hospital in the U.S. for care, and it appears that he may end up at the in Boston some time in the next six weeks (it takes that long to get a sick child out of the country for help). Many people have donated money to help get him and his mother to and from Haiti, and give them some financial assistance while they are in Boston. In the meantime, he needs constant medical attention, which he's getting in Haiti. He also needs supplemental protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep up his strength.When Dr. Lanctin told us this story, my wife and I were so inspired by all of the random acts of kindness to help Celine and his family that we wanted to do our part. So I called some acquaintances in the supplements industry, and they did not hesitate when I asked for an unlimited supply of vitamins for Celine. Another amazing act of kindness.I'm telling you this story because through this terrible tale of suffering and kindness, I have come to a realization that I want to share: Being a doctor, I travel around talking about how people can stay healthy, and which health screenings people should and should not receive based their age or their illness; however, there is one area of health screening that often gets missed or completely overlooked, and that is spiritual health. I know, you're thinking, that's what religion and church are for. But sometimes, even the most faithful of us, forget that it is our responsibility to act for others, without wanting recognition or reciprocity for our good deeds.So, I believe we need to establish a Spiritual Health Screening Test. What is a spiritual health screening test? It's simple. You ask yourself: Am I doing things for others on a regular basis to help make the world a better place? This could mean giving blood, signing up for organ donation, volunteering your time, reading to someone, donating clothing or money, anything you can do regularly to help those in need. If you can honestly answer yes, then you are in good shape. Clinical research has now clearly shown that when we volunteer our time to help others, we can profoundly improve our own mental and physical health. In other words, selfless acts of kindness have actually been found to improve the health of the giver as well as the receiver. (OK, so maybe there's a little reciprocity after all.) If, however, when you ask yourself the screening question, the answer is no, then take two minutes to help someone in need, and call me in the morning. But seriously, find a small way to contribute to those in need. Drop some change in the Salvation Army bucket, wrap some presents and drop them off at a children's hospital or orphanage, write a letter to an active military member who is overseas, or simply call someone you know who might be lonely this time of year.Since talking with Dr. Lanctin about his work in Haiti, my wife (who is an amazing social worker) and I have decided to accompany him and his team in 2012 to work at the local hospital and orphanage. And it's amazing to me that every time I am challenged by others (Thank you, Dr. Lanctin!) to think about how often I use my time to help those in need, it helps me become a better version of myself. And the ripple effect of that is that I can help change someone else's life for the better. So, I'd like to challenge you all to give yourself a Spiritual Health Screening, and see how many lives you can change.If you would like to donate to help Celine and his family, or others like them in Haiti, go to or . And to find other top-rated charities go to .Dr. Moyad lives in Ann Arbor, MI, with his wife, Mia, and their dog, Chauncey.For more from Maria Rodale, go to Follow Maria Rodale on Twitter:?Mariah Carey has reportedly called in the help of extra bodyguards after Nicki Minaj apparently made threats to her on American Idol.Things started to get out of control when the pair was arguing over a contestant, with third judge Keith Urban left stuck sitting literally in the middle of the pair as he tried to calm the situation down.It was claimed that Nicki made comments to production staff stating that if she had a gun she would shoot Mariah.The situation got fired up further when Mariah's pal Barbara Walters said on TV that Mariah was trying to protect her twins and felt that the Starships singer's behaviour was "unpredictable".However, Nicki was quick to hit back at Mariah on her Twitter, stating that despite the number of cameras and microphones on the pair at the time, there was no evidence that she made the comment.She added: "I guess it hurts to have the producers tell you to your face that Nicki is the best judge we've had since Simon."Ouch - hopefully the pair can get over their spat and get back to the task at hand of picking finalists for the latest series of the talent show.?Mariah Carey will join American Idol as a judge next season, Fox announced, bringing her star power to the show that remains a ratings leader but has seen its viewership and pop culture status diminish."I am so excited to be joining Idol," said Mariah, addressing the Television Critics Association via Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly's mobile phone, which he put on speaker-phone for the hotel ballroom meeting.She could not be on hand with the group because "this kind of all just happened really quickly", Mariah said in her brief remarks. "I can't wait to get started in the fall (autumn) ... and I will see you in January."The show, which saw judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez exit at the end of last season, will be back on the air for season 12 in January.Mariah with her husband, Nick Cannon, host of his America's Got Talent on NBC.Reilly called Mariah "the biggest recording artist that any of these (talent) shows has ever had", adding that she was the "artist that many of these contestants have tried to emulate, have tried some of the songs, have tried to hit the notes".Playing the drama up, Reilly placed a call to Mariah and put her on speaker. "Hi Mariah. How are you? It's Kevin," he said. "We do have the deal, don't we?" Mariah replied: "Yes!"Reilly said he was "thrilled" to confirm reports that the singer was being courted by Fox and said the deal was freshly signed within the last few hours. The Grammy-winning pop star is receiving just shy of 18 million dollars (11.6 million) a year for a one-year contract with a renewal option, according to a person familiar with the negotiations.The exit of Tyler and J-Lo left original judge Randy Jackson and started a guessing game about potential replacements, with Mariah at the top of the list.As one of music's best-selling singers, she could provide the clout American Idol needs to compete in an increasingly crowded talent show field. Besides Fox sibling The X Factor, which recently added Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as judges, there's NBC's The Voice, which boasts Christina Aguilera among its big names.Simon Cowell, the former American Idol judge who adapted his UK hit The X Factor for Fox, was asked about Mariah's new gig at a critics' session. "I'm happy for her, actually. I like Mariah. I think she's going to find it difficult to say no. You've got to say no to people and she's sweet," he said, then quickly backtracked, adding, "No, I think she'll be great." Simon had reason to be diplomatic: Mariah's husband, Nick Cannon, is host of his America's Got Talent on NBC.?There's a massive billboard in the Bank underground of that kid who played Gilbert Grape lovingly looking into the eyes of the naughty nun from The Extras. Which can only mean one thing; Celine Dion is looking good for some royalties.As the Queen drops 20 quid into a card marking the Titanic's 100 years, James Cameron's epic is flooding back into theatres for a whole new generation of enjoy.Ah. But here be a problem. (Why has no one done a pirate parody of Titanic?)Today's youth, with their penchant for sodomising the English language into single syllables, acronyms and initialisms, doesn't want to spend three hours waiting for the boat to sink (even if Kate Winslet's necklace is in 3D).So it got me thinking; what would the story have been like on Twitter?Jack Dawson @Growing_PainsPfft Queens. Full house FTW! #comingtoamericaTommy Ryan @I_heart_SpaghettiMy meatballs are tingling! #comingtoamericaEddie Murphy @deliriousThose were the days #comingtoamericaJack Dawson @Growing_PainsHaha. What happened to you, man? LOL RT: @delirious Those were the days #comingtoamerica Rose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_WittHmmm, I don't think the Titanic has enough lifeboats if it randomly hits something in the ocean and begins to sinkCal Hockley @The?_Phantom@DoubleD_Witt This is why women aren't allowed to learn long division #menwhodrinkbrandyareawesomeBruce Ismay @Heres_to_the_men@The_Phantom Here Here! Moustache! Fiduciary! Testicles! #menwhodrinkbrandyareawesome Thomas Andrews @Just_shippin@DoubleD_Witt Whatevs. I have blueprints. If you were a man, you'd know nothing goes wrong when you have blueprints Rose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt@Just_shippin But what about a head on collision?Thomas Andrews @Just_shippinLMFAO RT: @Just_shippin But what about a head on collision?Cal Hockley @The?_Phantom@Just_shippin I here ya barking big dog #menwhodrinkbrandyareawesomeBruce Ismay @Heres_to_the_men@Just_shippin @The_Phantom Our chromosomes will protect us! #menwhodrinkbrandyareawesomeRose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt @Just_shippin What about from the side?Thomas Andrews @Just_shippin@ DoubleD_Witt Hahahahahaha Whatevs.Jack Dawson @Growing_PainsI'm the king of the world! #onaboatlikeleoRose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt This boat is shit. Thomas Andrews @Just_shippin@DoubleD_Witt YOU ARE! #LegaliseMarriageToAquaticMachineryJack Dawson @Growing_PainsJust saved a hottie from going over board. Thinking I might take her below deck. If you know what I mean.Tommy Ryan @I_heart_Spaghetti@Growing_Pains Immigrant 'so you think you can dance'? Is that what you mean?Jack Dawson @Growing_Pains@I_heart_Spaghetti LOL yeah, sure #nothingcouldtearusapartRose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt@Growing_Pains Draw me like I'm FrenchJames Cameron @3D3D3D3D3D3D@DoubleD_Witt Jesus CUT! It's 'DRAW ME LIKE ONE OF YOUR FRENCH GIRLS'Rose getting her lines right #unobtaniumJack Dawson @Growing_Pains@3D3D3D3D3D3D unobtanium? Now your just making stuff up.Rose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt@Growing_Pains Pencil me like FranceJames Cameron @3D3D3D3D3D3D@DoubleD_Witt Are you kidding me? #shoudhavegotsigourneyJack Dawson @Growing_Pains@DoubleD_Witt I'm thinking mixed-media impressionist potato stampingRose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt@Growing_Pains Draw me like one of your French girls #dontfearthebushJames Cameron @3D3D3D3D3D3D @DoubleD_Witt Farking Finally! Jack Dawson @Growing_PainsOh snap. I see London, I see France! Those are niiiiiiiiccce. Hockley @The?_Phantom@DoubleD_Witt WTF? DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt@The_Phantom Ummm, I've met someone sozCal Hockley @The?_Phantom@DoubleD_Witt if this has anything to do with the stain in my car, I'm not going to be happyJack Dawson @Growing_Pains @The_Phantom haha sorry bro. Federick Fleet @on_the_lookout@ParisHilton Your video keeps me warm in the crows nestFederick Fleet @on_the_lookout The fuck is that?First Officer William Murdoch @alwaysthebridesmaid@on_the_lookout Cripes Fred, keep it wrapped would you?Federick Fleet @on_the_lookout @alwaysthebridesmaid Left! Turn left!Derek Zoolander @orangemochafrappecino@on_the_lookout If only...Ice Berg @TheBigChillChillin like a villainTitanic @UnsinkableMOFO Ouch! WTF was that?Ice Berg @TheBigChill@UnsinkableMOFO Soz bro. You got heaps of lifeboats though, right?Titanic @UnsinkableMOFO@TheBigChill I knew that was gonna come upCaptain Edward John Smith @Down_with_the_shipScotch scotch scotch scotch scotchTitanic @UnsinkableMOFOI think I just threw my back out #snappedlikeatwigJames Cameron @3D3D3D3D3D3D@UnsinkableMOFO Money shot! #bluealiensJack Dawson @Growing_Pains @DoubleD_Witt Are you cold?Rose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt@Growing_Pains Nah, not realsJack Dawson @Growing_Pains@DoubleD_Witt Reckon I can get a spot on whatever you're floating on? Rose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt@Growing_Pains Don't forget me RoseJack Dawson @Growing_Pains@DoubleD_Witt That's my lineRose DeWitt Bukater @DoubleD_Witt@Growing_Pains Jack, teach me how to swallow like a manJack Dawson @Growing_Pains@DoubleD_Witt (inaudible drowning) #bitchesbecrazyCeline Dion @lalalalalalalaMy heart will gon ananananand oonnnnnnnnnn!Terrence&Philip @ BarkBarkPurrPurr@lalalalalalala STFU! You ruined Canada, uncle f*cker!Pretty sure that's how it went. Could be different in 3D though.Follow Matt Gray on Twitter:?Mia Michaels from "So You Think You Can Dance" has worked with everyone from Celine Dion to Madonna, and now the choreographer is teaching Tom Cruise some moves for the upcoming film "Rock of Ages." "It was crazy working with Catherine Zeta Jones and Tom Cruise on the film," Mia told me on the set of "New York Live." "Working with all of [the cast] -- especially Tom and Catherine Zeta -- changed my life. Tom really did, because he comes and he's not a dancer at all. But what affected me more than anything is the way he approaches his craft. And being in Hollywood, it's a hit or miss about seeing people that are really about the art. With him, he is relentless and you have to be right there with him." Mia says that Tom wasn't just interested in getting the moves right. She says he wants to master everything he chooses to do. "I love him," Mia gushed. "Tom would be with me for about four hours working, and then he would go to his vocal lessons and then guitar lessons. I mean, when he decided to take on Stacee Jaxx [his character in the film], he took him on." So I had to ask, can Tom dance now? "Yes, yes," said Mia. "He transformed himself, his body, his everything. He's a dancer, he's a singer, he's not only an amazing actor, but I will go so far as saying I believe he could be Oscar-winning for this role."Check out other Celebrity Photos of the Week:?As the Miami Dolphins have sunk further and further into mediocrity, the franchise' fans have only gotten more creative (read: desperate). From to to , the collective need of the aqua and orange has never been more palpable, more earnest, Leonardo DiCaprio freezing solid and sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic.Yep. Three Dolphins fans hoping the Fins nab free agent quarterback Peyton Manning have both sincerely and hilariously yearning for Manning's career to go on in Miami. [Watch the 110 percent effort above.]"Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you, hoping that the Dolphins you'll run," sings of Dolphins-flavored humor trio "" before launching into a tremulous reference to Manning's recent neck surgery:Nerves! arm! however you are!I believe that your career must go onMatt Moore, we'll show him the doorAnd you'll heal and your career, your career will go onAudibles at the lineA perfect pass to HarlineA draw to Regie Bush from shotgunLuck was why they left youWhy Irsay he cut youCircumstances so he moved onNerves! arm! however you areWe believe that your career should go onNo snow, your beachfront condoYou'll be here and your career, your career will go on and onFinishing up with a motion to rename the Florida Turnpike to Peyton Way and a creepily whispered, "we love you," the absurd video aims to accomplish what fans don't trust the Miami front office to do: nab one of greatest quarterbacks of all time, papier-mach neck and all. "I don't believe in them at all, and if they do pull it off it'll go horribly wrong," said Mayer, who took lyrics written by fellow fan and recorded them in his closet. Buddy added visuals, and the dreams of three young men took flight across the Internet. "A decade plus of looking for the next Dan Marino more than fueled the lyrics," said Rizzmiggizz. "Peyton is exactly what we need... The Dolphins passed on Drew Brees due to health concerns; we can't take the same risk. In this NFL if you wanna be great, sometimes you must be bold."Other times, of course, you've gotta be Celine Dion. Think , Manning? Doubtful. Just doubtful. ?My camera fell in the river just before this shoot at SXSW (yet still worked!), and someone tried to spit on us from the bridge above, but the folks with badges smiled and did not ticket us, and even the birds were quiet when gypsy-woman Kali Mutsa sang her songs to the stones and the water.A self-invented daughter of sorts to the great Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chvarri del Castillo, aka Imma Sumack, Kali Mutsa is the alter-ego of Chilean soap-opera star Celine Reymond. Orphaned at a young age, Kali wandering the world as a belly-dancer, until she was adopted by royalty. As a woman, she gave birth to several children -- one of whom, born with wings, and kidnapped by the circus, she sings an ode to on-cam. Kali Mutsa is playing in NYC tonight as part of a particularly dynamite line-up, alongside , who are keeping a great music alive. The Grammy Awards' recent category kill-off shows how fully clued-out the NARAS, RIAA, et, al., are. You can get information about tonight's show . I'll see you on the dancefloor, expect to get sweaty. Thanks, as always, to the hard-working publicists, managers and artists (for this shoot, Monica Diaz, Ryan Dawes and Celine) who made my Under The Iron Bridge sessions at Austin so much damn fun. See you next year, if some marketing manager, or tool-of-a-producer for an advertainment monopoly doesn't steal my spot.?A Conversation with Richard MarxMike Ragogna: Richard, last year, you released a Christmas EP, but what else have you been up to recently?Richard Marx: The Christmas EP obviously came out around Christmas time, so I was working on that for a few months prior. All in all it was pretty painless. It was just an EP, so it was only five songs, but we're going to do a whole album for Christmas 2012, which I'm going to be recording in about 10 days time around April. But this one was pretty painless, it was fun. I got to sing live with me in a booth in one room and the band and strings in their booths - very old school. I had a lot of fun.MR: Recording everything live, old school.RM: Right. Or as opposed to all of the vocals being sung by Justin Beiber, I sang these myself.MR: (laughs) Can you tell us what inspires you as an artist?RM: Well, my process has been the same for a long time. Unless I'm collaborating with someone and have set a specific time to write a song with someone, I write alone and there is no set time or organization about it. I write something every day, but I don't usually sit down to write a song. Luckily, something forces itself on me every day. It may be a melody that hits me while I'm in my car or a lyric that hits me in the shower. I just make a point to collect these ideas. Some of them just demand to be worked on or finished immediately, some I just tuck away and I may not get to them for months. I don't use an instrument to write when I'm writing by myself. I've found that that's limiting, you know? No matter how good a player you are - and I'm not a good player - you still have to be able to play an instrument. But if that instrument is your imagination, then I'm not limited to anything, and I find that my songwriting is much more interesting. That's one part of my process. The music almost always comes first and sort of tells me what the lyrics should be. Beyond that, I don't really try to write, I sort of just let it happen. Luckily , for decades now, it just keeps happening. I've found that some of the musicians that I admire so much are so proficient at their instrument or multiple instruments if they're lucky, but they have no freedom. I have had amazing artists tell me that they just know too much about their instrument and the music to use their imagination to its full musical potential. They're limited by their wealth of knowledge if that's possible. There are no limitations in your head to what you can come up with. I wouldn't have come up with a lot of the themes or musical landscapes that accompany my songs if I was sitting with an acoustic guitar or piano. It just wouldn't happen.MR: That's a great insight. I usually wait with this question until the end of the interview, but let me ask you now. Do you have any advice that you might want to share with new artists?RM: You know, I think it's a really bad time to start asking people for advice because it's pretty grim out there right now. The music business has gotten smaller since you and I started talking. (laughs) It's shrinking a little bit more every day. I don't have a crystal ball, nor have I ever been good at forecasting things like that. I only know that I'm super-grateful that I came into the business when I did. I feel really bad for young singer-songwriters now because the opportunities that existed for me in the early '80s before I was singed to learn about the business don't exist anymore. And they have been replaced with anything equally great. If I were starting out now, I would feel robbed - and I'm sure there are a lot of young artists out there who feel a little ripped off. The opportunities to really make it a lucrative career have diminished a lot, not that that should ever be anyone's motivation. Before, there was always that hope of writing a hit song and making tons of money. It's a shame because that opportunity and the fantasy of that have been demolished over the last few years, and I don't see that toothpaste going back into the tube. So, in my long-winded answer, I would say if you want to write songs and play in bands and perform because it feeds something in you and you're following your bliss, do it. If you feel like you need it to sustain yourself or to make a living, you're probably going to have to do something else in addition. And that's too bad.MR: True. Though, I would argue that because of the Internet and social networking and other technologies, I would say that people have more of an opportunity to promote and proliferate their material more freely, more so than I've ever seen in the industry.RM: Yeah, "getting your music out there" doesn't necessarily mean anything - everyone's music is out there. It doesn't mean it's connecting with anybody. If you've got 17 Facebook friends who all really like your music, that's awesome. And if that's enough to keep you writing songs, that's great. That doesn't mean that your music is "out there." It's great that we no longer have to rely on large record labels - they don't do anybody any good. Most major labels won't even sign someone who hasn't already done most of their social networking promotion ahead of time. It's almost a chicken or the egg situation because they may not sign someone who doesn't have 150,000 Facebook friends. But if they have 150,000 Facebook friends, what do they need a record company for, you know? The one glimmer of hope for the industry is that young people don't need a big corporate machine behind them to get their music heard. But in order to get it started enough to be able to sustain a career? Facebook ain't gonna do it. It's much more complicated than people think, and I see super-talented people week after week that just aren't going to get by without having that one major hit unless they get by selling records on the DL, playing gigs, and can keep that train going. But if they want to live in a mansion in Beverly Hills, this is not for them. It's way more complicated than even I can understand. We could sit and have a round table discussion about it for hours and we still probably wouldn't come up with any answers. It's a tricky time for the music business. I think the saddest part is that we're at a time in our society where the competition for public attention is greater than ever, music is losing. People are still buying and downloading music, but I don't think the passion for music is what it was even five years ago. People are really taking music for granted now. Do you know why? Because it's tiny, you can't even see it now. It's all measured in megabites. When something gets that physically small, I think there's a brain correlation that says it's also not that important.MR: Right, and the perceived value has dropped considerably because of pirating and such, wouldn't you say?RM: Right. And frankly, maybe the next thing to be hit in this way will be sports and professional athletes, only because I feel like the general public has seen the rockstar excess and this legion of people that didn't look like they appreciated it. People don't want to support people like that. I feel it'll be the same with pro athletes. If we see them with everything and still bitching and moaning about it, the average man isn't gonna continue to support these people anymore. At the end of the day, for every negative part of the conversation, there's a positive. For instance, The Civil Wars have been carving out a name for themselves the old fashioned way - from the ground up. They're brilliant talents who are just now starting to get recognized for who great they are.MR: Richard, before we get into talking about your records and many hit singles, can you tell us how your career started?RM: Sure. I was about 17 and I'd written about five or six songs, but I had an amazing leg up in the fact that I was born into a musical family. My mom was and still is a great singer, and my dad was a jingle composer and producer. By the time I came along, his business was already growing and thriving, so he built an office in Chicago. Years later, when I had these songs that I'd written, I had this amazing place to go and have them demoed. It wasn't like I was home recording on a tape recorder. I could make really decent demos. I had to save up the money to pay the musicians - my dad didn't front the money. He told me that if I wanted to do this, I'd have to pay for all of it. I put together four or five really good sounding demos and sent them out to every record company, and every record company threw them in the trash. But some friends of mine would play demos like they were records and just listen to them all the time. So, a really good friend of mine was away at college playing the demo in his room and his roommate heard it and really liked it and said he knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who worked with The Commodores. Somehow, my tape with my number on the back wound up in Lionel Richie's hands and he called me up. I was about 3 or 4 months away from graduating from High School. He talked to me for about half an hour on the phone and was so encouraging and gave me some great sage advice. He didn't make me any sort of job offers or anything at the time. But he did tell me that he knew I probably planned on going to college or something but if I decided to come to LA and get my career going, look him up.That completely rebooted my whole thought process. To have arguably one of the most talented guys in the music business at the time tell me I was talented changed things. So, I bailed on college and went out to LA. One day, I went to his studio to meet him - we'd only talked on the phone before and he put me up in the studio to sing background vocals on his song called "You Are." He was working on his first solo record at the time. For the next couple of years, anytime he was in the studio, he would invite me to be there. Sometimes, I would sing background vocals on things, but the rest of the time, he would just let me be in the room and watch and learn. I can't say enough about what a gracious and generous guy he is, even to this day. I owe a tremendous amount of my career to him.MR: It seems as though you were in the protg role, right?RM: Yeah. I mean, I had that with a couple of different people, but he was the first one who was making records that let me sort of be a fly on the wall. It was actually Lionel who recommended me to Kenny Rogers who was also at the top of the charts at the time. That's how I started getting songs placed because the first couple of songs I had placed were with Kenny Rogers. I met Kenny during those recording sessions, and I wouldn't have gotten onto those sessions if it weren't for Lionel.MR: Right. Some of the hits you had with Kenny were "Crazy" and "What About Me?"RM: That's right, and those were both from the same album. There was another song on that album as well, but it wasn't a hit. I had three songs on that album and I was only 19, so it was crazy that I was in that situation. But it was all because of Lionel. MR: Nice. And "What About Me?" was technically your first #1 hit.RM: Yeah. And "Crazy" followed as the #1 country song. The first song I ever placed was a #1 AC song, though I think it hit #15 on the pop charts. But I definitely thought to myself that it was never going to happen again, I wasn't the kind of guy that thought it was just that easy. I really thought that it was great that it happened and that it would never happen again, but I was ready to do the work to get back to that again.MR: You went on from there to work a little with the group Chicago.RM: Well, I sang background vocals on a song on Chicago's 17 record. Robert Lamm, who I was a huge fan of, wrote all of my favorite songs and he and I just hit it off. He was another person that was a huge mentor to me. He asked me to write a song with him but it didn't make the 17 record because it wasn't really good enough. It ended up being on the We Are The World album by Chicago, so I can technically say that I have a Chicago cut. (laughs) It wasn't a spectacular song. I was still such a kid when I wrote that song. But it was so great to work with Robert and we're still friends to this day.MR: Very cool. Then came Bruce Lundvall of EMI Manhattan who then gave you your break with your first album. Can you tell us about that?RM: Bruce and I were introduced by a mutual friend, and he basically just heard the exact same songs that everyone else had rejected. Songs like "Endless Summer Nights," "Don't Mean Nothing" and "Should Have Known Better," and he loved them. I couldn't believe it. Not only did he give me a record deal finally, but he told me I should produce my own record, which was just unheard of. That guy just changed my life and is, again, someone I keep in touch with to this very day. I owe my career as an artist to Bruce Lundvall because he singed me when no one else wanted to and gave me tremendous artistic freedom from the get-go. He didn't micromanage. He's the kind of guy that has such an illustrious career, and his philosophy is that if he likes what you do, there is no reason for him to get in the way of it. He's just such a great cheerleader and a really sweet man. Again, for me to be able to make my first record under him was just a huge blessing because that guy is a prince.MR: Then the Grammy nominations started rolling in, like for Best Rock Vocal Performance for "Don't Mean Nothing."RM: Yeah. But I was only up against a bunch of no names like Tina Turner and Bruce Springsteen. (laughs) There was no prayer I was going to win, but I was just really honored to be nominated.MR: Which brings us to your second huge album, Repeat Offender. Can you tell us a little story behind at least one of the songs from that time period?RM: Well, every song has a story but, "Children Of The Night" was unlike any song I had written up to that point because it wasn't personal. It wasn't about me and it wasn't a relationship song. I just happened upon a 60 Minutes profile of a woman by the name of Lois Lee who founded the charity by the same name. It's an organization in Los Angeles that houses runaway youths. Most kids who run away from home and stay away end up in jail or prosecuted for drugs or something else. It's horrendous. So, I reached out to them and talked to some of the kids in the program so that I could really understand their story. I wrote the song and decided to put it on the Repeat Offender album and donated all the royalties to them for that song. It ultimately built a new home for them in the Los Angeles area so they could house more kids. As nice as that is for them, what I got out of it was being able to meet some of the most extraordinary and courageous young people I've ever met. That's a really special song. I actually got a message on Facebook from one of the kids in the video and she's now married with kids and thriving. When I met her, and during the video shoot, she had just broken free of being a teenaged prostitute. There's a success story for you. I just love that song, and it features an amazing horn arrangement done by my late father, Dick Marx.MR: Beautiful. Let's jump forward to your album Rush Street because it featured some pretty popular artists including Luther Vandross and Billy Joel. It also features my favorite recording you've done, "Hazard." Tell us about that song.RM: Well, that song was musically inspired by Danny Lanois who is a brilliant arranger, producer, and musician himself. I was on tour and traveling all over at the time. He's made some of the most beautiful solo albums I've heard - they're very haunting and ethereal. I was sort of in this headspace from listening to a lot of Danny's music, so "Hazard" came out of that. It didn't particularly sound like any of his music, but it sounds like it could have been right at home on one of his records. It was just a piece of music and I didn't want to write lyrics like any other that I'd ever written. I had always wanted to write a story song, but it scared me. It's hard to tell a story in four minutes, you know? But I got an idea and I went after it. I thought it was the dumbest song that I ever tried to write, and my wife heard me playing around with it and kind of flipped out over it. She convinced me to record it and it became one of my biggest hits to this very day. Talk about a shock. I mean, I've never written a song that I thought was a hit but I was sure that nobody would care about that song. I still get people yelling it out at concerts all the time and I don't ever play a concert without doing it. MR: Part of that, I'm sure, had to do with the spooky video that went with that song.RM: That was a really great video. It was directed by a guy named Michael Hausman, who is a really great filmmaker. That was the closest thing to a movie that we've ever done for a video. It was a great cast as well - Jennifer O'Neill and Robert Conrad who plays the Sheriff. It's just a really great video and I can say that because I didn't do anything but appear in it. MR: You've also worked with the late Luther Vandross.RM: Luther and I started working together when he did background vocals on a song of mine called, "Keeping Coming Back." That experience just cemented our friendship. About a year or two later, he asked me to write a song with him for his Christmas album and we wrote a couple of other songs together after that. In fact, the last song he ever wrote called, "Dance With My Father," was a song that we wrote together, but that was much later.MR: But that wasn't the first success you had outside your own recordings.RM: I think the first thing I ever did after I'd had any success as an artist was working with an all-female heavy metal group called Vixen. I was on tour with them and they had finished their album, but everyone felt that they still needed their first hit single. So, I got together with a buddy of mine and we wrote a song called, "Edge Of A Broken Heart." I ended up producing that on the record for them and it was a big hit. I think that that was the first outside project that I ever took once I started touring and performing. MR: So let's go back to "Dance With My Father," which was a huge hit and also won a Grammy, didn't it?RM: It did - Best Song of the Year. It came about just like any other song - Luther called me up one day and said that he had an idea for a song called, "Dance With My Father." I told him that I loved the title, and we talked about the lyrics and the ideas he had for the song. The back story for that song is that my dad died in 1997, and it was very sudden and very painful because my dad and I were very, very close. The loss was so profound and it kind of sent me reeling for quite some time. One of the only people during that time who knew how to provide any sort of comfort was Luther. He would call me every couple of weeks and we would end up talking for hours. I can't even begin to tell you how much he helped me through that horrible period. Luther also came from a similar but very different situation because his father died when he was only 12. He didn't really get to know his father that well. The most vivid memory that he had of his father was seeing him come home and dance around the kitchen with Luther's mom and all the kids. It's such a sweet visual image. Luther said that he wanted to write a piece of music to remember his father, and asked if I would work on the music and we'd go from there. I wrote a piece of music that night or the next day, and he took it and changed some stuff around and made it what he wanted, then added these amazing lyrics to it. The thing that's most beautiful about that song is everything that Luther brought to it because it was his story. I remember him saying that he thought that that song was the most important song of his career - he said that that was his "Piano Man." I was just excited that he was so excited about it. Ten days later, he had a massive stroke. He had just finished and recorded the song and then the stroke happened. It was about another year or so before he passed away, but the legacy of that song and what it means to me is so huge. I tried singing the song and I can't, I tried to sing it because I get asked to sing it a lot. It really has meant a lot to a lot of different people. People have adopted it into their lives like they have with several other songs that I've written, which I think is just incredible. But I can't sing that song because it just makes me too sad. Musical relationship notwithstanding, Luther and I were really close friends. I cherish my memories of him. But when I sing that song, it just bums me out too much, but I can and will say that I am extraordinarily proud to have been his collaborator on that song.MR: You performed that song with Celine Dion on the night of the Grammys the year it won.RM: Yeah, and Celine's father had passed away not too long before that. It was really hard for her to get through that. Luther was still alive at that point, though he was pretty incapacitated in the hospital. Celine is flawless though, so I went to Vegas to run through the song with her before the show. That particular year at the Grammys, there were a lot of big production numbers featuring Outkast, Earth, Wind & Fire, and 40 different people on stage at the same time. (laughs) Then we came out, very simply, I played the piano and Celine sang. It was really powerful. She really felt the song in her own way because, as I said, her dad had just passed. Simply the fact that I got to play the piano for Celine Dion is a big high point for me.MR: You've also sung background vocals for Madonna.RM: Yeah. That was actually one of the many sessions I did before I had a record deal. MR: And you worked with Richard Carpenter as well, right?RM: Yeah, I wrote a song with Richard. That was a great experience. MR: What are some of your favorite Richard Marx hits from over the years.RM: That's a nearly impossible question for any artist to answer. I've never heard any artist answer that question properly because there's no way to answer that question without denigrating some of the other songs. There's also no song that I've written that I've seen as a part of one of my live set lists and thought, "Oh, God, I can't wait until this song is over," you know? I'm sure that there are songs of mine that random people hate, but I don't have any. There are none that I'm embarrassed by or that represent a low point or anything. Believe me, I've written a ton of really crappy songs but you've never heard them. I'm not going to let anyone listen to anything that I don't think is the best I can do at any given time. MR: Well, is there a song that you've written that has a particularly special place in your heart or story behind it?RM: Again, for every song I've written, there are tracks on albums that are just as important or were just as powerful writing processes to me. When I came back from China, a crowd sang every word of "Right Here Waiting" with me; that was really special. Everywhere I go around the world, people know that song. It was very special and personal to me when it was written. Every song has its own story and life, and there isn't one song of mine that I would consider just a song. They all have a point and an origin, you know? They all have their own lives and entities and it's nearly impossible to just pick one out of the bunch. MR: Do you have anything lined up for the near future besides beginning to work on that full length Christmas album?RM: Well, I started touring and playing solo and acoustic last year after decades of playing with a band. I did it mainly because it frightened the hell out of me, but I have since found that it's some of the most exciting and rewarding performing that I've ever done. I'm so in love with it. It's almost like finding a new hobby or activity that you really love. Like all those guys who take up golf and then become obsessed with golf, I'm obsessed with my acoustic show. I'm just really enjoying putting all of my energy into all of those shows. I'm doing a bunch more of those shows this year all around the world. In addition to doing the new Christmas album, I'm also doing a new studio album over the summer, and I'm always writing with different people. I just worked with Keith Urban a few months ago, and I'm hoping to work with him again in the future. Beyond that, I don't make huge plans. I just sort of wait and see what happens. I'm actually working on a project later this year with my friend Fee Waybill who is one of the greatest rock performers ever and a brilliant songwriter on some new solo rock songs for him to be able to put out a record. I can't wait to finish that.MR: Fee Waybill from The Tubes. You'll have to come back and talk with us about that. Well, Richard thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to chat with us. RM: Thanks so much for having me, Mike. Transcribed by Evan Martin Follow Mike Ragogna on Twitter:?First, let me begin by saying how happy and proud I feel for these reunited family's.As a child I experienced many such reunions with my father, a U.S. Army Ranger Captain, each time we hugged and kissed and thanked god for my fathers safe return.The men and women of our country's armed forces are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to insure our freedom, proving once again that freedom isn't free, its one of the most costly things we do. Your all being manipulated, dont you see what the main stream media is doing?My Father was a Viet Nam era soldier, and they spat on him at the air port when he came home.The Veterans administration is trying to cheat our veterans out of the medical benefits due them.The "homeless Vet" situation is just as prevalent now as it was back in the 70s and 80s, our government did nothing about it then and now its even worse.Your being distracted from the real issues.Open your eyes-Wipe away the tears of joy-Ask the uncomfortable questions-Be ready to fight for those who fought for us.Veterans benefit reform NOW!They waste millions and millions of dollars on weapons systems, but feel the need to cheat the very people that are intended to use them.Thank you for reading this.God bless and keep our returning veterans.God bless the America we can be.KatrinaNYC?Nation, what has become of us? Politicians generating facebook messages from magnetic poetry, game shows reducing their prize money to fit Obama's tax plan, town hall protesters protesting heavyset women, Weddings catered by Funyuns...Funyuns!!! Well, that's all according to our friends in late night television, of course. And if you're a birther, a deather, or if you've ever participated in a civil war reenactment, you'll probably believe all of the following. Enjoy.WATCH:Get HuffPost Comedy On and ?Sunday marks Mother's Day, the time when kids and fathers should ban together to show mom how much they care: breakfast in bed, flowers, the whole nine yards. It should be special every year, but it's never more memorable than a new mom's first Mother's Day.It's been a busy year for celebrity babies, and all should get some nice R&R today. But let's hope these new moms get a little something extra special -- even if their little ones can't buy a card yet.PHOTOS: ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?MyDaily:Celine, Hermes, Givenchy... It was a day of big hitters and debuts on Sunday at Paris Fashion Week. Plus Kanye goes groupie on Phoebe Philo's ass, and Gisele hits the runway for the first time in, well, ages. ?It may be over 30 degrees outside, but my mind has already turned to fall fashion. It's one of my favourite fashion seasons -- and because this summer's pastels and neons especially challenged my all-black wardrobe, I'm looking forward to a new selection of luxurious options in shades of, well, black, black... and okay, maybe a little something new, dare I say it, burgundy!Truth be told, I've already started making purchases. The early bird catches the worm after all! I'd love to know what you're most looking forward to! Are there trends you're excited to try out? I recently took a foray into the world of and if you like this look, you'll be happy to know it's sticking around for another season. Here's what else is on my radar (and wish list!!)1. BurgundyI know I said black... but I do SOMETIMES permit colour in my closet too, it's just usually reserved for accessories. This year's summer vacation splurge was a vintage burgundy Birkin bag in Rome. This is a classic and I'll treasure it for years. But burgundy also happens to be completely on-trend for this season. If, like me, you're colour shy... think of a shoe or purse, even a pair of gloves! (Speaking of gloves, I love the studded Valentino ones I spotted at Net-a-Porter!)1. 2. 3. 2. Leather accentsLeather is a mainstay in my closet. One of my favourite designers, Rick Owens, is known for his leather, either used as an accent or the main material. This season, leather accents add edge to ladylike dresses, create dramatic contrast in textured knitwear. I can't get enough of this this look -- it's edgy, but also polished and I'll be stockpiling all winter long! I just recently purchased a leather shirt from Hakaan. I justified this purchase as it will help me transition from Summer to Fall -- I will wear it open with a t-shirt and jeans...or as a shirt jacket into the fall. Dual purpose, what's is not to love!?1. 2. 3. 3. A-LineThe A-line skirt shape is back. For so many women (myself included!) this is the most flattering shape of skirt to wear because it skims over the hips and falls gently outward, without billowing. The whole effect narrows the waist and minimizes the hip and derriere. Most A-line cuts hit at or just above the knee -- again showing the most flattering part of the leg. So, we all have reason to celebrate!! When something I love is on trend, I usually indulge in it. Sure, it's nice to follow the silhouette of the season, but really it's not as important as wearing that shape that's flattering on you! My A-line selections this year will come from one of my favourite designers, Greta Constantine.4. BootiesIn fall you can have real fun with shoes. The bootie is making a strong statement this season and can be paired with skirts or pants. There are options for every heel height, but my preference is always for the sky-high. I pounced on these Chanel ones while in NYC, and let my fingers do the talking...walking...and then buying of these YSL purple booties. 1. 2. 3. 5. Animal printIt's official -- animal print is the new staple. Definitely for accenting rather than wearing head-to-toe, the animal print has undergone an evolution in the past few seasons, becoming a little more abstract and less literal. Perhaps, this indicates increasing market appetite for faux rather than real? Or maybe it's just that we want a glancing reference to these classic prints. A purchase here will last seasons to come! I adore my Celine animal print tote bag, but I've also been eyeing up animal print lace from Australian brand Lover, which brings us to...6. LaceFor evening, lace is always a favourite. But, this season, it offers an opulent option for day or night. Lace is readily associated with all things romantic, but we're seeing a new directive -- black lace taking on more gothic connotations. Think high necks and long sleeves, as well as panels of lace alongside leather. Leather and Lace... my uniform this season!1. 2. 3. Deciding which trends to follow is a personal choice and deciding how to wear those trends is where you can put your own stamp on the season. I'm a big advocate of really investing in a few pieces that are going to last -- the perfect pair of shoes, a great handbag, an excellent winter coat -- these are all sound investments in my mind. Take inspiration and ideas from the runways and then pick and mix your purchases. Don't overlook what you've already got... maybe there's a lace blouse at the back of your closet dying for a second life! But above all, make this season your very own!xo Natasha Follow Natasha Koifman on Twitter:?THAT PISSES ME OFF. THIS MEANS WHEN I MET PETER CETERA AT A CHICAGO CONCERT (BASSIEST) I WAS 15 , FARRAH HAIR, PRETTY. I I MET PETER AT THE CONCERT, WE WERE FLIRTING, PETER WAS AT THE TIME 32 YRS OLD.HE SEEMED INTERESTED, YOU KNOW THOSE MUSICIANS, HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW, MY DIARY WOULD HAVE TOLD A GREAT STORY! I AM FRIENDS TO THIS DAY WITH TWO OF THE BAND MEMBER WIVES AND HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF SEEING THE BEHIND THE SCENE PICS OF THE BAND AND PETER THAT WILL NEVER BE POSTED ANYWHERE. MR. CETERA'S DEPARTURE WAS IN 1985.I MET PETER CETERA 5 YRS AGO RECENTLY. WHEN I WAS WAITING IN LINE TO SEE HIM, ALONG WITH OTHER WOMEN, FIRST WORDS OUT OF HIS MOUTH WERE, "THERE IS SOMETHING FAMILIAR ABOUT YOU", HAVE MET BEFORE? I SAID TO HIM YES , 30 YRS AGO I EXPLAINED AND TOLD HIM.HE QUICKLY SAID I NEVER FORGET A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, IN REPLY EVEN IF I WAS 15 YRS OLD? WE BOTH LAUGHED! WE TALKED ABOUT THAT CONCERT. I SHOWED HIM A PICTURE FROM BACK THEM. WE BOTH ENJOYED A SHORT BUT WITTY CONVERSATION AT THAT MOMENT. AFTER OUR FIRST MEET IN THE 1970S, PETER CAME OUT WITH A SONG ON CHICAGO 10 ALBUM CALLED "LIL MISS LOVIN" "OOHHWEE PRETTY MOMMAA LOOKING GOOD TO ME, YESEREE LIL MISS LOVIN" ETC. A MOMENT TO STAY IN MY HEART FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!?The biggest stars of the red carpet on Sunday night were not the stars themselves, but their dates. See: Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves, Mark Wahlberg's wife Rhea Durham, Mark Ruffalo's wife Sunrise Coigney, and the women flanking Giorgos Lanthimos (the director of ""--we had to Google that).We also applaud the red carpet risk-takers. Helena Bonham Carter can never be accused of being dull, and tonight she did not disappoint. Mainly for the fact that she doesn't seem to give a damn, we have included her in this list. She is truly fearless.Tonight was also a night of firsts: it marks Celine Dion's debut on any best-dressed list we've ever done.Tell us who wins the top honor, and then let us know if you agree with our highly subjective choices in the comments below. We know you're not shy, and that's very Helena Bonham Carter of you.**And be sure to check out our picks for .**Photos by Getty and AP. ?Paris Fashion Week has come to an end. And, as always, its catwalks featured beautiful outfits, beautiful models - and totally bonkers creations that no human being would ever be caught dead wearing.We've rounded up our favourite monstrosities below. As you'll see, 'headwear which renders you unable to see anything' is going to be such a hot look for Spring/Summer 2012. As are: flowers. ?Why form a new country when you could probably just buy one?That's the question that may enter your head after you see the photos of the castle Quebec's separatist premier-designate Pauline Marois used to live in.Known as on ?le Bizard near Montreal was for $6,980,000.The house is so grand that , according to La Presse.That sale, however, wasn't the first time Marois' digs made headlines. Back in 2007, the . The Gazette also reported that ., asking for $2 million in damages. The in March of 2011, according to Cits Nouvelles. first by selling gas stations, then in a series of jobs managing money for Quebec's government and then finally in real estate development, according to the Gazette.The couple built their mansion in 1994. in January of this year. The home had been on the market for more than two years.Marois has presented the PQ under her leadership as a party of the people. In the early days of the she would often wear the red square that is emblematic of the movement sparked by a hike in tuition fees. . On Wednesday, the . The during the recent campaign, arguing the question of sovereignty is less important than worker's rights.While Marois may support working families, from the looks of her former abode money certainly isn't what's driving her own labours.Related on HuffPost:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?JERUSALEM — Acclaimed tenor Placido Domingo has been named a winner of Israel's prestigious Wolf Prize, along with seven other American, British and Israeli recipients.The Wolf Foundation said Tuesday that Domingo is the first vocal artist to ever win its prize. From 1962 to 1965, at the beginning of his career, he sang with the Israeli opera company.Each year the Wolf Foundation awards $100,000 prizes in five fields. About three dozen winners have gone on to receive Nobel Prizes.Domingo shared the award with English conductor Sir Simon Rattle. Israeli physicist Jacob D. Bekenstein won the physics prize. The others went to U.S.-based scientists, including chemists A. Paul Alivisatos and Charles M. Lieber, mathematicians Michael Aschbacher and Luis Caffarelli, and in medicine, Ronald M. Evans. ?By Associated PressMONTREAL A 36-year-old man has been charged after he allegedly broke into singer Celine Dion's home near Montreal, raided the fridge and even took the time to pour himself a bath, police said Tuesday.He was nabbed by police in the Montreal suburb of Laval on Monday afternoon after the alarm system went off.The international pop superstar and her husband, Rene Angelil, were not at home at the time. Dion and Angelil usually live in Florida but use the Laval residence when they come home to Quebec.Laval police spokesman Franco Di Genova said the suspect was getting ready to take a nice hot bath when police arrived with a canine unit."He opened the water faucets, was pouring a nice warmish bath (and) he even managed to eat some pastry that was in the fridge," Di Genova said.Di Genova said police worked their way through the house, starting with the basement and finally confronted the man on the main floor."The suspect was coming down the big staircase and was asking: `Hey, guys what are you doing here?'" Di Genova said."So the officers replied: `What are you doing here?' and they proceeded to put him under arrest."Di Genova said the man had jumped a fence to get on the property and used a garage door opener that he found in an unlocked vehicle to gain access to the luxury residence.Daniel Bedard, a Laval resident, was arraigned Tuesday on charges including breaking and entering, auto theft and causing property damage.Di Genova said there was another incident at Dion's mansion in 2009 when another man jumped the fence, but was stopped by the security firm that was keeping an eye on the property before he could enter the home. ?Yeah--truly bad--but Hill said so herself. She was handed the song to cover before she had ever heard Joplin. Interestingly, Hill re-covered the song later, just to make partial amends. Something of an improvement, but still should have been left alone the first time. I couldn't narrow down my nominations to a single Time-Life collection, but just a couple of honorable mentions: Tina Turner putting "Whole Lotta Love" completely to sleep and Van Halen making junior high school talent shows proud by phoning in "Pretty Woman."Each to his own: I remember someone complaining that Jimi Hendrix must turn over in his grave every time he hears Bob Dylan cover "All Along the Watchtower"--but then he thought Elton John drummer Nigel Olsen was "a hot chick."?NEW YORK — Celine Dion has been admitted to a Florida hospital to prevent the early delivery of her twins.The superstar singer is at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. The hospital said in a statement the admission was recommended to make sure she's near her doctors leading up to the babies' birth. Her rep said she is due to deliver the twins early next month.Dion announced earlier this year that she's pregnant with two boys. She had tried for years to have more children. She and her husband, Rene Angelil, are the parents of a 9-year-old son, Rene Charles.___Online: ?Hasnt YouTube taught us anything? After a about Popeye's Chicken went crazy viral a couple years ago for all the wrong reasons, reporters (should have) learned an important lesson: selectively interviewing one group of people for a news story can draw unfair conclusions about that group. But thats exactly what one Fox Sports reporter did last week when he interviewed exclusively USC students many of whom werent native English speakers or didnt follow football for a segment about the Pac 12 conference. Real classy, guys.?Candidates are being identified, campaign offices rented and buses prepped as Quebec heads toward an election, expected to be called Wednesday. The life of Jean Charest's nine-year-old government is at stake, but all the parties in the province's crowded political field have big hopes for the coming vote.The latest polls show the incumbent government neck-and-neck with the Parti Qubcois, so Charest's Liberals have the inside track. The premier is already using the opportunity provided by the to pound his chest a little, laying out Quebec's conditions for participation in a national energy strategy and criticizing the federal government for its unilateral changes to health care transfers.The lines of the Liberal campaign are already being laid out, as Charest juxtaposes what he calls his government's respect for democracy, the economy and individual rights with the PQ's lack of respect for those rights and leader Pauline Marois' determination to hold a referendum on independence. Marois worked to remove a set schedule from the PQ's platform, and was heavily criticized from within the party for it, but has never ruled out holding of another referendum if "winning conditions" present themselves.But a spate of announcements of star candidates for the Parti Qubcois indicates many believe the party has winning conditions. The candidacies of Pierre Duchesne, former political bureau chief for Radio-Canada in Quebec City, and Bernard Gnreux, president of Quebec's federation of municipalities, have already been announced, and Jean-Fran?ois Lise, political commentator and former advisor to Premier Jacques Parizeau, is expected to be presented as the party's newest candidate in the coming days. in a Laval riding captured the most attention this week. Bureau-Blouin was one of the more moderate voices in the protests and should help the PQ with the youth vote, but he nevertheless give credence to the Liberals' narrative that the PQ is in bed with the controversial strike. However, the strength suggested by the PQ's ability to recruit a strong field of candidates contrasts sharply with the difficulties the Coalition Avenir Qubec (CAQ) has been having. They have few high-profile names, some of the better known being former ADQ MNAs who were elected for short stints in 2007. Mario Dumont's unexpected breakthrough that year revealed the party was not ready for primetime, and adds to the impression the CAQ is also lacking a team that is ready to govern.On the other side of the political spectrum, Qubec Solidaire (QS) will be focusing on getting co-leader Fran?oise David elected alongside Amir Khadir, their only sitting MNA. They do have a (very) outside shot in a few other Montreal ridings, but the party may play a bigger role in getting Jean-Martin Aussant, leader of the adamantly sovereigntist Option Nationale (ON), returned to the National Assembly. They have concluded an agreement with ON not to run a candidate in Aussant's riding, in return for ON not putting up a name against David. Option Nationale was unlikely to pull more than one or two per cent in David's riding, but the lack of a QS candidate puts anywhere from five to 10 per cent of the vote on the table for Aussant.Add to that the provincial Greens, who have nominated leader Claude Sabourin as their candidate in Notre-Dame-de-Grace, their best riding in 2008, and the nascent Conservatives, who have two former Tory MPs on the ballot in Quebec City, and the upcoming election in Quebec is setting up to be one interesting campaign. On your marks...ric Grenier taps of federal and regional politics for Huffington Post Canada readers on most Tuesdays and Fridays. Grenier is the author of , covering Canadian politics, polls and electoral projections.Also on HuffPost:?There's no escaping the overwhelming association with luxury in Cannes. Star-studded hotels sit next to boutiques from every designer name you can imagine: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada. Balenciaga too, Cline coming soon.But head inside the Palais des Festivals in June for the world's most famous advertising festival, Cannes Lions, and there's barely a whisper of the fashion industry at all. In a celebration of the best in campaigns from around the globe, some of the most creative brands existing, are distinctly absent. The obvious answer is budget. Traditionally, fashion not only doesn't do big scale advertising (TV), but doesn't, of course, work with ad agencies. Who needs a creative director from Madison Avenue, when you have one in Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs or Christopher Bailey in-house? Print has always been their home. Seasonal campaigns that tie in with seasonal collections. Bold concepts whittled down to a beautiful aesthetic portrayed through a couple of models and an exotic set. Glossy magazines as premium placement, the odd outdoor billboard and the glittering flagship store. But advertising has changed. Consumers have changed. Cannes Lions rebranded for 2011 from the prosaic International Advertising Festival to the International Festival of Creativity, to reflect that. Advertising, once clear-cut in definition, can now encompass anything from an experience to new technology, from the use of social media to an event. More often than not, it's all those things together. Proof lies in this year's winners. Yes, Nike's epic Write the Future spot took the film grand prix, but it was the likes of Decode Jay-Z with Bing, which had no TV attached to it, that cleaned up. Taking Jay-Z's new autobiography and leaking it page by page - printing it in inventive spaces such as the bottom of a swimming pool and a vintage Cadillac Seville car - it then released a series of clues online for a month as to each page's whereabouts, a ruse which saw fans scrabbling to find them in a Bing-enabled scavenger hunt. It's in this integrated realm fashion could do well. On a smaller scale, early adopters are already proving such; taking their glossy seasonal campaigns and using them to spark conversation around the brand both on and offline. "Content" is the new buzzword, with behind-the-scenes footage, viral teasers and fully fledged online films becoming popular formats. Prada's spring/summer 2011 effort for instance, won the top spot on The Business of Fashion's list of fashion films for the season for its "infectious charm and masterfully executed quick edits". It also worked wonderfully in the interactive banner space, and translated equally well to print. Meanwhile, for autumn/winter 2011/12, Mulberry brought its campaign stills by Tim Walker to life in a film created retrospectively through the use of numerous CGI techniques. And Chanel, one of the masters of the teaser spot, even launched a full 30-minute piece around its cruise collection in May called The Tale of a Fairy. Then there are the more creative integrations - the cunning of a previous Calvin Klein Jeans billboard inviting us to unlock its censored ads through a QR code; or Burberry's experiential videos allowing viewers to rotate, pause and change perspective through the use of motion-responsive technology. But, regardless of such clever executions, the basis for each is still (in the main) that print imagery. Fashion communications remain about print ads selling product over campaigns selling ideas. And that is what needs to change. Sir John Hegarty, worldwide creative director at advertising agency BBH, told a brimming auditorium at Cannes Lions the future is about doing something different. In a telling demonstration he ran a series of beauty industry ads. With their taglines removed, it was almost impossible to tell which was which. The same could be said for fashion. By the time you've seen the collection, heard about the designer's inspirations and remembered which photographer they'll use, you can almost even predict the look of the ads before they're released. Hegarty referred to this homogenisation as "windtunnel marketing", and called for a change in approach. Denim labels, in that case, offers a lot to be learnt from. Ditching the idea of seasonal ads, Diesel launched its Be Stupid campaign in 2010. Based on taking risk, being spontaneous and saying yes, it's a philosophy spawned from president and founder Renzo Rosso's experiences in first launching the brand. It won the outdoor grand prix in Cannes last year.The tagline has remained since, but the ads - often somewhat risqu themselves - are frequently updated: new models, new product, new multimedia executions. The same can be seen with Go Forth, the long-term campaign from Levi's, and the brand's first global creative platform in its 138-year history. Based on a rally cry for positive change in the world, the latest instalment includes a 60-second film called Levi's Legacy that was unveiled last week (though has been postponed in the UK following riots across the country). This kind of big thinking for an apparel brand not only makes a campaign more relevant to different hemispheres when launched internationally, but ties in well with the fact collections are becoming increasingly transseasonal. Accordingly, while the Cannes Lions rebranding might have taken the focus off traditional formats, it doesn't rid us of the fact that overarching ideas are what advertising remains about, especially in the new digital age, where execution can overshadow concept. Fashion therefore - an industry with creativity at its very core - needs to shake off its seasonal collection focus and start thinking instead about campaigns built around big ideas. A good starting point for inspiration, you could say, is Cannes Lions. Follow Rachel Arthur on Twitter:?A few months after showed that black federal prisoners were much less likely to receive presidential pardons, the federal government is launching a study to look into the pardons process.The Justice Department for data collection and reporting for the study. "The purpose of this program is to examine how petitions for pardon are adjudicated by the Justice Departments Office of the Pardon Attorney," according to an outline of the study.A full pardon reverts the convicted person's legal status back to before the crime. The federal office of the pardon attorney looks into pardon applications and makes recommendations to the president. The purpose of the study, the outline said, is to "test the primary hypothesis that all other things being equal African Americans and other minorities are less likely to progress in the pardon adjudication process than applicants of other races." It will look at the pardon applications submitted between October 1, 2001 and April 30, 2012. The study will not focus on those cases in which a convict's sentence was merely reduced. The Washington Post and ProPublica series, called "Shades of Mercy," found that of their crimes than minority applicants. It also found that married applicants and those with backing from members of Congress fared especially well in having their pardons granted.WATCH THE PBS NEWSHOUR SEGMENT ON BIAS IN PRESIDENTIAL CLEMENCY Watch on PBS. See more from Related on HuffPost:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdovcLTcUs93wly%2B34i7kkrPjtQPvHYzsjWYhFzb12pgbYBKVLP34TXLzbpAy2RCoJtFFAngK4QBT43WaolBTcPfpLmNk7nCjRWSB2%2FymekHy%2BlaPW27BvcQEfIX%2F%2BT7jigXKA6%2FuiHk?LOS ANGELES — A San Fernando Valley woman was sentenced to life in prison Thursday for dousing a bikini dancer with gasoline and setting her on fire at a club called "Babes & Beer."Rianne Theriault-Odom, 28, was sentenced in Van Nuys Superior Court for the Feb. 5, 2009 attack on Roberta Busby. The Simi Valley woman received burns over 40 percent of her body and has had more than two dozen skin grafts.The badly-scarred victim tearfully asked the judge to issue the maximum sentence for an act of "drunken rage.""Now you're going to feel the same heartache that I felt when I couldn't hug, kiss or play with my kids or even talk to my kids," the 28-year-old mother of two told her attacker, reading from a letter in court."I guess I'll never know what was going through your mind that night, but one day you'll have to answer to God, and that's more justice than any prison can do to you," Busby said.Odom, who has four children, requested a psychiatrist and said she was mentally unprepared for the sentence. Superior Court Judge turned down a request to postpone the sentencing.Prosecutors say the two women had been feuding when Theriault-Odom doused Busby with gasoline from a soda bottle and set her ablaze at the Tarzana club.Busby ran inside, and employees and patrons used curtains to douse the flames.Theriault-Odom, who'd been refused a job as a dancer at the club, claimed someone else set the woman on fire.Last month, a jury convicted her of torture and aggravated mayhem but acquitted her of attempted murder. ?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdovcLTcUs93wly%2B34i7kkrPjtQPvHYzsjWYhFzb12pgbYBKVLP34TXLzbpAy2RCoJtFFAngK4QBT43WaolBTcPfpLmNk7nCjRWSB2%2FymekHy%2BlaPW27BvcQEfIX%2F%2BT7jigXKA6%2FuiHk?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdovcLTcUs93wly%2B34i7kkrPjtQPvHYzsjWYhFzb12pgbYBKVLP34TXLzbpAy2RCoJtFFAngK4QBT43WaolBTcPfpLmNk7nCjRWSB2%2FymekHy%2BlaPW27BvcQEfIX%2F%2BT7jigXKA6%2FuiHk?Sarah Leon is the style blog editor at The Huffington Post. The Vassar alumna, who majored in Media Studies and earned a correlate in Art History, wrote her thesis about the relationship between British cultural theory in the late 20th century and The Face magazine. In addition, Sarah spent several years as a contributing writer to The New York Times Style Magazine and blog. Sarah has also written for The New York Times Sunday Styles Section, Interview Magazine and in Iran, educated in New York, based in London - you can see why travel might influence Negarin Sadr, founder and designer of hot womenswear label .The interesting geometrics of her Spring/Summer 2012 collection first turned my head, but on looking into the collection further, I found Negarin's range gave a host of incredibly wearable, versatile options to the working woman. Even better, they help solve the perennial style conundrum that is summer office attire.Though her aesthetic reflects the Leonardo da Vinci quote heralded on her website, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", to say that Negarin's designs are simple is, to my mind, incorrect. Like a good play, her creations appear uncomplicated and effortless but there's a lot going on behind the scenes to create this precisely constructed illusion, often informed by Sadr's interests in architecture, sculpture and fine art.Above (clockwise from top left): Simone jacket 499 worn with Zoey top 199 and Marianne shorts 249; Josette dress 399; Sophia top 399 worn with Celine trousers 249; Magdalene dress, 749, all from Negarin's SS12 collection. Everything is beautifully put together, lined and, for the most part, machine washable. Sadr - who started off working in finance before pursuing her dreams of becoming a fashion designer - clearly has an eye for function as well as fashion. Practicality certainly isn't one of the first things you think on seeing her designs but it's a welcome, understated bonus and a key element in her thinking when creating each piece. Sadr states was born out of a desire "to cater to the realities of the lifestyle of a busy, culturally aware, modern woman who wants beautiful, innovative clothes that are practical and affordable". She tells me her vision is to create pieces for "urban and active women who have a strong sense of style and the confidence to offset classic pieces with bold prints and statement tailoring." My favourite pieces from the collection are the crisp, all-white with their unusual ankle split detail and flash of coloured lining and the architechtural , which both bring a modern edge with eastern-inspired elegance. The impeccably crafted cape, with it's flash of violet, brings to mind Gwynneth Paltrow's show stopping Tom Ford at this year's Oscars, albeit a more everyday version.Above (clockwise from top left): Naomi cape 499 worn with Catherine dress 399; Isabelle tunic dress 499; Belle jumpsuit 699; Celine trousers, all from Negarin's SS12 collection. Clothing comes in sizes 6-14 and prices are pretty high, wavering around the same ballpark as those other women's workwear wonders Stella McCartney and J. Crew, but Negarin's styles are less widespread and totally timeless. With the trend for more investment dressing and less throwaway fashion, this is definitely a label for high flying, fashion conscious businesswomen looking for a twist on the usual to add to their roster, not least for the ease with which these outfits translate from day to evening wear. That said, isn't just for the office or after work engagements - celebrities including Jade Parfitt and Tolula Adeyemi have also been spotted working it on the red carpet.With a strong Autumn Winter 2012 collection already in the bag, Sadr - whose ultimate goal is to create a lifestyle brand - is busy plotting Negarin's expansion. "If market conditions are right, I plan to open a boutique in London early next year. Along the way, I will experiment with sustainable, non-crease fabrics, while broadening the product range to include accessories." Although she may no longer work in finance, fashion is still a numbers game and I hope continues to do well as, although they say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have, the current price range is only really affordable to those who have already achieved a certain level of success so I would really love to see a fabulous diffusion line from her, providing less pricey options for those ambitious, stylish ladies further down the career ladder. Shop the Spring Summer 2012 collection or catch a preview of the Autumn Winter looks over on Above: A select preview from Negarin's Autumn / Winter 2012-13 collection.Follow Sarah McGiven on Twitter:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdovcLTcUs93wly%2B34i7kkrPjtQPvHYzsjWYhFzb12pgbYBKVLP34TXLzbpAy2RCoJtFFAngK4QBT43WaolBTcPfpLmNk7nCjRWSB2%2FymekHy%2BlaPW27BvcQEfIX%2F%2BT7jigXKA6%2FuiHk?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdovcLTcUs93wly%2B34i7kkrPjtQPvHYzsjWYhFzb12pgbYBKVLP34TXLzbpAy2RCoJtFFAngK4QBT43WaolBTcPfpLmNk7nCjRWSB2%2FymekHy%2BlaPW27BvcQEfIX%2F%2BT7jigXKA6%2FuiHk?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdovcLTcUs93wly%2B34i7kkrPjtQPvHYzsjWYhFzb12pgbYBKVLP34TXLzbpAy2RCoJtFFAngK4QBT43WaolBTcPfpLmNk7nCjRWSB2%2FymekHy%2BlaPW27BvcQEfIX%2F%2BT7jigXKA6%2FuiHk?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdovcLTcUs93wly%2B34i7kkrPjtQPvHYzsjWYhFzb12pgbYBKVLP34TXLzbpAy2RCoJtFFAngK4QBT43WaolBTcPfpLmNk7nCjRWSB2%2FymekHy%2BlaPW27BvcQEfIX%2F%2BT7jigXKA6%2FuiHk?, the legendary Montreal restaurant famous for its smoked meat, was sold at the beginning of January for around $10 million to a group of investors that may include none other than Ren Anglil, husband and manager of superstar Cline Dion, according to sources close to the deal.Le Huffington Post Quebec has learned that the transaction took place around Jan. 7, after which the now-former owner, businessman Hy Diamond, filed a request for dissolution of his business with the Registre des entreprises du Qubec - the province's business registry. The sale of the uber-popular deli was motivated by a desire simply to move on, sources told HuffPost Quebec. Several investors have shown interest in acquiring Schwartz's, but few were prepared to fork over the hefty sum, according to another source who spoke to HuffPost Quebec. Other sources say the restaurant is now the property of a group of investors, with two prominent names apparently in the mix: Anglil and Paul Sara (Anglil's cousin). The two previously ventured into the restaurant business in the 1990s with the Nickels franchise. Loyal EmployeesMontreal media has been abuzz with rumours of the potential sale, which started earlier this week when English paper The Gazette . early Sunday morning by Le Journal de Montral. But the deli's employees aren't saying much on the record about the business' change-of-hands, and were advised not to speak about the sale. "We know there has been a sale, but have been asked not to comment on the matter," Schwartz's day manager told HuffPost Quebec, visibly uncomfortable with the question. Other servers seemed indifferent about the names of the future owners. "Our customers are our only priority, much more so than knowing who the owner is," one said with a smile. Schwartz's has enjoyed phenomenal success since it was opened in 1928 by Reuben Schwartz. Locals, tourists and celebrities alike -- Anglil is a well-known fan, and his and Dion's picture is on the deli's wall of fame -- flock daily to the Montreal institution on St. Laurent Boulevard for the famous smoked meats, fries, pickles and more. The long lineups are almost as legendary as the sandwiches at the sole location. As such, it wouldn't be surprising if the new owners were interested in expanding the Schwartz's brand beyond the Main according to Journal de Montral's food writer, Thierry Daraize, who said in the report that . "The brand has huge potential for expansion," he said. "As long as they can preserve their famous recipe." Schwartz's popularity has thus far spawned a line of merchandise and spices, a book, documentary film, and even a musical.If an expansion is on the horizon, Anglil could likely foot the bill if he is indeed a co-owner; His wife and sole talent protg Dion had a reported and , according to Forbes.With files from Lisa YeungWHAT'S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? CHECK OUT OUR PHOTOS AND VIDEO ?Yon__Ye: ã?¬ã?¤ã??ã?³ ã?µã?³ã?°ã?©ã?¹ã?«ã??ã??ã??ã??ã?®ã?¢ã??ã?«ã?¯ã?©ã?¡ã??ã??ã?ªã?ªã?¸ã??ã?«ã?®ã??ã?¬ã?¤ã??ã?³ ã?¦ã?§ã?¤ã??ã?¡ã?¼ã?©ã?¼ã??ã??ã??ã?¼ã?¹ã?«ã??80年代ã?®ã??ã??ã??ã?«ã?«ã??ã?£ã?¼ã??ã??ã?¤ã?³ã?¹ã??ã?¤ã?¢ã??ã??ã??ã?«ã?©ã??ã?«ã?»ã??ã?¿ã?¼ã?³ã??æ?½ã??ã??ã?¦ã??ã?¾ã??ã??ã??ã?®ã?¦ã??ã?¼ã?¯ã?§ã??ã??ã??ã?ªã?©ã?¤ã?³ã?¨ç?¹å¾´ç??ã?ªã?«ã?©ã?¼ã?»ã?³ã?³ã??ã??ã?¼ã?·ã?§ã?³ã?¯ã??ã?¢ã?¤ã?¦ã?§ã?¢-ã??ã?©ã?³ã??ã?®ã??ã?¤ã?ªã??ã?¢ã?¨ã??ã?¦å??è?¨ã??ç¶?ã??ã??ã?¬ã?¤ã??ã?³ RB2140ã?ªã??ã?§ã?¯ã?®ã?©ã?¤ã?³ã??ã??ã??ã?¨è¨?ã??ã??ã?§ã??ã??ã??ã???If you could travel with any celebrity, who would you choose? announced the results of its first ever Travel Companion Survey, revealing that 62 per cent of people polled would prefer to travel with Canadian celebrities over some of Hollywoods biggest names. And the name topping the travel charts is Canadas own Shania Twain.To find out how people voted, click on the gallery below.Related on HuffPost:?It was only a matter of time before the phenomenon thats been taking YouTube by storm got a Canadian version: . Some bon mots from the new edtion:Have you seen my toque? "I got snowed in last week real bad.The video, uploaded on Jan. 24, features a young man living up to all the good Canadian stereotypes (see him scream at a TV during a hockey game; watch him pour maple syrup on virtually everything). , nabbing 3,000 'likes' and tons of comments. Canadians. The only people who get made fun of for being polite and caring, one viewer wrote.As a Canadian, I find this hilarious, another user commented. But some have been quick to point out corrections. One viewer wrote: Not Canadian at all. Canadians would know that Timbits don't come in dozens.Other Canadian videos have become popular with viewers this month, and (poking fun at the Canadian universities). Similarly, was uploaded last week and got a lot of . , which was uploaded on Monday. It's already racked up more than 3.3 million views. Canada isn't the only target of "Sh*t People Say" videos. Just a few days ago, making fun of our neighbours south of the border. Related on HuffPost:HuffPost and AOL Canada editors share what they love about Canada ?"Video Still, "Joie de Vivre" by Ruth Hogben for Gareth Pugh, Courtesy of Ruth Hogben, 2010"At the opening of Paris' Fall fashion week Gareth Pugh opted out of the usual runway display and showcased his designs instead with an eleven minute video done in collaboration with filmmaker Ruth Hogben. Hogben came to my attention through her earlier work for Celine and Pugh with her original use of lighting and texture, which emphasized the sensuality of both the fabric and the wearer.Hogben had worked with Nick Knight on Alexander McQueen's last show, and also on videos for Lady Gaga's recent stage performances. I asked the young filmmaker about her inspirations and aspirations for carving out a new medium for herself.KL: How did you first start assisting Nick Knight?RH: I studied photography first; I wanted to be a photographer since I was twelve. I was very persistent and we went to the same secondary school and it was probably my winning letter that I wrote. I always wanted to learn from him. I had two or three years of assisting others and learning from my mistakes. And then I finally applied and worked for Nick - worked very, very hard for a few years. I was the motorized magazine rack - give me three seconds to reload the film ...When Nick went to digital, I had to take a step back - you didn't need four people to change the lens on a Hasselblad and so I had to reinvent myself. [Later], I was at a Visionaire shoot, and kept looking through the view-finder and Lily (Cole) was playing with motion and light, and I said to Nick that I thought there was some really nice footage there, and could I edit it? I then spent half a day in the studio learning Final Cut. Nick and Charlotte (his partner) were very supportive and let me use the footage and the soundtrack; they gave me a lot of freedom - then, it was two years of editing, of trying and playing, and working hard. from on .KL: Are you inspired by the architectural forms in Gareth Pugh's designs?RH: The third film (Joie de Vivre) was influenced by art deco architecture. That was how I approached the film, making her into a building, making her very tall. But then she moved so well - and gave me so many varying poses, it meant I could go wild when I had an amazing soundtrack. The audio is by Lukid. I talked with him about the film I wanted to make and he went away for a couple of weeks and came back with something that fit so perfectly that we decided to go with it instead of starting from scratch.KL: What's the difference between this work and making a music video?RH: Fashion drives my inspiration. I'd be quite scared to be led by music; it's not how I really work. I work with the beat but as a way of accentuating the work."Video still from Director Ruth Hogben's film for Celine"KL: Do you choreograph the movement?RH: For Celine () I was led by the lines of how the coat moved. But with the leather jacket, when she rolled her shoulders, the leather just moved in this sexual way...The movement is a fine line between the freedom of expression in the way the model feels as a woman inside the clothes, to how I think the movement should be communicated.KL: The movement when it is slowed down is very erotic. You get to really see how the human body moves. RH: I never really thought about how I slow things down. But sometimes I just feel the viewer needs to appreciate what I am showing them, and in real-time you don't get to appreciate a crease or a movement; it gets the audience time to breathe it in. But it does push it away from reality, which is sometimes right for certain films - or sometimes isn't. I also repeat, I accentuate... I am not a trained editor and don't follow conventions of the film genre.KL: Maybe you are creating a new genre - it's more like a performance. RH: Whatever edit rule I use, I just feel it. It's a visual language that pleases me. I just follow my instinct.I am building on something already incredible, and I make it more graphic or sumptuous with backgrounds, makeup, movement and wind. I am communicating through a performance, a film. I adore working with Gareth; his work is so strong. In the initial stages he spends a long time speaking about how he feels about his work, then he lets me react to it...With Gaga it was more fashion oriented...there were art pieces embedded in the concerts - but she also gave me a lot of freedom. from on .KL: Do you think the artist in you takes over - or are you just showing the clothes to the best advantage?RH: That's a bit tricky. I try to improve on my past work. I've been working with a great DOP, Simon Chaudoir and learning a lot, playing with lenses, feeling more confident...But the communication between Gareth and I hasn't changed. I refine the communication, and with film it is a lot more direct than with a still photograph. I fine-tune the communication with the pace of the edit and movement. I don't think as an artist I overtake his work, but knowing the medium more, helps improve what and how I communicate his vision.I spent 4 months working with Gaga, and when I finished I needed to do a film that was purely just for me. It was self-funded. It will go to some festivals, and I love how it is presented and shown at ; I love working with the team there, and I get a lot of control of how the film looks.[In my videos] I try to show what type of a woman she is in a thick heavy wool coat; or a flowy see-through dress. It all means something and I try to understand what that means and communicate it on a whole new level."Martin Margiela's "Wig-Coat," in Make Up Your Mind, directed by Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben"KL: You communicate that without clothes too, through the movement of flesh. Showing women's bodies in a different way is challenging because it's one of the most exploited subjects in art.RH: Those two burlesque dancers were so much fun to work with (See Buttocks above). I love fashion and I love women. I study skin moving - making it look like milk and being inspired by Man Ray's daylight nudes. I am lucky to live in this time with this new medium - this touchable way of using digital formats. [And also] having all these exquisite artists to be pulling on like Man Ray, Helmut Newton and Allen Jones - but putting my own spin on them. It's important that we question ourselves as women, about equality - I think a lot about whether a stripper is an object or is she something to be desired, and whether that's powerful enough. I'd like to do a lot more work in exploring women and their bodies, and whether they are just pieces of meat or whether they are something to enjoy in splendour and celebrate. There is a fine line between exploitation and celebration. I am lucky to be working in this time where fashion film has a platform.Ruth Hogben video for Phillipe Starck KL: Is your work just part of the fashion world - or do you consider yourself an artist.RH: I don't know how to answer. I did a film for Phillipe Starck - a still-life of a chair- shot and lit in different ways with calligraphy writing; it abstracted the shapes...brought out the form of the chair and then faded away...I don't quite know what that is, or what I should call myself - I love it and feel it and put my heart and soul it..For more information on credits view Ruth Hogben/Gareth Pugh's at Showstudio.Text: Follow Spread ArtCulture on Twitter:?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?LOS ANGELES — The Kodak Theatre was rocking as Gwyneth Paltrow, Mandy Moore, Celine Dion and other musicians ran through the numbers they'll perform on Sunday's Academy Awards.Moore dueted with Zachary Levi on "I See the Light," the nominated song from Disney's "Tangled," as composer and eight-time Oscar winner Alan Menken backed them on piano. Paltrow continued to show her musical side, singing "Coming Home" from her recent film "Country Strong." Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman and indie rocker Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine performed a haunting rendition of "If I Rise" from "127 Hours." Dion sang "Smile" as the In Memoriam packaged played on a big screen above her.But an energetic group of 10-year-olds stole the show from all those stars.The 64 fifth graders who make up the chorus at New York's Public School 22 in Staten Island arrived at the Kodak Theatre Friday to rehearse their performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." They'd flown in earlier that morning, many of them on their first-ever airplane trip. Wearing green or blue T-shirts that declared them to be an alto or soprano, they filled the theater with elementary-school enthusiasm."Justin Timberlake, oh my God!" one girl said when she saw the star's seat-saving placard. "When I'm up there, my eyes will be right here."Then they tromped onto the Oscar stage and sang with such conviction and heart that they choked up an audience of Hollywood veterans.Guided by stage managers and their teacher, Gregg Breinberg, the students practiced getting on and off stage and memorized their spots for the night. They marveled at the names they recognized in the audience. Sandra Bullock! Nicole Kidman! They looked around the big theater and had to be reminded to pay attention. But when they sang, it was clear they knew exactly what they were doing. They swayed and moved to the beat. They closed their eyes and gestured with their hands. They felt it."You're in this song. You're inside of it," Breinberg told them. "You're going to blow everybody away."Moments later, the kids were the ones blown away when show hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco surprised them on stage. The actors hugged and high-fived them, then posed for a photo."Way to go," Hathaway told the group. "I love your dance moves."Next up for PS 22? They're going to Disneyland Saturday, where they're set to perform in front of the famous Magic Castle."We didn't think we could beat the Oscars, but Disneyland is coming damn close," Oscar producer Bruce Cohen said.Then on Sunday, the fifth-grade singers will walk the red carpet before making their Academy Awards debut. ?A Kent man who made his neighbours' lives a misery by repeatedly blasting out power ballads - by the likes of Celine Dion (pictured), Chris de Burgh a...?Last week, Huffington Post Women's Senior Lifestyle Editor Lori Fradkin appealed to our expertise in their new feature "Help Wanted". Lori wrote in to ask us how we'd style her new bib-style necklace. Here, Fashion Editor Christina Anderson weighs in on how to wear this statement piece in everyday life.?Claudia Schiffer, the German-born, Brigitte Bardot look-a-like, was discovered in a nightclub in 1987. She immediately flew to Paris to pursue modeling, and you know...?Ana Gasteyer spent many years on late-night TV thanks to her stint on "Saturday Night Live," but these days you can find her during primetime on ABC's comedy "Suburgatory" as Sheila Shay, the seemingly perfect neighbor. Gasteyer, who brought her pitch-perfect impersonations of Martha Stewart and Celine Dion to "SNL" for six seasons, has had an interesting post-sketch comedy career. Aside from her various movie and TV roles, she has appeared in many Broadway shows, including a turn as Elphaba in "Wicked."The 44-year-old mother of two talked to The Huffington Post about "Suburgatory," her famous friends and, of course, those legendary "Schweddy Balls."Tell me about Sheila Shay, your character on "Suburgatory."Im the perfect mother by all cultural standards; I make the best sandwiches but Im completely overtly biased between my love -- my passion -- for my son and disdain for my daughter, and our relationship is incredibly complicated and fraught, which is so much fun to play. Its actually super dimensional. When I read the pilot I thought, "Oh its a Martha Stewart knock-off," but it really isnt. Shes incredibly complicated and controlling, and its really fun. I watch it with my big one (daughter Frances), which is slightly inappropriate. Shes 9-and-a-half. Once they hit 8, they suddenly stay up really late. Theyre, like, your age, practically, and its kind of fun because you can do things like watch "Housewives" with them.You must have met those "perfect parents." You live in New York, right?I live in Brooklyn.That's ground zero for alpha parenting. Have you seen it?Its funny, there are so many women who are former executives and have taken all that stress and anxiety and transferred it onto their kids. Half the time Im on my game and half the time were, like, the crazy family with the three meals from Starbucks.Have you felt judged?Yes, definitely. I remember when I first had my daughter I went to some nutritional seminar and I showed up with a giant New York City street pretzel. Im pretty earthy; I nursed forever because I liked it and my kids liked it, but at the same time Im very laissez-faire about stuff like bedtimes and food.Whats the definition of "nursed forever"?I nursed one for two years and two months and the other for two years and 10 months. Because I come and go so much, I think it was a nice way to stay connected with them and I was too lazy to wean them.Do you really watch "Real Housewives" with your daughter?Actually, I dont. I do watch "Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis" and she says things like, "I wish Jeff Lewis could come and fix our house." I do love the "Housewives" but it is an incredibly, sort of, hideous picture of women and I dont really want to get into that with her just yet. Im still pretending women are fantastic to each other.Switching gears to "SNL," did you ever think the "Schweddy Balls" skit would become a classic?No idea. It was a hit character, but its definitely had its own career and afterlife. I havent been on the show in 10 years. The Scheweddy Balls ice cream came out this year.You were in "Mean Girls." Does the whole Lindsay Lohan saga make you sad?You know, Im not really friends with her. I played her mom, but yes, it makes me very sad. I think shes enormously talented. I dont know...child stardom. We always act surprised. I think its always been that way, its just the media covers it more [now]. Its about one in every 10 that seems to be a survivor of it.You must get recognized for "Mean Girls" all the time. Its on TV nearly every week.I do. Actually, in the last couple of weeks Ive been recognized for "Suburgatory." I tweeted a picture of someone watching it on their iPad on the subway.Are you still friends with the girls from "SNL"? Do you get together for fondue?Thats so funny you say fondue because thats exactly what Maya Rudolph and I would go out for. Its definitely like being in some weird sorority. Im friends with a lot of actresses, but my "SNL" friends are my closest. The experience of working there is something of a battleground, a great one, but complicated. I think theres a deep connection for having survived that workplace.Whos your most famous friend?Im not much of a famous-person friend. Ive hung out with Brooke Shields and I dont think Ive ever seen that kind of pure face recognition, but I keep a low profile. I guess Will Ferrell -- you cant go out with him anywhere. You cant meet him in a bar, you have to have him over.So you're not BFFs with Angelina.No, Im not at the Clooney/Pitt level. What people dont realize is to get to that level, they arent really in a place to maintain connections. Theyre always traveling, always on the road. John Leguizamo once said to me, "Were not gypsies; were carnies, traveling around in our creepy containers."Related on HuffPost: ?Tabitha Celine Austin, owner of , opened her first upscale consignment shop in Aurora in early 2005 followed with a Parker location in January of 2011.However, in between the two she dealt with more than the normal trials of a small business owner: In December of 2009 she was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer. We caught up with Tabitha to talk about the road to recovery and the impact its had on Celines.How was your cancer discovered?I found the lump myself, which was on the right breast, the size of a grape. I immediately went in for my first mammogram right after the discovery at the age of 42. It was followed by an ultrasound that day and the doctor scheduled a biopsy about a week later it was cancer. I was in utter shock and very scared. Cancer did not run in my family and I had just had a baby a year prior.How did you find balance between work and treatment?I had an amazing staff and husband who contributed to balancing out the work load of both home and business.And maintaining the store?While I was out three months [my employees] took care of everything. I couldn't have been more blessed knowing that they were taking care of my business. My mom, sister, mother-in-law and friends from out-of-state came to assist with caring for me and helping with my family and newborn baby. I was so thankful for the outpour of their generosity.When did you finish treatments?My breast cancer was classified as stage I ductal cancer in the right breast. I took the radical route and decided to have a double mastectomy three months following the diagnosis. Since I had caught the cancer early enough, I was fortunate not to have to endure chemotherapy or radiation treatments following the surgery. I [opted to have] breast reconstructive surgery immediately following the mastectomy.When did you begin plans for your second location?It wasn't until after a clean bill of health (March, 2010) that I was able to get back to work and focus on my business again. I opened the second location [in Parker] eight months later.How has your experience as a cancer survivor affected you as a business owner?It has opened doors to a huge network of other cancer survivors through my business by sharing and supporting those people who have or have had breast cancer. I share my experience with so many people when I am working and by doing so I have developed new friendships -- a sisterhood, if you will -- as a cancer survivor. I'm amazed every day and so grateful to share or support my customers who have or are going through breast cancer.Celines Designer Resale Boutique, 15254 E. Hampden Ave., Aurora; 303-680-5544Celine Repeats, 17914 Cottonwood Drive, Parker; 303-766-7467 ?A recent found that more than half of young teachers plan to make teaching a lifelong career, and many more plan to stay for a long time. Yet half of new teachers leave urban classrooms within three years, just as they are beginning to have the strongest impact on student learning. That is a terrible loss for low-income students, whose classrooms experience the greatest churn. I founded to improve the achievement of urban children by ensuring that a greater proportion of students have access to excellent, experienced teachers. So what is driving great early-career teachers away? For a large proportion, it is a lack of leadership opportunities. As ambitious teachers master their craft, they discover that all growth paths lead out of the classroom. That is why Teach Plus engages thousands of solutions-oriented teachers in leadership opportunities that help transform the profession for a new generation. We are giving teachers a reason to stay. The time for this transformation is now. After decades in which Baby Boomers made up most of the teaching force, more than half of teachers in the U.S. today have . They are the New Majority. These early-career teachers' views are markedly different than those of the Baby Boomers, who will retire by the millions in the coming years. By and large, the media has ignored this sea change in the teaching profession. In the media's portrayal, teachers hate tests and find accountability to be unfair. Yet among the New Majority, it is much more common to find teachers who want to know their impact on student learning and have their success recognized. They want to see data about the progress their students are making on the curriculum they teach. They want good information that leads to opportunities to improve their practice. In polling Teach Plus has done in three cities, of teachers agree with the statement, "I believe that clear, measurable standards of effectiveness are critical for teaching to be recognized as a true profession." The New Majority is ready to be heard. The teachers associated with Teach Plus are already stepping up to tell policymakers what they think, and succeeding in changing minds and changing policy -- all while doing what they love most: teach. They know from experience what it will take to ensure that all students get the high-quality education that they deserve. This blog will be a place for their stories -- stories that are happening in real classrooms right now. We would all be wise to listen. Young people's futures depend on it.By Celine Coggins, founder and CEO, Teach PlusFollow Teach Plus on Twitter:?"Teacher voice is needed in order for real reform to take place," U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan told the inaugural cohort of last week, when he joined more than 200 teachers and policymakers to celebrate the launch of Teach Plus D.C. It was a message the Fellows took to heart.A diverse group of 25 district and charter teachers, the first D.C. cohort of Policy Fellows includes recent education school graduates, Teach for America and D.C. Teaching Fellowship alumni, and career-changers from fields as wide-ranging as business, mental healthcare and the military. Together, they'll spend the next eighteen months working toward positive change in their profession. Last Tuesday, they got started. Three of those new Fellows reflected on their evening with Secretary Duncan:Alyson Roberts, Reading Intervention, C.W. Harris Elementary School:As I Metro-ed across the city to the event with Secretary Duncan, my mind wandered to what I always seem to think about when I have some reflecting time: my students. My brilliant, hilarious, wonderful students. I thought about their smiling faces as we completed our reading lesson that day, of their excitement over our prediction chart for Groundhog Day. But these positive reflections were followed, as they often are, by a more sobering reality: how long will that excitement -- that hunger to learn -- last? Are my students still smiling now, outside of school? What can I do as an educator to ensure that my students never lose their thirst for knowledge, to ensure that they go on in life to reach the great potential I know they have?With my students in mind, I entered the room to meet Secretary Duncan, and it was with a renewed sense of urgency that I left that room. Secretary Duncan's down to earth, practical, no-nonsense nature truly resonated with me. He was right when he said this work was personal -- indeed, I was called to teaching because it is personal to me. My dedication to my students is all-consuming and unconditional. It is also true, as Secretary Duncan stated, that teachers are often too polite, too nice. The need is urgent for truly passionate and dedicated teachers to speak out and let the country -- even the world -- hear our views on what is best for our students. After all, we are on the front lines, fighting this daily battle. As Secretary Duncan challenged us to, I will be making a seat for myself at the table of education reform. If there isn't one available, I will be demanding a seat, even creating a new table if necessary. My students deserve to have their voices heard, and I am more than willing to be their advocate. That is, until they get around to changing the world themselves. Caryn Davidson, Kindergarten, Truesdell Education Campus:The excitement was palpable in the room where the D.C. Teaching Policy Fellows met for the first time. The same conversations were taking place all over the room, everyone trying to get a sense of who the others were. "Where do you teach?" "And where is that exactly?" "What issues are you interested in?" In that room, everyone's hopes were high for what we can accomplish over the next two school years, given our proximity to top policymakers and the track record of previous Teach Plus cohorts in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Memphis. The launch event with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was an inspiring way to start. Having grown up frequenting his mother's after-school center on Chicago's South Side, Secretary Duncan understands the challenges facing urban schools. I was impressed by his down to earth yet intense nature. When I had the opportunity to ask a question about how to support teachers who do so much for our students above and beyond our classroom roles, I appreciated his answer: first and foremost, provide more community resources to students and families, using the school as a natural organizing feature to take some of the extra burden off teachers. Secondly, better utilize the $2.5 billion of federal funding spent each year on for professional development. "That money keeps me up at night," said Secretary Duncan. He suggested that teachers need to investigate how the Title II funding intended for this purpose is spent in our schools and make recommendations about what trainings we need. Secretary Duncan was very clear: teachers need a voice at the table, and if a seat isn't made for us, we need to invite ourselves. If there is no table, we must create one. If one thing is true about the inaugural group of Teach Plus D.C. Teaching Policy Fellows, it's that we have some very strong voices among us. I'm willing to bet that if we need one, there's a carpenter or two as well. David Gesualdi, 1st Grade & Physical Education, KIPP D.C.: Heights Academy:62 percent of new teachers feel unprepared to do their job. Wow. The federal Department of Education spends over $2.5 billion on professional development to aide our flailing education system. Wow. Hearing these statistics roll off Secretary Arne Duncan's tongue, I was struck not only by the numbers themselves, but also by the fact that he addressed our problems so candidly and responded with ways to proactively seek solutions. From the moment he entered the Angle Room, where the Teaching Policy Fellows were getting to know each other, Secretary Duncan addressed us as his colleagues. Rolling up his sleeves and grinning, he asked, "So, why are you guys doing this?" He showed a deep interest in our purpose, and made clear that he saw us -- real, on-the-ground, current teachers -- as a positive force to improve our profession. Throughout the presentation, from Teach Plus C.E.O. Celine Coggins' inspiring journey towards the creation of Teach Plus, to Massachusetts Teacher of the Year Adam Gray's real-life example of his struggle to master this craft, to the words of the Secretary himself, I got a strong sense of who is leading the movement to revamp public education, and how, as teachers, we must have a voice in that movement. As a new Teaching Policy Fellow, I am excited and honored for the opportunity to be a part of the change.Alyson Roberts, Caryn Davidson, and David Gesualdi are . The Teaching Policy Fellowship is a highly selective program for current teachers interested in having a voice in decisions that affect their profession.Follow Teach Plus on Twitter:?By Celine CogginsLast week, I joined four at the International Summit on the Teaching Profession. These teachers came to the table with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the national heads of the AFT and NEA, and education leaders from around the world to contribute to an urgent conversation about what needs to happen in American public education to make us competitive on an international scale.This meeting took place at a moment when morale in the teaching profession has hit an all-time low. MetLife recently released the results from its annual , and the numbers were stunning:This is the strongest evidence yet that the budget cuts, perpetual layoffs, and media bashing that have defined the past few years are having dire consequences on the teaching force, and by extension, students in American classrooms.To me, this data reinforces my commitment to our mission. There has never been a time when we've needed the voice of teachers in education policy more. There has never been a time when we've needed more innovative ways to give our strongest teachers new reasons to keep working with students.While the MetLife survey got major media attention from coast to coast, an article by Brian Denitzio, a teacher at Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School in Boston, should have been a required companion piece. It's called "" and it describes how his experience as a teacher leader with the T3 Initiative was a game-changer in helping him to continue working with students while also growing professionally.It is possible to stem the tide of attrition and teacher dissatisfaction. Teachers like Brian inspire us to continue to offer an expanding number of leadership opportunities that encourage teachers to stay in the classroom, rather than moving to administrative roles or out of the field altogether. Teachers like Brian remind us of the urgent need to keep great teachers teaching, so kids continue to benefit from their talents.This spring, we'll be selecting almost 150 teacher leaders for our programs. Both Memphis and Chicago will welcome new cohorts of Teaching Policy Fellows. And in Boston, Fall River, MA and Memphis, we're recruiting exceptional educators into our T3 Initiative. . We invite teachers to apply and education leaders to nominate strong candidates. With more opportunities like these, we hope to keep great teachers in the classrooms that need them most -- and keep them professionally invigorated at the same time.Celine Coggins is the founder and CEO of . Check back later this week for teacher reflections on the International Summit on the Teaching Profession.Follow Teach Plus on Twitter:?Kanye West isn't the only guy with an affinity for Phoebe Philo. We all remember when he showed off his gender bending sartorial style at last year in an SS11 blouse from Celine. Other guys have taken cue from Yeezy and are hitting the streets in Celine ready to wear. But perhaps what's the trend is guys storming in Celine totes and bags. Over the past month, I've been in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and LA amongst a few other less fashion forward cities, but mainly everywhere I've gone I've seen guys toting Celine. I don't think masculinity comes in to question with the luggage tote. Sure it's meant to be a women's bag but its large, structured, and classic. The oversize bag which retails on an average just over $2,000 was once lusted after due to limited retailers that carry the French line is clearly now more widely available. Guys have gotten there hands on them too. "What's so great about Celine is that it's inspired by menswear and minimalism, so its perfect for guys who want something a bit more luxurious" said Remy DuMont (pictured above). I have to agree with him, what do you think? Follow Terrence Phearse on Twitter:?Terrence Phearse is a freelancer at KCD Worldwide, contributor at and The Blay Report. In the past he has worked at Giorgio Armani US Corp, with celebrity stylist June Ambrose, and is a former intern of InStyle Magazine,, Melissa Rubini Studio, Louis Vuitton North America, Vibe Magazine, Teen Vogue,, Seventeen and Paper Magazine. Terrence holds a B.S. from the Fashion Institute of Technology and lives in New York City.?If you've ever watched a music video and wondered what the hell it had to do with the song, this post is for you. It holds the best literal versions of music videos the Web has to offer. We would've included all the ones Aerosmith did in which Alicia Silverstone acted out every lyric of the song, but those were meant in earnest and were therefore disqualified.1) "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. "Here's where I pretend to be Eva Peron...Look at me I'm lifting my arms/ There's nothing else to zoom camera under this arch." Amazing.WATCH:2) "Separate Ways" by Journey. Journey is deeply under-appreciated in this society, but not in the world of literal videos. Their visual interpretation for "Separate Ways" perfectly lends itself to literal treatment as everything the band is awesomely ridiculous.WATCH:3) "Under The Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. (aka Dustin McLean) is credited as the founding father of this genre, and this is Dusto at his best: Completely inane.WATCH:4) "Take On Me" by Aha. This video was a huge hit on the Internets, introducing many people to a world in which lyrics and images were one and the same. Considering it's a drawing inside a video inside the 80s, everything lines up perfectly.WATCH:5) "Head Over Heels" by Tears for Fears. "I'm acting really bashful while I'm singing to you/ Oh, I won't go away, no I just won't go away." Any video with a monkey in a library needs to be mocked.WATCH:6) "Just A Friend" by Biz Markie. Our friend 's fabulous take on Biz Markie's one and only hit. WATCH:7) "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed. This one seems too easy in that Creed's music videos are often literal interpretations the first time around. Still, they are completely silly and the "Lion King" approach is an interesting twist.WATCH:Get HuffPost Comedy On and ?You know what might be even better than yesterday's bacon video that instructed people to "?" , set to the tune of Celine Dion's ballad The Power Of Love. In the food world, if any single item was to deserve such a tribute song, it's only fitting that it's bacon.This shot-for-shot spoof, performed by , is quite well-executed. Turn up the volume and belt it out -- you know you want to.WATCH:?By Walter Armstrong"Killed by Prescription Drugs" was the soundbite that headlined much of the instant media coverage of Whitney Houston's sudden death on Saturday. Some reports even named Xanax, a benzodiazepine, as the culprit; others repeated rumors of a Xanax/Ativan/Valium triple-benzo cocktail. If by Monday, after 24 hours of nonstop Whitney news -- or non-news -- the benzos were set to become the new Rx drug we love to hate, today it appears that medical reality has been, to some extent, restored, with the media reporting that a combination of benzos and booze took her life. But a sourced to a law-enforcement officer reported that Houston had what in the context of celebrity culture passes for a genuinely modest set of prescriptions: Xanax, Ibuprofin for pain, Midol for menstrual cramps and the antibiotic amoxicillin for an upper respiratory infection. (A toxicology report will not be available for a month or more.)More from The Fix:The fact is that Xanax taken on its own is . Benzos in general are simply not very toxic, except when taken in huge amounts -- as in a suicide attempt. The problem with the Death-by-Xanax headlines, then, is that not only are they misleading, but that they also confuse the public, simultaneously obscuring the benefits of this class of sedatives and their more serious dangers: their addictiveness. When prescribed to a chronic addict like Whitney Houston, Xanax and the other benzos are likely to become habit forming -- and downright harrowing to kick.In certain morning-after eulogies, Houston, who blazed trails as the first African-American R&B singer to take pop music by storm, was likened, talentwise, to Judy Garland, widely regarded by her peers as the world's greatest-ever entertainer. Oddly, it appears the two women's deaths share several distressing details -- both perished at 48, from heart and lung failure due to a combination of alcohol and sedatives, in a bathroom, alone. The toxicology report on Judy Garland, who died in 1969, revealed that her blood contained the equivalent of 10 capsules of the barbiturate Seconal.Ironically, when the first benzodiazepines hit the market -- Librium in 1960 and Valium ten years later -- they were hailed as a great advance over barbiturates for the very reason that benzos appeared to be far less toxic and therefore harder to OD on. But just as Seconal, Nembutal and other "dolls" bagged some of Hollywood's biggest hides, including Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix and Tennessee Williams, so Xanax can claim a star-studded (and growing) roster of RIPs, including, Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger. These and the vast majority of other fatal overdoses involve Xanax taken, not alone, but with a cocktail of other psychoactive drugs and/or alcohol. Anna Nicole Smith OD'd on nine such drugs, including four different benzos.Xanax, approved in 1980 for the then-brand-new diagnosis of "panic attack," is America's most (over)prescribed psychiatric drug, outpacing even the antidepressants that made us "The Prozac Nation." Every year, doctors write more than 50 million benzo scrips -- more than one per second -- and 11 percent to 15 percent of all adult Americans have a bottle in their medicine cabinet, (APA). While only 1 percent are daily benzo users -- denoting abuse or addiction -- the prevalence of benzos is, somewhat paradoxically, exceptionally high in psychiatric and addiction treatment centers. These very addictive molecules are commonly given to alcoholics and opiate addicts to quell the existential fear and trembling that accompanies withdrawal during detox.The popularity of benzos can be measured by their blockbuster sales: Xanax is ranked number nine on the list of the nation's top-earning drugs; Klonopin, no. 32, Ativan no. 33 and Valium (still, after 40 years!) no. 51. These rankings are even more remarkable when you consider that all four drugs are available as generics, costing pennies per pill. Are we really, as a nation, that panicked?Whitney Houston's benzo abuse appears to have resembled that of millions of other Americans -- 80 percent of such abuse involves combining the drug with another substance, most often alcohol, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Similarly, anywhere from 3 percent to 41 percent of alcoholics have reported abusing the sedatives. In fact, benzos have become a mainstay of many styles of drugging -- just what the doctor ordered when coming down off a crystal high, say, or to boost the euphoric effect of smack or Oxy. The addicted mind is ingenious in its rationalizations, and Houston may have thought, as alcoholics do, that a few benzos will get her drunk faster, so she would end up drinking less.Hand-wringing over America's epidemic of prescription drug abuse has become a familiar gesture, and Houston's death offers a most apt occasion to do so: This so-called epidemic is constituted, almost entirely, by two classes of drugs: opioid-based painkillers, such as Vicodin, OxyContin, percocet and the like and benzodiazepines. Together, they accounted for about 68 percent of the total emergency room visits for pharmaceutical overdoses (1.08 million) in 2009, with opioids first (39 percent, or 416,500) but benzos not far behind (29 percent, or 313,000). Since 2004 alone, benzo emergencies were up by 118 percent, opiates by 140 percent; by stark (if underappreciated) contrast, ER visits related to heroin, cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs remained stable or actually decreased. Hospital and treatment center admissions for benzo addiction garnered headlines when the CDC's Drug Abuse Warning Network () announced the news last fall because it marked a 300 percent jump in just 10 years. If the benzos' main selling point was their comparative safety, little attention was paid, early on, to their addictiveness. Yet this serious drawback quickly earned Valium the ironic encomium "mother's little helper." While only a conspiracy theorist would accuse drugmakers of intentionally designing to promote addictiveness, a business model with higher margins than addiction is hard to imagine.Given how widely benzos are prescribed by doctors and how frequently patients (ab)use them, it is tempting to say that they turn people into addicts. But that charge is off the mark. What benzos do is almost unerringly find their way into the hands of addicts, typically on top of one or some already-established addictions, hastening the disease progression while increasing the risks.Why is it so easy to become addicted to these sedatives? Partly because they work like a charm, melting that deer-in-the-headlights paralysis that accompanies stage fright or social anxiety, settling nerves, smoothing edginess, delivering the same sensation of "unwinding" as that first drink at happy hour. (I speak from experience.) As Valium's addictive properties became a black eye, drugmakers aiming to come up with competitors faced a quandary. Because addictiveness is so poorly understood, they could not engineer an addiction-proof benzodiazepine molecule in the same way that, say, they could reformulate a pill to be abuse-proof by making it impossible to crush. What they managed instead was to "improve" the sedative with the usual pharmacological tweaks, making it stronger, faster acting and/or longer lasting. Ironically, these are the very qualities that make mood-altering chemicals more, rather than less, addictive.The Food and Drug Administration, alert to the drug's habit-forming tendency, approved the sedative only for short-term use. The Drug Enforcement Agency further attempted to put the brakes on runaway abuse by making it a Schedule IV drug. Yet federal regulations can only intrude so far into the pharma-physician-patient triangle. Because the symptoms benzos treat, such as anxiety and insomnia, tend to be sporadic and/or intermittent, most prescriptions are "as needed," which is, for an addict, a minefield of an instruction. "As needed" can morph all too easily into "as wanted." At the same time, the drug's class strength -- its relative safety -- became, in practice, a liability, freeing doctors as it did from the restraints of ethical and especially legal fears.Like all addictive substances, benzos foster tolerance, which in turn requires you to take more drug for the same effect; upping the dose accelerates dependence, and that way addiction lies.Yet, in the final analysis, there is one sense in which Xanax did kill Whitney Houston. The active ingredient -- the benzodiazepine molecule -- works its sedative effect by increasing the release of GABA, the most common "inhibitory" chemical in the central nervous system (CNS): the more GABA, the less brain activity -- a desirable end when in the throes of a panic attack, but a hindrance when, say, taking the SATs. At the neuronal level, benzos dial up the sensitivity of the billions of CNS receptors to which GABA binds, intensifying its inhibitory effect.But when taken with other GABA-inducing drugs (opiates, hypnotics, barbiturates, other benzos and, of course, alcohol), however, the risk of overdose rises exponentially because they all act on the receptor in similar ways and to similar ends. As your CNS is flooded all at once with billions of messages to slow down, the signals necessary to spark activity in the rest of your body fade out. The beating of your heart slows down. Your breathing stops.Whether this scenario played out in the last minutes of Whitney Houston's life remains to be learned. It would be no surprise if her toxicology report, much like Judy Garland's, showed that her blood contained 10 times the prescribed amount of Xanax. She may have been popping these pills in like fashion for months or even years. She may have done so while consuming large amounts of alcohol. She may have believed that Xanax-and-booze were a healthier substitute addiction for her infamous cocaine addiction, which cost her so dearly in reputation and respect. She may have been right.The search for a single bullet might be better served by heeding the sage Celine Dion, who told Good Morning America yesterday that she blamed the "bad people and bad influences" of celebrity culture for Houston's death. "What happens when you have everything?" she asked. Whitney Houston might provide a cautionary answer.Related on HuffPost: ?Right from the off, we were told this was a crucial stage of the competition C presumably, referring to The Voices chances of sucking the oxygen back from Britains Got Talent for Saturday night viewing (they can relax, from next week, theyve got it back to themselves, but until then)But Voice bosses havent been resting on their laurels, coming up with ways to keep The Voice dramatic in a post-spinning-chair era. Their answer: doubling up the eviction rate C two each from teams Tom and Will this week C and getting these two judges to perform with their acts. Which did the job. After all the contestants had done their bit, with Ruth Brown and Jaz Ellington firmly out in front on the leaders board, Silver Bear Sir Tom showed how it was done with an effortless rendition of Hit The Road Jack, before Will hit it out of the park with his band of five singing Black Eyed Peas own song Just Cant Get Enough, with a show-stealing rap from the nations favourite tweeter. More From The Voice:But which FOUR are going out tomorrow? Heres a round-up of everyone in action tonight, before the results show tomorrow Team TomLeanne Mitchell sang I Got A Spell on You. It emerged during emotional rehearsals with Tom, that she used to sing this song with her then boyfriend, before their temporary split. Hes now her husband, which made this song extra special for the performer. It was a spikey, spirited rendition of the classic with some soaring notes that got Tom smiling C it rose to a beat em belter that got the audience, and every judge, on their feet, and Will and others applauding those riffs, those runs.Matt and Sueleen have been enjoying recognition in their hometown for more than being the man who looks like Gandalf in recent weeks. Tom didnt look too chuffed as his folksy duo tried gamely to hit every harmonising note of Miss You (by Everything But The Girl), but it didnt always come off, perhaps because they were seated facing away from each other. The judges applauded them for taking chances C never a good sign Ruth Brown had a dream come true just in rehearsals when one of her singing idols Emeli Sande popped in to see how she was getting on with her rendition of Next to Me. Ruth did her proud with an anthemic, breast-beating performance that hit the back wall. When I hear Ruth sing, I get choked up, said Tom. Adam Isaac, already a favourite with the ladies C a few marriage proposals since the beginning of the series - stuck out once again this week with his rocky version of Radioheads High and Dry. Danny didnt think it was Adams best yet, but Will thought it was dope and he added, thats not a word I use lightly.Team WillFrances Wood C teamed a saucy tutu with dark boots for a disco-tastic You Gotta Show Me Love (originally by Robin S). Will said he was proud, with every note, although Jessie expressed reservations that it was very comfortable, you could have taken more risk.Joelle Moses found herself in the bottom two last week, and threw everything into this weeks efforts to avoid that happening again, even taking her coachs advice not to sing a Celine Dion song. Instead, she went for Stronger, and gave an impressively assured performance. Jessie and Danny thought she finished better than she started, but Will was having none of it.Tyler James admitted to nerves in rehearsal, but managed to keep it together for Terence Trent DArbys Sign My Name, with a particular piercing falsetto as strong as your normal voice. Jessie was so impressed with him, she suggested she and Tyler went out for dinner. Jaz Ellington has had a busy week, discovering the gender of his baby. He also found time to prepare a mash-up of Just The Way You Are, by Billy Joel and Bruno Mars respectively, which he sang to rabble-rousing effect, re-sealing his favourite status, temporarily whipped away from him by Ruth in the last couple of weeks. ?What has always made Robin Williams interesting is that because he's talking quickly and extemporaneously, it seems "improvised". However, having admired Robin from afar for 25 years of my life and having never passed up a chance to see him perform or on a show, RARELY is anything he says actually off the top of his head, but rather recycled material filtered through his rapid response brain. For instance, he used a joke in Aladdin I heard him "riff" way back on an episode of Mork & Mindy ("also makes Julian fries"). Almost every joke he used in the Actor's Studio interview was old hat, I'd heard him do before, just not in that order or context. At one point he seemingly "improvised" a scene using a scarf from the audience using the pun "So Sari", which I've heard him do on at least 5 separate occasions over the years. He also has such a super-absorbent brain, fellow comedians in the late 70's and 80's refused to do new material if he was at the comedy club because "elements" of their bits would "magically" show up in his riffs. At the Comedy Store, they actually used the lights that marked stagetime for comedians to warn those performing that Robin had stepped into the room. Not to take anything away from him- what's made him brilliant is because he has such an amazingly expansive repertoire of humor at the edge of his brain and is able to connect to it so quickly, he's been able to "fool" people into thinking it's all off the top of his head. It's never as fun when you pull back the curtain on the wizard, but even knowing all this, I still love watching him!?Ever get the feeling that a terrible Celine Dion song is stalking you via the radio? Every time you scan the dial there it is taunting your heart to "... forever."You're not being paranoid. Commercial radio stations everywhere have been swallowed up by a handful of giant corporations, playlists have shrunk, and local and independent acts have been drowned out, as Big Radio soaks listeners in a mind-numbing concoction of saccharine and aspartame.The good news is that your rescue is at hand. On Tuesday, Reps. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) and Lee Terry (R-Neb.) introduced a bipartisan bill that would pry open our radio airwaves for thousands of new stations, bringing independent acts like , and -- or your favorite local band -- to the audiences they deserve. Unleashing Radio's Potential The Local Community Radio Act would unleash the potential of new music for millions of listeners across the country. The bill tasks Washington with licensing thousands of Low Power FM radio stations (known in radio geekdom as LPFM). There are already on the air. They're run out of college campuses, garages, , and local churches, and aimed specifically at listeners in their surrounding neighborhood. And they're not just airing independent music. Some are providing local news and information that in has kept people alive.Hoarding Air Why local radio mattersWe made a run at getting up to 3,000 more LPFM station on the air in the last Congress; more than 100 members supported a similar bill in 2008. But it ran afoul of Big Media's lobbying arm, the National Association of Broadcasters, which makes its living off hoarding the public airwaves for a small corporate clientele - including many of the broadcasters that put Celine Dion on your tail.The prospects for the new bipartisan bill are better. Groups like , and the are ready to fight off the lobbyists and their efforts to quash new radio. Already 1,300 people have joined a Facebook group dedicated to "." And a new Twitter (#lpfm) is now generating updates as the Local Community Radio Act moves through Congress.A Megaphone for the Many That's something, but it may not be enough to give radio listeners real choices and new voices at every turn of the dial. We need to support this bill - yes, unanimous support when it goes to a vote. It could be Congress's first real display of bipartisanship. What better way to ring in a new era of participatory media than by injecting new blood into a radio system that's been a megaphone for the few, for far too long.?["entry_id":"1942549","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/251212/slide_251212_1534672_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/251212/slide_251212_1534672_small.jpg","title":"Cruel Summer Lineup","slideshow_id":"251212","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1946334","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/203941/slide_203941_598900_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/203941/slide_203941_598900_small.jpg","title":"Beyonce and Jay-Z","slideshow_id":"203941","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1945148","entry_url":"","content_type":"video","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254583/slide_254583_1597268_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/254583/slide_254583_1597268_small.jpg","title":"Liam Neeson Movies","slideshow_id":"254583","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1944139","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/251152/slide_251152_1533519_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/251152/slide_251152_1533519_small.jpg","title":"Photos From 'The Perks Of Being a Wallflower'","slideshow_id":"251152","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1942941","entry_url":"","content_type":"tweet","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/249474/slide_249474_1493194_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/249474/slide_249474_1493194_small.jpg","title":"'Sliver Linings Playbook' Twitter Reactions","slideshow_id":"249474","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1944982","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/215716/slide_215716_791307_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/215716/slide_215716_791307_small.jpg","title":"Obama With Celebrities","slideshow_id":"215716","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1943512","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255143/slide_255143_1609061_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255143/slide_255143_1609061_small.jpg","title":"Leona Lewis","slideshow_id":"255143","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1944981","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/213492/slide_213492_769678_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/213492/slide_213492_769678_small.jpg","title":"Celebs Who Go On Reality TV As Judges","slideshow_id":"213492","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1945105","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/195790/slide_195790_452463_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/195790/slide_195790_452463_small.jpg","title":"Twilight Stars Hand And Footprint Ceremony","slideshow_id":"195790","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1946190","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/245349/slide_245349_1394288_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/245349/slide_245349_1394288_small.jpg","title":"TV Reunions We Want To See","slideshow_id":"245349","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1943295","entry_url":"","content_type":"video","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/42469/slide_42469_327388_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/42469/slide_42469_327388_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity Commercials Before They Were Famous","slideshow_id":"42469","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1943928","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/221717/slide_221717_1608904_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/221717/slide_221717_1608904_small.jpg","title":"Celebrity News & Photos","slideshow_id":"221717","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1942725","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/253728/slide_253728_1582850_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/253728/slide_253728_1582850_small.jpg","title":"Rare Beatles Photos","slideshow_id":"253728","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1944849","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/36845/slide_36845_316367_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/36845/slide_36845_316367_small.jpg","title":"Celebrities Turned Politicians","slideshow_id":"36845","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1946133","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/231845/slide_231845_1080927_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/231845/slide_231845_1080927_small.jpg","title":""E.T." Where Are They Now?","slideshow_id":"231845","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1943799","entry_url":"","content_type":"tweet","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255175/slide_255175_1609668_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255175/slide_255175_1609668_small.jpg","title":"'Not Fade Away' Reactions","slideshow_id":"255175","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1943164","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/232749/slide_232749_1097865_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/232749/slide_232749_1097865_small.jpg","title":"Father's Day Movies To Watch With Dad","slideshow_id":"232749","vertical":"entertainment","entry_id":"1944075","entry_url":"","content_type":"image","image_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255173/slide_255173_1609989_small.jpg","thumbnail_url":"gadgets/slideshows/255173/slide_255173_1609989_small.jpg","title":"The Week In Ouch","slideshow_id":"255173","vertical":"entertainment"]?Celine Dion's timeless "Titanic" theme song told us that the heart will go on (and on), but she never mentioned anything about the tributes to that ill-fated ship on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking. (Seriously -- we get it.)To mark the occasion, James Cameron's 1997 Oscar-winning Best Picture "Titanic" got re-released in 3D; there were new forensics investigations conducted on Titanic: The Final Word" on NatGeo, the channel that's also hosting a nine-hour Titanic-themed marathon of specials and documentaries on the anniversary, Sun., Apr. 15; and now we have "Titanic," a four-part miniseries (pictured, airs Sat., Apr. 14, 8 p.m. ET and Sun., Apr. 15, 9 p.m. ET on ABC) from "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes. And that's just the tip of the iceberg ... pun very much intended.But the anniversary and influx of creative Titanic coverage only made us more obsessed with the ship at the center of it all. So we're raising our sails and saluting our favorite TV boats, cruise ships, submarines and other vessels (plus, their famous passengers, like Ryan Gosling).Just sit right back (and click into our gallery) and you'll hear a tale, a tale of quite a few other famous TV boats. Ahoy!Related on HuffPost: ?Much like it's predecessor, the RMS Titanic who sunk on April 15, 1912 after hitting an iceberg on it's maiden voyage from, the Titanic II is no longer with us. The punchy 16-foot boat suffered a leak and sunk off the coast of Dorset, England. Don't worry, the crew, consisting only of captain Mark Wilkinson, made it safely to land thanks to the quick work of the harbor police. . ?the_north_face: ã??Miumiu 財å¸?ã??ã?¯ç??ã??ã??å?¯æ??ã??å??ç´ã??ã??ã?¨ã?«ã??ã?¦ä½?ã??å?ºã??ã??ã?¤ã?¿ã?ªã?¢ã??ã?©ã?³ã??å??ã?§ã??ã??ã??ã??ã?«ã??女æ?§ã?«ã?¨ã?£ã?¦ã??ç??ã??ã??ã?­ã?¥ã?¼ã??ã?¯ã?¤å®?ç?¨æ?§ã??å??ã??ã??財å¸?ã?¯ã?ªã??ã?¦ã?¯ã??ã??ã?ªã??ã??ã?®ã?§ã??ã??ã??財å¸? Miumiuã??ã?¯ã??ã??ã??ã?®è¦?ç´ã??çµ?ã?³ã?¤ã??ã?¦ä»?ä¸?ç´?大人æ°?ã?ªã??ã?©ã?³ã??å??財å¸?ã?«ã?ªã??ã?¾ã??ã??ã??ã?¶ã?¤ã?³ã?®ä¸?ã?§ã??æ§?ã??å?¯æ??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??å½¢ã??æ?¡ç?¨ã??ã?¦ã??è¶?人æ°?ã?ªç??ã??財å¸?ã??ä½?ã??å?ºã??ã?¾ã??ã??ä»?ã??å?¯æ??ã??ã?®ã??ã??ã?ªå¥³æ?§ã??å¤?å??ã??Miu miu 財å¸?ã??ã?«ç?®ã??ã??ã??ã?¾ã??ã??ï¼??LONDON — The names change, not the results. Just call the U.S. women's basketball team Olympic champion – again.The Americans won their fifth straight gold medal Saturday, routing France 86-50 and putting more distance between themselves and the rest of the world heading into the 2016 Rio Games."It just shows the depth and talent in our country. Women's basketball, it's our sport – it's our sport," said Diana Taurasi, who has been a part of the last three gold medals. "We grew up playing since we were little and give it every single little bit of energy we have."Candace Parker scored 21 points, including eight straight during the game-changing run in the second quarter as the U.S. won its 41st straight Olympic game.This one was special.Taurasi, who said she doesn't get emotional, cried receiving her gold medal and then paraded around draped in an American flag."A little trip down memory lane," Taurasi said. "The track record was going through my head. My parents, Coach was there. It was just a lot of things hit me at once and that's what happened."The winning streak started in the bronze medal game in 1992. In that stretch, the Americans have won by nearly 30 points a game. Only one team has stayed within single digits of them, and they've lost just once in major international competitions, to Russia in the semifinals of the 2006 world championship.Coach Geno Auriemma didn't want to get drawn into the debate of where this team ranks among the five that have won the gold."The United States has had great teams since 1996 and we are just another one on the list," he said. "We accomplished the same thing they did and I don't know if that separates us. I think it just makes us equal."Teresa Edwards, Dawn Staley, Sheryl Swoopes and Lisa Leslie got the amazing run started, and Taurasi, Sue Bird and Tamika Catchings have continued it.With young stars Parker, Maya Moore and Tina Charles a big part of the success in London it doesn't look like the run will end anytime soon."The players give back. You have players coming back for a third Olympics to show the younger players what it takes to win a gold medal," said Parker, a two-time Olympian. "I learned a lot from Tina Thompson, Lisa Leslie, Katie Smith and now Dee, Tamika, Sue. It's just the passing down of what it takes to win. That commitment to USA Basketball."Catchings said the Americans "just wanted to keep that legacy going."Edwards, a five-time Olympian, said no worry there."The legacy is real," said Edwards, who had a front-row seat Saturday night. "What these kids have been doing is amazing. Without much time to practice. In the middle of the WNBA season. And they look good. It's like the whole world knows who we are. I'm really proud of them."They're definitely among some of the best" U.S. teams.The U.S. faced its only challenge of the London Games when Australia took a four-point halftime lead. It was the first time in 12 years that the Americans had been trailing at the half. There was no panic or worry. They just stepped up their defense and vanquished the Australians, winning by 13 points."It's not easy to just be put together and be expected to win a gold medal," Taurasi said. "It's a special feeling."France, which came into the gold medal game unbeaten, stayed with the U.S. for the first 12 minutes before Parker took over. She scored eight straight points during a 13-2 run that gave the U.S. a 37-23 advantage. Twice the 6-foot-4 Parker grabbed the rebound on the defensive end and dribbled up through the defense scoring on the other.While Parker – who also had 11 rebounds – was providing the offense, the Americans turned up their defense, holding France to just one basket over the final 7:25 of the half."We always felt like as long as we played our best ... we'd be all right," Bird said.The U.S. led by 12 at the half and poured it on in the third quarter. France got within 41-31 but the U.S. scored 13 of the next 14 points any thoughts of a monumental upset were forgotten.On one sequence, Catchings got a steal and passed to Bird, who hit Moore in perfect stride for a finger-roll lay-in down the lane. It only got worse from there for France, which was making its Olympic debut.The Americans bottled up France's flashy point guard Celine Dumerc, who made only field goal in the first half and finished with eight points."I'm just happy to have this medal around my neck," Dumerc said of her silver. "We lost to a very good team and we made history for women's basketball in our country."___Follow Doug Feinberg on Twitter at ?Two people have been charged with extortion after being arrested by detectives for allegedly trying to sell embarrassing information about singer Stev...?"The Huffington Post UK" is provided by AOL (UK) Limited. ©2012 AOL (UK) Limited its affiliates and licensors.Part of HuffPost News . HPMG News?eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpSzBNJOBqEzcV2f6zvgZ4FLzuHlXFqCtvHEMfu8cnurHGtdTrlO6FQ6fVx4NbTyV%2B7Ql2tAH0vCj4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN?This is definitely our favorite YouTube cover of the weekend: Adele's hit single 'Rolling In The Deep' performed by siblings Angie (10, vocals), Abelardo (15, guitar/bass/piano), and Gustavo Vazquez (13, drums) from Mexico -- '.'What do you think: Could the Vazquez kids be the next Jonas Brothers? Do they do Adele's song justice? Any other teen YouTube stars we should know about? Tell us in the comments or tweet us !(Found via )Check out this slideshow of other amazing teens on our radar right now: ?It was a night bustling with big hair and bold clothes as "divas" took over the stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York for last night's annual VH1 Divas concert.Stars in attendance included Mary J. Blige, Kelly Clarkson, Florence + The Machine, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J., Jill Scott, Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Boyz II Men, Estelle, Marsha Ambrosius and Travis McCoy. An unexpected guest? Rapper 50 Cent, who went as Chaka Khan's date.Sartorially, the night was packed with sequins and spangles (what, you think "divas" would try to blend into a crowd?). Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson both had two costume changes (the latter opting for a sexy orange minidress and later, a sequined evening gown). Our new favorite style icon, Florence Welch, wore two of her trademark pre-Raphaelite gowns, one silver and low-cut and the other lacy and black.Baffling Look of the Night goes unquestionably to Jessie J, whose pink and orange-fringed bodysuit made her look like she had just skipped in from doing backflips at the circus.The annual event where soul music has thrived, like Philadelphia, Detroit, Memphis, Chicago and London. Welch, Wanda Jackson and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings also paid tribute to the late Amy Winehouse.The special airs tonight on VH1, but why wait? Check out our slideshow of all the star power and sparkling couture below. ?FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. (AP) While Wal-Mart's U.S. business is roaring back, the world's largest retailer will face scrutiny from shareholders at its annual meeting Friday in the wake of allegations that top executives neglected their responsibility in a bribery scandal in Mexico. Shareholder groups, including the nation's two largest public pension funds, and key proxy adviser firms have called for the removal of several board members, including CEO Mike Duke and former CEO Lee Scott. Investors have filed lawsuits against top executives. The descendants of founder Sam Walton own about 50 percent of Wal-Mart's shares, so activist shareholders have little chance of voting out the board members. But any lack of support for the leaders is a blow to the retailer, which has worked hard to rebuild its reputation. Such criticism could dampen the festivities of the celebrity-laden event, which will celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. The New York Times reported in April that Wal-Mart allegedly failed to notify law enforcement after finding evidence that officials authorized millions of dollars in bribes in Mexico to get speedier building permits and other favors. Mexico is Wal-Mart's largest international operation. Duke was the head of the international division and Scott was CEO when Wal-Mart was conducting the probe in 2005. Federal authorities in the U.S. and Mexico are said to be investigating Wal-Mart for potential violations of the 1977 law that forbids U.S. companies from bribing foreign officials. Wal-Mart has said it is overhauling its compliance program and has launched an internal investigation. It disclosed last month that it is widening the investigation to other countries. Executives are not expected to discuss details of the case during presentations to thousands of people expected at the annual meeting at the basketball arena at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. In a pep rally with international workers Wednesday, executives including Duke and international CEO Doug McMillon, urged employees to embrace integrity and follow the rules of business established by its founder. During a media conference Thursday, McMillon said Wal-Mart plans to use the accusations to strengthen its protocols not only relating to foreign bribery but also other issues like food safety. "A moment like this causes us to be on our toes," McMillon said. "We're trying to use this as an opportunity to be an even stronger company." Still, Wal-Mart's strong financial performance offers reasons for investors to cheer. The company's shares fell more than 7 percent to $57 per share right after the allegations of bribery were reported. But since reporting a better-than-expected first-quarter profit that showed an improving U.S. namesake business, shares have more than recovered. The stock is now trading at around $65. Wal-Mart's U.S. namesake unit, which accounts for 60 percent of net sales, turned in its best performance in three years in revenue at stores open at least a year. That metric rose 2.6 percent in the division for the first quarter. That marked the third consecutive quarterly gain for the division after nine straight quarters of declines. The figure is considered a key measurement of retail performance because it excludes stores that open or close during the year. Total revenue for the U.S. Wal-Mart division rose 5.9 percent. Customer traffic rose for the second quarter in the row. And its clothing business posted its first sales gain in six years after going back to basics like underwear and jeans. The business had been struggling because its core low-income customers had been hard hit by joblessness and other challenges in the weak economy. The unit also had erred in veering away from its "everyday low prices" strategy and getting rid of popular merchandise. But Wal-Mart last year began adding back 10,000 products and refocused on keeping prices low.?FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- What do Taylor Swift and Bill Clinton have in common? It's not the folksy accents, though, perhaps those helped them score the gig. On Friday at Walmart's annual shareholders meeting, the singer and the politician both gushed with praise for the company. In front of a crowd of 14,000 workers and investors in the University of Arkansas' Bud Walton Arena, Swift performed songs on a glittery silver guitar and talked about shopping for candy at her local Walmart in Nashville, Tenn.In a prerecorded video that played on a screen on the stage, Clinton praised Walmart's sustainability efforts, which he said would have made company founder Sam Walton proud. Lionel Richie, Juanes, the Zac Brown Band and Celine Dion also performed in person.Friday's four-hour meeting -- which began at 7 a.m. -- culminated a week-long party thrown by Walmart for its workers or "associates." Each year, Walmart flies in an associate from each of its stores -- about 5,000 people in total -- to the area surrounding its Bentonville, Ark., headquarters. All the Walmart associates who attended are also shareholders owning stock, mostly through the company's 401(k) plan.Since this year is Walmart's 50th anniversary, the . But the annual gathering was also sullied by a scandal that erupted in late April after The New York Times published in order to fuel its rapid growth in that country. A few critics of Walmart also showed up at Friday's meeting, which was the last opportunity for shareholders to vote on a slate of candidates for the company's board of directors as well as three shareholder and two company proposals.Jackie Goebel, 60 of Kenosha, Wis., a Walmart associate for 24 years, who helped draft a shareholder proposal that would have required the company to issue a report on executive incentive compensation plans, criticized Walmart's treatment of workers during her speech. "Our stores are understaffed," said Goebel, who is also a member of labor organization OUR Walmart. "We can't provide the type of service that Sam Walton built the company on." Though Goebel's proposal received applause, hers and two other proposals by shareholders were voted down as Walmart observers had expected. With the Walton family owning almost half of the company's stock, any other outcome would have been highly unlikely. Shareholders elected all 16 board members recommended by Walmart.While Walmart's financial performance has been strong -- as of Friday afternoon, its share price was roughly 5 percent higher than before the scandal hit -- some investors are concerned about ethics. Three of the largest pension funds in the United States voted against reappointing members of Walmart's board, including CEO Mike Duke, former CEO Lee Scott and Chairman Rob Walton. The funds, CalPERS, CalSTRS and the , claim that these board members played a role in suppressing Walmart's internal investigation of the bribery in Mexico."CalSTRS does not have confidence that the current board has the independence and leadership needed to address these difficult issues," according to from the fund. A few days earlier, in a May 19 report, ISS, one of the largest proxy advisory firms in the United States, also criticized Walmart executives Duke and Scott for "a staggering lack of judgment" in their decisions to have Walmart's internal investigation of the alleged bribery run by officials implicated.At the shareholders meeting, Duke and other executives responded to critics. "Walmart is committed to compliance and integrity everywhere we operate," Duke said. "I want to personally assure you that we're doing everything we can to get to the bottom of this matter.""If you work for Walmart, there is no gray area between right and wrong," he said. "It's either the right thing to do or it shouldn't be done at all. This is my standard. It was Sam Walton's standard."Sam Walton was the name mentioned most often during the meeting, by both Walmart insiders and critics. Since his death in 1992, Walmart's founder, "Mr. Sam," has become a kind of deity at the company's annual meetings. At the start of Friday's event, the Walmart chairman, Rob Walton, and his siblings, Alice and Jim, told stories about their father and what it was like to clean floors and dust china in his first store in Bentonville. Black-and-white photos of and newspaper clippings about Walton flanked the stage. Between musical acts, a central screen displayed a collage of Walton's face composed of tiny individual photos of Walmart workers.Justin Timberlake, the host of the event, also referenced Walton: The actor-singer first walked on stage wearing a Hawaiian grass skirt, something Walton once did when visiting Wall Street. "I finally understand the Walmart way," Timberlake said at the meeting's close. "It's not just associates. You are a family." But the feud among members of the "family" is far from over. At a shareholders Q&A following the meeting, members of labor group OUR Walmart presented executives with a petition calling for the resignation of Duke and Walton. Some 17,000 people had signed the petition, the group said. While her proposal didn't pass, Goebel considered the shareholders meeting a success. "After the meeting I went outside and it was amazing. Walmart associates approached me and said, 'You're the person that spoke.' They said, 'You spoke for us.'"When asked about the petition at a Q&A with analysts later Friday afternoon, Walmart U.S. CEO Bill Simon said the associates sympathetic to OUR Walmart and other labor groups represented "a relatively small number of people." Susan Chambers, a Walmart executive vice president, added that Walmart ranks "between high and best in class" for the retail sector in the opinion surveys the company conducts with its associates. Check out the celebrities and executives at the meeting:?Usually a celebrity wardrobe malfunction consists of a generous dose of sideboob, a visible tush or, most classically, the accidental flash...?Traciana Graves, founder of , enjoyed a successful career as a vocal artist, singing back-up vocals for sensations like Celine Dion. Eventually she started to feel like she wasn't doing enough with the 22 hours of her day when she wasn't performing on stage. Her childhood and young adult years had been plagued by bullying, and when the issue of bullying was brought to her attention again she felt that she needed to do something about it. Since January 2011 she has reached over 7,000 people with Project Bully Free Zone's workshops, which cater to schools and corporations who feel a need for bullying education and prevention.Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Have you taken steps towards your business dream? Tell me about it in the comment section below.My Weekly NewsletterSign up to receive my email newsletter each week - It will keep you up-to-date on upcoming articles, Mondays with Marlo guests, videos, and more! ?Stylist got his boyfriend, "" writer/producer , a little worried when the pair agreed to play "Plead the Fifth" on "" (Weeknights, 11 p.m. EST on Bravo).Host asked, "Tell us one unflattering thing about Gary we would be surprised to hear." To which Brad replied, "He loves getting blowouts." A worried-looking Gary obviously thought Brad was going to say something else exhaled in relief when he heard the word "blowout."Then, Cohen asked Brad to name a celebrity he would refuse to style. Diplomatically, Brad replied, "My door's always open."When Gary was in the hot seat, Cohen asked him to choose between "Will or Grace?" The answer: Will, natch. But Gary showed he could be just as diplomatic as Brad when Cohen asked what was the worst project he'd ever written for. He wisely plead the fifth on that.Watch Andy and his guests in the Bravo clubhouse on "Watch What Happens Live," Weeknights at 11 p.m. EST on Bravo. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser.Related on HuffPost: ?Palm Beach Post:UPDATE: may have been the result of a broken water main, the Palm Beach Post reports.***Imagine filling a 50-gallon bathtub five times a day for a year.Even then, you wouldn't come close to what some Treasure Coast water customers use in just one month.While most residents use fewer than 10,000 gallons a month, utility records show that some of the Treasure Coast's most water-hungry residents use more than 15 times that amount.The biggest users live along Martin County's coastline, including wealthy Jupiter Island, where homeowners use up to 1.6 million gallons a month - more than 250 times the average amount used by residential customers served by Martin County utilities.For the 12 months that ended in March, the title of top water-guzzler went to Renlec Management, the Montreal-based company of Canadian singer Celine Dion, who owns 5.7 acres in the island town. In a year, the property used about 6.5 million gallons of water, or enough to fill a 50-gallon bathtub about every four minutes. ?You are entitled to your opinion, but I don't share it. I think Celine Dion is a marvelous talent/performer, but her voice has an excessive vibrato and tremlo, some of Celine Dion's songs are magnificent....and other's totally get on my nerves from that vibrato. Whitney Houston's voice in it's excellence" was pure perfecton, any song she sang, "because of that voice", and her musical phrasing was a master piece". I am an opera singer.....I know voices and technique, Whitney Houston''s voice was one of those god given voices of perfection, "she is the original from which all others copied and found their wings" Hers was a "truly glorious instrument", unmatched hands down". Whitney Houston came before Celine she too benefited from Whitney Houston's body of work, I remember Celine when she was introduced via a Disney duet with Peabo Bryson. Whitney exploded when her voice was first heard, I lived it, she is my era and my generation, she was unmatched. She struggled with pushing her middle voice, which caused her a lot of vocal issues, add to that smoking, drug addiction, she opened the door to allow others to access her reigning crown. If Celine Dion shared that title, it was after Whitney went into decline, prior to that in her hey day....she wouldn't have been able to touch her. "True Dat". That clip the Grammy Awards played last night was not her at her best either. "Rest in Peace Whitney...."True fan".?In honor of Whitney Houston, who died Saturday at the very young age of 48, members of the HuffPost Lifestyle staff have started compiling our memories of the incredibly talented singer and actress. Here are some of our thoughts -- we hope you'll add your own memories in the comments. From Lisa Belkin, HuffPost Senior Columnist on Life/Work/Family:"If my life had an anthem, it would be "," which Whitney sang at the opening of the Olympic games in 1988. I know that now, because I just looked it up. But the first time I heard it I was newly wed, in a new job, living in a new place and all I knew was that this song captured the simultaneous dread and exhilaration that comes with everything new. Whitney's best known songs are love songs, but this one is an exclamation point about life, work,creativity and craft. You have to work for it, you have to earn it, she says, but when you do, you deserve it: I want one moment in timeWhen I'm more than I thought I could beWhen all of my dreams are a heartbeat awayAnd the answers are all up to meWhat I've always loved most is the declaration that the best part, the best moment, is the "just before" -- the anticipation and the crescendo. It's subtly sexual in its imagery, and the metaphor is apt. But today it holds new meaning, because clearly Whitney couldn't find this kind of happiness in the "ever after", in a life after the moment had passed.And oh, that voice."From Lori Fradkin, HuffPost Senior Lifestyle Editor:"Until last night, I was certain that the boy Whitney Houston knew and sang about in her hit took her to the carnival. The lyrics to Whitney's song actually state that the boy she dreamed of and was too shy to phone took her "to the clouds above." But until last night, when I heard of the singer's death and looked up the words (and watched the ), I had a different picture of her experience.I suppose when youre a kindergartner making up a dance with your best friend, the idea of a girl wandering around the fairgrounds with a boy, perhaps stopping for cotton candy or a ride on the Ferris wheel, is far more appealing. My friend Kelli and I chose this song for our talent show, playing it in our school auditorium using the Fisher-Price that late-80s toy that also introduced us to Madonna, Belinda Carlisle and Tiffany. Whitney would go through some serious struggles in the years that followed, but when I hear her name, it is this memory C one of my own innocence and what I perceived to be hers C that immediately comes to mind."From Margaret Wheeler Johnson, Women's Editor:"When I heard that Whitney Houston had died Saturday at the age of 48, I was just leaving dinner with a friend in New York City. The streets of lower Manhattan suddenly filled with expressions of disbelief as the news got passed along. I heard more than one (tipsy?) sidewalk rendition of "I Will Always Love You."Here was the amazing thing: There wasn't a trace of irony in all of their eulogies and ululations. And if you've lived in New York, you know that you don't go out on a Saturday night without your irony.This was also amazing for me personally because, I am now emboldenedto confess: I like that song -- at least the way Houston sang it. Even as a child, I think I understood New Orleans' station, which my mother always had on in the car, to be the radio equivalent of Lifetime: Television for Women. But when Whitney Houston's rendition of "I Will Always Love You" hit the airwaves, no matter what you thought of the lyrics, the performance was mesmerizing. I'd never heard anything like that voice. I remember sitting in the bucket seat of the minivan, looking up from the homework I was doing in my lap, and thinking, "Who is this and how does she do that?" Whether she meant to or not, Houston managed to sing the song so that it delivered authentically some of the emotion that the Hallmark-y lyrics (sorry, Dolly) couldn't. Ever since, I've felt a little mad when people mock it and compare it to some of . Why dis Whitney to prove what a critical thinker you are? Why not just enjoy it? And last night, people did."What's your best memory of Whitney Houston and/or her songs and performances? We'd love to hear them in the comments belowRelated on HuffPost: ?"Who Wore It Better" often features celebrities of similar styles and tastes -- and it almost always features celebs of the same gender.But this Celine caftan-style silk top, from Phoebe Philo's Spring/Summer 2011 collection, seems to be quite the popular choice for an unlikely trio of celebs: Kanye West, Jessica Simpson and filmaker Sam Taylor-Wood.West was the first to don the look from the top while performing at Coachella this past summer. We did know the rapper loved high fashion, but we were all a bit suprised to see him grab a womenswear look (at least he wasn't ).Next, Jessica Simpson stepped out in the breezy blouse, perhaps intending to hush .Finally, the filmaker Taylor-Wood was seen wearing the same look while out with her fiance, the quite young Aaron Johnson (23 years her junior). Taylor-Wood, for one, is actually pregnant and covered her bump with Celine at .With a shirt this well-traveled and clearly much beloved, we must ask: who wore it better? ?Last night on "The Late Show" David Letterman welcomed Will Ferrell to talk about his new movie "Megamind." As he does best, Ferrell didn't stick to the topic at hand and surprised everyone with a surprise performance of Celine Dion's "The Power Of Love," after claiming that he is taking over her show in Las Vegas while she takes care of her new twins. Maybe it's just us, but there's just something so right about Ferrell hanging from a stage ladder and screaming "I'm your lady" at the top of his lungs.WATCH: ?PARIS — It was the moment the fashion world has been waiting for, the return of wildly popular designer Phoebe Philo, whose calm and collected debut spring-summer 2010 collection for Celine proved that after her several-year-long hiatus she still has the magic touch.Philo's clean-lined basics, like A-line skirts and sheath dresses, garnered thunderous applause from the show's audience of fashion insiders for whom jaded is the normal etat d'esprit.It was a good day for women looking for fashion-forward workaday chic, between Philo's razor-cut business staples and Stefano Pilati's chic minimalist suits and skits for Yves Saint Laurent. Pilati, another critical darling, continued to prove his prowess as a master tailor with a dark, subversive streak.What Celine and YSL did for business clothes, Stella McCartney did for the summer wardrobe, sending out an easy, wearable collection of vacation basics.Leonard continued to churn out the adorable flower print jersey dresses, skirts and jumpers that have been the Paris-based label's signature since the late 1960s.Italy's Giambattista Valli provided the day's dose of drama – mild, by Paris standards – with a neo-romantic collection of cocktail numbers and swingy coats covered with enough feathers to make even the ugliest of ducklings into a swan.Tuesday – day six of Paris' marathon nine-day-long ready-to-wear displays – includes shows by heavy hitters Chanel and Valentino, as well as French eccentric Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and British bad boy Alexander McQueen.CELINEExpectations couldn't have been higher. Monday's was Philo's first proper runway show since she left the fashion world in 2006 to spend more time with her family. There was a palpable sense of nervousness in the air, a feeling that the audience of hundreds of fashion editors and buyers from top stores around the world were waiting with collectively bated breath.And then came the clothes: clean-lined sheath dresses and A-line skirts in mossy and tan leather, simple poplin shirts, creamy, romantic blouses and perfectly tailored wide-leg trousers in featherweight caramel wool. The clothes had little adornment beyond discreet leather finishings – and indeed they needed no sequins, beading, baubles or gimmicks to shine.Speaking to reporters in a subterranean vault – the show was held in a former bank on the swanky Place Vendome jewelry hub – Philo said she had eased her way into the spring-summer 2010 collection."It's just the beginning. It felt like, just take it easy, just start easy," the affable British designer said."It's nice to have the bubble of expectations burst. That feels good," Philo told reporters as she received congratulatory hugs and kisses. "Sometimes what people get into their head is unachievable."Not so say her fans, from fellow designers to top fashion editors."Everybody is so excited. She has such a unique take on what women really want to wear," gushed Harper's Bazaar editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey in a backstage interview. "When she was at Chloe, it was all very ... soft and very girly. And I have to say that Phoebe and her customer have grown up. It was really womanly dressing, like we like to see."Philo replaced Croatian designer Ivana Omazic, who spent three years at the helm at Celine. Founded after World War II, the brand forged a reputation for excellence in leather goods but has since fallen on hard times, with management struggling to modernize its image.If anything can manage that, it's Philo's trousers."Those pants, she cuts like no other, they're really perfect," said Bazaar's Bailey. Everyone knows there's nothing like a perfect pair of pants to forge an eternally loyal customer base.YVES SAINT LAURENTPilati built on previous collections of clean-lined, mainly black-and-white pieces, delivering a collection dominated by puffed-sleeved poplin blouses, neat A-line skirts, cropped jackets with leather touches.But, as always, Pilati went beyond the sort of workaday basics that can be seen on other runways, embellishing the garments with kicky touches – like a horizontal slit on the hemline of a pair of razor-cut shorts or little bows on the back of a vampy bustier dress – that set his collections apart.The collection notes mentioned the value of work, and there was a vaguely Puritanical feeling to the show. Perhaps it was the apron dresses, the high collars, the full sleeves or all that starched poplin.One look – an oversized Puritan collared shirt paired, oddly, with a pair of leather short shorts – was 17th century Plymouth Colony on top and 1950s-era Vegas showgirl on the bottom. But that and an ankle-length white skirt dotted with oversized strawberry appliques that evoked Strawberry Shortcake were the sole eyebrow-raisers in the very strong show.STELLA MCCARTNEYIt was drizzling outside, but the catwalk radiated sunshine as models strutted their stuff in casual chic silk shantung suits, short denim skirts and off-the shoulder dresses in primary color prints that were begging to mambo."For summer, it's not about aggression or power, it's about being positive and being a real woman," McCartney told reporters in a backstage interview. "For me, those were real women coming down the runway."The real women in the packed audience appeared to agree and gave McCartney a whoop of approval as she took a bow.Her father, former Beatle Paul McCartney – who shared his front row perch with companion Nancy Shevell and actress Gwyneth Paltrow – called the show "parfait," or perfect in French, and gave it a thumbs up."I loved everything she does. She's my baby," he told reporters, shouting over his own voice singing the 1967 hit "She's Leaving Home."LEONARDLeonard gave a shout-out to its Japanese customer base with a collection inspired by Imari, 17th-century ceramics from Kyoto.Ankle-length dresses in featherweight chiffon were printed with koi fish, flowers and artful curlicues in navy, peacock and sky blues – frequent motifs in Imari porcelain – with artful metallic finishings at the neckline.Imari "is the most luxury porcelain in the world, all hand-painted, and usually it's only found in museums ... (though) I eat off of my own collection," said CEO Daniel Tribouillard, who has long played a role in the label's design. "I wanted to take these calm, peaceful designs off of plates and give them to our clients."The rest of the collection was classic Leonard, flowing jersey with oversized flowers in pastels and Art Deco styles. Some of the knee-skimming sundresses were cinched at the waist with red skinny belts, while others had wide Japanese obi belts slung low around the models' hips.The house also served up jumpers, among the hottest looks on Paris runways this season. The generously cut coveralls, in strapless and tank cuts, were the perfect summer getaway wear, easy to slip into and even easier to pack.GIAMBATTISTA VALLIThere were feathers everywhere. The plumage, dainty ostrich feathers in scarlet, emerald, white and black, covered the skirts of cocktail dresses with transparent bodices and quivered daintily across the shoulders of wide-cut day coats.Even many of the featherless looks had tiers of finely shredded chiffon that looked like it dreamed of one day becoming feathers.But Valli – who last season sent out dramatic, peacock feather-covered gowns and coats – also delivered less fluffy looks this time around, sending out bold dresses and 1950s style coats in a graphic black-and-white print. There was also a sizable contingent of oversized ocelot prints, like on a swingy coat hung all around with a row of long black fringe.Italian party girl Margherita Missoni was one of several celebrity guests, including Mary-Kate Olsen, to gush about Monday's collection and give Valli air kisses backstage after the show."I loved it. It was one of my favorite collections by Giambattista in the past years," said Missoni, whose grandfather founded the mythic Missoni knitwear house.Asked what particular pieces she had her eye on, she responded "many, many, many." ?The UK's Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne hailed the deal, finally struck in the early hours after talks had overrun by a day and ahalf, as a "significant step forward" which would deliver a global, overarching legal agreement to cut emissions.And he said it sent a strong signal to businesses and investors about moving to a low carbon economy.But environmental groups said negotiators had failed to show the ambition necessary to cutemissions by levels that would limit global temperature rises to no more than 2C and avoid "dangerous" climate change.The EU had come to the talks in Durban,South Africa, calling for a mandate to negotiate a new legally binding treaty on global warming by 2015, covering all major emitters, in returnfor the bloc signing up to a second period of emissions cuts under the existing Kyoto climate deal.But in a surprise move yesterday evening, options for the new legal deal had been watered down to add a "legal outcome" to the existing possibilities of a "protocol or another legal instrument" - thelanguage which was used in the mandate for negotiating the Kyoto Protocol.European ministers warned they could not accept the weakened deal, but India led the countries pushing for it, claiming they could not sign up to negotiate a legally-binding deal without knowing what would be in it or if it would be fair to poorer countries.The deal was reached after the South African president of the talks urged the EU and India to go "into a huddle" in the middle of the conference hall in the early hours of this morning, in a bid to work outlanguage both sides were happy with.A compromise, suggested by the Brazilian delegation, saw the EU and Indians agree to a road map which commits countries to negotiating aprotocol, another legal instrument or an "agreed outcome with legal force".The treaty will be negotiated by 2015 and coming into force from 2020.The deal also paves the way for action to address the "emissions gap" between the voluntary emissions cuts countries have already pledgedand the reductions experts say are needed to effectively tackle climatechange.Mr Huhne insisted the agreement on the legal language was not "a fudge" and said that while the EU had not secured everything it wanted from thetalks, it was a great diplomatic success for the bloc.He said: "What we have got is a very significant step forward because we've got a road map leading to a global overarching legal agreement, which is exactly what we wanted, we've got a timeline on it."And we've got a very clear process for dealing with the emissions gap in the interim."He added: "We've managed to put this on the map and bring all themajor emitters like the US, India and China into a road map which will secure an overarching global deal."While European leaders have been in turmoil over the Eurozone crisis in Brussels this week, Mr Huhne said that, in Durban, EU countries had all been "singing from the same hymn sheet" and when the bloc was united it was "quite formidable".He paid tribute to countries such as China for the work they were doing to cut emissions on the ground.And he said: "This is coming together in an overall internationalframework that gives business greater assurance about the future and investors greater assurance about the rate of returns they're going to get, and stop us locking in a whole generation of high carbon technologythat might other happen."Michael Jacobs, who was former prime minister Gordon Brown's climate adviser and now visiting professor at the Grantham Research Institute of Climate Change and the Environmentat LSE, said business was looking for signals that governments were serious about low carbon policy - and that policies would be sustained."By acknowledging that current emissions targets are inadequate and must be raised, and by re-establishing the goal of a legal treaty, this agreement should help build such confidence," he said.But environmental groups criticised the deal, finally agreed as the sun rose on the third night of all-night talks among negotiators and ministers, for a lack of ambition in cutting the greenhouse gas emissions which drive global warming.Keith Allott, Head of Climate Change at WWF-UK, said: "Governments have salvaged a path forward for negotiations, but we must be under no illusion - the outcome of Durban leaves us with the prospect of being legally bound to a world of 4C warming."This would be catastrophic for people and the natural world. Governments have spent crucial days focused on a handful of specific words in the negotiating text, but have paid little heed to repeated warnings from the scientific community that much stronger, urgent actionis needed to cut emissions."He welcomed the EU's role in a "high ambition coalition" of countries including the small island states and some of the poorest nations in the world, but urged Europe to show leadership by increasing its promise to cut emissions by 20% by 2020 to 30%.Greenpeace International's executive director Kumi Naidoo said: "Right now the global climate regime amounts to nothing more than a voluntary deal that's put off for a decade."This could take us over the two degree threshold where we pass from danger to potential catastrophe."Also agreed at the Durban talks was the establishment of a green climate fund to channel billions of pounds to poor countries to help them cope with impacts of global warming such as floods and drought - but no sources of money were found.Rich countries have pledged 100 billion dollars (64 billion) a year by 2020 for developing countries to deal with climate change and developwithout polluting.Campaigners say the funding to help some of the world's most vulnerable people is particularly important if emissions reductions in the next decade and action after 2020 are not sufficient to keep long term temperature rises to no more than 2C.Celine Charveriat, director of campaigns and advocacy for Oxfam said: "We cannot allow the Green Climate Fund to wither on the vine."Governments must identify significant and predictable sources ofmoney for the Fund without delay, such as a tiny tax on financial transactions and a fee on emissions from international shipping."Mohamed Adow of Christian Aid said: "Action against climate change in 2020 will come a decade too late for poor people on the front line - they urgently need it now."Their lives are already ravaged by floods, droughts, failed rains, deadly storms, hunger and disease and we know that these disasters will get worse and more frequent as climate change bites."Friends of the Earth's executive director Andy Atkins said: "The UN climate change process is still alive - but this empty shell of a plan leaves the planet hurtling towards catastrophic climate change."If Durban is to be a historic stepping stone towards success the world must urgently agree ambitious targets to slash emissions."Millions of the poorest people around the globe are already facing the impacts of climate change - countries like the US who have done most to create this crisis must now take the lead in tackling it."Decisive action to tackle climate change would slash fuel bills,create much-needed jobs and help people in poorer countries gain accessto clean energy."The World Development Movement said the outcome of the talks was a "spectacular failure".Murray Worthy, the organisation's policy officer, said: "Developed countries have behaved shamefully, blocking meaningful progress on tackling climate change."They have refused to acknowledge their historical responsibilityfor the crisis, either by agreeing to reduce their emissions or by providing finance to help developing countries deal with climate change."These talks have been held hostage by the EU. It seems EU countries came to Durban to impose a deal, not negotiate one."The spectacular failure to achieve an outcome on the most urgentissues puts the world on course for devastating climate change, condemning those least responsible to greater hunger, poverty and ultimately, death."PA?Travel essentialsWhy go now?Paris earns its City of Light epithet not just for the Age of Enlightenment and early implementation of gas lamps: it was here that Auguste and Louis Lumire patented the cinmatographe in 1895, and held the first film screening soon after. Ever since, Paris has been an inspiration to filmmakers; each year more than 650 films are shot around the city, utilising its evocative streetscapes and grand landmarks. Woody Allen's soon-to-be released Midnight in Paris is one of the latest examples C a thinly disguised love letter to the French capital.The Paris Cinema International Film Festival runs until 13 July with 250 screenings around the city ( ).Touch downTake the Eurostar (0870 518 6186; ) from London St Pancras, Ashford and Ebbsfleet to Paris Gare du Nord (1), which has featured in films such as Patrice Leconte's Monsieur Hire and The Bourne Identity. The majority of flights from the UK arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport, 25km north-east of the city, which provided the inspiration for The Terminal. Six RER trains ( per hour provide links to Gare du Nord (1), as well as Chatelet-Les Halles (2) and St-Michel (3) in the centre (9.10).A taxi to central Paris costs about 50.The city's second airport is Orly, from where you can take the Orlybus (6.60) to Denfert-Rochereau station.Get your bearingsCentral Paris is scattered with landmarks immortalised on the silver screen. In the animated film Ratatouille, the protagonist, Remy the rat, knows he has realised his dream of reaching the French capital when he catches his first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower (4).Paris' 20 arrondissements, or districts, curl out like a roll of film clockwise from the centre near the Louvre (5). The River Seine splits the city in two; its Left Bank or Rive Gauche is best appreciated through the lens of Jean-Luc Godard in his 1959 classic A Bout de Souffle (Breathless). To the north is bohemian Montmartre with the gleaming white Sacr-Coeur church (6) presiding over the quarter's atmospheric streets that provided the backdrop for Amlie, starring Audrey Tautou; Jules Dassin's cult classic Du Rififi chez les hommes; the Edith Piaf biopic La Vie en Rose; and the inspiration for Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge.The tourist office (7) is at 25 rue des Pyramides ( ). Open daily 10am-7pm, Sunday 11am-7pm. For more information on cinema in Paris, see .Check inWoody Allen chose Le Meurice (8) at 228 rue de Rivoli (00 33 1 44 58 10 10; ) for scenes in Midnight in Paris such as the fabulous Belle Etoile Suite complete with jaw-dropping 360-degree views of the city. Doubles start at 720, room only.The 10-room H?tel Les Rives de Notre Dame (9) at 15 quai St-Michel (00 33 1 43 54 81 16; ) has two claims to fame C it featured in A Bout de Souffle and was also home to John Steinbeck. Doubles start at 179, room only.In Stanley Donen's 1963 film Charade, Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn check into the H?tel Saint Jacques (10), 35 rue des Ecoles (00 33 1 44 07 4545; ) in the Latin Quarter. Doubles start at 152, room only.Day oneTake a viewAlmost every film that has been shot in the French capital features the Eiffel Tower (4) ( ). It has been the subject of its own film, the 1949 The Man on the Eiffel Tower, with further appearances in hundreds of movies including Francois Truffaut's The 400 Blows and Paris When it Sizzles starring Audrey Hepburn and William Holden. It affords magnificent views of the city from its top floor viewing platform. Until 28 August it opens daily from 9.30am-midnight. Admission 13.40.Take a hike Woody Allen and Goldie Hawn danced along its banks in Everyone Says I Love You and in Ratatouille Remy jumps across several of the Seine's 37 bridges. Start on the Left Bank at the Quai de la Tournelle (11) C below you is where Jason Bourne wakes up to his first day in Paris in The Bourne Identity, and Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) board a Bateau Mouche in Before Sunset. Continue downstream to the oldest and most famous bridge of all, the Pont-Neuf (12), built in 1607 and the setting for Les Amants du Pont-Neuf; one of the most expensive French films ever made tells the story of a love affair between two young vagrants played by Juliette Binoche and Denis Lavant.Continue along the Left Bank passing the green booths of the bouquinistes (booksellers), which line the river as far as the Quai Voltaire. The Pont des Arts (13) is where Anne Hathaway's Andy rushes across the bridge on the phone to Meryl Streep's Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada.Scenes from Midnight in Paris were shot on the elaborate Pont Alexandre III (14), which was built in 1900 for the Exposition Universelle. It won't unfold spectacularly as it did in Christopher Nolan's Inception, but finish your riverside ramble at the double-decker Pont de Bir-Hakeim (15), which also graced the screens in Bernardo Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris; Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colours: Blue; and Louis Malle's Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud.Lunch on the runAmlie's heroine worked as a waitress in the charmingly retro Caf des 2 Moulins (16) at 15 rue Lepic (00 33 1 42 54 90 50). Even 10 years on it's still a must-see for the film's admirers, but it's also an ideal spot for a bite. Nab a pavement table, order a croque monsieur (8.20) and observe the hustle and bustle of Montmartre C just make sure you finish off with the obligatory crme br?le (5.80).Window shoppingOne of the classic cinematic images of Paris is Jean Seberg sauntering past the boutiques of the Avenue des Champs-Elyses, wearing a "Herald Tribune" T-shirt. Later, she can also be seen gazing wistfully through the window of Christian Dior (17) at 30 avenue Montaigne C the go-to street for the city's acclaimed haute couture. More affordable purchases can be found at filmmakers' favourite, bookshop Shakespeare & Company (18) at 37 rue de la B?cherie (00 33 1 43 25 40 93; ), which has had cameos in a number of films including Before Sunset and Midnight in Paris.An aperitifThe bar of the fashionable H?tel du Nord (19), Canal St-Martin, 102 quai de Jemmapes (00 33 1 40 40 78 78; ) is fittingly decorated in an homage to the Paris of the 1930s when the location was immortalised in Marcel Carn's 1938 classic of the same name. Order a Lillet and soak up the scene.Dining with the localsFeatured in the final scenes of Something's Gotta Give, starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, Le Grand Colbert (20) (00 33 1 42 86 87 88; ) is a set-worthy archetype of the fantasy Parisian brasserie. Tucked down a narrow street close to the Bourse, on 2 rue Vivienne, it has tiled floors, leather banquettes and a buzzing atmosphere. Keaton's character raves about the roast chicken, which is a house speciality (24).Day twoSunday morning: go to churchParis' leading place of worship is the sprawling Cathdrale Notre Dame de Paris (21) (00 33 1 42 34 56 10; ). Built in the 12th century, this is one of the high points of Gothic architecture and also the location for Victor Hugo's novel about Quasimodo and Esmeralda. The book spawned several film versions starring the likes of Gina Lollobrigida and Anthony Quinn. International mass takes place at 11.30am on Sundays. It opens daily from 8am to 6.45pm, until 7.15pm at weekends.Take a rideSome unforgettable cinematic moments have taken place in the Paris Mtro ( ). There was Luc Besson's 1985 Subway starring Isabelle Adjani and Christophe Lambert; Alain Delon's cool-as-a-cucumber assassin in the 1967 Le Samoura?; and Jean-Paul Belmondo's daring stunt on top of a Mtro carriage in Henri Verneuil's Peur sur la ville. Catch Line 4 in the direction of Port d'Orlans and get off at St-Germain-des-Prs.Out to brunchSitting in the sun at a pavement caf with a coffee and croissant is a tradition. In A Bout de Souffle, Michal and Patricia make a beeline for Le Select (22), 99 Boulevard du Montparnasse (00 33 1 45 48 38 24). Tourists have largely replaced the intelligentsia, such as Henry Miller and Luis Bu?uel, who used to gather here, but it's still a Left Bank classic.Cultural afternoonAs well as its appearance in The Da Vinci Code the halls of the Louvre (5), at rue de Rivoli (00 33 1 40 20 84 58; ), are no stranger to film crews. Part of Martin Scorsese's The Age of Innocence was filmed here, as was the scene from Funny Face where Audrey Hepburn comes running down the staircase in front of the Winged Victory. Open Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm and Wednesday and Friday until 10pm; closed Tuesdays. Admission 10.In Midnight in Paris, Owen Wilson's character, Gil, and Inez, played by Rachel McAdams, get a cultural fix among Claude Monet's stunning Nymphas, in the Muse de l'Orangerie (23), Jardins du Tuileries (00 33 1 44 77 80 07; ; open daily except Tuesday, 9am-6pm; admission 7.50 but free on the first Sunday of the month).A walk in the parkThe 2006 Paris, Je T'Aime is a collaboration of the work of 20 filmmakers who were each given five minutes to tell the story of an amorous encounter in the capital of romance. In Alfonso Cuarn's vignette, Nick Nolte and Ludivine Sagnier walk and talk around the Parc Monceau (24), which straddles the smart 8th and 17th arrondissements. Dotted with follies, rare plants and a dazzling display of flowers, this verdant expanse was created by the Duke of Chartres in the late 18th century. In summer it opens 7am-10pm.Icing on the cakeFrom 19 July to 21 August, the Parc de Villette (00 33 1 40 03 76 92; ) plays host to a programme of open-air film screenings from a range of home-grown and international talent (free; Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm).?FOR: Rhiannon HarriesDespite the appealing insouciance of the expression, there are few stylish items of clothing that one can honestly claim to have "thrown on". Not so the cape, however. In fact, the act of slinging a cape around one's shoulders pretty much sums up the appeal of what will, if designers have their way, be the outerwear of the season C relaxed, artless, yet undeniably theatrical and dynamic. You could hardly say the same of struggling with the toggles on last winter's hipster choice C the duffle coat C could you? For all its simplicity, the cape is one of the hardest working garments in fashion this season, popping up in multiple forms across the catwalks C often within the same collection C and lending itself to all manner of contrasting aesthetics.Some of the references are familiar. Hussein Chalayan accessorised a voluminous camel version with binoculars for an old-school explorer vibe, at Missoni the rough-hewn patchwork knit had a nomadic, tribal feel, and it was all hunting and fishing with quilting and houndstooth at Daks. Elsewhere, the cape proved it could rise to more unexpected challenges.Alexander Wang's smart, mannish offering eschewed soft volume for sharp shoulders and straight lines. Erdem and Jaeger used hand embroidery and cut-out details, respectively, to emphasise that its practicality could be matched by prettiness. And at Yves Saint Laurent, Stefano Pilati brought out the cape's subversive side, offsetting the primness of waist-length versions by rendering them in transparent PVC (bravo, Signor Pilati C more designer clothes should be wipe-clean I feel).My favourite cape, however, though was the show-stopper at Celine. Knee-length white sheepskin, it looked like all your Christmases rolled into one gloriously cosy, glamorous garment. And that, in a nutshell, is the beauty of the cape; comfort and style in generous and equal measure. Cape refuseniks will tell you that they are impractical and seriously restrict your arms, but unless you have a day of semaphore practice planned, the inconvenience is slight. I speak from experience, having spent most of last winter in a cape (such is the central heating in my house that I wore mine to bed on a couple of occasions).Make no mistake, I may have been an early convert but I'm by no means an adventurous dresser. Ordinarily, I am too lazy to buy into high fashion looks involving towering heels or complicated necklines and too self-conscious for serious, statement pieces. So I was delighted to find that wrapping myself in what was essentially a nice, warm blanket with a couple of gold buttons (vintage St Michael by Marks & Spencer courtesy of my great aunt) garnered more approval from stylish peers than anything else I've owned. In fact, it was such a roaring success, it meant I could wear even more boring clothes than usual underneath and all was forgiven.While interviewing the American singer Rufus Wainwright, he barely seemed aware of my presence in the room until I stood up to go and put on my cape. "That is soooo cute!" he drawled, suddenly full of a new-found respect. I should never have taken the darn thing off. And if the superficial and fleeting warmth of a pop star isn't enough to convince you, remember that in a British winter you will spend so much time in your coat that you will come to be partly defined by it. So if you are aiming for Grace Kelly on Oscars night then you'll take my advice and invest in Halston Heritage's divine black cashmere cape. If, however, you'd rather be Kenny from South Park, then, by all means, buy a parka.AGAINST: Carola LongWay back last winter, when capes appeared on the catwalk as a major trend, I was quite excited about them. Here was a piece we hadn't seen for a while; a rather novel and dramatic addition to the outerwear themes that tend to come and go on rotation; military detailing, leather jackets or boyfriend coats. As autumn closes in, however, and the time to buy a cape is nigh, guess what? I've lost interest. The cape is one of those items I happily flirted with from a safe distance, but when it comes to making the relationship permanent I've got cold feet (and potentially cold arms and a cold stomach). It's just not a serious coat, a keeper like a peacoat or a cosy blanket wrap style.I don't loathe capes; they don't make me shudder in the way that clip-in hair extensions or the words "unexpected item in bagging area" do. I'll admit they have a certain dramatic, and sometimes sweetly eccentric charm, but perhaps some of that originality is cancelled out when it's a trend with a capital T. And in a season focusing on so-called real clothes C on understated, pure and practical pieces C the cape seems a bit of an attention-seeking anomaly. Like very small bags that denote that the wearer is a streamlined fashion goddess who doesn't need to carry around such pedestrian stuff as tissues and umbrellas, the cape is for people who don't worry about trailing garments getting stuck in Tube doors in a horrible rush-hour version of Isadora Duncan in her Bugatti or other prosaic matters such as getting pneumonia from cold draughts.Capes also limit what you wear, because they work best with trousers, preferably peg, straight or skinny ones. Pair one with a maxi skirt and you could look like the grim reaper. With an A-line skirt? Too triangular. Wide trousers, too, need a slimmer line on top to balance out the proportions. Capes are a classic good-on-the-hanger or catwalk piece; the white furry Celine version looks like quite the most sophisticated cosy piece you could wish to own, but in everyday life isn't there a danger of resembling an overgrown child playing a sheep in the school nativity play?And there's the thing; for every free spirited style icon who makes the cape look achingly cool there's a risk of resembling Dracula, Little Red Riding Hood, Batgirl and numerous other superheroes. Edna Mode the wardrobe mistress character in The Incredibles who evokes Anna Wintour and Hollywood costume designer Edith Head, certainly wouldn't approve of this particular trend. When designing outfits for Mr and Mrs Incredible she recounts the superheroes whose flowing robes have caused their demise before decreeing, "no capes." Even the new Sherlock Holmes has traded in his cape for a much more dashing greatcoat.?They say that reality TV holds up a mirror to the nation. Well, if that's true, then one must conclude that in 2011 the British rather run our collective talent pool dry. But then, of course, we have. When Hughie Green suggested that "opportunity knocks" four decades ago, he meant for a precious few only. These days, it's viewed practically as everybody's birthright.Perhaps, then, this is the reason the latest series of BGT has struggled. Not because of the absence of Piers Morgan, gone, like The Beatles and Right Said Fred before him, to America. But, rather, because we are all so well versed in the script and the players by now: the court jesters; the tremulous who croon in memory of the recently dead; and the funny dancers who, this time around, aren't quite as funny as the funny dancers of the last time around.Nevertheless, a great many of them continued to pluck away at our heartstrings, making open mockery of our vulnerability as they did so. But even heartstrings harden, and there is only so much affection we can muster for quite so many unlikely looking vessels (the portly, the plain, the past-it) out of whom such mellifluous loveliness unceasingly pours.But never underestimate a panto for whipping up a climatic storm of kitsch and glitter, and BGT certainly did that last night. Simon Cowell, back in his seat since the semi-finals, had returned purportedly to rescue the show C and the ratings C by bringing with him not only his teeth and unbuttoned shirt, but a lot of fluff and nonsense over whether or not he actually created one of the finalists himself in a secret laboratory on Dr No's island.Though Cowell protested his innocence C amid scurrilous suggestions from shameful cynics that it was he that planted the story C it is easy to see why little Ronan Parke could be thought a spawn of this particular devil. With Justin Bieber's hair, Bambi's eyes and an Osmond's likeability, he was born for TV talent shows, to say nothing of the fact that he possesses the same Voice of an Angel as previously owned by Charlotte Church, Paul Potts and Susan Boyle.The controversy helped sustain a nice frisson throughout C so much weight on such slender shoulders, and so on C and over two punishing hours of performances, an endlessly excitable studio audience, surely high on E numbers, and Amanda Holden's indefatigable hair, we gathered, in edge-of-seat fashion, in fear of a last-minute upset, the favourite Parke pipped at the post by, perhaps, one or two who might just have deserved it more, the piano prodigy, for one, or those adorable little boys that will grow up to become JLS by this time next week.And then C oh, the drama C he was! Pipped at the post! And not by an obvious frontrunner either, but Jai McDowall, an oddly-bearded Scot with a voice as deep as oceans are wide, and whose fellow countryfolk did what Scots always do in such circumstances: phone in en masse, and upset the applecart, Cowell's applecart.Little Ronan Parke, bless him, was gracious in defeat, with a composure beyond his years. Perhaps he's still young enough to remember the story of the tortoise and the hare.?"This is a song to all these people from fashion who I adore and who helped me to realise my dream," he said. And then this diminutive figure, normally backwards in coming forwards and far from famed for posturing either on the catwalk or off it, sang."When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother, what will I be...? Que sera, sera..." he crooned, and if the sound of it was unlikely ("I'm a terrible singer," Elbaz admitted) it seemed all the more incongruous given his not entirely down-with-the-kids uniform of thick-lensed, black-framed glasses, black trouser suit with studiously just-a-little-too-short trousers and just-a-little-off-centre bow tie.There are not many surprises left in fashion C you name it, someone, somewhere has done it C which perhaps accounts for the ovation that followed being more heartfelt than most. Let's face it, this is a world that boasts its fair share of these too. But then M Elbaz is a highly individual designer and easier to love than many for that. Over the past decade he has not only turned around the fortunes of Lanvin, which was languishing in obscurity when he took the helm in 2002, but has also come to represent a respect for craft, technique and talent over and above the usual obsession with marketing, merchandising and styling. This has earnt him many followers, both within the industry and outside it. Add to this the fact that Elbaz is open almost to the point of foolhardiness, warm to the point of brotherly, and, at the same time, clearly as strong as an ox, and the effect is as refreshing as it is potent. Make no mistake, behind this infinitely approachable exterior lurks a will of iron."There have been a lot of changes in fashion," he says when we meet in a quiet corner of the bar of the Hotel Crillon in Paris C Elbaz appears to feel very much at home amid the understated but unmistakeably grand, old-school ambience there. "And the question is how do you fit into it? Should you fit into it? ["Que Sera, Que Sera"] was a song, I thought, for the whole industry. You know how it is. One day people love you, you're in, the next day, you're out. One day you're fired, and one day you're hired. So it was a song for my colleagues. The future is not ours to see. What will be, will be. We are always trying to think who's going where, what will he do? Who is going to take over? What, when, why?"Elbaz refuses to name names. He doesn't need to. Rumours abound on who will C and won't C be presiding over some of fashion's most prestigious houses. The question of who is "in" or "out", as Elbaz puts it, has never seemed so pertinent. Before John Galliano had even cleared his desk at Dior last spring, every one of his contemporaries worth mentioning had been named as a possible successor. At Yves Saint Laurent, it can't have been easy for Stefano Pilati to complete his last two collections all while speculation regarding his imminent departure and the appointment of Hedi Slimane to that label was rife. Only days before the Lanvin show in question took place, meanwhile, while he too was working on what turned out to be his swansong collection for Jil Sander, Raf Simons was unceremoniously let go. The designer was visibly shaken when he stepped out to take his final bows. It wasn't until last month that his appointment as artistic director of Dior was announced."I've been there," says Elbaz. And indeed he has. "All of a sudden, this divorce is being published everywhere and everybody knows who said what and how difficult it is." It is, by now, the stuff of fashion history that, in 1998, Elbaz was hand-picked by Yves Saint Laurent to design his women's ready-to-wear. Elbaz was designing Guy Laroche at the time. "I was fascinated by the idea of working for a man [Saint Laurent] who was more of a legend, and more the name of a company, than a real person," he told me when we first met not long after. "But then I talked to him, he was so human and so down-to-earth that you kind of forgot that you are sitting with... With Marilyn Monroe!"Despite the fact that the critics applauded Elbaz's two-season tenure at Yves Saint Laurent, in 1999, the Gucci Group bought the name and self-proclaimed control freak and creative director, Tom Ford, was unable to resist the challenge of taking over himself. Elbaz was duly dismissed."It was hard," Elbaz has since said of that split. "Of course it was hard. There were times that I wondered whether I would ever be able to work in this business again. I was embarrassed to go out to fashion places, embarrassed to call people because I thought they would never call back."He promptly disappeared, leaving Paris to travel around the world. Thankfully for fashion, 12 months later, he returned and accepted the position at Lanvin, a French couture house founded, in 1909, by Jeanne Lanvin and bought by the Chinese-born entrepeneur, Shaw-Lan Wang in 2001. His first show for the label C a gentle mix of subtly-deconstructed tweeds shot through with barely-visible threads of gold and all worn with paper-thin ballerina pumps long before they were ubiquitous C immediately identified him as having something new, something lovely and something refreshingly woman-friendly to offer the world.That was then. Ten years later, we are looking at a hefty book published this month C a celebration of the achievement of Elbaz and his team at this still comparatively small but influential house. "I didn't want to do a very, very big book," Elbaz says, over a plate of magret de canard. "The book is small and fat. It's me." Also him, is the contrast between "the rich and the poor"; the plain cloth cover stamped unobtrusively with the Lanvin signature offset against gleaming gilded edges and the copious white space that belies the personal, even intimate, nature of the imagery shot by photographer But-Sou Lai, who has been working behind the scenes for some time.If it is the intention with most fashion books to blind readers with glamour and gloss, here we see instead the workings of the fashion process exposed. There are close-ups of pin cushions and loose threads, of floral-print fabrics and notoriously hard-to-handle gazars. Elbaz's cute drawings, often accompanied by words ("Nice dress," says one coquettish Parisienne to another) are seen alongside flat patterns, Stockman dummies and lasts. Models are photographed on the catwalk but more often in fittings, so too are seamstresses, secretaries and PRs at work. There are pictures of show running orders, seating plans, great dustbins full of Nespresso capsules, half-eaten food. This is about Lanvin as a team, and Elbaz is often present but, significantly, rarely centre stage."I thought that at a time like now, when the whole industry is about the six minutes of the show and a review that is being written in a taxi because then there is the next one, I thought, I'm going to show everyone how much effort goes into making a single dress," he says. "I wanted to show how many threads you have to put together to make one rose; how much thought goes into a button. I wanted to show a shoe in the factory in Italy being held like a baby by an old man and then attached to a machine as if it was going to the dentist. I wanted to show the jewellery. And I wanted to show the people. All the people. We had 3,000 pictures in total and we picked the ones we liked, of course, and then we went back to make sure that every single person involved is in the book, that nobody had been missed out. They are all part of it."The book opens with 100 white pages. "I was worried that people would think that was gimmick-y," Elbaz says. "But it's not about being cool. I hate the word cool. It gives me a rash. If you take something out of the freezer it's cold, but what happens when it melts? It's a cool party, a cool person, a cool collection. What does that mean? I'm more interested in things that are uncool, things that have a certain individuality, a certain soul, a certain longevity, emotion, fragility..."True to his word, each leaf is printed with decidedly uncool one-line Elbaz-isms: "If it's not edible, it's not food. If it's not wearable, it's not fashion." "In the winter we sell bathing suits, in the summer, coats. Go figure". "Day after day, season after season, we start with a dream."Alber Elbaz was born in Casablanca on 12 June, 1961 and grew up in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. His father was a hairdresser who died when he was 15, at which point his mother went to work as a waitress to support her four children: two sons, two daughters. Elbaz studied fashion at Shenkar College in that city. His teacher was Shelly Verthine, who co-edited the new book and remains Elbaz's close friend and creative collaborator. "Shelly was my teacher and is still my teacher," he says of a woman who remains integral to his work and is often seen by his side. "The mythological teacher who brings things out of you." Despite the fact that Elbaz oversees a Lanvin menswear collection too, his team is predominantly female.Following graduation, aged 24, Elbaz moved to New York and designed "mother-of-the-bride dresses for $150 C and that was expensive" before moving to Geoffrey Beene. It wasn't long before he was that elusive and revered designer's right-hand man. He remained there from 1989 to 1996, a lifetime in terms of fashion."It was an amazing place to work, the best school. I stayed there because I was happy working a little bit outside the circuit, because he had his vision about fashion, because he had the best style." The brilliant forefather of today's more minimally-minded designers, Beene was also entirely focused on design as opposed to the brouhaha that, to a greater or lesser extent, appears to spring up around it. He was also, Elbaz has said C and he is one of few who might claim truly to have known him C "a wonderful man". Elbaz then moved to Paris."Stay big in your work and small in your life," Alber Elbaz's mother always told him. "Be modest," is how he explains the words now. "I'm not a religious person in the regular sense but in the Bible you're not allowed to steal, you're not allowed to lie and you're not allowed to feel you're above other people."The designer's quieter way is surely an inspiration for a new generation less likely to rely on the notion of the superstar designer, as spearheaded by Tom Ford, ironically enough, and to concentrate on the clothes themselves. It is a position he continues to uphold without compromise to the point of being evangelical."I never met Sarah Burton in the past, for example," Elbaz says of the Alexander McQueen designer, "but when I saw a picture of her at the [royal] wedding and, while everybody was there with their pretty hats seated, she was the only one who didn't have a hat on and she was on the floor fixing the dress; I thought it was so beautiful I wrote her a note. And to see Phoebe [Philo, of Celine] who is doing such an amazing job and because she's having a baby she decides to do a smaller show and to care for that baby... I mean that is amazing. And, you know what, it will do her business no harm whatsoever. Quite the opposite. These are the moments that are important to me." It goes without saying that such kind words directed towards other designers C those who might be seen as competitors in an over-crowded market to boot C is unprecedented.Of the nature of fame, he says: "You ask people what they want to do and they say, 'I want to be famous' but I always say that fame is something that works perfectly if you want to get a good table at a restaurant in a hurry or you need a doctor and his secretary is into fashion. I want to go back to the real thing though, to actresses who act, painters who paint and designers who design. I was in Russia recently and I went to a department store. You know, you see the fashion, one rack here, one rack there, but then you go to the bag department and it's the size of Monaco, you go to the shoe department and it's like Arizona. It's enormous. And I'm thinking, maybe we should make women wear bags. But I was trained to do textiles, to do fabrics, and to dress women."And dress them he does, in traditional couture silks and satins alongside more technologically advanced materials and always, for the sake of modernity, with a vaguely industrial edge C a visible metal zip here, a neckline edged with brass there. For the forthcoming season, Elbaz thought nothing of designing jewellery so oversized that the only way to make it a practical reality was to use plastic in place of real stones."The sapphires, the emeralds the rubies, they're all plastic," he says happily of the great baubles and beads that will no doubt sell out within hours of arriving in store. He's equally pleased with a sequence of dresses made in the type of foam that is normally the preserve of underwear and, specifically, bras. "There's no fabric that is more intimate. It just holds you," Elbaz muses. It is testimony to the very personal nature of his work that Elbaz has, both for the forthcoming season and in the past, also adorned it with his own sketches: a rounded, bespectacled caricature of his own face has been known to appear. A light-hearted quality in no way detracts from his status as a serious technician, however. Elbaz's understanding of volume, drape and proportion and his respect for workmanship is second to none. In 2005, Elbaz won the Council of Fashion Designers (CFDA) International Award. In 2007 he was named Chevalier of the French Lgion d'Honneur for his work.At the end of the soon-to-be published book, Elbaz writes: "Love and respect to Madame Wang, who asked me to wake up the Sleeping Beauty and allowed me to fly"."They are very good to me at Lanvin," he explains. "They give me my liberty. If we were part of a group it might be easier for me in some ways. We live on what we sell. We don't have anyone who says: 'Don't worry, we'll inject another 100 million and do a big publicity campaign'. So I always say that we're like a small yacht, not the Titanic, and that means we make our own decisions. Sometimes, when you work for big organisations, there are so many committees that you have to go through..."To say that Elbaz adopts a hands-on approach would be an understatement."That's how I spend my life," he says. "I start with drawings but I don't give the sketches to the atelier and then say, 'OK, I'll see you, I'll be in the Caribbean on the 17th and on the 18th I leave for Santa F'. No, I'm always in fittings, I'm always perfecting things. I'm always there. In the end, I don't think our industry is particularly scary. It's as scary as any mess and it seems to me that every industry is a mess. If you put 10 people together and they have power and they have strength, it's kind of dangerous."But I'm not afraid of the system. I'm part of it. Sometimes the system helps you. Sometimes it chokes you. You know, if you send me on vacation, I'm clueless, I can't even climb from a dinghy to a yacht. Can you imagine me on the beach? Maybe if I was a skinny, handsome man my career would have been different. Maybe then I would have been more, like, 'Hellooo, look at my dresses'." Instead, Alber Elbaz works tirelessly making others more beautiful. "I'm hiding in my studio somehow," he says. "And in my studio I feel loved and I love."'Alber Elbaz C Lanvin' is published by Steidl/Dangin, 250, and is available from Lanvin, 183 Mount Street, London W1, and via ?Accordingly, Andrea Bocelli opens this show with "La Donna Mobile", effectively an affirmation of his assumption of the mantle of the great crossover tenor of his era, and closes it with his own breakthrough signature tune, "Con Te Partir", and that most populist aria, "Nessun Dorma". In between, though, things go slightly awry when he diverts into pop territory in duets with Tony Bennett and Celine Dion, and simpering MOR arrangements of "More" and "Volare".DOWNLOAD THIS Con Te Partir; Nessun Dorma; La Donna Mobile; O Soave Fanciulla?Michelle Williams and Octavia Spencer both turned to monochrome outfits C Spencer in a chiffon embellished black skirt and crisp white shirt and Williams in a custom made H&M strapless gown with a white bodice. White on its own was worn by Tilda Swinton C who looked statuesque in full-length Celine C and Kristen Wiig in a column gown from Alberta Ferretti.Gillian Anderson was just one of the stars who turned to Wiliam Blanks-Blaney of William Vintage for her vintage gown. "He knows dresses, he knows couture and how a woman should look," said Anderson.Metallics were popular. Jessica Chastain shone in a pale gold lam Oscar de la Renta gown, while Christina Ricci wore a gold Givenchy gown split to the thigh. Perhaps hoping to encourage the on set of spring were Viola Davis, who opted for coral Valentino and Naomie Harris who wore a yellow chiffon gown with a bandage detail bodice.?ANTIQUITY: Flat sandals and draped silk toga dresses spirited Lanvin to antique Rome, Issey Miyake also had knitted toga dresses and Alexander McQueen a majestic, simple dress in pleated white with a gold belt under the chest.BIRTHDAYS: Kenzo rang in its 40th birthday with a magical circus show, and VIPs donned masks at a society ball to blow out 90 candles for French Vogue.ECO-MINDED: Dresses were adorned with wheat and pheasant feathers at McQueen, Vivienne Westwood had a "buy less, buy better" mantra and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac quoted the caring-for-the-planet message of the "Little Prince".FISH-NET TIGHTS: Seen at Emanuel Ungaro and Alexis Mabille and out of context at Jean Paul Gaultier - as a bustier over a white blouse or above the designer's trademark powder-pink corset.GLASSES: There were lollipop-coloured, 1950s pin-up shades at Christan Dior, space-age visors at Pierre Cardin, and a whole top pieced together from retro sunglasses at Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.HEMLINES: Right on the knee for skirts, like at Valentino or Celine, sometimes lower at mid-calf or ankle length. Evening gowns swished and swept the floor.IVORY: Designer after designer opened their shows with white.KARLIE KLOSS: Sexy sailor for Dior, big-haired at a 1970s Sonia Rykiel or in 3-D prints at Gaultier, the US model headlined some of the week's most sought-after shows.MINI-SHORTS: Sparkly silver under floaty see-through tops and petticoats, in knitted stripes or paired with sharp tailored jackets, mini-shorts were a big theme - and nowhere more risque than at Chanel.NINETEEN-TWENTIES: Gypsy shawls, feathers, fish-net, fur collars, crystal earrings and slicked back hair: the 1920s were in the air from John Galliano to Ungaro.ORANGE: From Yves Saint Laurent to Kenzo, Lanvin or Dries Van Noten, paired with pink or on its own, orange was the colour of the season.OSTRICH FEATHERS: Adorned a giant red-and-black headdress, puffed out jackets, spiced up hemlines - or clothed a model head to toe at Chanel, in a coral dress that swept caressingly around the legs.PLEATS: Swishing and dramatic at Lanvin, in an ivory dress at Chanel, at Jean Paul Gaultier, or in a clever dress that bounced up and down at the master of pleats Issey Mikaye.ROCK AND ROLL: A punky, rocker's spirit shook up the runways at Balenciaga and Balmain while Yohji Yamamoto paid tribute to Jimi Hendrix and Gaultier invited Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto to open his show.SHIRTS: Dutch duo Viktor and Rolf took a city shirt as the start point for their whole, playful collection, while mannish shirts set the tone at Dries Van Noten.VETERAN MODELS: Chanel, Emanuel Ungaro, Balenciaga, Galliano: designers made space on the runways for veteran models, plus-sizes or street-casted unknowns, alongside waif-like regulars.WINGS: An orange dress was entirely made from butterflies at McQueen, while Giles Deacon at Ungaro had giant flower-covered butterflies propped atop a garden-party decor.XMAS: Economic hard times may soon be behind us, but gifts and freebies - usually a Fashion Week staple - were in short supply, at best a make-up kit at Chanel, or a fancy tea-saucer at Shiatzy Chen.YVES SAINT LAURENT: Fashionistas saw tributes to the master everywhere - from jumpsuits to reworked tuxedos at Felipe Oliveira Baptista or Chloe, where deep blue and emerald stripes also conjured Saint Laurent's Moroccan period.?John Isner and Sam Querrey, Caroline Wozniacki and Elena Dementieva (inset, right) head the list of competitors attending this year's warm-up for Wimbledon. The World Tour competition, which began in 1974, featured only women's tennis until last year, when financial constraints forced the Lawn Tennis Association to merge the championships with the men's precursor to Wimbledon, the Nottingham Open.That means more great tennis for fans to enjoy in Eastbourne's Devonshire Park. It also means more stars of the grass court to spot at the seaside resort's premier stopover, The Grand Hotel.But then, this vast white Victorian confection, which takes up a whole block at the west end of King Edward's Parade, is no stranger to famous faces. Claude Debussy (said to have been inspired by the sea views to finish "La Mer" while staying here in 1905) and Winston Churchill, Celine Dion and Eddie Izzard reveal the hotel's enduring popularity over the past 135 years. This may be the kind of place that demands you need to pack a jacket and tie for dinner, but the polished quality of the lodgings and the gracious service manage to be both timeless and with the times.The roomsThe Grand Hotel has resisted the temptation to trash tradition with a modernist makeover. Under the present owner, Elite Hotels, it continues to glory in embellishing its antique furnishings and plush upholstery with swags and ruches, though the style is restrained, never chintzy. There are seven categories of bedroom, from deluxe to the penthouse suite, increasing in size as you ascend the tariff. But you don't have to pay through the nose to secure a sea view, so choose carefully. All rooms have satellite TV (there are DVD players in the master suites), broadband internet access, and Molton Brown toiletries in the bathroom.The food and drinkThe hotel has two restaurants. The Garden Room is the main dining room, seating 180 and serving a wide selection of fancy C if traditional C English fare, from breakfast through to dinner daily. Mirabelle, the 50-seat gourmet option, open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, raises the bar, putting similarly fresh produce to more creative use under head chef Gordon R?ser, with recommendations including high praise from The Good Food Guide and two red AA rosettes. Dinners start at 37 per head without wine, at both restaurants, with tasting menus in Mirabelle from 54. Afternoon tea is served daily in the Great Hall. For a historic take on this English tradition, book for afternoon tea with the Palm Court Strings (next performing on 29 August), which takes place on the spot where the BBC Palm Court Orchestra used to broadcast from every Sunday night in the 1930s.The extrasCheck out the Health Club, which includes indoor and outdoor pools, gym, spa and children's playroom. Head east to explore the fleshpots of Eastbourne and its pier; head west for a walk along the white cliffs at Beachy Head and Seven Sisters. For tickets to the tennis tournament, visit Get further information about the area and current events at accessChildren are welcome, paying just 10 if they share their parents' room, including breakfast, with age-appropriate services offered to suit babies, kids and teenagers, from board games and laptop access to milk and biscuits at bedtime. The ground floor is accessible for wheelchair users and there is lift access to the floors above. There is a specially modified room for people with disabilities and facilities for those with impaired hearing.The billDuring June, book a night's B&B at 195 and dine in the hotel to get a second room free.The addressThe Grand Hotel, King Edward's Parade, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 4EQ (01323 412233; Fab Four notched up 17 number ones during their relatively brief eight year chart domination, but split more than 40 years ago.But performers whose careers have decades longer in some cases - such as Sir Cliff Richard - have failed to outsell them, a new Radio 2 chart reveals.A countdown to be broadcast today of the all-time biggest sellerssince the singles chart began in 1952 - the year the Queen took the throne - shows The Beatles are still unsurpassed.Presley, who continued to have strong sales in the past decade thanks to a reissue campaign with tracks such as A Little Less Conversation, is ranked second.Sir Cliff who has had 124 top 40 hits and 14 number ones finishedin third place in the list compiled by the Official Charts Company.Madonna, who has made the top 40 more than 60 times, is ranked fourth.There are some surprising entries with Rihanna, who charted for the first time in only 2005 is in tenth place, yet The Rolling Stones - who racked up their first hit in 1963 - make it to only number 13. However, although the wrinkly rockers have continued to release singles over the years, they have failed to dent the top ten since 1981.Tony Blackburn will count down the chart from 2pm to 5pm which shows US rapper Eminem (placed 18th) is ahead of enduring chart stars such as Sir Tom Jones and U2.DJ and producer David Guetta (ranked 49) manages to finish ahead of big names such as Coldplay (60) and Duran Duran (51).Sir Paul McCartney is listed twice for his Beatles years and his solo career (number 11), and George Michael is similarly in the chart twice, for his own hits (21) and as a member of Wham! (43).Blackburn, who will play each artist's biggest hit in the Bank Holiday show , said: "This chart offers a fascinating look at the past 60 years in music and shows the impact that modern stars like Rihanna and Katy Perry have had."The list is really varied and will provide something for everyone. There are definitely a few surprises in store - Coldplay beingat 60 for one! It is sure to be an interesting listen and will be a great way to spend the Bank Holiday afternoon."Radio 2's head of music Jeff Smith said: "This list is intriguing, Adele is missing and we've all forgotten just how huge artists such as Shakin' Stevens, Boney M and UB40 were in the UK in the Seventies and Eighties."The Top 60:1. Beatles2. Elvis Presley3. Cliff Richard4. Madonna5. Michael Jackson6. Elton John7. Queen8. Abba9. David Bowie10. Rihanna11. Paul McCartney12. Kylie Minogue13. Rolling Stones14. Rod Stewart15. Take That16. Stevie Wonder17. Oasis18. Eminem19. Whitney Houston20. Spice Girls21. George Michael22. Robbie Williams23. Bee Gees24. U225. Shakin' Stevens26. Britney Spears27. Status Quo28. Lady Gaga29. Boyzone30. Blondie31. Slade32. Black Eyed Peas33. Boney M34. Westlife35. Celine Dion36. Beyonce37. UB4038. Olivia Newton John39. Mariah Carey40. Tom Jones41. Madness42. Police43. Wham!44. Phil Collins45. Diana Ross46. Jam47. Bryan Adams48. Pet Shop Boys49. David Guetta50. Adam Ant51. Duran Duran52. Frank Sinatra53. Frankie Goes To Hollywood54. Prince55. Katy Perry56. Wet Wet Wet57. Everly Brothers58. Shadows59. Pink60. Coldplay?She will share todays headlines with Taylor Swift, the 20-year-old Country-pop singer, who made a total of four appearances on the winners podium, collecting the nights top honour, Album of the Year, for her 2009 record, Fearless.Beyonces record haul included prizes for R&B Song, Female Vocal Performance, Contemporary R&B album, Traditional R&B Vocal Performance, and Female Pop Vocal performance. It far eclipsed that of every other perfomer at this years event, and takes her lifetime tally of Grammys to 16.She came within a whisker of taking to the stage of the Staples Centre in Los Angeles to collect an unprecedented seventh award. However her husband, Jay-Z, ironically beat her to top honours in the crucial category, for Rap/Sung performance.Collecting her final award, Beyonce thanked fans for an amazing night". A more exuberant set of victory speeches came from Swift, who was collecting her first Grammys after shooting to fame on the back of teenage love-songs written on her bedroom floor.Oh wow! Thank you so much! I just hope that you know how much this means to me that we get to take this back to Nashville, she said, breathlessly. Our families are freaking out in their living rooms. My dad and my little brother are losing their minds in the living room right now!Earlier, Swift - whose second album Fearless was the music industrys best selling record of 2009 - had provided one of the nights most memorable musical moments when she duetted with the Fleetwod Mac singer, Stevie Nicks.The other standout performance of the evening, in a show that lasted almost four hours, belonged to Lady Gaga, who performed an extended and highly theatrical duet with Sir Elton John.One of the few major prizes that didnt go the way of a female star was Record of the Year, which was won by Kings of Leon for Use Somebody, their third award of the night. Im not going to lie were all a little drunk. But were happy drunks, said the group's lead singer Caleb Followill.Away from the business of handing out awards, the show also saw a tribute to Michael Jackson. The late singer's daughter Paris and eldest son, Prince, made their first public appearance since his memorial service to speak at the event."First wed like to thank God for watching over us for these past seven months and our Grandma and Grandpa for their love and support, Prince said, in a touchingly-personal speech. Wed also like to thank the fans. Our father loved you so much since you were always there for him.The childrens appearance followed a special 3-D tribute to Jackson featuring a video clip he made of Earth Song. It was introduced by Lionel Ritchie and performed by an eclectic collection of five singers: Usher, Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson and Smokey Robinson.Many performers, including The Black Eyed Peas - who were the nights other big winners, with three awards - wore Red Cross buttons in support of Haiti earthquake relief.Among them were Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli, who sang a version of Bridge Over Troubled Water to both celebrate the 40th anniversary of the songs big Grammy wins, and to raise money for the people in Haiti. It will be sold via iTunes.Winners in selected major categories at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards:Record of the Year: Use Somebody, Kings of LeonAlbum of the Year: Fearless, Taylor SwiftSong of the Year: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On it), Beyonce KnowlesNew Artist: Zac Brown BandPop Vocal Album: The E.N.D., The Black Eyed PeasFemale Pop Vocal Performance: Halo, Beyonce KnowlesMale Pop Vocal Performance: Make It Mine, Jason MrazRock Album: 21st Century Breakdown, Green DayRock Song: Use Somebody, Kings of LeonR&B Album: Blacksummers' night, MaxwellR&B Song: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), Beyonce KnowlesRap Album: Relapse, EminemRap Song: Run This Town, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye WestBest Rap/Sung Collaboration: Run This Town, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye WestCountry Album: Fearless, Taylor SwiftFemale Country Vocal Performance: White Horse, Taylor SwiftMale Country Vocal Performance: Sweet Thing, Keith UrbanLatin Pop Album: Sin Frenos, La Quinta EstacionContemporary Jazz Album: 75, Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul SyndicateClassical Album: Mahler: Symphony No. 8; Adagio from Symphony No. 10Traditional Gospel Album: Oh Happy Day, various artistsDance Recording: Poker Face, Lady GagaElectronic Dance Album: The Fame, Lady GagaAlternative Music Album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, PhoenixSpoken Word Album: Always Looking Up, Michael J. FoxComedy Album: A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! Stephen Colbert?Beyonce - who had topped the nominations with 10 nods - won the prestigious Song of the Year award for her hit "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)", which also earned her the best female R&B vocal award.The former Destiny's Child singer also snagged Grammys for best R&B song for "Single Ladies" and best contemporary R&B album for her chart-topping "I Am ... Sasha Fierce" as well as best traditional R&B vocal performance for "At Last.""Wow thank you so much. This has been such an amazing night for me," Beyonce said after collecting the best female pop vocal performance, her sixth award of the night at the Staples Center.However Beyonce - who dazzled the audience with an electrifying performance - was forced to share the honors in the other blue riband categories of Record of the Year and Album of the Year.Swift scored a stunning victory in Album of the Year for "Fearless" while the Kings of Leon looked as surprised as anyone else when they were named winners of Record of the Year for "Use Somebody.""Oh my god," Swift said after winning Album of the Year. "I just hope that you know how much this means to me. Oh my god."Our families are freaking out in their living rooms right now. This is the story we're going to be telling over and over again when we're 80-years-old."Swift's "Fearless" also won her best country album."I just keep thinking back to when you're in second grade and you sing at your talent show and people say 'Maybe we'll see you at the Grammys one day' and it feels like an impossible dream," the 20-year-old said. "I just feel like I'm standing here accepting an impossible dream right now."Swift, who had received eight nominations also won for best female country vocal performance for her single "White Horse" and followed it up with victory in the best country song category for the same track.Meanwhile the Kings of Leon were wrong-footed by their Record of the Year success. "I'm not going to lie we're a little drunk but we're happy drunk," said frontman Caleb Followill.Elsewhere Sunday, oddball New York singer Lady Gaga picked up two Grammys with her smash hit single "Poker Face" taking best dance recording of the year and "The Fame" winning best dance album.The 23-year-old singer, famous for her outlandish outfits, had brought the curtain up on the show in a wacky duet with legendary songwriter Elton John where the couple performed a medley of "Speechless" and "Your Song."Pop powerhouses the Black Eyed Peas also enjoyed success, picking up three Grammys for best short form music video, best pop performance by a duo or group and best pop vocal album.Indian composer A.R. Rahman was also another early winner, scooping two Grammys for his music from the Oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire."Rahman won in the best compilation soundtrack for a motion picture category before his "Jai Ho" won in the best motion picture song category moments later."This is insane, god is great again," Rahman said as he accepted his second award before a VIP audience.The Grammy success comes after Rahman earned two Oscars for his music in "Slumdog Millionaire" at last year's Academy Awards.One of the most popular segments of the show was a tribute to tragic "King of Pop" Michael Jackson which saw Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson and Usher give a rendition of his track "Earth Song."The performance saw the star-studded audience rise to their feet for an ovation before Jackson's two eldest children Prince Michael and Paris appeared to accept a lifetime achievement award on behalf of their late father.Meanwhile Rihanna enjoyed a triumph of sorts after winning in the best rap/sung collaboration category for "Run This Town" with Jay-Z and Kanye West.Rihanna was assaulted before last year's Grammy ceremony by then-boyfriend Chris Brown, an incident which largely overshadowed the awards.?The big news this year is that Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell are out (the former to focus on his high-profile career of making famous people cry on his chat show; the latter only until the live shows, so he can concentrate on launching X- Factor USA later this year); David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre are in. So, how did this "talent" do?Hasselhoff, whose most impressive judging to date has been picking buxom blondes for Baywatch, was mildly diverting C primarily due to his hideous choice of a Union flag jacket. McIntyre, meanwhile, appeared to be furthering his career as an MC, leading the audience in "Hey Jude" and refusing to buzz off no-hopers.At least he was funny; the only holdover judge, Amanda Holden seemed to be there just to show off her hairdresser's portfolio; styles included American newsreader quiff, little-girl bob, 1980s Selena Scott. Did she say anything of interest? No. And the main reason is there was nothing of interest to say. Cowell is right to have stepped aside for the early shows: it's series five and BGT is a tired format. Presenter Ant, or maybe Dec (hard to tell in a voiceover) said after 55 minutes: "The talent has been a huge disappointment." No kidding.The show's opener played the harmonica while doing a chicken dance. She didn't get through. Neither did support worker Christine Fraser, chancing her arm as a comedian. The jokes were no good C but, ITV, did she really deserve you turning off the sound to make it seem as if there was total silence from the audience?Those who predictably did get through included nine-year-old comedian David Knight, decked out like a mini Peter Kay; handbell-ringing couple Alan and Gay Cooper (presumably for their oddness and Alan's under-beard rather than their version of Celine Dion's "My Heart will Go On"), dog trainer Donelda Gay, and 19-year-old Michael Collings. Now, a lot has been written about Collings, who lives in a caravan park and is clearly being sold as this year's SuBo C who'd expect a man in a hoodie to be able to play a guitar and sing? But his take on Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" was no more than adequate.And what does all this tell us about Britain today? Despite the pervasive YouTube, people are still desperate to grab their 15 minutes live on TV. It's just a shame we've seen it all before. At least in the past we had the pleasure of seeing Simon Cowell rip into the more hapless of the wannabes.?Thousands of teenage fans poured on to the streets of London last week to welcome the Canadian singer, who had arrived in the UK to promote his new film, Never Say Never. He also picked up a Brit award on Tuesday for Best International Breakthrough Act. At the age of 16 he is undoubtedly social networking's first global superstar: he has 21 million friends on Facebook and is the most viewed person on YouTube. But already he faces a challenge from would-be successors.The latest emerged last week in the form of 10-year-old Heather Russell. She sings and plays the piano with a facility way beyond her years. She even writes her own songs. Simon Cowell saw her on YouTube, and the unknown prodigy quickly joined Susan Boyle and Leona Lewis on his Syco label.The most likely heiress apparent is Charice Pempengco, the Philippines' answer to Whitney Houston and a veteran at the age of 18. Her television debut aged seven led to TV appearances in the US by the time she was 16. She made an appearance in two of the gala events surrounding Barack Obama's inauguration and debuted on British TV screens in Glee this year.With record companies facing a global collapse in sales, there is a desperate scramble to find the Next Big Thing, even if it is barely out of nappies.Websites such as YouTube play a big part. Peter Robinson from the pop commentary website Popjustice said: "Record label talent scouts do look at YouTube. If you want a pop icon for your roster, trawling the clubs of Camden isn't the way to do it any more. Five or six years ago there was no direct link between an artist and the fans. There is now a completely direct route."Jaden Smith, 12 and Willow Smith, 10With a combined age of 22, actor Will Smith's offspring are the epitome of precociousness. Between them they boast the titles singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and dancer. Jaden first appeared alongside his father in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness and rapped alongside Justin Bieber in the song "Never Say Never". His younger sister Willow, meanwhile, launched her music career last year, signing to Jay-Z's label. She released a single, "Whip My Hair", which reached No 11 in the US.Heather Russell, 10Canadian Russell was signed by Simon Cowell after he spotted the youngster on YouTube. She cites Prince and Queen among her influences. Russell started her career auditioning for talent singing shows, aged eight. Posting a clip of herself performing her song "Every Step of the Way" on the internet video site, she initially attracted more than 100,000 viewers, including celebrity fans Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, who helped to spread her name by tweeting about her.Jackie Evancho, 10A mezzo-soprano, Evancho sings in the classical crossover style of Sarah Brightman or Susan Boyle, though she is young enough to be their granddaughter. She was inspired to sing by watching a DVD of The Phantom of the Opera at the age of seven. Participating in talent contests she started her own YouTube channel, which caught the public's notice: appearances on Jay Leno's and Oprah Winfrey's TV shows followed.Charice Pempengco, 18The Filipina singer hailed by Oprah as "the most talented girl in the world" is the first Asian solo artist in history to land in the top 10 of Billboard's album chart. Raised by a single mother, she helped to support her family by entering singing contests from the age of seven. But it was a performance aged 15 on a Korean TV talent show C later seen by millions on YouTube C that brought her international notice. Not content with comparisons to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, Pempengco has moved into acting with appearances in Glee.Bianca Ryan, 16After winning the debut season of America's Got Talent five years ago, the 16-year-old singer and guitarist recently toured the world. Her father, a Rolling Stones fan, named his second child after Mick Jagger's ex-wife. In 2006 she signed a five-album deal with Syco Records, becoming the first US artist to sign with Simon Cowell's record label.Jamia, 14Born Jamia Simone Nash, she made her national televised debut at the age of five, performing on the US music show Showtime at the Apollo. Born in 1996, the US child sensation began singing at the age of two and has since shared the stage with Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys. She also counts acting among her talents and appeared in the 2007 film August Rush. In 2008 she sang the film's main song "Raise It Up" at the Oscars C the youngest performer to do so at the ceremony.Makisig Morales, 14At only 10 years old, Filipino Morales competed alongside his sister Mayumi in the TV singing contest Little Big Star. It was his big break and led to him signing with the country's Star Records, becoming lead singer of the boy band Mak and the Dudes. The group is the youngest in the Philippines. They released a debut album, Oldies But Kiddies, in 2007. Morales has accumulated a string of acting roles, in children's films and TV shows.Amy Diamond, 18As the youngest person in Sweden to release a best-of album, Diamond C born Amy Linna Deasismont C has already made her name in Scandinavia as a pop singer, actress and television presenter. Her first single, "What's in It for Me", released in 2005 when she was 12, became the most-played song in Poland that year. An album followed on the back of its success. Now, with six albums to her name, she is a firm fixture on Swedish television.Keke Palmer, 17Born Lauren Keyana Palmer, but known as Keke. Her family saw her star potential at a young age and relocated to California from Chicago so she could pursue her singing and acting ambitions. Palmer signed her first record deal with Atlantic when she was 12; the following year she was performing in packed stadiums. Her debut album So Uncool was released in 2007. Keke also launched a cut-price fashion line through Walmart.Zara Larsson, 13Born Daniel Sunebrink in 1997. Zara's parents noticed her singing talent at a young age and helped to get her singing career off the ground. She first appeared in a stage production of The Sound of Music before going on to compete as a finalist in the Swedish talent show Stjamskott in 2007. A year later, she won the Swedish version of Britain's Got Talent, performing versions of Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time" and "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.?Frenchwoman Celine Lesage told the court yesterday the children had been born alive. She strangled two and suffocated the others.Lesage, from Valognes in Normandy, bowed her head and avoided looking at anyone in court while the charges were read. Afterwards, she said in a soft voice: "I acknowledge the facts." She is charged with aggravated homicide.She was arrested in 2007 after her new partner discovered the corpses in plastic bine bags in the basement of their apartment building in Valognes.Her lawyer. Veronique Carre, said Lesage "does not contest the facts ... but isn't explaining them either". Several medical and psychological experts are expected to testify in the four-day trial."We are here to try to understand you before judging you," the judge told Lesage.Her former partner, Pascal Catherine, the father of five of the children, was detained for questioning after Lesage was arrested in 2007.The court was told the father of the sixth was the partner who discovered the corpses, Luc Margueritte.At the time of her arrest, prosecutor Michel Garrandaux said she described giving birth to the first five alone in the apartment she shared at the time with Catherine.Mr Garrandaux said the boyfriend "was far from unaware" of her pregnancies. However, the investigation against him was dropped. He will give evidence as a witness today.The prosecution says that when Lesage and Catherine split up in 2006, Lesage, who also has a son of 14, moved in with her new boyfriend and brought the plastic bags from her old basement to her new one.?After just a few hours in the capable hands of the personal stylist Eliisa Makin I'm feeling liberated from the bonds of my achingly safe dress sense. It feels good. So good, in fact, that I temporarily think I'm Gisele and pick up a pair of small, silk, black shorts that look like lingerie but are in fact outerwear. Back at Liberty's private shopping area, where Eliisa is advising me on the much more chic pieces she has picked out in advance, it soon becomes clear that the shorts and I were not meant to be, but I' m having fun and experimenting, and that's the point. Eliisa is helping my wardrobe get its mojo back.You might think that working in fashion would give a girl confidence in what she wears; but much of the time it's made me dress in an overly cautious way for fear of making the very fashion mistakes I've castigated celebs for in the past. My default look consists of black dresses, blue skinny jeans, dark blazers, the odd "interesting top" and flat pumps. Fortunately, with acres of experience working as a stylist at The Independent and other publications, Eliisa has come to the rescue. She has developed a real knack for helping people to delve into the deepest recesses of their sartorial psyches and create a signature look.The first stage of the personal styling process was answering Eliisa's questionnaire, which consisted of practical questions about size, favourite colours and lifestyle, and more individual ones such as "which celebrity or person in the public eye's style do you most admire or relate to?" Eliisa says that this is the most revealing question and apparently my hastily brainstormed list C Jane Birkin, the singer Fran?oise Hardy, Lou Doillon, Kate Bosworth and, perhaps predictably, Alexa Chung C showed that I wanted a rocky, sexy, quirky look. I know Celine-style understatement is the mood du jour, but right now I also want something a bit more exciting.After having my hair styled at Trevor Sorbie C where Eliisa can arrange a 20 per cent discount for clients as part of the personal styling package, along with numerous other offers and access to the private shopping areas of key stores C we arrived at Liberty. Eliisa had already prepared a rail of clothes which included a pair of red cropped trousers by Sessun which I loved, paired with a drapey grey vest, platform boots and a silk scarf; a dark-pink leopard print APC cardigan to go with skinny, grey J Brand jeans C makes a change from blue C and killer stilettos, and several dresses. After looking over the rail and trying things on we headed into the store for a joint recce, then back to the luxurious, boudoir-ish room for a monster styling session. My favourite looks were the red trousers pictured and a colourful scribble print Theory minidress with platform ankle boots.Apart from the benefit of Eliisa's considerable experience and taste, which includes genuinely useful advice about how to beat days when nothing looks right, I also found that shopping with her made me less inhibited about making a statement. She would never push anyone into wearing anything they didn't feel comfortable in and she's also an absolute delight to be around. After all, fashion is meant to be fun.Half a day with Eliisa Makin is 300, Harriet Walker: finding that uptown, groomed lookWhen it comes to clothes, I definitely fall into the "current" bracket rather than the "classic" one. I like pieces that are dramatic, challenging, a bit quirky and that come in a palette of grey, black and navy. I own a dress that has geometric holes cut into the armpits and another that is slashed directly across the crotch (to be worn with sturdy pants or cycling shorts). I do not own a suit; ditto anything that doesn't stretch.So imagine my horror at the new season's trend for crisp, sleek tailoring and grown-up classic pieces in subtle camel, blush pinks, khaki and white. Most of the pieces in my wardrobe are drapey and voluminous C in part an aesthetic choice, but also because I don't like ironing. In the field of "grown-up chic" I'm utterly at a loss as to how to pull it off and I need a helping hand.Beth Dadswell has been a stylist for more than 12 years, working across editorial shoots for The Independent, commercial work for high-street brands and, more recently, personal appointments for those who find themselves in the fashion wilderness. She has overhauled wardrobes for clients who have had a change of heart or a change of scene; she has even been bought as a birthday present.Before we meet, I fill in Beth's online form, which includes essential questions about sizing and price, aspirational ones about who I want to look like (Patti Smith in a high-powered job), and sensitive evaluations to gauge how confident I am about my look, my body and my shopping techniques. By the time I have filled it in, I already have a clearer idea of what I want and also of what I want to change.When I meet Beth in Selfridges, we spend a few moments discussing further the ways in which I want to change my look. We scuttle around the shop for quite a while, and I take a step back, allowing Beth to pick up things that would never normally have even caught my eye C a crisp white shirt, some grey-wool cigarette pants, and a chic cream skirt that makes me wonder how long it would take me to spill red wine or chocolate all over it.As we select pieces and Beth holds them up against me, she talks me through the version of classic that she has in mind. It isn't so scary a departure, I realise, as visions of Thatcher's pussy-bow blouses melt away.Beth's great strength is that she is able to process and tailor trends directly to the individual she is working with. The sort of classic chic that I should be aiming for, she tells me, is the clean, modern minimalism that is so prevalent C nothing too fussy or too frilly.My final outfit is a high-waisted, A-line skirt from Miu Miu, which is much more structured than anything I normally wear. I also generally avoid anything on the waist, because I don't really have one. But when Beth tucks in a pale pink vest from Cos, there's a definite whittling effect and I suddenly look like someone I might take seriously. A pair of ladylike court shoes seals the deal: I've achieved the uptown, groomed look that I've hankered after for so long. Whether I have the discipline to maintain it is another matter, but Beth sends me a "styling prescription" reiterating what we discussed and suggesting ways of integrating my new look with my existing wardrobe. I'm not sure where the slashed-crotch dress fits in, though.Half a day with Beth (four hours) is 250, ?A car for the headCeline may have a big budget, but all new drivers are expected to pay generously for their initial insurance premiums. Young drivers are more likely to be involved in an insurance claim, so premiums are higher. It is rare that a new driver will pay less than 1,000. Certainly a higher specification vehicle will mean a higher insurance quote. So Celine should not blow all her budget on the car of her dreams. She has mentioned the word "stylish", several times in her initial question. Well that should be the least of her concerns C just getting mobile is the main thing, and the one problem with small, cheap cars is that you can't always get an automatic gearbox. For me the obvious choice would be a Fiat Panda Dynamic Eco. It's quite an old car now, which may help when getting a discount (around 800), but still looks pretty funky and it costs 8,565. To add an automatic gearbox costs 800, although the specification includes air conditioning. The insurance is in lowly Group 3.A car for the heartThen again if Celine does not like the look of the Fiat Panda there is always the Peugeot 107 (pictured). This has a lovely friendly shape. It is a small, light and nimble car which is perfect for buzzing around town and beyond. Its engine is a three-cylinder and on longer journeys Celine might notice that it is a bit noisy. But that's the price you pay for truly astounding petrol consumption. The stats show that the 1.0 litre engine will return over 60mpg. Even though Celine wants an automatic gearbox, I don't think that will make a huge difference to the figure. The other important figure for Celine is that this is in insurance Group 3, so should be relatively cheap to cover. A three door 1.0 Urban costs 9,345, although there are some 500-700 discounts available if Celine shops around. The automatic gearbox option adds 500 to the price, while air conditioning is 535. Incidentally, the Verve model C which has air conditioning as standard C costs 9,145.Looking to buy?Please write to Car Choice, Features, Independent on Sunday, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5HF or email James Ruppert at carchoice@, giving your age, address and phone number, details of the type of vehicle in which you are interested, and your budget.?If that list just opens up a whole new stratosphere of confusion, Gap have handily divided their 'pants' into eight clear styles, providing a bluffer's guide to the trouser universe. Gap hasn't translated the catwalk word for word but that's the beauty of its approach C these are timeless styles rather than slavish rip-offs.Gap's head of design, Patrick Robinson, approached the new collection by translating the brand's 'denim attitude' into tailoring, and when he says the result is 'leg-lengthening shapes that take our customers through seven days a week,' he's right C it's capsule wardrobe heaven. But I do have one reservation, which is that C on me C the 'Perfect Trouser' didn't live up to its name. However, the 'Relaxed Cropped' C a loose tapered style which falls elegantly and doesn't bunch (right) C and the 'Boyfit', which oozes slouchy cool with heels or flats, are instant hits, while the 'Modern Boot' soon dispelled my fears about not-at-all-modern, first-time-around bootcuts la Victoria Beckham circa 1999. This style is lean on the thigh with a sleek kick flare and genuinely creates the appearance of willowy legs and a pert bottom. Not bad for 35. In store 27 July, 0800 427 789.?In Italy, of course, there were recurring themes, but box-ticking dressing came second to creativity and colour and wearing beautiful designer pieces that really are distinctive and arresting enough to transcend trends. However, in terms of channelling some of this sartorial joie de vivre, there was a theme that stood out: red. Whether it was a Celine bag or Isabel Marant's Escarpin suede stilettos, in a season heavy on the camel, grey and navy, these flashes of colour really lifted an outfit. Scarlet shoes, in particular, have a talismanic quality think 'The Red Shoes' or 'The Wizard of Oz' C they draw you in and whisper of magical fashion powers.The "bit of red" that had me C and another fashion journalist C gripped with the kind of urgent monomania that only strikes at the shows, were a pair of red trousers worn by an editor from US 'Vogue' (so chances are they weren't from the high street). On the catwalks for autumn/winter, red leather cropped trousers appeared at Isabel Marant, flares at Pucci and, left, cropped red tailored trousers at Givenchy. Sadly, the only "homages" I could find on the high street were in a cheap shiny fabric that looked like a fast food chain's staff uniform. Another observation from Milan: sometimes there's nothing like the real thing.?Many of the rest of us loyal servants of fashion are no less surgically attached. The "It-bag" tag might have expired, but the appeal of a nice bit of arm c